“Up or Out” Policy

Tom Spencer

It is common for top consulting firms to subject consultants to a rigorous “up or out” policy. Consulting firms appear to employ the “up or out” policy for three reasons. The up or out policy ensures that this network continues to grow. (Source: Flickr ).

The digital future of work: Policy implications of automation


The adoption of new technology and new work practices poses particular challenges to both business and policy makers. What are the key priorities they should look to address? Future of Organizations & Work

How to Thrive in an Era of Shifting Trade Policy


Article Wednesday, June 07, 2017 Proposed changes to US trade policies could have huge implications for manufacturers and retailers, in some cases devastating profits and rendering well-honed business models obsolete.

Sugar Wars, Sweet Deals, Bad Policy


A “sugar bomb” will detonate on June 5 unless the US and Mexico can reach an agreement on sugar imports within the next week. If the US takes action, Mexico has threatened to retaliate. Corn and high fructose corn syrup are likely targets. Mexico is the key buyer of US corn syrup. more…). Economics

What’s Your (Social Media) Policy?

Joellyn Sargent

If you haven’t established a social media policy for your business, it’s time to get busy. Like an Internet Use policy, a social media policy explains how employees can utilize social media when representing the company. Every Company Needs One.

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Merkel’s Human Rights Speaker Resigns Over Refugee Policy


Merkel’s human rights speaker, Erika Steinbach, resigned over the chancellor’s immigration policy. She also left the CDU party. more…). Economics

The Omissions That Make So Many Sexual Harassment Policies Ineffective

Harvard Business

Our research began with a simple question: If 98% of organizations in the United States have a sexual harassment policy, why does sexual harassment continue to be such a persistent and devastating problem in the American workplace? As evidenced by recent headlines regarding ongoing sexual harassment in the National Park Service , Uber , and Fox News , it seems clear that sexual harassment policies have not stopped the problem they were designed to address.

Otmar Issing on ECB Policies and the Eurozone


At the same time, many are debating the monetary policies of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the effects of low inflation and low interest rates on the economy as the region slowly recovers from the financial crisis of 2008.

Equity Valuations, an Everything Bubble and “Policy Trumpacho”


Jason Leach at Fusion Capital credits “ Policy Trumpacho “ (more…). The S&P is up 8% since the election. Volatility has been squashed. The VIX is near record lows. Economics

Event Risk and Trump’s Weak Dollar Policy


Saxo Bank CIO and chief economist Steen Jakobsen sees event risks on the near horizon in terms of Trump policies and the US dollar. Specifically, Jakobsen has a focus on a “Weak Dollar Policy” that he expects Trump to pursue. more…). Economics

Trump Ban: Inept Policy or Purposeful Action? WW III?


The outrage against Trump’s 7-nation migration ban has been both swift and furious. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham spoke out against Trump calling the ban a “self-inflicted wound” In response, Trump did what he usually does when people disagree with him: blast them in a series of Tweets, accusing the pair of “ wanting to start WWIII “ What’s going on? more…). Economics

Research: A Strong Privacy Policy Can Save Your Company Millions

Harvard Business

What is more, we found that a good corporate privacy policy can shield firms from the financial harm posed by a data breach — by offering customers transparency and control over their personal information — while a flawed policy can exacerbate the problems caused by a breach. Why Study Privacy Policies? These policies are important customer communication tools because the firm has legally agreed to abide by them. Osman Rana/Hayon Thapaliya/Unsplash.

How to Design a Return Policy

Harvard Business

Return policies are offered by retailers to help reduce customer risk and act as an incentive for product purchase. In fact, retailers often choose to offer return policies with checks and balances, ones that include some lenient terms but with restrictions as well.

Complying with Family-Friendly Leave Policies Is Not Enough

Harvard Business

A managers’ challenge is how to take these “on the books” policies and move them beyond simple compliance to a place of executional excellence. Executional excellence on each policy usually costs very little beyond some creativity and a little care.

