Robo-Journalism Will Produce 1 Billion Web Stories in 2015 (This Isn't One of Them); McJournalism Coming Up


McJournalism Coming Up With that journalism backdrop, please consider You’ll be Sorry When the Robot Journalists Take Over by Irish Times writer Jennifer O’Connell. Each piece would have taken most of a day and some travel to research, and a couple of hours to write. Until robots can do number two in a thought-provoking, educational, and random manner that encompasses minority and anti-establishment views, alternative journalism will survive.

Airbnb Is Facing an Existential Expansion Problem

Harvard Business

” But how many travelers can “live there” before Airbnb accepts that it has become a vehicle for mass tourism, and that its users are tourists, no more and no less? Regulation Internet Hospitality Travel Digital ArticleHBR STAFF.

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The Corona Virus for Small Businesses

Consultant Journal

It’s a question on the minds of many entrepreneurs, as Fortune 500 companies announce new protocols for travel, meetings and even use of coffee cups. At Consultant Journal, we know many entrepreneurs, small business owners and consultants wonder about the business impact.

Micro-influence: This 1 strategy can grow your practice locally, regionally, or nationally

Rod Burkert

These practices “travel well.”. He advertises his divorce expertise in local bar association journals. Welcome to my newsletter, where I focus solely on BVFLS practice development, practice management, and related tools and technology to grow/build/scale your firm.

Diversify and Create Multiple Income Streams as a Consultant with Dorie Clark: Podcast #11

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One of the critical steps that she took on this path was obtaining freelance journaling work. To promote her book Reinventing You, in 2015, Dorie gave 160 podcast interviews and traveled around the country to deliver 74 speeches.

Google Enters the Hotel Business, Takes on Advertisers Priceline, Expedia, and Trip Advisor


Thus, I welcome the Wall Street Journal report Google Checks In to the Hotel Business. Google is adding more photos and reviews to its hotel listings, so they increasingly resemble those of travel search sites such as Priceline Group Inc. And it is more aggressively promoting its "hotel-price ads" that post room rates directly as travel-search sites do. The idea is to encourage travelers to plan more of their trips directly on Google.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: Sorry Bill.I'd rather kiss my new boss.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

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Future of Healthcare: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Tom Spencer

His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter. Imagine being a patient in a hospital bed, and you slip on a headset that visually illustrates your current and historical health status allowing you to track your progress towards recovery.

Drug Pricing in the United States

Tom Spencer

A recent article from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) illustrated a number of methods that drug companies deploy to maintain their monopolies, including adjusting the nontherapeutic parts of drugs to game the patent system.

7 secrets for presenting to prospects you want to turn into clients

Rod Burkert

My story is how I started traveling in the RV. I give this Journal of Accountancy article to every one of my coaching clients … please read it. Greetings from the City of Brotherly Love.

Robot Taxis Starting 2016 in Japan; Self-Driving Trucks on German Autobahn; Millions of Truck and Taxi Driver Jobs will Vanish in US by 2025


Robot Taxis Starting 2016 in Japan The Wall Street Journal reports RoboCab: Driverless Taxi Experiment to Start in Japan From the country where hotels are operated by robots and androids serve as clerks at department stores comes the latest unmanned project: the robot cab.

Improving the Patient Experience: People, Process, Place Model

Tom Spencer

Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 23(3), 216-224. His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter.

Role of Big Data in Healthcare

Tom Spencer

In some cases it has also included news feeds and journal articles. His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter. The healthcare industry generates a large amount of data.

Artificial Intelligence: It’s Current and Future Role in Healthcare (Part 2 of 2)

Tom Spencer

His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter. Journal of AHIMA , 22 June 2018,

Artificial Intelligence: It’s Current and Future Role in Healthcare (Part 1 of 2)

Tom Spencer

His free moments are spent traveling and enjoying sporting events with his wife and daughter. Journal of Medical Screening , vol. This two part blog series will delve into arguably the two most important vowels in healthcare: A-I.

Business Book Review: Start-Up Nation

Management Consulted

Dan has a background in business and government and Saul Singer in government and journalism. Dan lives in New York and has studied in Israel and lived, worked and traveled in the Arab World.

Fool Me Once Or Fool Me All The Time

Martinka Consulting

On June 2, 2018 Jason Zweig’s article in the Wall Street Journal was titled, “ The Fanciful Alphabet Soup Companies Use to Fool You.” Owner “perks” like cell phone, car, travel to conferences, etc. (as The premise of the article was most of the financial jargon used to provide insights into companies’ health are make-believe and don’t reflect actual conditions, i.e. true profitability.

Business Lessons from Henry David Thoreau

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Many of life’s major arenas and how we approach or practice them, such as environmentalism, writing, travel, war and peace, politics and rebellion, philosophy and introspection, are steeped within the life and legend of Henry David Thoreau. But too often the path to such a vision/mission is traveled in a backwards direction by trying too hard to be practical, reasonable or careful. By Ken Lizotte CMC. As part of his ongoing column in Money Inc.

L.E.K. Strategy Consulting Interviews and Culture

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Aviation & Travel. A small select few have even branched out into some unexpected areas such as politics and journalism. are the amount of responsibility Consultant level hires are given from the get go and the low amount of travel their employees do. With regard to travel requirements, L.E.K is very unusual in that it is a very low travel firm. . L.E.K. CONSULTING INTERVIEWS & CULTURE .

How to Get a McKinsey Interview Through Networking

Reading your email,forms a mandatory part of my reading list, which also includes Business Week, Economist, FT, Wall Street Journal , and the Quran. There is something to be said for taking the "road less traveled," and the big benefit is there is much less competition along the way. Reader Success Story: I am an avid reader of your emails.

