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Michael Zipursky on Peak Performers Podcast

Consulting Success

Michael was recently featured on Peak Performers Podcast, which you can listen to here: How to Market Your Expertise with Michael Zipursky As a consultant, there’s a lot that you can bring to the table.

How to Combat Scope Creep While Delighting Your Consulting Clients

David A Fields

Picture yourself presenting your final results from a project to your client. The meeting is swimming along smoothly and you’re basking in the warm glow of another happy client. Then, your client asks, “Buddyboy, could you slice the data one more way so we can see impact by geographic area?”

Ensuring Good Performance: How Consultancies Keep Their Employees Motivated

Tom Spencer

How do you keep people motivated enough to perform well and work for long hours in a high-pressure environment?

The Hardest Thing About Being Self-Employed

The More Clients Blog

Being self-employed isn’t easy. Not only do you have to develop, market, and deliver professional services at a very high level, you also need to accomplish all of this in relative isolation.

How do you come up with a price?

Rod Burkert

Greetings! We are still in Wisconsin … still a few miles from the Mississippi … still at my in-laws … and still working on the interior RV furbishings and modifications. I hope you found my last video about 10x-ing (not 2 or 3x-ing) your goals to be useful.

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Shaking up the value chain


Data and digitization are creating a growing array of value-creation choices in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, mining, and energy. Digital Insights

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence with These 3 Questions

Harvard Business

Daniel Hurst Photography/Getty Images.

Which Employee Would You Want?

Martinka Consulting

A little after they opened at 9 am on the Friday before the July 4 weekend I went to get a haircut. I wasn’t the only one and was told it would be about 20 minutes. So, I walked across the street, got a cup of coffee, checked emails, etc. I came back 17 minutes later and instead of two stylists there was only one. After a few minutes another customer told me the other stylist didn’t feel good and was across the street getting food. (My

Suicide, The Secret Of My Client Marketing Success

Henry DeVries

Ironically, it wasn’t until Frank King came close to ending his life that he realized the purpose of his life. Today he is a speaker and trainer on suicide prevention as a workplace health and safety issue

Workplace Presence for Consultants

MBO Partners

Presence is a valuable tool that can help self-employed professionals build better relationships and manage stress and anxiety. Here’s what you need to know about mindful awareness and how to practice it in your daily life

Tools 46

Inside the strategy room: One CEO’s approach


Deanna Mulligan, president and CEO of Guardian Life Insurance, reflects on how she approaches strategy planning in an industry with strong headwinds. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Research: To Get People to Embrace Change, Emphasize What Will Stay the Same

Harvard Business

Eric Raptosh/Getty Images. Common wisdom in management science and practice has it that to build support for a change project, visionary leadership is needed to outline what is wrong with the current situation.

Difficult decisions

Seth Godin Blog

These are the decisions that are forced on us, the ones that feel unfair, the ones where there are no seemingly good outcomes. How to proceed? Acknowledge that it sucks. That you’d rather not be in this situation. That it’s not what you hoped for. You can return to this step as often as you like, but don’t permit it to have anything to do with the other steps in the process. Consider the sunk costs.

The Greatest Business Branding Strategy In The World

Henry DeVries

“When it comes to branding, don’t overthink it,” says branding expert Yali Saar. Branding is about creating a positive image for the company in the consumer’s minds

Exploring Emotional Intelligence: Helping Managers Succeed – Part 3

Gina Abudi

A Client Case Study – Part 3 of 3 – Creating the Strategic Plan for L&D. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the case study. The Plan for Learning and Coaching of Managers. We used the data from the 360 assessments, information gathered from interviews with the managers assessed, data provided early on by [.]. The post Exploring Emotional Intelligence: Helping Managers Succeed – Part 3 appeared first on Gina Abudi.

The risks and rewards of outsourcing


In the digital age, companies in the energy and materials industries must balance the classic advantages of outsourcing a segment of the value chain with the new realities of shutting down their strategic options if a supplier becomes too powerful. Metals & Mining Insights

When Is Teamwork Really Necessary?

Harvard Business

Caspar Benson/Getty Images. Most leaders assume that they need to foster teamwork among the people whom directly and indirectly report to them. Teaming is now seen as the workplace equivalent of motherhood and apple pie — invariably good.

