The ethics of artificial intelligence


In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with MGI partner Michael Chui and McKinsey partner Chris Wigley about how companies can ethically deploy artificial intelligence.

Ethics 114

Enough ethics?

Seth Godin Blog

But ethics? In fact, most companies strive to be just ethical enough. To get ethics to the point where no one is complaining, where poor ethics aren't harming their KPIs. Being more ethical was the most important KPI? Most companies seek to be more profitable.

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219: Danielle Grant—Authentic, Ethical, Caring And More Effective Leadership

On the Brink Podcast

Today’s leader must focus on caring, ethical cultures and sustainability, as they lead others to exceptional performance. Learn how to be an effective transpersonal leader!

Political Acumen is Ethical

Consultants' Consultant

Political acumen is ethical. The post Political Acumen is Ethical appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consultants Consultant: Many people shy away from the idea of political acumen in business because the term politics is associated with mean tricks. They shouldn’t. Our approach to politics in business is to treat it as a reality. And you need to understand what’s happening in your environment so that you can protect […].

How Leaders Can Create an Ethical Organization

Gina Abudi

Leaders in the organization need to enable for an ethical culture in the organization. Enabling for ethical organizational culture is more than just simply saying ethics are important. There are a number of practices that organizations can put in place in order to create an ethical organizational culture. Leaders must model appropriate ethical behavior [.]. The post How Leaders Can Create an Ethical Organization appeared first on Gina Abudi.

A conversation on ethical leadership – with Cassie Edmiston

The Management Centre

We listened in on a conversation between our leadership expert, Yvette Gyles (=mc Learning Director) and Cassie Edmiston (Head of Fundraising, Prisoners’ Education Trust ), to see what they think it means to be an ethical leader in 2019. Yvette: So really ethical leadership is a juggling act.

Why Authentic Workplaces Are More Ethical

Harvard Business

Ethics Digital ArticlePeople behave better when they feel they can be themselves.

The ethics of FTD

Seth Godin Blog

When you order flowers online, they're usually delivered by a local florist. Which means the florist has a dilemma: He can deliver his very best effort and the most beautiful flowers he has in stock, even though the sender will never know his identity or buy from him again.

Building Ethical AI for Talent Management

Harvard Business

Hiring Technology Ethics Digital ArticlePoorly designed algorithms will exacerbate hiring bias, not fix it.

Ethics and Good Business

Martinka Consulting

My clients question to me was, if and after he hired her, is it was ethical to go after her customers? The post Ethics and Good Business appeared first on Martinka Consulting. A client called me last week to discuss the following and keep in mind my recent post about how some firms don’t pay enough (good) attention to their people.

Research: The Downsides of Trying to Appear Ethical

Harvard Business

Ethics Decision making Digital ArticleNavigating fairness, loyalty, and bias at work.

Ethical Leadership: A new kind of poverty?

Peter Stark

Every day we are bombarded with news about decisions made by leaders that cause us to question their integrity and ethics. We are facing a new kind of poverty – ethical leadership. Organizations and their cultures are, therefore, shaped by the values and ethics of their leaders.

Leadership Ethics – The Golden Rule

Leadership Planning with Liz Weber CMC

At this moment, America’s greatest economic need is higher ethical standards, enforced by strict laws and upheld by responsible business leaders,” (President) Bush said in a speech delivered to the Association for Better New York. “In Here’s an article pulled from the archives.

Are CEOs Less Ethical Than in the Past?


This year's CEO Success study shows that boards of directors, institutional investors, governments, and the media are holding chief executive officers to a far higher level of accountability for corporate fraud and ethical lapses than in the past.

The Ethical Dilemma at the Heart of Big Tech Companies

Harvard Business

Ethics Technology Digital ArticleDoing the right thing can be hard when it’s bad for business.

The Legal and Ethical Implications of Using AI in Hiring

Harvard Business

Hiring Technology Ethics Digital ArticleWhat we risk when we ask machines to find the right person for the job.

AI Needs a Code of Ethics

Think Customers

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have had a profound effect on how people interact with technology. In 2017 alone, Amazon and Google sold millions of home assistant devices, while waves of companies introduced chatbot programs into websites and mobile apps.

Why Ethical People Make Unethical Choices

Harvard Business

Most companies have ethics and compliance policies that get reviewed and signed annually by all employees. “Employees are charged with conducting their business affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards,” reads one such example. Clearly it takes more than a compliance policy or Values Statement to sustain a truly ethical workplace. Corporate ethical failures have become painfully common, and they aren’t cheap.

Personal Ethics -- in Consulting Offers and in Business

My Reply: There is no right answer for everyone and depends on your personal sense of ethics. Best case, they give you a few more days, and you can either take your #1 choice firm, or take one of the two current offers with the benefit of full information and never wonder "what if," while not having to sacrifice any standard of personal ethics. But , there will be one person out there in the world who considers you at worst dishonest, at best lacking ethics.

Ethics is a People Thing

Martinka Consulting

The post Ethics is a People Thing appeared first on Martinka Consulting. In the last year or so numerous tech companies, including Google, Yelp, Amazon, and LinkedIn have been accused of unethical actions. (I I was especially appalled by the Wall Street Journal’s report about how Yelp blackmailed small business owners by removing positive reviews if they didn’t advertise.). There’s a lot of criticism of corporations and what they do.

