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Take off Your Happy Face! Why Consulting Clients Love Disagreeable Consultants

David A Fields

Your consulting clients walk into each engagement holding bouquets of helium balloons they want to release to the sky. Metaphorically, unless your clients are clowns.) Each balloon is an assumption, preconception, hypothesis or dream that only requires your confirmation.

Consulting With Your Buyer: A Guide To Effective Selling with Deb Calvert: Podcast #54

Consulting Success

Recent buyer research proves that buyers respond much more to people who engage with them as leaders versus stereotypical sellers.

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Website or No Website? Answers and Help for Independent Consultants

Successful Independent Consulting

As a self-employed consultant do you really need a website? I’m asked this a lot, particularly if a consultant gets most business from referrals or they contract through agencies or boutique firms.

In memory: Lehman Brothers (1850-2008)

Consultants Mind

This week is the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the global financial crisis of 2008, and the end of Lehman Brothers, one of the most storied Wall Street firms. A new play opened in London called the “Lehman Trilogy”, and there’s a great interview montage below.

A Better Way to Visualize Hoshin Plans

Markovitz Consulting

The hoshin kanri X-matrix makes my head hurt. I mean, kudos to the person who invented it for creating something so incredibly compact and information-dense. But I’m not sure it’s the easiest way to convey the information in the hoshin plan.

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Straight Talk: 30 things I told aspiring consultants today

Consultants Mind

It is interview season for consulting firms. People are writing up cover letters, fine-tuning their resumes, and practicing their cases. This is what I said to a packed room of students. It’s all about curiosity. “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ” – Albert Einstein Do the homework about consulting and the […]. The post Straight Talk: 30 things I told aspiring consultants today appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

How to Turn Intangible Concepts into Tangible Services

The More Clients Blog

What are you actually selling? Some say a concept, an idea, a benefit, or value. But one thing is for certain, if it’s not tangible, it can’t be sold. This is the second of five articles about the 5 Pillars of Marketing, my marketing model that helps get your marketing on track.

New for 2018: Silent Auction Goes Online 

Women in Consulting

By: Judy Dang. :: This year we’re introducing a new feature to the silent auction : online bidding! The catalog has also moved online. Bidding will open two-weeks before the gala. And, if you’re unable to attend the gala, you can still join us live that night for online bidding.

The overlooked essentials of employee well-being


If you really want to increase employees’ health and well-being, focus on job control and social support. Insights on Organization


From the Bench and Bedside to the Boardrooms (How to transition from academia into consulting, Part 2 of 2)

Tom Spencer

As a former advanced degree candidate who applied to consulting while finishing medical school, I would like to share my experience with those of you who are in the middle of making a similar jump out of academia. As I stated in part 1 of this series , many of my M.D. and Ph.D.


Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: I had a large introverted group of clients recently who wished to behave more extrovertedly.

How to Turn Intangible Concepts into Tangible Services

The More Clients Blog

What are you actually selling? Some say a concept, an idea, a benefit or value. But one thing is for certain, if it’s not tangible, it can’t be sold. This is the second of five articles about the 5 Pillars of Marketing, my marketing model that helps get your marketing on track.

The real work begins after the report is delivered

Rod Burkert

Greetings from South Dakota (again); the RV is parked just outside of Sioux Falls. We are making our way west to spend a month or so in Colorado before heading south to Texas for the November/December half of winter.

When All Employees are on the Same Page…

Martinka Consulting

At a meeting with a group of clients last week our presenter, my friend Hugh Blane, asked an interesting question – “Can every employee articulate your strategy and their role in accomplishing it?” The question stumped a few people and in a test phone call to one client’s company the manager receiving the call was a bit indecisive with the answer. It’s a good exercise to make sure employees, especially those who have customer contact, know the firm’s strategy and value proposition.

Don’t Let the Numbers Get in the Way of a Good Story

Tom Spencer

Mark Twain, the fiction writer, first popularised the phrase “there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics”. Twain erroneously attributed the line to a British Prime Minister, who in fact, was never recorded saying any such thing. It’s fitting, given what I’m about to describe, that one of the best-known claims about statistics is grounded in the absence of evidence.

What is worth measuring

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: What is worth measuring? Is what we’re measuring worth measuring, or just easier to measure? Historian and author Jerry Muller of Catholic University talks about his latest book, The Tyranny of Metrics, with EconTalk podcast host Russ Roberts.

