The ROI of YOU

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Before you relegate self-improvement to an illustrious place somewhere between alphabetizing your pantry and reorganizing the garage, take a moment and consider: what’s the ROI of YOU? The post The ROI of YOU appeared first on Joey Sargent. Leadership leadership roi

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The ROI of Everything

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Frequently clients ask me to help them develop ROI models and marketing metrics that serve as a foundation for effective decision-making. A sound approach to measuring marketing ROI sits at heart of an agile marketing strategy. It’s a common misconception that basic ROI calculations can apply to individual marketing activities. With the ability to track clicks, leads and purchases online, digital advertising is very easy to measure in terms of ROI.

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What’s the ROI of the ROI tool?

Ed Kless

But, what is the ROI here?”. Further still, even some ideas that have had time to mature run into the buzz saw that is ROI. By definition, ROI presupposes an investment. With no investment, the risk has been averted in the eyes of the proponents of ROI. Defending ROI.

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Supercharging the ROI of your care management programs


Using advanced analytics and digital capabilities to improve the design and implementation of care management programs can promote better patient outcomes and an improved return on investment (ROI).

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What's Your Digital ROI?


Companies need a clear and complete view of how their digital transformations are progressing

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Addressing the social determinants of health: Capturing improved health outcomes and ROI for state Medicaid programs


The social determinants of health (SDoH) strongly contribute to variations in health status. Addressing SDoH can help ensure access to high-quality care, improve outcomes, and manage costs. Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services

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Boosting your sales ROI: How digital and analytics can drive new performance and growth


Successful sales leaders use four principles to tailor digital and analytical tools to their companies’ unique needs. Our Insights

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Can You Measure the ROI of Customer Experience?

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customerexperiencemeasurement roi temkingroup Companies are increasingly using customer experience metrics to gauge the health of their customer relationships.

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A Refresher on Marketing ROI

Harvard Business

Marketing ROI analysis can help answer those questions. What is Marketing ROI, and How Do Companies Use It? Marketing ROI is exactly what it sounds like: a way of measuring the return on investment from the amount a company spends on marketing. Marketing ROI is a straightforward return-on-investment calculation. In its simplest form, it looks like this: The goal, as with any ROI calculation, is to end up with a positive number, and ideally as high a number as possible.

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Calculating the ROI of Customer Engagement

Harvard Business

A more sophisticated understanding of engagement allows community managers to effectively influence and change it, and even to calculate an ROI for engagement. This is where we start to formulate a ROI for engagement. Juan Díaz-Faes for HBR.

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How to Boost the ROI of Your Meetings with a Proven Follow-Up Strategy

MBO Partners

Take your meetings to the next level with the right preparation, curiosity, and follow-up strategy

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Uncover Meaningful ROI Results with a Multi-Method Approach

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Measuring the return on investment of any campaign, tool, or strategy is crucial, but it can be a murky endeavor. Consider customer experience initiatives. Delivering outstanding customer service is one of the few ways businesses can win loyal customers and increase their bottom line, according to customer experience professionals. Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Strategy Social Media homepage

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Find Your Profit Zone

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Products and services, market presence, brand awareness, customer experience, cost of customer acquisition, marketing ROI, and corporate culture a just a few. Branding Customers Leadership brand strategy business growth customer experience marketing ROI profit

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Measuring Marketing Success: 10 Metrics that Matter

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While ROI is important, marketing is a long-term investment. Without a long-term commitment to marketing, it’s irrational to expect a positive ROI from month to month or quarter to quarter. How do you know if your marketing efforts are producing results?

Customer Experience – It’s All in the Details

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No matter how much money you invest to get your brand message into the marketplace, if you undermine these efforts with customer facing issues, you’re losing ROI. Customers Managing brand value customer experience marketing ROI

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Marketing is Not a Faucet

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Stopping and starting on a whim (or to meet short-term financial metrics) can have a negative impact on results, dragging down the long-term ROI of your marketing investments. ” Managing Marketing leadership management marketing marketing ROI marketing strategy

How to Avoid the High Cost of Marketing Mistakes

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Even my most business-savvy clients regularly ask me questions like, “ How can I improve my marketing ROI? Roadblocks in your path – Responding to whoever happens to be calling on you today is dangerous for marketing ROI. Marketing marketing marketing cost marketing ROI marketing strategy Does Your Marketing Cost Too Much? There’s no doubt about it, marketing can be expensive, especially for a growing business.

What’s Wrong with Marketing Today?

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Marketing marketing marketing ROI marketing strategy The trouble with marketing? Everyone is doing it. That’s not a surprise. Marketing is imperative for a business to grow. Without some sort of marketing, how will customers find you? Unless you’ve got a super-exclusive business that trades on being best-kept secret, marketing your business is essential. Because it’s so important, feelings about marketing run the gamut. For some, marketing is a necessary evil.

When Counterintuitive Marketing Works

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But that doesn’t necessarily mean digital will yield the best return on investment (ROI) for your campaign. Managing Marketing management marketing marketing ROI marketing strategy In business, the quest to move forward and be progressive is endless. Successful executives are always looking for the next great thing, pursuing new product innovation, fresh marketing channels and untapped opportunities. This drive to forge ahead creates growth and fuels progress.

