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5 Steps to Overcome Fears That Hold Back Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

It turns out your consulting firm’s worst enemy isn’t a competitor, a procurement department, or a Rottweiler nicknamed Bitey. No, the greatest impediments to your consulting firm’s forward progress are your personal fears. Every time you transcend your doubts, you open yourself up to a breakthrough.

Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve: Which travel rewards credit card should a consultant choose?

Management Consulted

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve® : Which travel rewards credit card should a consultant choose? Disclaimer: The MC Team is passionate about travel, and writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Management Consulted may receive a commission from … Continue Reading. The post Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve: Which travel rewards credit card should a consultant choose? appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting travel

Travel 100

Consulting When The Stakes Are High with Bill Coletti: Podcast #80

Consulting Success

Sometimes, it is exactly the comfort that keeps us from pursuing what we really want.

Transforming Medical Affairs: Tapping the alchemy of storytellers and digital start-ups


The Head of Digital Strategy and Medical Innovation, US Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at Novartis discusses how disruptive technologies and digital innovation are inspiring a start-up mind-set within the organization. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Why you’re not getting any clients from your consulting website

Tsavo Neal

“Why am I not getting any clients through my consulting website?”. If you’re reading this article, you’re asking yourself this question. It’s a question I get all the time. And it’s the primary problem I’m trying to solve in my business — helping consulants get more clients through their website. But it’s the wrong question. We need to break this question down into chunks. Break it down into chunks, and you can turn a lofty goal into a step by step process.

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What Marketing Strategy Is the Best for You?

The More Clients Blog

If you pick the right marketing strategy, you’ll be like that little guy in the middle of my diagram above. Winning! Fist pumps! The problem with marketing today is that there are way too many options and it’s much too confusing.

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Deloitte Consulting Summer Internship: 3 Takeaways

Management Consulted

Why do consultants spend so many hours traveling to client sites, running complex analyses, building lengthy presentations, and working for (sometimes) demanding clients? The expensed dinners and travel perks are nice, but arguably, the most important aspect of the job … Continue Reading. The post Deloitte Consulting Summer Internship: 3 Takeaways appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting internship deloitte consulting

Supercharging retail sales through geospatial analytics


A retailer can now use geospatial analytics to understand the interactions between its online and offline channels. With these insights, it can create a higher-performing retail network. Retail Insights

So you don’t want to write a newsletter? Here is a practical alternative.

Rod Burkert

You run into a genie. S/he grants you 3 wishes for your BVFLS practice. What do you wish for? I know I’ve written and talked – a lot – about writing content for your own newsletter or blog. But based on my own experience, I grant you that the writing pace is a serious commitment.

Fussy Buyers & Naive Sellers

Martinka Consulting

My friend Dennis Hebert with CFO Selections called recently regarding a client of his who is thinking of selling to his COO/GM. The holidays got in the way and then Dennis told me he felt they didn’t have a good understanding of what it takes to do a deal, so he gave them a redacted purchase and sale agreement. It caused them to pause and think. Business sellers often underestimate the complexity of what’s involved in selling a company.

Why marketing should be investing in both the digital and the physical

The Source

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past ten years (and specifically a cave with no Internet) you don’t need to be told about the importance of digital.

How to bring M&A Integration in-house

Ben de Haldevang

The latest piece from my colleague, David Boyd, on the potential benefits of delivering deals internally rather than relying on expensive, external, experienced but rarely independent consultants. Worth a read as always…comment and critique welcomed! link]. Transformation

Snapshots of the global mobility revolution


How will regional variations in China, Europe, Brazil, India, and the United States reshape cars, carmakers, and the automotive “user experience”? Automotive & Assembly Insights

Learn to Thrive on Criticism

Peter Stark

When you become a leader, it is a given that you are putting yourself out there and are, in-turn, opening yourself up to criticism. But does that have to be a bad thing? The only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing and do nothing that upsets the status quo; but even that isn’t a guarantee.