Outperformers: High-growth emerging economies and the companies that propel them


Some emerging economies have grown much faster and more consistently than others. Underlying these success stories is a pro-growth policy agenda and the standout role of large companies. Innovation & Growth

How to Get Better at Reading People from Different Cultures

Harvard Business

Paula Daniëlse/Getty Images. Body language varies significantly across cultures. What is considered rude or foolish in a Nordic country may be welcomed as warm and friendly in an African one.

When Free is Best

Martinka Consulting

We had just begun a multi-hour car trip, tuned the radio to XM’s Bruce Springsteen station, and they were starting a replay of one of his concerts, from Seattle! As they play these concerts they promote the website, , where you can buy entire concerts (at reasonable prices). To the best of my knowledge the Grateful Dead were the ones who took it a step further and started not requiring all content to be paid for (albums, tapes, CDs, etc.).

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Relationship Selling Does Not Mean Making Business Friends

Henry DeVries

Time to shatter the marketing myth that by just helping enough business friends we will sooner or later receive our rewards. The more intelligently you choose, create and grow the right relationships the greater your success will be," says Jim Cathcart, author of Relationship Selling

Leading Teams Effectively

Gina Abudi

Leading teams effectively requires being both an effective team member and fostering an environment of team work within your department. When managers work collaboratively with their teams to address challenges and achieve common goals, they are demonstrating effective teamwork behaviors. When managers encourage, enable and motivate their teams to work collaboratively with each other to [.]. The post Leading Teams Effectively appeared first on Gina Abudi.

How secure is the global financial system a decade after the crisis?


Great strides have been made since 2008 to prevent a recurrence of the financial crisis and recession that followed. Yet there is more debt than ever in the global financial system. Insights on Financial Services

Big Data and Machine Learning Won’t Save Us from Another Financial Crisis

Harvard Business

Eric Frommelt/Getty Images. Ten years on from the financial crisis, stock markets are regularly reaching new highs and volatility levels new lows.

So I got this phone call from the AICPA …

Rod Burkert

Greetings from Iowa … we are getting some routine service work done at the Winnebago factory. Along with the work we had done at my in-laws in Wisconsin, we will be in tip-top shape – inside and out – for our continued travels.

Profitable, difficult, or important?

Seth Godin Blog

Apple became the first company to be worth a trillion dollars. They did that by spending five years single-mindedly focusing on doing profitable work. They’ve consistently pushed themselves toward high margin luxury goods and avoided just about everything else. Belying their first two decades, when they focused on breakthrough work that was difficult and perhaps important, nothing they’ve done recently has been either. Tim Cook made a promise to the shareholders and he kept it.

How To Measure The Value Of Publicity

Henry DeVries

Let’s shatter the myth that publicity cannot be measured. Just as there are multiple ways to run a PR campaign, there are multiple methods to measure results of a campaign

Closing the tech gender gap through philanthropy and corporate social responsibility


The US tech sector isn’t doing enough to build pathways into tech for women—particularly women of color. What is behind this gender gap, and what can tech companies do about it? High Tech Insights

What to Do If There’s No Clear Career Path for You at Your Company

Harvard Business

Tatsiana Volskaya/Getty Images. We all know the old script: join a company, work hard, move up the ladder. But it’s been decades since that was a reliable path, and not just because of layoffs or outsourcing or robots.

Do People Trust You?

Peter Stark

Do people trust you? I recently gave 360 feedback to a leader and one of his lowest scores was that people don’t trust him. He was dumbfounded. “How can this be? I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I don’t steal,” he said.

Video 26

Zoom & Skype call tips (the secrets of video conferences)

Seth Godin Blog

If you’ve ever joined more than three people on a Skype or Zoom conference call, I hope you’ll appreciate these tips, and perhaps share them: Sit close to the screen. Your face should fill most of it. Use an external microphone or headset. When you’re not talking, hit mute. Don’t eat during the meeting. When you’re on mute during an audio call, you can do whatever you want.

Leaders: Break Through Your Learning Blockers


Spot and resist the bad habits that hinder your innovation potential


Five Fifty: Creating creatives


Creativity drives business innovation and growth. But is it reserved for the lucky few? Insights on Organization


Do Longer Maternity Leaves Hurt Women’s Careers?

Harvard Business

Maskot/Getty Images. Career or child care? It’s an unfortunate dilemma faced by every working woman with a baby on the way. Should she take a lengthy maternity leave, knowing that more time at home can improve the well-being of both mother and child?

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A Conversation About How Strengths Help Us Navigate Relationships (Podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

Today’s episode is the eighth and final of our series on push conversations, and we’re closing it out by talking about how our Strengths help us navigate relationships. Navigate in this instance refers to everything related to relationships.