Guide to Value-Based Pricing for Consultants: 10 Experts Share Their Fee Strategies

Consulting Success

If you’re not charging based on value and the ROI you are delivering, chances are that you’re severely undercharging. You, the consultant, want to earn more money in your consulting practice.

“What Part of My Marketing Works?”

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Managing Marketing marketing management marketing ROI marketing strategy Yesterday I was talking with a business owner as she shared her frustrations with building her new business. She sheepishly asked me, “How do I know which of my marketing activities are working?”

Developing Effective Learning Programs – Part III

Gina Abudi

Human Resource evaluating training learning programs Professional Development ROI of training Training training programs workshops A Client Story: Presenting the Report to the Client Read Part 1 and Part 2 of this client story for background information. The Client Report. Significant information was gathered from ACG’s evaluation of the current offerings and our small group meetings. The small group meetings provided the most relevant information as we were also able [.].

Developing Effective Learning Programs - Part II

Gina Abudi

Human Resource evaluating training learning programs Professional Development ROI of training Training training programs workshops A Client Story: Evaluating the Programs Read Part 1 of this client story for background information. Part 2 will focus on Abudi Consulting Group’s (ACG) one month evaluation project. Evaluation of Current Offerings.

How to get the most from your agency relationships in 2017


Executives who know how to set up and manage agency relationships are best positioned to improve their marketing ROI. Our Insights

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The next acronym you need to know about: RPA (robotic process automation)


RPA is a promising new development in business automation that offers a potential ROI of 30–200 percent—in the first year. Employees may like it too. Our insights

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Are We Sending the Right Message?

Markovitz Consulting

As you can see in the chart below (copied from the magazine), fully 44% of responders said that ROI justifications are a key operational challenge in making improvements. But the issue of ROI justification is both mysterious and worrisome.

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Going for A Drive

Alan Weiss

Even with a 10:1 ROI, a million dollar improvement is worth $100,000 investment. There are close to 50 production cars (not multi-million dollar limited run cars) on sale in the US today that cost a minimum of $100,000, from a low of some SUVs to the high of a Rolls Royce.

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How to Establish Value in Your Consulting Fees

Consulting Success

If you’re not basing your fees on value or ROI you’re leaving significant money on the table. Most buyers of consulting services are more than happy to invest at a 5-10X ROI. Most buyers of consulting services are more than happy to invest at a 5-10X ROI.

7 Consulting Proposal Tips to Close That Sale

Tom Spencer

If they’re not crazy about the idea, you need to do a better job of selling your company and the ROI you can provide. The value you can provide to the client, including ROI. Mention ROI Right Away. Despite their expertise, many consultants struggle to close deals.

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Shift Your Perspective to Make Business Development Easier

Successful Independent Consulting

Clients tell me that as a result of my work, they’re able to cut back on help desk support and reach their ROI faster. Most consultants I know struggle with business development, and it’s a top concern among those thinking about going independent. “

There's More to Earnings than Earnings per Share


But most companies don't have a methodology or process for measuring this kind of ROI. Earnings per share is only half the equation for profits. It matters how effectively you allocate capital -- how you invest in equipment or R&D -- and the returns you get on those investments. The key is to develop a robust valuation methodology, apply it using sophisticated optimization tools, and create a comprehensive governance process to support the efforts

Get More Value for Your Training

Consultants' Consultant

Doing a little more to leverage your investment and increase your ROI can boost that number significantly. Consultants Consultant: Make the most of your training time and money by whipping your team into a state of joyful anticipation before it begins! Less than 10% of an ordinary training program actually transfers to the workplace. Give your team a little […]. The post Get More Value for Your Training appeared first on Consultants' Consultant.

Micro Consulting: Evolution of Management Consulting


Immediate ROI – Shorter delivery means the effectiveness of delivery can be measured sooner and can adapt faster to the customer’s demand for convenience. Consumers expect convenience, agility, and customization in all things.

6 Ways to Move Beyond the Commodity Mindset

Consulting Success

People with a commodity mindset focus too much on what they will deliver and do for their clients, and not enough on the outcome, result, and ROI. I was about 25,000 feet up and seated on the right side of the DCH-8 plane.

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Persistent stability

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Before there are any conversations at all about ROI, decision makers need to feel safe, safe enough to believe that there will a future that matches their expectations Investment hates chaos.

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Seven points (or more) of pressure for the technical professional

Consultants' Consultant

Just today he had to say no to: the head of marketing strategy, who wanted him to create a campaign with ROI below standard his star team member, who wanted time […]. Consultants Consultant: Who do you have to say no to? Alex is a data analyst. Some days he feels like his job is to say no. The post Seven points (or more) of pressure for the technical professional appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well Consulting skills Training programs

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Biggest vs. best

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Regardless of how you measure ''best'' (elegance, deluxeness, impact, profitability, ROI, meaningfulness, memorability), it''s almost never present in the thing that is the most popular. There''s not much overlap. The best restaurant, Seinfeld episode, political candidate, brand of beer, ski slope, NASDAQ stock, you name it. Compare them to the most popular. Big is a choice. So is best

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