How To Retain Your Top Talent And Build A High-Performing Consulting Team With Dr. Troy Hall: Podcast #127

Consulting Success

In this episode, host Michael Zipursky interviews talent retention expert Dr. Troy Hall about his expertise on attracting and retaining top talent and global leadership. Everyone is a leader. Whether it’s implicit or explicit, you have a leadership responsibility in life.

Talent 217

How to Capitalize on Your Consulting Talents

David A Fields

One of the huge perks of independent consulting is that you can operate from anywhere. Even if you’re steering a sizable boutique, it’s fairly easy to jaunt off to Italy or India or Indiana for a month. The indisputably best location for you has nothing to do with geography, though. It’s a place I call [ ] Consultants Consulting

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Seizing the moment: Talent challenges and opportunities in aerospace and defense

McKinsey & Company

Aerospace and defense companies face tough competition when recruiting talent. Aerospace & Defense Insights Aerospace Defense & security TalentHow can they reinvigorate the pipeline?

Why is my talent leaving?

Tom Spencer

With costs like these and with over 83% of executives claiming that talent is the number one priority for their organisation (LinkedIn Talent Solutions 2017), employee turnover is an important issue. Understanding the factors that drive employee turnover can allow management to retain valued talent, reduce the rate at which employees leave the organisation, and spend less money on recruitment thereby freeing up resources to invest elsewhere. LinkedIn Talent Solutions (2016).

The Data Intelligence Glossary for Recruiting and HR Professionals

As a recruiter, your goal is to place the right candidates at the right jobs or into ideal accounts. In today’s competitive marketplace, doing so is harder than ever. To build a candidate pipeline and keep the talent flowing into your agencies and organizations, it’s important to understand data-driven recruiting concepts to stay ahead of competitors.

Reversing Brain Drain: Moving Talent to Middle America

Harvard Business

Managing people Talent management Diversity AudioCan an innovative new program attract a diverse group of remote workers to rural America?

The Post-Pandemic Rules of Talent Management

Harvard Business

Technology Workspaces Talent management Digital ArticleWhat the remote landscape means for recruiting, developing, and managing your key players.

5 Insider Tips to Develop Top Talent

LSA Global

Talent Management. While there are many proven tips to develop top talent, it seems that talent management often becomes too complicated. This article focuses on the professional development portion of talent management. Experience-Driven Talent Management.

Linking talent to value


Getting the best people into the most important roles does not happen by chance; it requires a disciplined look at where the organization really creates value and how top talent contributes. Insights on Organization

Why You Should Invest in Unconventional Talent

Harvard Business

Hiring Talent management Diversity Digital ArticleFour strategies to help you hire for potential — not pedigree.

The Recruiting Crossword Puzzle

Test your recruiter-brain with this crossword puzzle, which reveals the best ways to move forward in your efforts with every answer!

The product management talent dilemma


Despite product managers’ central roles in software organizations, they are often neglected from a talent-management perspective. Four levers can address this industry-wide challenge. High Tech Insights

Matching talent to value


The roles that create the most value in your organization may not be at the top. Getting the right people in these critical seats can turbocharge performance. Insights on Organization

‘Look for skills, not credentials’: Beth Cobert on tapping into US talent

McKinsey & Company

Insights from McKinsey Accelerate United States Capability building TalentThe former US chief performance officer, now a leader at the Markle Foundation, wants to revolutionize how companies and workers approach capability building.

Talent retention and selection in M&A


Retaining critical talent and ensuring the right people are in key roles are essential to a successful merger. M&A Insights

Attracting Talent During a Worker Shortage

Harvard Business

For hourly workers, commute time is a big — and often underestimated — factor. Labor Digital Article

Building the tech talent pipeline


By taking a data-driven approach, regions can pinpoint the strengths and gaps in their pool of tech talent and prioritize investments to boost competitiveness and collaboration.

Digital Transformation Comes Down to Talent in 4 Key Areas

Harvard Business

Technology Talent management Data Digital ArticleIt’s about technology, data, process, and organizational change.

Now Is an Unprecedented Opportunity to Hire Great Talent

Harvard Business

Hiring Developing employees Human resource management Talent management Digital ArticleThe crisis is reshuffling the workforce.

How To Attract & Retain Talented People

Cheryl Cran

The biggest ‘how’ question right now keeping leaders up at night is, “how to attract and retain talented people” There is a war for talent going on and in this fast changing global economy businesses from many industries are feeling the pinch. The post How To Attract & Retain Talented People appeared first on NextMapping.

Virtual Interview Tips to Hire Top Talent

LSA Global

Virtual Interview Tips to Hire Top Talent. Virtual Interview Tips to Hire Top Talent. To learn more about how to interview and hire top talent that fits, download Why the Interviewing Process is Flawed – And What to Do About It . Blog Attract Top Talent Behavioral Interviewing

Winning with your talent-management strategy


Three best practices for managing and allocating talent support better business performance, according to a new survey. Insights on Organization

Our Delusions About Talent

Harvard Business

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, professor of business psychology at University College London, dispels some of the myths that have persisted in the 20 years since McKinsey coined the phrase “war for talent.” ” He argues the science of talent acquisition and retention is still in its early stages. Chamorro-Premuzic is the CEO of Hogan Assessments and the author of the book The Talent Delusion: Why Data, Not Intuition, is the Key to Unlocking Human Potential.

