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Leadership Consulting Interview with Nick Craig: Podcast #76

Consulting Success

When you get a good client and it’s a big engagement which is going to go on for a while, what happens is that your ability to deliver as well as run the business starts to eat away at you. At some point, you realize that you’re going to have to include other people in the game.

Proposal = Answered Questions

Consultants Mind

It’s the beginning of the year and firms are lining up their projects and consultants. Proposals and statements of work are getting written and signed. My students (management consulting class M 10-1pm) have a proposal-writing assignment due, here’s what I told them. Answer the client’s key questions Proposal outlines vary, but there are also commonalities. This […]. The post Proposal = Answered Questions appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

How to Know if You’re Successful at Consulting

David A Fields

How do you know if you’re doing well at the consulting game? Revenue? Client feedback? Those are okay metrics; however, if you look around your office you’ll find a better clue.

Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, Bain AIC 2019 application deadlines

Management Consulted

Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, Bain AIC Overview Attention Advanced Degree Candidates! Yes, that means you PhDs, JDs, and MDs – Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, and Bain AIC application 2019 deadlines are now published! What are Bridge to BCG, … Continue Reading. The post Bridge to BCG, McKinsey Insight, Bain AIC 2019 application deadlines appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting news

Bain 118

Lessons from Detroit: Three (More) Reasons Why Your Lean Efforts Fail

Markovitz Consulting

In 2014, The Greening of Detroit (TGD), an environmental non-profit, was pushing hard to reforest the city after years of neglect. To their surprise, the tree planters faced stiff resistance—about 25% of the 7,500 homeowners they approached rejected the opportunity to have a free tree planted in front of their houses.

Nicola Linkleter, Previously President of Professional Staffing at Adecco UK

The Source

Most of the women we’ve interviewed as part of our Women in Professional Services programme have faced a career-defining moment at some point in their lives.

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Has the MBA become Redundant for a Career in Consulting?

Tom Spencer

“There was a doctor from Boston and a lawyer from Chicago, a philosopher from Australia and an engineer from France. There were people who had Ph.D.’s s in mathematics, sociology and astronautics.

Deloitte Consulting Senior Manager: how consulting set her up for entrepreneurship, nonprofit and public sector leadership, and industry impact

Management Consulted

The Story of one Deloitte Consulting Senior Manager Are you interested in Deloitte Consulting? Or just in good stories about how consultants transition as experienced hires? Have we got a treat for you today! Our team recently connected with Lynn … Continue Reading. The post Deloitte Consulting Senior Manager: how consulting set her up for entrepreneurship, nonprofit and public sector leadership, and industry impact appeared first on Management Consulted.

Cutting through the 5G hype: Survey shows telcos’ nuanced views


Operators see a marginally positive business case, expect rollout at scale to take until 2022, and don’t think the increase in capital-expense-to-sales ratio will be as big as skeptics claim. Telecommunications Insights

Good Work


People today want to do "good work." They want to have intrinsically rewarding experiences and make a contribution that fits with their values.

How Can You Be More Creative?

The More Clients Blog

Is it true that some people are more creative than others? And even if that’s true, can less creative people be more creative? More importantly, can YOU be more creative? These are important questions that smart people have been asking for millennia. So, of course, I’m going to answer them! But first we need to define creativity: It’s simple: “The use of imagination or original ideas; the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like.”.

Study 48

Will long-term transformations threaten the consulting industry’s ability to hire top graduates?

Tom Spencer

Graduates flock to the consulting industry for the opportunity to work on interesting cases, get experience across a variety of industries, and build a valuable professional skill-set. But there’s an emerging threat to this value proposition, and it’s coming from within.

Marie Kondo is a Genius

Over the last few weeks, my kids and I have been asking each other, “Does this spark Joy?”. What a simple yet profound question. If you’re not familiar with Marie Kondo, she is an international home organizing sensation. Here in the United States, she has a become a household name in the last 45 days. In addition to a best-selling book on organizing your home, her TV show appeared on Netflix at the beginning of this year. I’ve become a Kondovert. My kids think I’ve gone insane.

Ten years at the top of a telco: An interview with Vittorio Colao


The former CEO of Vodafone, who stepped down from the top job last September, reflects on the industry’s challenges and what he learned as a successful global dealmaker. Telecommunications Insights

Brand strategy: One size does not fit all

The Source

Brand is becoming ever more important to buyers of consulting services. In fact, when we asked clients what was most important when selecting a digital transformation partner, reputation with the board was more important than anything else.*.

Does your website speak the right lingo? Here’s how you can tell.

Rod Burkert

I hope you found our last conversation about newsletter writing tips to be useful. While doing good work for the current clients you serve is important, your potential clients need a way to find you and understand your perspective.