Trump Continues Obama’s Inane, Immoral, Unconstitutional Drone Policy


Drone on. We keep dropping bombs and we keep killing more civilians and children than we do alleged terrorists. Instead of lamenting all the lives needlessly destroyed, we praise a US soldier who died in an illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional action. more…). Economics

Power, policy and public perception

Seth Godin Blog

Car dealers working together to stop Tesla. The NFL refusing to pay sales tax. Amazon trading customer satisfaction for concessions. Power utilities working to stop net metering by solar panel homeowners. Telecom companies working behind the scenes to get the FCC to abandon net neutrality.

Fed’s Asymmetric Policy: Stagflation Lite Coming Up? Here Already?


Today the BLS reported the CPI for All Items rose 0.4% in October. “On a seasonally adjusted basis, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased 0.4 percent in October after rising 0.3 percent in September. The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.1 in October, the same increase as in September.” ” Many have hopped on the Stagflation or Stagflation Lite bandwagon recently. Is stagflation coming up? Has it arrived already? more…). Economics

How can business leaders, policy makers, and individuals prepare today for the jobs of tomorrow?


Zoë Baird and Tim O’Reilly share their perspectives on the disruptive impact that automation and artificial intelligence will have on society, and their advice for what we need to do today to smooth the transition. Future of Organizations & Work

Obama’s Legacy: Obamacare Failure, Drone Policy Failure, Guantanamo Failure, NSA Spying Failure


His popularity is more of a reflection on Obama being a likable person, than having likable policies. Gallup’s Daily Obama Approval Rating poll shows Americans view president Obama consistently higher now than at any time since 2009. It’s also a reflection on the extreme unpopularity of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. more…). Economics

Leaders Focus Too Much on Changing Policies, and Not Enough on Changing Minds

Harvard Business

Business transformations are typically built around new structural elements, including policies, processes, facilities, and technology. hbr staff/jake hinds/unsplash. Not long ago, I asked 100 CEOs attending a conference how many of them were currently involved in a significant business transformation. Nearly all of them raised their hands, which was no surprise. According to a study by BCG, 85% of companies have undertaken a transformation during the past decade.

Turkey Diversifies Foreign Policy: Russia and Turkey Agree to Pipeline Deal


For the third time in three months, Russian president Vladimir Putin and Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan met in Istanbul. The result of this meeting is a Gas Pipeline Deal that bypasses Ukraine. more…). Economics

Merkel Reaffirms "Refugees Welcome" Policy Over Her Own Party's Objections


Ms Merkel emerges from the tussle with her “refugees welcome” policy broadly intact and her grip on the CDU-CSU alliance maintained, despite the strains between its left and right wings. Refugees got all the "signal" they need from Merkel's inept policy. German chancellor Angela Merkel seems bound and determined to go out in flames due to her open arms welcoming of refugees. Earlier today Merkel Rejected German Plan for Refugee Transit Zones.

The Fortune 500 Can’t Go Along with a Rollback on Climate Policy

Harvard Business

Sustainability Policy North America Digital ArticleThe Paris climate agreement – under which governments from around the world agreed to keep the global temperature rise to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels — came into force last week, and this week delegates from almost 200 countries are meeting in Marrakech to consider the progress that has been made since the agreement was signed and the best ways to move forward.

Uber’s New Tipping Policy Is a Mistake

Harvard Business

The problem with Uber’s “don’t…but in case you do” tipping policy is it changes the meaning of a tip. However, if Uber is intent on maintaining its no-tipping policy, it should find another method to reward highly rated drivers.

A Wall Won’t Secure the U.S.-Mexico Border, but Economic Policy Could

Harvard Business

What the United States needs are smart economic policies that disrupt the market forces that are currently driving undocumented immigration. Policy Labor National competitiveness North America Digital ArticlePresident Trump campaigned on a promise to “build a great, great wall on our southern border.” ” After he was inaugurated as president, his administration said it was considering taxing imports from Mexico to cover the estimated cost of $21.6 billion.

Trump is Like the Weather: Wait a Day and His Foreign Policy Position Will Change


For good measure, Trump blasted Canada over its dairy product policy. Just days after Trump backed away from a trade war with China, the Trump administration launched a National-Security Probe on Steel Imports. more…). Economics

Fascinating Look at Why Brexit Happened Through Eyes of Cameron’s Deputy Director of Policy


Daniel Korski, deputy director of the policy unit in David Cameron’s government, explains Why We Lost the Brexit Vote. Korski offers a look at policy attempts, EU infighting, backroom deals that collapsed, the EU’s mistrust of conservatives, and what he believes the Remain camp should have done. more…). Economics

Are the Fed’s Interest Rate Policies Self-Defeating?


