Improving Airlines’ On-Time Performance


In the airline business, one late aircraft early in the morning can lead to more than 70 delayed planes later in the day. No other aspect of an airline’s operations has as broad or as deep an impact on the entire organization. Article Wednesday, September 21, 2016.

Miles ahead: How to improve airline customer-loyalty programs


Without a new approach, airline loyalty programs risk alienating many customers. Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics

Crazy Airline Gobbledegook Nonsense

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

The airline business is like nothing on earth, and airline people are some of the most common interactions we consultants have. Aircraft - This is one of the most common words to escape from the lips of airline people. But no one outside the airline industry says aircraft.

It’s High Time Airlines Got Personal


Airlines need to get personal with their customers. If other companies can offer a customized experience, why can’t a hotel or an airline? Article Wednesday, August 31, 2016.

Consolidation in Europe’s Airline Industry


Over the past 15 years, Europe’s full-service airlines have flown through turbulent skies as they generally failed to adapt to an increasingly price-competitive short-haul market. Article Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

Leave the Airlines Alone


Why we shouldn't expect the price of air travel to fall just because jet fuel is cheaper

A better approach to airline costs


Aggregate views of airline costs have their limitations. A better approach looks in depth at cost drivers. Our Insights

Walk before you fly—capturing the digital opportunity in airlines


A focused approach to digitization can help airlines create value faster than overambitious transformations do. Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics

How airlines can gain a competitive edge through pricing


Most airlines have optimized their core ticket costs. But as ancillary purchases represent an increasing percentage of customer spending airlines must rethink their revenue-management practices. Our Insights

Buying and flying: Next-generation airline procurement


Airlines have been saving through strong purchasing for decades. But with unit revenues declining, procurement must step up to the next level. Our Insights

Between ROIC and a hard place: The puzzle of airline economics


At a recent symposium of the International Air Transport Association, McKinsey’s Alex Dichter delved into airlines’ tangled finances. Our Insights

Panic Over Ebola: Airline Strikes, Banned Flights, Experimental Drugs


La Guardia Airport Cleaners On Strike The Financial Times reports Airline Cabin Cleaners Strike Over Ebola Fears. Up to 200 airline cabin cleaners were expected to strike on Thursday over concerns that they might be exposed to Ebola as US authorities try to contain alarm over the virus.

United Airlines Cracks Down on Oversize Carry-Ons

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airline customerexperience customerloyalty customerservice customerstrategy Flying is, for some people, a necessary evil. It''s a convenient--and many times the only--way to get from one place to another, as long as you''re willing to check your comfort with your suitcase.

2 Ways Corporate Culture Can Be Harmful…Brought to You by United Airlines

LSA Global

You only need to look at United Airlines’ recent disastrous negative publicity to see how they blew it. From the recent reports, it appears United Airlines relied too much on “policy” guidelines that were overly complicated and confusing.

Salvation or misleading temptation—low-cost brands of legacy airlines


We’ve seen this before: while separate in-house LCC brands seem promising, few have thrived. Success requires a clear rationale, rigorous follow-through. and ensuring the right answer is not to transform the mainline brand. Our Insights

Airlines Leverage Holiday Cheer

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We''re right in the middle of the holiday season and like every other year, organizations are trying their utmost to make the most out of holiday cheer to encourage consumers to make purchases or at least to remain top of mind.

Gold is the New Silver: How American Airlines is like Trojan and Starbucks

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

So American Airlines (née US Airways) just announced their 2015 elite program, and the travel bloggers are starting to exhale. It''s not awful unless you flew more than 75k but less than 100k miles last year.

How Bad is Airline Service, Really? And Other Customer Service Complaints

Harvard Business

Youngme Moon and Mihir Desai welcome their colleague Ryan Buell to discuss whether airlines deserve their reputation for terrible customer service. They also share other customer service pet peeves, as well as their personal “Customer Experience Picks.” ” Download this podcast. For interested listeners: • Ryan Buell in HBR: The Parts of Customer Service That Should Never Be Automated.

3 Ways American Airlines Can Win Customers

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After nearly two years since their initial merger, American Airlines and US Airways officially became one airline on Saturday. And after a million hours of training and more than 9,000 tests of kiosks, the airline is facing the last remaining hurdle where mergers are concerned: going live with their combined reservations system.

Chapter 11's Impact on Airline Performance - Strategy+Business


What’s Your Succession Plan? I Hope It’s Better than United Airlines Plan

Martinka Consulting

On March 14 was the day United Continental Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz eturned to work after he had a heart attack and heart transplant last October. I Hope It’s Better than United Airlines Plan appeared first on Martinka Consulting. As the Wall Street Journal stated on March 7, 2016: “Mr. Munoz’s illness has shaken a company that was already under stress.” ” What would happen to your company if you needed a heart transplant?

French Airline Pilots Call Month Long Strike in May to Protest Law Prohibiting Pilot Strikes


The French airline union, SNPL, has called for a month-long strike beginning in May. It''s main objective is to repeal the Diard Law which limits the right of airline pilots to strike. Via translation from Les Echos : An unprecedented month-long strike is the motto launched today by SNPL, the main union of French airline pilots. The Daird Law, passed in 2012 requires airline personal to individually declare strike intent at least 48 hours before the commencement of a strike.

