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How to Spot Your Goldilocks Consulting Opportunities

David A Fields

Before Goldilocks was eaten by the three bears (or was it the three pigs?), she fussily spotted the ideal porridge, chair and bed for herself. What’s the ideal consulting opportunity for your consulting firm? There are myriad guidelines you could apply to pinpoint your ideal consulting opportunity.

Nudging Democratized: A Guide to Applying Behavioral Science

Steve Shu Consulting

In 2019, Inside Nudging will be re-released within a special edition book published by The Decision Lab, entitled Nudging Democratized: A Guide to Applying Behavioral Science. Many thanks to my brilliant co-author, Andrew Lewis, for collaborating with me on this release.


Better Managers Isn't Enough for Higher Engagement

Markovitz Consulting

(Note: this article first appeared in Industry Week.) A recent article by Sam Walker in the Wall Street Journal argues that better managers are the key to delivering better results. Walker cites research by Gallup showing that the quality of middle managers determines 70% of the variance between high-performing and low-performing companies.

McKinsey, Bain, and BCG: 3 Things They Look for in Consultants

Management Consulted

McKinsey, Bain, and BCG look for specific traits in consultants. After years of working with candidates that go to MBB firms and other consulting firms, we’ve noticed something. McKinsey, Bain, and BCG look for something different in consultants than other … Continue Reading.

Using Cartoons to Get Attention in Emails

The More Clients Blog

If you haven’t yet noticed, I’ve been writing a lot about how to use humor in emails to get more attention and response. And a wonderful subset of humor is cartoon humor. Should you use cartoons in your emails? Most certainly. They are great attention-getters. And who doesn’t love a good cartoon?

How CEOs Buy Consulting Services with Lew Jaffe: Podcast #84

Consulting Success

Having a third-party vision of your business can sometimes be helpful. Having somebody that would take a step back and take a look at your company to see if you have things figured can be a way to know the holes in your business plan. That is the beauty of consulting. Former CEO of Picture Tel, Lew Jaffe, shares how consulting helped his previous company to grow. A philanthropist, professor, and executive coach, Lew reveals.

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Writing the Perfect Consulting Resume: 4Tips toWriting Your Resume with an Example.

For almost any professional job, applicants are required to provide a resume and cover letter to demonstrate their qualifications. Your resume is one of the most important documents during the application process, as it acts as a summary of your education, experience, and skillset.

Bain & Company Careers vs Working at McKinsey or BCG

Management Consulted

Bain & Company careers are different versus competitors BCG and McKinsey. Jenny Rae explains to us, not about Bain Case Interviews like in some of our other videos, but on culture. What it’s like to work for Bain & Company. … Continue Reading. The post Bain & Company Careers vs Working at McKinsey or BCG appeared first on Management Consulted.

Bain 109

Tackling the Case Interview

Tom Spencer

“Case study interviews put you in the driver’s seat: you’re given a real business problem to work through and solve. The logical reasoning you use to work through the case is just as important as the conclusions you reach” ( The University of Sydney, 2019 ).

How Branding Provides A Competitive Advantage

Henry DeVries

“A brand is a promise of an experience and is directly connected to trust. It’s what your customers say when you’re not around,” says Don DiCostanzo, CEO of Pedego Electric Bikes


Can the gold industry return to the golden age?


It’s time to dig for a solution to the gold mining reserve crisis. Metals & Mining Insights

Being the Best vs. Your Personal Best

When you’re the best in the world at something, there’s nobody left to beat. If you’re Usain Bolt, you’re (literally) the fastest human being on earth and in all of history (world record holder for 100-meter dash). Who do you compete with? If you’re Michael Phelps and have more Olympic medals than anyone in history (by an enormous margin), who do you compete with?

Delta Status Match & Status Match Challenge Options

Management Consulted

The Delta status match is a great way to take advantage of airline competition. It allows you to leverage your status on another airline for Delta perks. Established airlines face increasingly fierce competition as new competitors continue to emerge, driving … Continue Reading. The post Delta Status Match & Status Match Challenge Options appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting travel life as a consultant

So You Didn’t Do a Consulting Internship

Tom Spencer

Hypothetically, the fastest way to secure a consulting role after higher education is to do a consulting internship and then get a full time offer, or transition into another consulting offer with the ability to demonstrate you know what consulting is about.

What are you willing to do for free to land new work?

Rod Burkert

Greetings from southwestern PA. The RV is parked just outside of Confluence where we will be taking in the sights of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. I hope you found our last conversation about ways to come up with ideas for your content to be useful.

Start me up: Where mobility investments are going


Our latest mobility start-up and investment tally shows the industry invested $120 billion in the last 24 months as it prepares for the years to come. Automotive & Assembly Insights

The Big Ask

In your career, there will be a few pivotal moments when you “sell” a big idea to someone else whose decision will become an inflection point in your career. You could be “selling” your boss on the idea of promoting you, choosing you to lead a high profile project, or taking on major new responsibilities. Out of a 2,000-hour work year, regardless of your field, you will spend a percentage of that time convincing someone else of something.

