Potential Student Resources for Data Scraping

Steve Shu Consulting

Here are a few resources that students may find useful for research seminar projects that involve data scraping.

Tracking Performance: Switching from Project to Resource Level

Epicflow Blog

A forecasting report is used to predict future project performance and allocate resources accordingly. What Progress Should Be Tracked: Project vs Resource Performance . You’re right, but what is happening on the project level is just an effect of that at the resource level.


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Resource Leveling: How to Optimize Resource Allocation and Utilization

Epicflow Blog

What if you allocate resources to project tasks and realize that some employees are required for several assignments at the same time? Without addressing these issues, resource allocation won’t be efficient, which puts the quality of work on a project at stake. .

The Risks of Having Too Many Project Resources

PM Alliance

Many of the issues facing project teams are the result of inadequate resources to successfully execute an initiative. But what happens when your project has too many project resources? The post The Risks of Having Too Many Project Resources appeared first on PMAlliance, Inc.

The 2019 Technographic Data Report for B2B Sales Organizations

In this report, ZoomInfo substantiates the assertion that technographic data is a vital resource for sales teams. In fact, the majority of respondents agree—with 72.3% reporting that technographic data is either somewhat important or very important to their organization. The reason for this is simple—sales teams value technographic data because it makes essential selling activities easier and more efficient.

5 Signs of Bad Resource Allocation and How to Improve It with a Resource Management Solution

Epicflow Blog

The reasons vary, but improper resource allocation is one of the most common causes. In this article, we’re presenting the most significant indicators of bad resource allocation and suggesting tips on how to improve it with a resource management solution.

Human Resources Management – How to Get Started

Tom Spencer

Human resource teams are critical to the growth of a company since employees typically represent both the biggest operating expense and largest off-balance sheet asset for most businesses. Breaking into Human Resources Management. Human Resource Rotational Programs.

Resource Capacity Planning: What, Why, and How

Epicflow Blog

Making sure that a company has enough resources to complete its projects successfully is one of the primary objectives of a resource manager’s work. . What is Resource Capacity Planning? Benefits of planning resource capacity . It prevents unexpected resource shortages. .

Great Resource for Research Seminar Students on Statistical Power Simulations Using R

Steve Shu Consulting

In the past, I have used power calculators like GPower for straightforward research designs, but I have never really found a good, practical resource on executing the mechanics of power simulations, especially when research designs and analytical frameworks are more complex.

4 Tips on Efficient Resource Allocation in a Multi-Project Environment

Epicflow Blog

Allocating the right resources to the right tasks at the right time is not an easy task. What do you need to know to allocate resources efficiently in a multi-project environment and utilize them to the full? Resource Allocation in Project Management: Definition and Importance.

16 Go-to-Market Plays for Your Entire Sales Funnel

After gathering some of the best go-to-market plays from our own B2B sales and marketing pros, we've package them here for you. Try one of these 16 plays in your next salesflow or as inspiration for your next winning sales engagement strategy.

10.5 Must-Use Resources for Consultants

David A Fields

Consultants often want to know what resources I recommend to build a thriving practice. resources I recommend. Resources to Help Consulting Firms Thrive (in no particular order) Are there other resources you’ve found invaluable? In addition to chocolate. Below are 10.5 Let me know in the comments below. Text and images are © 2016 David A. Fields, all rights reserved. Consultants Infrastructure infrastructure

Intaking More Projects in Aerospace and Defense: How Resource Management Solution Can Help

Epicflow Blog

Read the article to learn how to deliver more projects on time and within budget by efficiently managing your people with the help of resource management software. Transforming Your Environment to a Multi-Project Setting with a Shared Resource Pool: Main Points to Keep in Mind.

Why Do You Need a Resource Management Solution to Boost Employee Productivity?

Epicflow Blog

In a complex multi-project environment with a shared resource pool, there are even more reasons for team members to work as efficiently as possible – otherwise it will be impossible to ensure a seamless and fruitful workflow and successful project delivery. .

Why You Need to Tie Resource Allocation to Strategy Implementation

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

It's fundamentally resource allocation, as it relates to your implementation. Don't forget to think about this when you're implementing your strategic plan.