4 Reasons Talented Employees Don’t Reach Their Potential

Harvard Business

It takes more than talent to succeed in your career. Developing employees Talent management Digital Article

Julie Howard, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Navigant

The Source

It only takes a few moments in Julie Howard’s presence to register that she is a calm, collected, and serious person who takes pride in her “what you see is what you get” ethos. Given her admirable self-possession and extraordinary success, it would be easy to assume that she carefully planned and executed every step of the 30-year career that has taken her to the top of Navigant.

How To Overcome The Elevator Pitch Myth

Henry DeVries

"I've come to believe that the term elevator pitch is dangerously misleading,” says "Good In A Room" author Stephanie Palmer. The words we use shape our world, and the problem with the elevator pitch is you should never, ever pitch in an elevator.” There is a better tool to use

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New carmaker on the block: Byton’s CEO on China’s car of the future


Carsten Breitfeld, an industry veteran turned disruptor, explains how his Chinese-conceived, globally oriented start-up is tuned for the emerging mobility transformation. . Automotive & Assembly Insights

The minimum viable audience

Seth Godin Blog

The smallest group that could possibly sustain you in your work… If you could pick the members of this audience, who would you choose? Their dreams, their worldviews, their energy, all up to you. If you could pick them and needed to delight them because you had no one else available, would your product or service improve?

Stop Letting Push Notifications Ruin Your Productivity

Harvard Business

Do Not Disturb. Productivity Digital Article

Join Our Summer 2019 Strengths Communicator Training! (Podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

On this episode of the podcast, we’re talking all about our Strengths Communicator Training. In this episode, you’ll learn not only about our Strengths Communicator Training but also some of the insights we've gained from the hundreds of participants we’ve worked with over the past several years.

CX Snapshot: Health Insurance

1 to 1

As consumers take more control of their healthcare decisions, insurance companies are catching up to other industries in how they interact with members and deliver customer experiences. The member experience is beginning to differentiate payers.

What makes an organization ‘healthy’?


In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with McKinsey partners Rajesh Krishnan and Brooke Weddle about the ins and outs of organizational health. Insights on Organization

Resilience and tolerances

Seth Godin Blog

Resilience is what happens when we’re able to move forward even when things don’t fit together the way we expect. And tolerances are an engineer’s measurement of how well the parts meet spec. The word ‘precision’ comes to mind). A 2018 Lexus is better than 1964 Camaro because every single part in the car fits together dramatically better. The tolerances are more narrow now.

How to Get Your To-Do List Done When You’re Always in Meetings

Harvard Business

Creative ways to find the time. Time management Productivity Meetings Digital Article

Divestiture in medtech: Are you the natural owner of your businesses?


For medtech companies, divestitures can create value. But several elements are necessary to make separations successful. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Advanced analytics in asset management: Beyond the buzz


Leading firms are applying advanced analytics across the full asset-management value chain—with real-world results. Insights on Financial Services

Technology + operations: A flywheel for performance improvement


New automation techniques can provide the first step toward continuous, tech-enabled redesign of critical operations—forming an intuitive ops-to-tech cycle in which tech improves ops, and vice versa. Insights on Operations

How to resist the allure of ‘glamour’ projects


Shiny new initiatives can distract you from paying attention to other valuable but mundane projects and investments. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Bancassurance: It’s time to go digital


As customers and banks shift to digital technologies, bancassurers need to rethink their distribution model. Insights on Financial Services

Thomas L. Friedman: Why simple fixes don’t work anymore


One-word answers are not enough in today’s complex world, when people have differing priorities as citizens, consumers, and workers. Future of Work


Five Fifty: Discharged


Rethinking how we travel through our cities and towns means tracking the emissions we create as we do. The good news is that traveling may soon get cleaner. Automotive & Assembly Insights

Thomas L. Friedman: The three climate changes


The New York Times foreign affairs columnist tells James Manyika why he thinks the environment, globalization, and technology are transforming our world. Future of Work


Thomas L. Friedman: An interview with Mother Nature


The New York Times foreign affairs columnist shares what the environment can teach us about thriving in an age of disruption in a conversation with James Manyika. Insights on Sustainability