Inspired by popcorn

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: This is something to brighten your day. Popcorn (the soundtrack) was one of the first songs I learnt to play on my Hammond organ when I was 12, so this is especially important to me! I am really quite bemused by the semi-subliminal cuts to boobs and bums, though!

What’s in Your Bird Feeder (Your Marketing Plan)

Martinka Consulting

Birds are attracted to bird feeders. Customers need to be attracted to us by what we do marketing wise. Take a listen. The post What’s in Your Bird Feeder (Your Marketing Plan) appeared first on Martinka Consulting. Audio Podcast Increasing Value

Seven Surefire Ways To Kill Your Chances Of Scoring A TEDx Talk

Henry DeVries

TEDx talk invitations are lost, not won. TEDx speaker and TEDx speaking coach, Frank King, shares some surefire ways to kill your chances of landing an invite to deliver a TEDx talk


Unlocking the economic potential of Central America and the Caribbean


The region has seen rapid growth over the past 15 years, but a number of trends could affect whether the economies continue to grow. Americas

Profit vs. Positive Cash Flow

In every McKinsey engagement, there’s a moment when the senior client says to us, “Hmm. that’s interesting.”. That is the moment when the client thinks to him or herself, “Okay, maybe the $1 million consulting fee was worth it.”. You might be wondering what the McKinsey team says to the client that prompts that reaction. It was an. Insight. An insight occurs when the client’s perspective and understanding of the business shifts.

The unchallenged Rules of post deal integration…part 3

Ben de Haldevang

All that is written cannot be changed…the tablets of stone of the business case! In what other walk of life can you imagine a situation where the thoughts, analysis and assumptions of one person (or perhaps a small team), drawn up before any access to the subject matter was granted and therefore based entirely on an ‘out to in’ perspective are entirely inviolate? …all because this was the rationale presented to shareholders on the day that the deal was announced?

What, You Only Have Six Customers?

Martinka Consulting

For the foreseeable future once a month this memo will be on a topic to increase value in a business, which is exactly what business owners should want and is definitely what business buyers are looking for. I’ll start with one I’ve seen a lot of lately, customer concentration. Here are three examples: Seventy percent of sales to one customer. Seventy-five percent to three customers. Eighty percent to three customers (one being a middleman buying for their clients).

Sales 40

Defense Mechanisms and Leadership Performance

Steve Tobak

It is physically impossible to French-kiss a man who leaves the new roll of toilet paper resting on top of the empty cardboard roll. Does he not see it? DOES HE NOT SEE IT? Rachel (aka Rita Wilson), The Story of Us Bringing a new head of business development[.] Read On.

Preparing for and managing through a downturn


As talk of an impending economic downturn takes hold in the business world, executives can take thoughtful steps to help their companies better weather the storm. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Why Case Interview Preparation is so Important

Consulting is a very competitive field, with most firms receiving tens of thousands of applicants each year. Regardless of one's natural intellect and career qualifications, I continue to be amazed by the number of emails I receive from people who put in only one or two days of preparation, got rejected and are surprised by the outcome.

Are systems and process holding up your organization’s effectiveness?

Peter Stark

In our Employee Opinion Surveys , one question we see low more often these days has to do with the systems and processes in the organization supporting employee’s ability to do their job effectively.

Great Leaders Are Thoughtful and Deliberate, Not Impulsive and Reactive

Harvard Business

Observing your responses is the first step to improving. Leadership Emotional intelligence Psychology Digital Article

What’s Up with My Employees?? Part 1

Gina Abudi

A Client Short Story. One of Abudi Consulting Group’s clients, a SVP of Human Resources (HR) in a retail organization of approximately 800 employees, has noticed that employees seem increasingly disinterested in the organization and the work. The SVP of HR, who we’ll call Sarah, shared this story with me during one of our quarterly [.]. The post What’s Up with My Employees?? Part 1 appeared first on Gina Abudi. Leadership employee engagement organizational culture

The CEO of IRIS.TV on personalization and keeping audiences engaged


Consumers today are savvy and expect personalization, especially when viewing ads. Field Garthwaite, cofounder and CEO of IRIS.TV, discusses how machine learning can help marketers deliver more relevant and noninvasive video content. Media & Entertainment Insights

Video 60

BCG Potential Test

What is the BCG Potential Test and Why is it Used? BCG (Boston Consulting Group) potential test is an online test used in the first round of interviews. This test allows BCG to test candidates using the same test giving them a better comparison tool for evaluating candidate performance. What is the format of this Test? The format may be different in other offices, according to our readers these are some of the formats they have seen. My test had 53 questions in 50 minutes.


Seth Godin Blog

Beloved 1,000-year-old buildings disappear in the blink of an eye. Celebrities we’ve never met die young. Babies are born. Music goes from cutting edge to current to oldies. Technology that was prized becomes obsolete. A medical breakthrough averts certain doom… Our experience with time keeps changing.

Is HR the Most Analytics-Driven Function?

Harvard Business

Surprising results from a survey of 1,500 leaders. Human resource management Analytics Digital Article