2020 Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition Survey Report

As buyer expectations continue to heighten, marketing and sales teams are feeling pressured to deliver authentic messaging to buyers at every point of their customer journey. This report aims to highlight the current state of B2B database and contact acquisition strategies, and organizations’ goals to leverage data to fuel their go-to-market strategies in 2020 and beyond.

Two FREE Resources for Understanding Strengths?

Leadership Vision Consulting

Whether you are learning about your Strengths or helping others on their Strengths journey, our two FREE resources are time-tested and effective for the interpretation and application of Strengths. The post Two FREE Resources for Understanding Strengths?

Your Greatest Resource is a Positive Attitude

Rick Conlow

What is your greatest resource? Therefore, what is your greatest resource? No, a positive attitude is your greatest resource in life. Your Greatest Resource: Expect the Best of Yourself and Others! A positive attitude was her greatest resource.

The consulting resource chain: flexibility and expertise

The Source

Business model Blog posts COVID-19 Expertise Flexibility ResourcingPut simply, there are two reasons why organisations use the services of consulting firms.

Just that one scarce resource

Seth Godin Blog

The resource they scaled was their franchise model. Growing our impact or profit usually involves maximizing something that’s valuable. And things that are valuable are often scarce. Finding the one thing that is at the heart of your value/scarcity matrix makes it much easier to focus your energy on strategic decisions. If you own a single store, you need to maximize the profit per square foot. Everything in your growth journey revolves around this.

The Ultimate Marketing Efficiency Checklist

Here are 7 creative ways marketers can work smarter (not harder) - with the resources you already have!

Sprint-Based Work on Multiple Projects: How an Agile Resource Management Solution Can Assist

Epicflow Blog

In this article, we’d like to show you how a resource management solution can improve your sprint planning sessions and organize your work on multiple projects according to sprints. Resource management solution helps organize the work on multiple projects .

Aligning Goals with Resources


The far more difficult part is allocating resources (people, finances, attention span) because there are never enough resources to do everything you could do. Don’t confuse the details with the over-arching principle, which is: the #1 priority gets first in line access to ALL relevant resources — your calendar, your time, your attention, your energy. The trick is to channel that discomfort into making some difficult choices to align your resources (e.g.,

Best Practices in Resource Management for Your Consultancy

Management and IT Consulting

Resource management best practices you can use to overcome project killers

May the best resource win

The Source

Artificial Intelligence For your amusement Technology AI Blog posts Resources RobotsFifteen minutes to wait. Mark sits down and looks round.

6 Steps to Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Speaker: Jennifer Fairweather, CHRO for Jefferson County, Educator, and Speaker & Keren Wasserman, Organizational Effectiveness Program Manager at Lyra Health

Learn proven methods to build a culture that supports employees so they can do their best work! Register today!

Resource for Aspiring Consultants

Tom Spencer

A nice resource to help you break into the industry. IF you are interested in breaking into the management consulting industry, you might want to take a look at this super helpful resource on Quora, click here. Management Consulting consulting consulting firms consulting resources management consulting firms Quora what is management consulting

BCG Case Interview Preparation Resources


BCG Practice Resources. CaseInterview.com Practice Resources. Practice Resources from BCG. About BCG. How BCG, Bain and the Consulting Industry Got Started. About McKinsey Bain and BCG. Top Consulting Firms. BCG Potential Test. BCG Potential Test. BCG Interview. Example BCG Interview Question. BCG Question and Answer. BCG Interview Focus. BCG Informal Interview. BCG Practice Case Interview. Difference Between US and Europe BCG Interviews. BCG Final Round.

McKinsey Case Interview Preparation Resources


Case Interview.com Resources: Definitive Guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Test. McKinsey Case Interview Practice Resources. CaseInterview.com Practice Resources. Additional Resources. To get access to these free resources, just fill out the form below: First Name *. About McKinsey. McKinsey Careers. McKinsey Problem Solving Test. McKinsey Problem Solving Test Example Question and Answer. McKinsey PST Score. Example Tests from McKinsey: Practice Test A.

