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How to Build Your Consulting or Coaching Brand on Social Media (even if you’re not a fan)

Consulting Matters

That’s how social media can feel for many consultants and coaches. I get it – social media can feel like a chore, another box to tick on your endless to-do list. Is part of your social media challenge due to a lack of clarity on who your ideal client is and the words to use that resonate with them?

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Your Social Media Presence Can Help You Land (or Lose) a Job Opportunity

Harvard Business

And if you’re currently employed, how do you walk the tightrope between subtly reaching out to your social media contacts and not setting off alarm bells with your employer? In this article, the author speaks with two experts about how to strategically manage your presence on social media when searching for a new role.

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The False Narrative of Social Media

Social media has become one’s personal press release service. The problem with social media is that it’s not real life. The problem is that you rarely see this reflected in social media… and it’s very easy to think that the difficult times don’t seem to apply to others. It’s merely an often skewed portrayal of one’s life.

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Business Social Media Marketing Efforts

Business Consulting Agency

Social media is impossible to avoid. Not too long ago, business owners and managers grew a company without any such notion as social media. Social media has changed the way people and companies communicate with each other. Social media when done right can significantly benefit a business or not when done incorrectly.

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Why You Need to Use Case Studies in Sales and Marketing (and How to Start Now)

In marketing, case studies are versatile assets for generating business, providing reusable elements for ad and social media content, website material, and marketing campaigns. In sales, case studies are crucial pieces of content that can be tailored to prospects' pain points and used throughout the buyer's journey.

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How Social Media is Evolving and Adapting Within Virtual Learning Programs

Clarity Consultants

Not long ago, many people would have balked at the idea of using social media within a learning environment. However, as time has passed, social media has evolved. The post How Social Media is Evolving and Adapting Within Virtual Learning Programs appeared first on Clarity Consultants - Training Development.

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What social media platform should I be on?

Consultant Journal

If you find yourself asking, “What social media platform should I be on?”, Friends, colleagues, competitors, clients and even the big social media platforms themselves are only too eager to make a recommendation…and a sale! What social media platform is the wrong question. ”, that’s understandable.

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