Gallup Consulting Interviews and Culture

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He received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees at the University of Iowa, and went on to teach journalism courses at Drake University, Northwestern University and Columbia University. Podcasts Gallup Business Journal. GALLUP CONSULTING INTERVIEWS AND CULTURE.

From STEM PhD to Federal Consulting: An Interview with Josh

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This provided me with a steady income, a flexible schedule to travel and train and also helped me tap into my “inner entrepreneur” (I have started three businesses since this experience). It was one of the first studies conducted on the newer, lightweight snowshoes and was cited in over 100 lay journals. It is frequently recognized as the organization that publishes the journal Science.

Inside the Minds of Your Prospects: 37 Critical Digital Marketing Statistics for Consultants

Tsavo Neal

They come for the content or the service, like booking air travel. Source: Search Engine Journal. Do you judge people strictly by their actions — or by how they dress and present themselves?

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ZS Associates Firm Profile

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Their winning paper, Sales Territory Design: 30 Years of Modeling and Implementation , was subsequently published in the INFORMS journal, Marketing Science. Travel & Transportation. ZS offers its employees many opportunities to travel to its international locations; however, be open to working nights and early US mornings with teams across cultures and geographies such as India. ZS ASSOCIATES. Welcome back!

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Brain Drain and Capital Flight: 64% of Wealthy Chinese Plan to Leave China


The Wall Street Journal calls it The Great Chinese Exodus. And Chinese nationals are leaving in vast waves: Last year, more than 100 million outbound travelers crossed the frontiers. Still, the sheer volume of China''s outbound travel these days, and its massive economic impact, gives it new leverage.

Deflation Bonanza! (And the Fool's Mission to Stop It)


like restaurants, travel and hotels. On Monday came a Wall Street Journal story that exactly matched my prediction: Soaring Franc Creates Bonanza in Swiss Stores. Furniture chains, travel agencies and fashion companies are among the retailers slashing prices to rope in shoppers.

When Roads Are Closed for Marathons, More Elderly People Die of Heart Attacks

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In a study just published in the New England Journal of Medicine , we investigated what happens to Medicare patients who suffer an acute cardiac emergency – either a heart attack or cardiac arrest – during a major marathon and are hospitalized in an area affected by the race route. While this may seem small in absolute terms, it reflects a nearly 30% increase in travel time (the average travel time in our data was about 12 minutes).

Top 10 Consulting Firms in Washington, DC

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Be prepared for lots of travel and very little flexibility or work life balance – 60-70 hours a week is the status quo for most project managers. Brattle consultants have shared their insights in countless academic papers, books, articles, and reports, which have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and journals all over the world. We just love bringing you good reads, and today our spotlight turns to top consulting firms in one of our favorite cities in the U.S.

64 Proven Ways Consultants Can Generate Leads Online (Consulting Lead Generation)

Tsavo Neal

What’s great about speaking at a web conference is that you don’t have to travel — and neither does your audience. Consulting lead generation isn’t easy, especially when done online. Only a few years ago, your prospects didn’t care about your website.

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How Microsoft Used an Office Move to Boost Collaboration

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” On the other hand is research about people’s preferences, like this 2013 study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology that, according to its authors, “categorically contradict[s] the industry-accepted wisdom that open-plan layout enhances communication between colleagues and improves occupants.” This resulted in more employees per building – and fewer buildings to travel between — and we hypothesized that this move could increase collaboration.

How disruptive is the 'Sharing Economy'?


Expansion of stock reaching new audiences – It was originally thought that Airbnb operated in a different part of the market to hotels and so wouldn't feel the competition i.e. that it was a new form of couch surfing that only the cheapest of travellers would ever use. But that’s not always true - according to a study in the Journal of Industrial Ecology , a two-mile drive to a video store uses a few hundred times more energy than shipping DVDs 200 miles away.

Serving on Boards Helps Executives Get Promoted

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When you consider all of the retreats, travel, reading, meeting prep time, transactions, and committee meetings involved, it is a wonder anyone serves at all. This question was at the heart of a recent study we conducted that is forthcoming at the Academy of Management Journal.

How to Identify and Tell Your Most Powerful Stories

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It could be a journal or a spreadsheet with summaries. When traveling to Asia, I tell stories of failure. Jeong Woo Kim/EyeEm/Getty Images. When I ask executives what their favorite speech is, Steve Jobs’s Stanford commencement address is always at the top of the list. Many think of Jobs’s talk as their favorite because it is incredibly moving — thanks to the stories it contains. Execs love to hear talks like this, but few are comfortable delivering them.

When You Need to Take Time Off Work for Mental Health Reasons

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Think through how you will manage business travel that involves crossing time zones; jet lag can cause backsliding. Journaling can help you track your moods and behavior and can help your psychiatrist calibrate your medications. the korus/unsplash. Personal health should be a private matter. But when you need to take time off work due to a mental health condition, often it isn’t possible to maintain that privacy.

Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure

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As constant travelers and parents of a 2-year-old, we sometimes fantasize about how much work we can do when one of us gets on a plane, undistracted by phones, friends, and Finding Nemo.

The Costs of India’s Annual Budget Guessing Game

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The annual unveiling of the government budget is no exception,” writes Sean McLain of The Wall Street Journal’s Delhi bureau. Every February, businesses in India wait with bated breath for the country’s finance minister to announce the Union Budget.

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How to Focus on What’s Important, Not Just What’s Urgent

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In a series of studies recently published in the Journal of Consumer Research , people typically chose to complete tasks that had very short deadlines attached to them, even in situations in which tasks with less pressing deadlines were just as easy and promised a bigger reward. Something that helps me is travel, especially taking flights alone. Bich Tran/pexels.