How to Help Managers Combat a Lack of Resources

LSA Global

In fact, recent research of over 800 managers by our management experts found that insufficient staffing resources, constant change, and inefficient processes are the top three inhibitors to manager productivity ? How can you help managers combat a lack of resources?

The Law Firm Billing Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Automated Billing

This guide uncovers how automated billing creates efficient processes that optimize time, improve billing accuracy, and meet current client demands in the legal marketplace.

Overcoming Obstacles Using External Resources

Women in Consulting

We heard back from participants that there are three primary obstacles to doing market research: budget, time and lack of internal resources. Contract with an expert that has the time, expertise, and experience (and perhaps template resources/processes that can be adapted for your project to help reduce cycle time). Lack of Internal Resources. The common answer to each of these obstacles is external resources. By: Jen Berkley Jackson.

How to Incorporate Other Case Interview Prep Resources with CaseInterview.com


Based on the many emails I receive, I find that a lot of people start the case interview preparation process using multiple case interview prep resources (including CaseInterview.com) but at some point find they are all a bit in conflict… and people tend to adopt the simpler approach I use. (And

Consulting Website Design 006: Resources Done Right

Tsavo Neal

In this video, you’ll learn the types of content you want to create for your consulting website’s resource page. Navalent is the firm and website discussed in this video — their Resource Center in particular. Welcome to the 6th installment of Consulting Website Design, Resources Done Right. In this episode, we’re looking at the website of consulting firm Navalent, and more specifically, their “Resources” center.

5 Coaching Tips for Human Resources Professionals

Virtual Project Consulting

Take a closer look at the important role that the Human Resources function has in today’s economy, with an infographic on effective management. Leadership coaching tips effective management human resource management infographic

Drive Better Results for Your Professional Services Firm Part 2: Deliver Profitable Projects

Speaker: Patrick Connally and Andy Yeomans

Join us on May 19th as Patrick Connally, National Industry Director – U.S. Professional Services at Microsoft, and Andy Yeomans, Executive Vice President at HSO ProServ, explore strategies firms can take to maximize project performance.

Free Resources to Help with Your Consulting Application

Tom Spencer

We have taken the time to put together 14 consulting resources that you can download right now for free: Putting Your Application Documents Together. Management Consulting consulting applications consulting resourcesAre you applying for consulting jobs, or thinking about it? Applications can be time consuming, and really difficult. Your task will be much easier if you have a few useful templates and guidebooks to point you in the right direction.

Human Resources Role in Change

Gina Abudi

Human resources plays a key role in enabling for employees within the organization to support and adopt change. Human resources usually has developed and maintains strong relationships with employees throughout the organization; they are usually the “go to” people. The post Human Resources Role in Change appeared first on Gina Abudi. Change Management change communicating change HR leadership human resources leading change

Resources for Leading During Crisis and Uncertainty

Brimstone Consulting

Navigating Uncertainty: Six Resources to Prepare for Change. Six resources for preparing for change–particularly change that is ever in flux and unknowable at the same time. The post Resources for Leading During Crisis and Uncertainty appeared first on Brimstone Consulting LLC.

How to Incorporate Other Case Interview Prep Resources with CaseInterview.com


Based on the many emails I receive, I find that a lot of people start the case interview preparation process using multiple case interview prep resources (including CaseInterview.com) but at some point find they are all a bit in conflict… and people tend to adopt the simpler approach I use. (And I do not want free resources. This form collects your name and email so that we can add you to our email list that delivers the free resources you are requesting.

A CHRO’s Perspective on Substance Use in the Workplace: Supportive Strategies to Help Your Workforce Thrive

Speaker: Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH, Medical Director, Psychiatry and Naj Wright, MBA, C-Suite HR Executive

Through advances in technology and access to care, managers can be empowered to serve as the front line of defense to help identify employee AUD and SUD concerns before they escalate. Understanding AUD and SUD, and providing tools for your workforce to overcome the challenges that they pose, is key to fostering strong mental health at work. Join us for this important how-to discussion.