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10 Ways to Have Fun in Consulting

David A Fields

You probably spend more time working as a consultant than you spend in any other role in your life right now. Holey shmoley. Can that be true?

How To Run A Million Dollar Consulting Business While Traveling The World For Five Months: Podcast

Consulting Success

Leaving your consulting business to spend time with your family or friends in some other part of the world seems an inconceivable idea, most especially if you are the type who worries about their business constantly. Learn how to be able to do just that.

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Which Airline Delivers The Best Consulting Business Travel Experience?

Management Consulted

Which airline is best for domestic consulting travel? Well, there’s a lot of different ways you could parse that question. Which airline provides the best rewards? Which airline will get you there on-time most often? Which airline provides the best … Continue Reading.

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Talent and technology in Africa today


African Leadership Academy cofounder Fred Swaniker explains why companies should invest in people and harness technology to take on the continent’s big challenges. Middle East and Africa

Leaders vs. Leading

One of my favorite television shows is Inside the Actors Studio. It is a long-form interview show, where a famous actor or actress is interviewed for about an hour. The show is filmed before a live audience consisting of students at a well-known film school. What I like about the show is that it gets into real depth with the actor. They talk about their life story, early influences, and the technical work they did that led them to this point in their career.

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Your 2019 BVFLS Practice Development Marketing Plan

Rod Burkert

This is not my “normal” Wednesday morning post. But I guarantee the information is just as useful. You know that “people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan” saying?

How to Find Purpose In Your Consulting Business: Podcast #66

Consulting Success

It’s a known fact that consulting firms tend to be small businesses with a small number of employees. Oftentimes, because of this, when a simple knock is at the door, we tend to burst it open, ever-willing to accept all the opportunities.

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Distraction or disruption? Autonomous trucks gain ground in US logistics


As logistics goes digital, profound changes are coming to industry structure, operations, and profits. In the first of a series, we examine the impact of autonomous trucks. Insights on Travel, Transport & Logistics

Winning vs. Resolving Conflicts

When you’re in a conflict with someone else, you want to clearly define your goal. Are you trying to “win” the conflict, or to “resolve” it? Although the words seem similar enough to be interchangeable, they couldn’t be more different. When you “win” a conflict, you get the outcome that you want without regard to what the other person gets and how they feel about the process. When you “resolve” a conflict, you get a solution that you and the other person can both live with.

Five Standards for Responsible AI Use


Business leaders must implement artificial intelligence in a principled way to optimize customer experience and earn people's trust


Consultant’s Guide to Productization: How To Productize Consulting Services

Consulting Success

Productization is a hot topic today. What could be better than packaging your consulting services into products? No proposals. Minimal negotiations. A streamlined, predictable process. Sounds good, right? Yes — but that’s not the complete story. Productizing your consulting services can be an incredibly profitable move. It can help you scale your consulting business. It can be your ticket to creating a consulting business you can sell. But productization doesn’t come without risk. Risk that.

How to Follow Up with People After a Conference

Harvard Business

Marcus Franzen/Getty Images. Attending a conference is a whir of activity — flying to a destination, engaging in several days of nonstop networking, and coming home to an inbox that has spiraled out of control in your absence.

Testing the resilience of Europe’s inclusive growth model


The combination of six global megatrends is increasing the stress on Europe’s inclusive growth and the EU social contract. Europe


Elections, Passion, and Justification

Martinka Consulting

As a prelude to the elections there was a story on the morning radio the other day about an elected official either convicted or about to plead guilty on three charges. Voters (supporters) said they’d vote for him anyway because a crooked member of their party was better than anybody from the other party.

Focus On Customer Success Like Disney, Not Like MoviePass

Henry DeVries

What are you doing to ensure customer success? A happy customer is a loyal customer. And a loyal customer is a profitable customer


Long Live the Human Network Effect


Scaled-up, spontaneous networks can help solve tough problems when people come together


The Case for the 6-Hour Workday

Harvard Business

zodebala/Getty Images. The eight-hour workday harkens back to 19-century socialism.

Learning from digital threats


Incumbent companies are finding they have strong hands to play as competition intensifies. Digital Insights

Where’s your cohort?

Seth Godin Blog

The people who get you. The ones who have been through it with you. Who see you. Our life is a series of cohorts, and the special ones connect with us deeply. They raise the bar and they provide a foundation for what’s next.