What's Fueling Customer Complaints with Airlines

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More flights are arriving on time while airlines are losing fewer bags and fewer passengers are getting bumped from flights. Yet customer complaints are at their highest levels since 2001, according to the 2016 Airline Quality Rating report. The report, released on April 4, found that while the percentage of flights that arrived on time in 2015 rose from 76.2 percent in 2014 to 79.9

Venezuela Strengthens Currency Controls in Impossible Mission to Stop Capital Flight; Airlines Collapse; End of the Line


In an effort to get money out of Venezuela, airline ticket sales had been booked solid for months. One airline cancelled all flights. Venezuelan bonds plunged to the lowest in more than two years after the government announced the latest partial devaluation of the bolivar, this time for airlines and foreign direct investment. Airlines operating in Venezuela fell and one carrier suspended flights. Still, measured at the official rate, airlines have an equivalent of $3.3

Tweeting About American Airlines' Social Strategy

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Social media might have been born out of humans'' need to communicate with friends, to remove geographical boundaries, and share information with loved ones.

Airlines Like United Can Underpay Bumped Passengers Because of a Government Rule

Harvard Business

By now, many of us have viewed the disturbing video of a bloodied man being dragged off of United Airlines flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday. This incident has thrust the common airline practice of overbooking into the spotlight. Overbooking – the practice of selling more tickets on an airplane than there are seats – benefits both airlines and passengers. This helps the airline keep fares lower and provide more flexibility to passengers.

The Reason Air Travel Is Terrible and So Few Airlines Are Profitable

Harvard Business

Why is the airline industry so terrible? Which brings us back to the airline industry. ” Airlines are also pursuing efficiency in ways customers don’t see so easily, such as reducing the number of short-haul flights they offer and centralizing passengers in large airports.

Warren Buffett Is Betting the Airline Oligopoly Is Here to Stay

Harvard Business

Warren Buffett got burned with an airline investment in the 1990s. airlines, taking a 4.16% stake in American Airlines, smaller stakes in United and Delta, and an undisclosed stake in Southwest Airlines. Industry observers have noted that since 2010, “The airline industry is profitable again — really profitable.” airlines. airlines had one thing in common: their largest investors.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Strategy

Tom Spencer

MERGERS have had a ubiquitous presence in the news recently as leaders in the airline , publishing , and telecommunications industries have taken steps to consolidate.

Airlines’ New Basic Economy Fares Show the Power of No-Frills Pricing

Harvard Business

American Airlines and United Airlines recently joined Delta in offering passengers a lower-priced option to fly: basic economy. Consider making a few sacrifices, which vary by carrier, such as paying fees for checked and carry-on luggage, having the airline (instead of you) select your seat, boarding last, or surrendering the opportunity to make flight changes.

United Airlines Proves that Improving Customer Experience Requires Positive Employee Engagement

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When I asked her which airline she worked for, she replied, "the worst airline in the world." I responded, "Let me guess--United Airlines.". While attending a cocktail party in December, I met a woman who returned to the U.S. that day from Costa Rica. She was a flight attendant and drove directly to the party from JFK airport. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

JetBlue's Home-For-The-Holidays Stunt

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airline customerexpereince customerloyalty customerstrategy holidays homefortheholidays surprise The holidays are over and what remains are the extra few pounds that many of us have piled on while celebrating with our loved ones. And, of course, the memories of the holiday season.

United Air Lines: Five Lines, Two Lines, No Lines?

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Although all airlines suck, you still have to pick one. So I picked United. I fly a lot so they pretend to treat me well (as long as it doesn't cost them anything). All I really want is the " stealth luxury " of being left as un-molested as possible at the airport.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: When You're Too Platinum with the.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Like you, I have Platinum Status with just about ever hotel, airline, rental car agency, and liquor store in the Continental United States. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Tuesday, April 15, 2008. When Youre Too Platinum with the Hotel. Good Consultants! DOUBLE Platinum with some, Id like to point out. Now, let me tell you a tale of a crazy consultant who officially reached "Too Platinum status with the Intercontinental Hotel Group.

Of Course People Aren’t Going to Do What They’re Told

Markovitz Consulting

According to the Wall Street Journal , passengers on Southwest Airlines flight 1380, which suffered an engine failure and broken window, didn’t use their oxygen masks properly. And based on this Southwest Airlines accident, it’s about as effective.

Course 159

You travel too much when you.

Consultants Mind

Know your airline frequent flyer number, but not your mom’s phone number Take too … Continue reading → Fun Travel Management consulting = business travel. No way around it. If you don’t like travel, you will hate consulting. Here are some things I have experienced.

Travel 227

Lifehacks for New Management Consultants

Steve Shu Consulting

Get airline status so that you can board planes as soon as possible (e.g., purchase airline credit card if necessary). It’s been nearly twenty years since I started management consulting.

United Breaks Noses: A Counter-Argument

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

At the very least, the airline should stick to their guns and forbid non-revs to dress like the rest of the animals on the plane. Every day, passengers gripe and moan and complain about how the big, bad airlines treat them. And the airlines?

Book Review – “How the mighty fall” by Jim Collins

Tom Spencer

A fine example of a company that passed through the five stages of decline to ultimately collapse was the one popularly known as “the king of good times” – Kingfisher Airlines. UB Group, the owner of Kingfisher Airlines, had gained considerable success in the brewing industry.

Winter is coming: The future of European aviation and how to survive it


Airlines can prepare now to survive and thrive in the world to come. There are four main uncertainties, and the industry’s structural weaknesses will continue. Our Insights

Investigating the Durable Goods Ripple Effects of a Slowdown in Aircraft, Autos, Housing


Today, the New York Times reports After Surge in Orders, Airlines Now Balk at Wide-Bodies. Yesterday, I noted Undercurrents of Worry on aircraft orders. more…). Economics

Manufactured Spend and Other Stupid Games, or, "I’ve Got A Real Job"

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

We make sure we maximize our airline and hotel status, we have a wallet full of credit cards, and we pick our travel providers accordingly. But airlines and hotels are aggressively devaluing their points and raising redemption rates.

Luxury vs. Necessity: The Art of Add-On Fees


Certain types of add-on fees can make customers angry, but the airline industry shows that companies can find an acceptable balance