Create an Ethics Committee to Keep Your AI Initiative in Check

Harvard Business

Ethics Risk management Technology Digital ArticleIt’s about more than just mitigating bias.

What to Do When an Employee Files an Ethics Violation Complaint Against You?

Peter Stark

Instead of stepping up and aligning their behaviors to the new vision, they file an ethics violation. In the last six months, I have seen more ethics complaints filed than I have in my entire career. Here are my recommendations for successfully dealing with an ethics complaint.

Talking About Ethics Across Cultures

Harvard Business

A few years ago, I was teaching a two-day program about ethics in India for entrepreneurs and business faculty who taught entrepreneurship. It was a program that I had spent years honing, building upon research that suggests rehearsing — pre-scripting, practicing voice, and peer coaching — is an effective way to build the moral muscle memory, competence, confidence, and habit to act ethically. Ethics. Creating an Ethical Workplace. Ethics. Ethics.

Don’t Try to Be the “Fun Boss” — and Other Lessons in Ethical Leadership

Harvard Business

We collected personality data and supervisor ratings of ethical behavior (e.g., We combined data across these 30 independent studies to examine the relationship between personality and ethical leadership across a range of different settings and situations. Creating an Ethical Workplace.

Landing a $60 Million Deal Without a Proposal with Subir Chowdhury: Podcast #95

Consulting Success

Consulting Success Podcast conviction ethics landing deals landing deals without proposals self-confidence top management consultantA good consultant gathers all the information and evaluates it accurately. The more depth and understanding you have, the better results you can deliver.

Ethics 227

Being an Ethical Business in a Corrupt Environment

Harvard Business

Our research in Egypt , Zimbabwe , and India shows that organizations should view the prospect of building a strong ethical reputation in such environments as an opportunity, and consider the costs of resisting corruption as an investment in building such a reputation. Moreover, our research illuminates specific steps companies can take to maintain high ethical standards in environments where corruption seems widespread. Ethics Can Be a Differentiator. Ethics Digital Articl

5 Signs That Your Family Business Might Have an Ethics Problem

Harvard Business

Ethics Digital ArticleResearch shows that family businesses are more susceptible to crossing the line.

Is Your Company Using Employee Data Ethically?

Harvard Business

Supreme Court, once said , “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have the right to do and what is right to do.” While the benefits are clearly far-reaching and potentially game changing, there are ethical questions to consider. But ethical conflicts can arise, say when the analysis identifies sensitive personal relationships that perhaps should not have existed on corporate servers in the first place. Potter Stewart, justice of the U.S.

6 Traits That Predict Ethical Behavior at Work

Harvard Business

Trust and openness are crucial elements of an ethical organizational culture. Only when employees are able to voice the problems they see can ethical lapses be discussed and resolved. A first step in building this kind of culture involves a hiring approach in which companies actively seek those individuals inclined to speak up when ethical challenges surface. A morally attentive person will see ethical issues where others may see none. Creating an Ethical Workplace.

What You Can Do to Improve Ethics at Your Company

Harvard Business

It’s hard for good, ethical people to imagine how these meltdowns could possibly happen. many of us face an endless stream of ethical dilemmas at work. We were surprised that 30 leaders in the study recalled a total of 87 “major” ethical dilemmas from their career histories. Another surprise was how few of the incidents were caused by bribery, corruption, or anti-competition issues (only 16% of all ethical dilemmas mentioned). Ethics. Ethics.

Simple Ethics Rules for Better Risk Management

Harvard Business

But as more organizations fall prey to complex intangible risks, from unwanted disclosure due to rampant cyber threats to breaches of conduct driven by skewed incentive systems, the aperture of risk management is expanding from protecting the balance sheet to promoting ethical leadership and values-based decision making. Ethical lapses arise when people take risks but do not bear the downside of their risky behavior. Creating an Ethical Workplace.

Corporate Ethics Can’t Be Reduced to Compliance

Harvard Business

However, one of the more unsettling and unintended consequences of a singular focus on ethics-as-compliance is a checkbox mentality that gives the illusion of reducing risk without really doing so. So what can a company do to excel ethically? Ethics Digital Article

Business ethics, ripples and the work that matters

Seth Godin Blog

The happy theory of business ethics is this: do the right thing and you will also maximize your long-term profit. The unhappy theory of business ethics is this: you have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize profit. It comes down to this: only people can have ethics.

Praising Customers for Ethical Purchases Can Backfire

Harvard Business

In one study, participants viewed a short 40-second Starbucks commercial that either praised a customer for making an ethical purchase (it used phrasing such as: “Everything we do, you do. You buy more fair trade certified coffee than anyone else”) or praised the company for its ethical business practices (“Starbucks is the biggest buyer of fair trade coffee in the world”). Ethics Marketing Customers Digital Article

Jessica Kennedy Takes On Ethics, Power, and Gender


Jessica Kennedy, an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management, talks to strategy+business about the connection between unethical behavior and high rank, and between moral outrage and gender