Ernest Hemingway's 'Write Drunk, Edit Sober' Great Marketing Advice

Henry DeVries

From books to website content to social media posts, people need to write if they want to attract high-paying clients. The best way to attract high-paying clients is to write and to speak

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Revisit Your Strategic Plan

Gina Abudi

Organizational leaders should revisit and re-evaluate their strategic plan annually, or even more frequently if the organization has significant ongoing change or there is a major event – such as a merger or acquisition. Why Revisit Your Strategic Plan. As the organization changes internally or is impacted by changes externally – it grows, new talent [.]. The post Revisit Your Strategic Plan appeared first on Gina Abudi.

What Will It Take to Make Finance More Gender-Balanced?

Harvard Business

shutterjack/Getty Images. We overheard male classmates bond with internship interviewers about fantasy football drafts. We were taught that Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham were the best modern investors. We witnessed senior men sexualize younger women employees.

Building a one-stop shop for government services in Australia


Service New South Wales, a website for citizen services, was built like a start-up within the government, in a rapid, iterative process sharply focused on customer satisfaction. Public Sector Insights

Managing Africa's Money


Digitization, data, better education, and improved infrastructure will fuel growth across Africa, according to Sim Tshabalala, CEO of Standard Bank. He is cautiously optimistic about South Africa's future, despite governance challenges. Tshabalala, who grew up during apartheid, now runs South Africa's largest bank. His motto: "In God we trust; everybody else bring data

“I didn’t do the reading…”

Seth Godin Blog

This is a brave and generous thing to say. If you’re not able (or committed enough) to do the reading before you give your opinion, please have the guts to point that out. “I didn’t read the proposal, but my bias is…” We’re winging it. All of us.

Look Back, Look Forward: The Independent Workforce Year in Review 2018

MBO Partners

A reflection on major trends from 2018 and a look ahead to new changes in 2019

How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Harvard Business

Caiaimage/Andy Roberts/Getty Images. A client (who I’ll call “Alex”) asked me to help him prepare to interview for a CEO role with a start-up. It was the first time he had interviewed for the C-level, and when we met, he was visibly agitated.

The transformation of global acquiring


The traditional acquirer processing model is destined to become commoditized and less profitable. Established firms will need to choose from among set of distinct strategies in order to compete. Insights on Financial Services

Collaboration Is King When it Comes to Innovation and Success

Peter Stark

Innovation will be more vital in 2019 than ever before and leading organizations know the key to maximizing innovation is the ability to build a culture of collaboration. The ultimate goal of collaboration is to think with one mind and act accordingly.

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Where’s your Reckless Daughter?

Seth Godin Blog

Joni Mitchell was one of a kind. A sensation. A record-selling machine, with legions of fans. And then she made Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter. A personal, idiosyncratic album that marked the final gold record of her bestselling streak. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knew that the crowd wasn’t going to follow her, just as Dylan knew what would happen when he went electric, then gospel.


Three Ways to Attract High-Quality Independent Talent

MBO Partners

Follow these three tips to attract, retain, and re-engage highly-skilled independent talent

Stopping Data Breaches Will Require Help from Governments

Harvard Business

Martin Child/Getty Images. Not a month goes by without a major corporation suffering a cyber attack. Often state-sponsored, these breaches are insidious, difficult to detect, and may implicate personal information relating to millions of individuals.

Powerful pricing: The next frontier in apparel and fashion advanced analytics


Leading apparel retailers are embracing advanced analytics and blending intuition with science to price smarter. Retail Insights

Can You Spot the AI?

1 to 1

Self-driving cars. AI-powered supermarkets. Google Duplex. It’s easy to get excited about the many ways that artificial intelligence can potentially make our lives more convenient. Add the label “AI-powered” to any industry and it instantly sounds innovative and compelling.

Respect difficult problems

Seth Godin Blog

They’re difficult because they resist simple solutions. Glib answers and over-simplication have been tried before, and failed. People have tried all of the obvious solutions. They haven’t worked. That’s why we’ve resorted to calling them difficult problems. Difficult problems require emotional labor, approaches that feel risky and methods that might not work. They reward patience, nuance and guts, and they will fight off brute force all day long


The Necessity of The Team Health Check (Re-Broadcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

We’re taking a short break from new episodes of the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of CliftonStrengths. But rather than go silent for the next few weeks, we thought we would re-broadcast some of our favorites from the past year. Logan Joyce and I sat down to talk about the episodes that have made the biggest impression on us in the past year.

Study: When Leaders Take Sexual Harassment Seriously, So Do Employees

Harvard Business

thatsval/Getty Images. When it comes to the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, employees demand leadership accountability. Consider the recent Google walkout , which employees staged to protest the lofty exit packages paid to men accused of misconduct.

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