Transforming the talent model in the insurance industry


Insurers that succeed in the coming years will be those that recognize talent strategy has the same importance as core business strategy. Insights on Financial Services

Are we long—or short—on talent?


By looking at their supply of skills and talent in a new light today, organizations can take actions that better prepare their companies for tomorrow’s challenges. Insights on Organization

Rethinking AI talent strategy as automated machine learning comes of age


Do companies still need to hire a large contingent of data scientists to build machine learning models or can AutoML reduce the demand for this elusive talent?

Talent 111

How Processes, Transparency & Trust Will Help You Attract Top Talent w/Chris Cicchinelli Ep#111

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Chris Cicchinelli is the CEO & President of Pure Romance, the world’s largest in-home/virtual party company specializing in intimacy and sexual health. On his twenty year journey with the company, he grew the business from $3 million to $350 million in revenue. podcast people Growth retention

The importance of talent and culture in tech-enabled transformations


The right combination of talent and culture can help industrial companies set up effective technology functions. Advanced Electronics Insights

Next-level sales talent: HR’s message to the CEO


How the right data-driven approach can bolster sales-force performance—and help HR draw a direct line from talent to revenues in conversations with the CEO.

Tackling Asia’s talent challenge: How to adapt to a digital future

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey’s Oliver Tonby, Li-Kai Chen, and Anu Madgavkar discuss the opportunity—and obligation—to reimagine the workforce of the future. Asia-Pacific Digital

How to Create a Talent-Centric Culture

LSA Global

Putting Talent Front and Center. If you know how to create a talent-centric culture, does a talent-centric culture create higher performance? Is knowing how to create a talent-centric culture the answer? The Definition of a Talent-Centric Culture. We define talent as the workforce that leaders build and manage to create a unique advantage their competitors cannot replicate. Talent Management Research. Smart Leaders Get the Importance of Talent.

3 Talent Management Consulting Tips to Keep Top Talent Performing

LSA Global

Talent management consulting experts know that winning talent management strategies are about more than just recruiting the top talent you need to thrive. Unfortunately, too many organizations focus so much of their energy on competing for talent that they neglect to develop that talent once those new employees have been hired. Top talent craves meaningful work, a high performance culture and a path upward that aligns with the overall company direction.

Skill vs Talent

Seth Godin Blog

You’re born with talent. I don’t think there are many places where talent is the key driver of success. The biggest exception might be that a drive to acquire skill could be a talent… Assuming you have that, though, assuming that even once you did the hard work to learn something important, then you have what you need to develop even more skills. You earn a skill.

Lazy but talented

Seth Godin Blog

You can work really hard to get a little more talented. It turns out that getting less lazy, more brave—more clear about your fears, your work and your mission—are all easier than getting more talented That's most of us. And you can also work to get a little less lazy.

Why Invest in Talent Management

LSA Global

Do Your Leaders Invest in Talent Management? Among all the investments you can make as a leader to grow your company, don’t, for heaven’s sake, neglect to invest in talent management…attracting, engaging, developing and retaining your top talent. When choices are to be made among business priorities, investing in recruiting and developing the right talent often seems to fall to the bottom of the list. Talent Matters – Do Not Make the Same Mistake.

How to Hire & Retain the Right Talent in 2021

Management and IT Consulting

There are plenty of challenges for consulting firms around hiring and retaining the right talent. Here are some tips for hiring talent taken from the recent Technology Advice Paper: Top 10 Critical Consulting Moves for 2021

5 Benefits of Developing Your Top Talent

LSA Global

Developing Your Top Talent Matters. Our organizational alignment research found talent accounts for 29% of the difference between high and low performing companies. Talent, along with culture and strategy, is one of the three critical elements of high performance. A relevant employee development game plan is the foundation for building and retaining the talent to execute your strategy. The Benefits of Developing Your Top Talent.

An agenda for the talent-first CEO


In tumultuous times, a company’s talent is its most valuable and reliable asset. What does it take to lead an organization that truly unleashes its human capital? Insights on Organization

Talent: adaptability, resilience, passion

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Talent is about adaptability, passion and resilience. Talent Matters Most – Pay Attention is the article. The post Talent: adaptability, resilience, passion appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Notice that this is content-independent. It’s a given that you need expertise (engineering, market research, organisational behaviour, whatever). Which one of the three (adaptability, passion or resilience?) do you need to develop more?

Digital Transformation Is About Talent, Not Technology

Harvard Business

Developing employees Talent management Managing uncertainty Technology Digital ArticleHow to future-proof your personnel — especially in uncertain times.