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Balancing Client Delivery And Marketing And Sales With Nigel Green: Podcast #111

Consulting Success

The more that you can think of new creative ways to do business, the less likely you are to be exposed to volatility. In this episode, host Michael Zipursky interviews Nigel Green, a sales strategy advisor for B2B companies about how he got into the world of sales and strategy.

B2B 130

5 Success-Stealing Distractions at Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

Clutter is the enemy, and not just in your clothes closet. Throughout your consulting practice, clutter and distractions are dampening your consulting firm’s success.

The Future of Management (Part 3/3)

Tom Spencer

In the last installment , we looked at evolving with the times, some resources to reach for when undergoing change as well as some problems that may arise on the way to Teal.

Women in the Workplace 2019


Five years in to our research, we see bright spots at senior levels. But companies need to focus their efforts earlier in the pipeline to make real progress. Gender Equality

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

80/20 Content Marketing for Consultants

Tsavo Neal

This post is a guest post from Jake Jorgovan, founder of Content Allies and author of The Consultant’s Path to Thought Leadership. What’s the purpose of creating content?”. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a variety of answers.

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What Are You Really Selling?

The More Clients Blog

If you’re a self-employed professional, you know what you’re selling, right? Management development programs, executive coaching services, communication skills training, financial planning, etc. Right? No, wrong.

Cracking Pricing Strategy Case Studies

Tom Spencer

Pricing strategy is one of the easiest levers CEOs can pull to increase revenues in their company. For instance, retail banks can raise interest rates (the price they pay customers for depositing funds at the bank) to quickly attract new balances and acquire new customers.

Has Southeast Asia taken a firm grip on the nickel value chain?


A closer look at the future of the nickel market considers the role of ore exports from Southeast Asia. Metals & Mining Insights

“McKinsey-on-demand”: Do clients still need gatekeepers?

The Source

The last decade has not been kind to “gatekeeper” organisations. In almost every facet of our lives, we seem to have decided that we simply don’t have the need for them that we once did.

Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

How to get on podcasts

Kai Davis

It’s the year of our lady two thousand and nineteen and the most common question that your friend Kai gets asked is a riff on. How do I get on podcasts? I want to do a podcast tour! Which, honestly, is a great question.

Mastery of Marketing Campaigns

The More Clients Blog

The majority of clients who have come to me over the years want to know how to get more clients faster. And they’re often looking for a “silver bullet” that will draw new clients to them magically. The closest thing I know to a silver bullet is a marketing campaign.

How To Cascade Your Strategic Plan Throughout Your Organization

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Once a strategic plan is created at the highest level of an organization, there is a great need to cascade the strategic plan throughout all areas of the business.

How private equity can maximize value in US financial services


The industry may be on the cusp of a new and less forgiving era. Private owners can take steps now to get ready. Insights on Private Equity & Principal Investors

Diversifying where you get business from will make you less dependent on attorneys

Rod Burkert

In case you missed last week: Finding the time to write a book (or any activity that will build your authority in our BVFLS profession) shows that know matter how busy you think you are, the “time math” reveals we do, in fact, have the time.

Measuring Professional Services Marketing Effectiveness

Prudent Pedal

If I were to ask chief marketing officers (CMO) at professional services firms around the world to measure their teams’ current marketing effectiveness on a scale of 1-5, I suspect that I might get a lot of 4s.

Can Grant Thornton challenge the Big Four?

The Source

When we think of Grant Thornton relative to the Big Four, we naturally focus on external audit, where the Big Four have a stranglehold on the market.

Overcoming Caveat Emptor

Alan Weiss

Does any political debate ever change anyone’s mind? If you want your prospects to change their minds and become your clients, explain dramatically to them why it’s in their best interests to do so.

Sales 52

Five Fifty: Fast and modular


Want to move faster, fly higher, and generally perform like a top technology company? Try the modular approach to platforms. Digital Insights

What Is Best Time Management Skill For Solopreneurs

Henry DeVries

We all get 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. How do you spend those hours to get the most done

Singapore: Using Organization Design to Shape a Nation

Kates Kesler

Your customers are pushing you to deliver complex solutions of products and services in innovative ways. Sounds like the challenge … Blog

What Is the American Dream? Part Two

Martinka Consulting

Last month I gave my insights regarding a ProPublica article about how people over 50 won’t be the decision maker when they leave their job. Update, IBM is in the midst of a lawsuit for firing up to 100,000 people, targeting older workers. And there seems to be damaging testimony supporting the lawsuit’s premise.) A past American Dreams was to get a job at a large company, work there for 40-45 years, and retire with a gold watch and a pension. But no more, for most people.

Finally, the Fix for Bad Bosses

Steve Tobak

“I’ve done … questionable things.” – Roy Batty, Blade Runner It’s great to be alive, but being human does have its challenges. Our bodies are anything but bulletproof and our minds aren’t much better.

Managing your external supply system for innovation


To accelerate innovation, more companies are turning to outsiders for help—especially their suppliers. Getting supplier innovation to work means rethinking incentives, relationships, and management. Insights on Operations

How to Evolve as a Leader and Achieve Success in Your Sphere - Interview with Zvi Band

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

In this episode of our Strategy and Leadership Podcast, we welcomed Zvi Band, the Co-founder and CEO of Contactually and author of Success Is in Your Sphere. Zvi has a diverse background, starting as a software engineer out of college and eventually evolving into the leader he is today. In addition to his career, Zvi is involved in his community and supports building relationships in both his personal and professional life. Leadership culture strategy

How to Encourage Employee Feedback in Your Culture

LSA Global

Do Employees Speak Up in Your Culture? Even though more companies are trying to encourage employee feedback, for many, speaking up at work can be difficult.

The Best Lessons are From Dogs

Martinka Consulting

I recently read Dave Barry’s latest book, Lessons From Lucy; The Simple Joys of an Old, Happy Dog. It’s funny, as one would expect from Dave Barry, insightful, poignant, and not exactly what I expected from him. I’m not going to “steal his thunder” and give away all his lessons. Read the book (it’s a fast read and extremely entertaining). I will share one lesson, because it’s one of the few mantras I have in my business. Don’t stop having fun. And if you have stopped, start having fun again.).

Are You a Toxic Leader?

Peter Stark

Right out of school, my first job was the stuff of horrors. I stepped from college to working for a manufacturer. My boss was moody and, if that alone wasn’t enough, he was also a yeller, swearer and the president’s son. Forgive my language but he was just an ass.

Building operational excellence in higher education


The example of one university shows the potential value in transforming administrative operations. Social Sector Insights

How To Land And Keep Long-Term Consulting Clients With Cynthia Barnes: Podcast #110

Consulting Success

Consulting is a significant and growing business in this day and age. Founder and CEO of Barnes Sales Institute, Cynthia Barnes shares her experience in sales and how her consulting firm specializes in the principal issues and enhances the success of women in sales.