It’s rare that I agree with economic theories written up in mainstream media. But this is one of those times, … Continue reading → Economics

Required Pension Contributions of California Cities Will Double in Five Years says Policy Institute: Quadruple is More Likely


The California Policy Center estimates Required Pension Contributions Will Nearly Double in 5 Years. I claim it will be much worse. more…). Economics

The President’s Policy Changes Are Already Hurting U.S. Innovation

Harvard Business

All of these issues are legitimate concerns of the American people and deserve to be the topic of serious policy debate. Trust is necessary whenever data is involved, and wild swings in policy will inevitably erode trust in the United States. If we want to preserve our position at the forefront of the innovation economy, we must act more thoughtfully when creating policy. President Trump’s action to deliver on his campaign promises has been swift.

Internal Feuding Within the ECB Over Tapering: Reflections on Monetary Policy


At the Fed, the debate is over normalization of the balance sheet. The Fed has already finished tapering. The ECB is still addicted to a balance sheet build-up. But i. In contrast, the ECB is still addicted to a balance sheet build-up. But internal feuding has picked up with Germany and the hawks on one side and doves on the other. more…). Economics

Time to Stop Illegal, Immoral, Unconstitutional Drone Policy of Bush, Obama, Trump


By what right does the US have to bomb the hell out of seven countries in obvious acts of war, without even declaring war? Such actions are illegal, immoral, unconstitutional, hypocritical, and downright stupid. The latter because we make more enemies than we kill in the process. Who would not be radicalized by seeing their son or daughter blown to smithereens by a US drone? more…). Economics

China Tells Trump “Nothing to Discuss” If US Drops “One China” Policy


Donald Trump’s phone call to Taiwan following the election, and more recent statements regarding a “One China” policy, have both disturbed leaders in Beijing. Risk of a global trade war, which Trump seems itching to fight, is very real. more…). Economics

The Obama Administration’s Roadmap for AI Policy

Harvard Business

AI policy should be an urgent concern. government is not designing policy for general intelligence or “strong AI.” Alternatively, perhaps the real policy response — an aggressive international recruiting campaign for top AI research talent — is not meant for public consumption. On October 12, 2016, President Obama’s Executive Office published two reports that laid out its plans for the future of artificial intelligence (AI).

Reader asks “Is the Khan Academy’s Free Education Policy Socialistic?” Is Mish a Socialist?


Reader Drew wants to know if the Khan Academy’s free education policy is socialistic. Although unasked, the same question seems … Continue reading → Economics

Yield Curve and Spreads: Fed's Real Policy Error in Pictures; What's Next?


Yield Curve 1998-2015 (Year-End Values) Yield Curve Differentials 1998-2015 (Year-End Values) Bubbles of Increasing Amplitude Over Time In the above chart, my statement " Fed's Real Policy Error is to Encourage Massive Speculation, First in Housing, then Everywhere.

Shame Shame Hypocrisy: U.S. Chides Five Economic Powers Over Policies


The US continually fails to look into the mirror while pointing a finger at others. With remarkable hypocrisy, the US … Continue reading → Economics

Plagues of Locusts Invade Russia; Putin's Inane Food Contraband Destruction Policy; Law of Productive Assets


Putin's Inane Food Contraband Destruction Policy In an action as economically stupid as president Roosevelt destroying US farm produce during the Great Depression, Russia Incinerates Contraband Food.

Benefits 101: Health Insurance Definitions Every Employee Needs to Know

Consultants Mind

Here’s a breakdown of the most common terms found on a health insurance policy. Premium is the amount you and/or your employer pay each month towards an insurance policy. An out-of-pocket maximum is how much you and/or your family will pay during the policy period. This can be a calendar year policy (January through December) or a plan year policy that follows your plan renewal date, say from September through August.

Policy in the data age: Data enablement for the common good


Like companies in the private sector, governments from national to local can smooth the process of digital transformation—and improve services to their “customers,” the public—by adhering to certain core principles. Here’s a road map. Our Insights