Picking Among Consulting Offers

Tom Spencer

When fortunate enough to have more than one consulting offer, a common sentiment is to go for the firm that is more prestigious or pays the most (oftentimes those go hand and hand). However, I always recommend that anyone who gets more than one consulting offer should think beyond prestige and pay.

How to Be Taken Seriously

In a meeting, two people can express the exact same idea, and one will be overlooked while the other will be taken seriously. If you’re like me, you’ve witnessed this phenomenon your entire career. You may have even been the person whose ideas were overlooked. Why does this happen? Clearly, the reaction you receive is not based solely on the caliber of the ideas you present. There’s obviously something more. But what is it?

Global Energy Perspective 2019


The Global Energy Perspective Reference Case provides our view on how the energy transition will unfold. Oil & Gas Insights

Use Influencer Marketing Like The PGA Tour And Darius Rucker

Henry DeVries

What makes a good choice for a brand ambassador? The PGA TOUR has stepped up its influencer marketing game with the announcement that three-time GRAMMY Award winner Darius Rucker is now the official brand ambassador for the organization

Five Ways Companies Can Give People a Good Work Experience


Workers today want careers that fit their values, are enjoyable, and contribute to society. Here's what business leaders can do to deliver on this idea of "good work." For further insights, read "Good Work

When “Word of Mouth” Isn’t Enough

Martinka Consulting

I’m talking to an owner who’s pretty darn proud of the fact he doesn’t do any marketing or have any sales effort because it’s all “word of mouth.” He tells me this knowing I know his friend (with the same type of business) in a noticeably smaller market that has two to three times the revenue he has. My first thought was, maybe if you did some marketing, you’d be making more money, and more importantly, have a more valuable business.

B2C 40

Making Learning a Part of Everyday Work

Harvard Business

Here’s what individuals and companies should try. Developing employees Leading teams Leadership development Digital Article

Five Fifty: Industrial tech


What will happen when industrial companies fully apply digital, analytics, and IoT technologies to their businesses? An upsurge in innovation—and value. Digital Insights

How To Stage A Mastermind Retreat

Henry DeVries

When Karen Jacobsen moved to America from Australia in 2000 with the dream of being a singer and songwriter, she never envisioned herself as the leader of mastermind retreats. Jacobsen shared her top ten tips for those who want to create their own mastermind retreat

One Word Can Make the Difference

Peter Stark

In the business of leadership, one word can make the difference. As a leader, you have one goal. And that goal is to build relationships with people who are highly motivated to move in the direction that you and the organization are going. So, how can just one word make a big difference?

Skill vs planning

Seth Godin Blog

If you’re a gardener, planting orange trees in Ottawa, and nothing’s growing, it’s possible to beat yourself up, burn yourself out and say, “I’m a bad gardener.” ” Or, You could realize that oranges aren’t easy to grow in Ottawa. You could either move to Cuba or plant winter wheat instead. But don’t beat yourself up just because the climate doesn’t match your seeds


How to Figure Out How Much Influence You Have at Work

Harvard Business

Conduct an audit of your informal power. Informal leadership Influence Managing yourself Digital Article

Accelerating late-stage construction: Mastering the sprint finish


Major projects in late stages of construction face unique challenges that can drive substantial delays and cost blowouts. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

The Importance of Creating Space in our Lives

Leadership Vision Consulting

Today on the Leadership Vision Podcast, Carrie Jones and Nathan Freeburg will be talking about intentionally creative small moments in our lives to reflect and fill with what we need most. It's timely and we encourage everyone to figure out what they need most to feel less frantic in life.

Have Conversations to Engage Employees in a Change Initiative

Gina Abudi

When an organization is about to launch a change initiative, it is wise to engage employees in conversations about that change. Sharing information – such as why the change has to happen and the future vision of the organization after the change is implemented – enables employees to begin to adapt to the change that [.]. The post Have Conversations to Engage Employees in a Change Initiative appeared first on Gina Abudi. Change Management change conversations leading change managing change

The practical de-escalation of worry

Seth Godin Blog

In order to maintain its power, common anxiety (sometimes called worrying) needs your help. Constant reminders, moments of conflict and concrete examples all pitch in to keep our worry on the warpath, amplifying it and further frazzling us. The feeling of experiencing failure in advance happens to many of us. But with active encouragement we can make it much worse. Without our help, it’ll likely fade away. But if we work at it, we can keep it going for hours.

You’ve Committed to Increasing Gender Diversity on Your Board. Here’s How to Make it Happen.

Harvard Business

Women hold just 24% of S&P 500 board seats. Corporate governance Boards Diversity Digital Article

The end of ownership for fashion products?


Business models capitalizing on preowned, refurbished, or rented products have hit the fashion market. The industry needs to pay attention as these models continue to evolve. Retail Insights