Ringing vs wringing

Seth Godin Blog

Ringing is resonant. A small force causes sympathetic vibrations, and magic happens. Wringing requires significant effort and can even destroy the object it is applied to. When you ring a bell for your clients, you’ve delivered with care and empathy. But when you seek to wring every dollar out of a transaction, you’ve probably engaged for the last time


A Conversation About How Your Strengths Help You Stay Curious (Podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

On this episode of the podcast, I’m having a Strengths conversation with my colleague and our Director of Business Development, Logan Joyce. More specifically, we’re having what we call a "push" conversation. These are dialogues between two people where you intentionally push Strengths to the center.

The M&A Activity Transforming Healthcare


A rapid and far-reaching transformation of the US$450 billion pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) market, which touches virtually every healthcare consumer, is unfolding in front of our eyes. Two major factors are spurring this change: a spate of far-reaching deals between insurers, retail drugstore chains, and PBMs; and regulatory uncertainty.

Making the most of marketing technology to drive growth


Winning in the martech revolution requires tech, of course, but leaders often forget that it needs a couple of key additions too. Marketing & Sales Insights

Managers Think They’re Good at Coaching. They’re Not.

Harvard Business

pbombaert/Getty Images. Are you successful at coaching your employees? In our years studying and working with companies on this topic, we’ve observed that when many executives say “yes,” they’re incorrectly answering the question.

All other things being equal (simple contribution analysis for pricing)

Seth Godin Blog

If you make a product that costs $5 to produce and package, how much should you charge for it? I don’t know. But there’s a simple bit of arithmetic you can do to understand sensitivity in pricing. Should you charge $7 or $9? Well, if you charge $7, you make $2 a unit. If you charge $9, you make $4 a unit, or twice as much. Which means, all other things being equal, you’ll need to sell twice as many at $7 as you’ll need to sell at $9.

Consulting Business Management: When to Partner With Other Consultants

MBO Partners

Managing your own business is both rewarding and challenging. Here are four times to consider partnering with other consultants to ease your workload

Does your opinion matter? Should it?

Peter Stark

Does your opinion matter? Yes, indeed, your opinion does and should matter. Companies in our Best of the Best Benchmark from our Employee Opinion Surveys rate almost 20 points higher than organizations in our Overall Benchmark regarding their ideas and opinions counting at work.

Leading change in the Japanese pharma market: Innovating for the future in an uncertain present


Jacques Nathan, president of Sanofi Japan, discusses what’s ahead for his changing sector. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

How to Avoid Loneliness When You Work Entirely from Home

Harvard Business

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images. Working from home can be a coveted perk, allowing you to opt out of rush-hour traffic and eliminate the tedious banalities of office life.

Community rank

Seth Godin Blog

You’re probably familiar with class rank. Among all the kids in this high school, compared to everyone else’s GPA, where do you stand? And you’ve heard about sports rank, #1 in the world at tennis or golf or chess. But somehow, we don’t bother with community rank. Of all the contributions that have been made to this community, all the selfless acts, events organized, people connected–where do you stand? Maybe we don’t have to measure it.

The Weekly Independent: August 13, 2018

MBO Partners

News and notes for independent professionals and their clients. This is the August 13, 2018 edition


A Conversation about how your Strengths help you stay Curious (podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

Welcome to the next installment of the Leadership Vision Podcast where we share our expertise in the discovery, practice, and implementation of StrengthsFinder. The post A Conversation about how your Strengths help you stay Curious (podcast) appeared first on Leadership Vision. Practical Curiosity Push Conversation

How predictive analytics can boost product development


Complex product-development projects are plagued by schedule slips and cost overruns. The up-front application of advanced and predictive analytics helps companies build plans they can stick to. High Tech Insights

When Will the U.S. Finally Act Boldly on Paid Family Leave?

Harvard Business

sandy millar/Getty Images. When I gave birth to my daughter over a year ago, I worked for an employer that provides no paid parental leave: the U.S. government. I was able to cobble together vacation and sick time with unpaid leave for four months.

The exaggeration of small differences without a difference

Seth Godin Blog

“What should we do with all the left-handed people?” ” “There are far too many people in this organization who wear glasses. It’s hurting our ability to compete.”

How to Be a Customer Support Hero in an IoT World

1 to 1

If you believe the hype about the Internet of Things (IoT), we are entering a world that’s seamlessly connected. From smart homes and wearables to connected cars and smart cities, the IoT enables innumerable ways for devices to share data and handle tasks on our behalf.