“Up or Out” Policy

Tom Spencer

It is common for top consulting firms to subject consultants to a rigorous “up or out” policy. Consulting firms appear to employ the “up or out” policy for three reasons. Firstly, consulting firms typically embrace a meritocratic culture, and so the “up or out” policy is a way of making sure that the best consultants advance within the firm. The up or out policy ensures that this network continues to grow. Management Consulting consulting up or out policy

Do you need a Remote Working Policy for your Team?

Virtual Project Consulting

Do you need a Remote Working Policy for your Team? Leadership COVID-19 project management teams remote working policy work from home


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Research: Why Employees Violate Cybersecurity Policies

Harvard Business

Stress can reduce people’s tolerance for rules that seem to get in the way of doing their jobs. Cybersecurity and digital privacy Psychology Digital Article

Leadership Tip #13: For Innovation, Remove at Least One Policy or Procedure a Week

Johanna Rothman

Some managers wanted to prevent Bad Things from happening in the organization, so they added policies or procedures. However, the policies and procedures increase friction and make it harder to get the Right Things done. It's time to start removing some of those policies and procedures.

How to Push for Policy Changes at Your Company

Harvard Business Review

The people and planning you’ll need to set yourselves up for success. Organizational change Social movements Labor Audio

The Value of a Corporate Sustainability Policy


Not only is creating an internal corporate sustainability policy the right thing to do, but it can also have immense value for organizations. What would you say to companies that are hesitant to adopt an internal corporate sustainability policy?

Are Non-Christian Employees Represented in Your Holiday Policies?

Harvard Business

Diversity and inclusion Workplace discrimination Time-off policies Digital ArticleOne third of Americans don’t identify as Christian. Here’s how to offer a more equitable approach to time off.

To Retain Women, U.S. Companies Need Better Childcare Policies

Harvard Business

Gender Policy Employee retention Personnel policies Digital ArticleNine strategies for business leaders.

Your Company Needs a Digital Nomad Policy

Harvard Business

It will help you retain in-demand workers and protect you from legal risk. Managing organizations Operations Risk management Digital Article

Who Supports Diversity Policies? It Depends on the Policy

Harvard Business

Diversity Policy Digital ArticleA survey of 1,862 workers breaks down attitudes by race and gender.

It’s Time to Rethink Corporate Bereavement Policies

Harvard Business

Managing people Human resource management Personnel policies Digital ArticleFive ways to better support grieving employees.

How to Develop a Covid-19 Employee Vaccination Policy

Harvard Business

Personnel policies Ethics Health Digital ArticleLessons from a health care system in Texas.

Creating Flex Work Policies … When Everyone Has Different Needs

Harvard Business

Six strategies for managers. Organizational culture Collaboration and teams Work-life balance Digital Article

Guidelines and Sample Policy on Nonprofit Political Activity

Ken Goldstein

In these contentious political times, those of us in the social services field may feel the need to be more vocal about policies that effect our clients and our missions, while simultaneously facing pressure to "not rock the boat" or be controversial. To explain the law and put my board at ease, I have gone through several sources to put together the following guidelines and policy for engaging in political activity.

Implementing Inclusive Policies Across a Global Organization

Harvard Business

Three strategies for multinational companies. International business Diversity Globalization Global strategy Digital Article

Sugar Wars, Sweet Deals, Bad Policy


A “sugar bomb” will detonate on June 5 unless the US and Mexico can reach an agreement on sugar imports within the next week. If the US takes action, Mexico has threatened to retaliate. Corn and high fructose corn syrup are likely targets. Mexico is the key buyer of US corn syrup. more…). Economics

Anti-Bias Policies That Really Work in Customer Service

Harvard Business

A conversation with researchers Alexandra Feldberg and Tami Kim on rooting out bias in customer interactions. Customer service Cognitive bias Diversity and inclusion Audio

What is a good Mobile Security policy?


Hello Consultants, I am a Manager of a small family business. With small businesses depending heavily on smartphones, lost and stolen devices are a top mobile security concern. The company I am ma

7 Steps for Preparing CASL Compliance Policies

Melissa Agnes

She also mentioned that a good CASL compliance policy could go a long way in protecting you. In today’s post, Maanit provides you with the seven steps you need to take to prepare an effective CASL compliance policy. Tips for preparing a CASL compliance policy. Although there is no “one policy fits all”, following are some of the steps that each organization should take when developing its CASL compliance policy. Step #6: Draft CASL Compliance Policies.

Should Your Family Business Have a “No In-Laws” Policy?

Harvard Business

Hiring Personnel policies Talent management Digital ArticleThe short answer: maybe.

Merkel’s Human Rights Speaker Resigns Over Refugee Policy


Merkel’s human rights speaker, Erika Steinbach, resigned over the chancellor’s immigration policy. She also left the CDU party. more…). Economics

Merkel Reaffirms "Refugees Welcome" Policy Over Her Own Party's Objections


Ms Merkel emerges from the tussle with her “refugees welcome” policy broadly intact and her grip on the CDU-CSU alliance maintained, despite the strains between its left and right wings. Refugees got all the "signal" they need from Merkel's inept policy. German chancellor Angela Merkel seems bound and determined to go out in flames due to her open arms welcoming of refugees. Earlier today Merkel Rejected German Plan for Refugee Transit Zones.

How to Thrive in an Era of Shifting Trade Policy


Article Wednesday, June 07, 2017 Proposed changes to US trade policies could have huge implications for manufacturers and retailers, in some cases devastating profits and rendering well-honed business models obsolete. Article

What PwC Learned from Its Policy of Flexible Work for Everyone

Harvard Business

Personnel policies Organizational culture Work-life balance Digital ArticleWorking parents aren’t the only ones who need flex time.

Equity Valuations, an Everything Bubble and “Policy Trumpacho”


Jason Leach at Fusion Capital credits “ Policy Trumpacho “ (more…). The S&P is up 8% since the election. Volatility has been squashed. The VIX is near record lows. Economics

Power, policy and public perception

Seth Godin Blog

Car dealers working together to stop Tesla. The NFL refusing to pay sales tax. Amazon trading customer satisfaction for concessions. Power utilities working to stop net metering by solar panel homeowners. Telecom companies working behind the scenes to get the FCC to abandon net neutrality. Just because an organization has the power to do something doesn''t mean it should

There’s No Reason for It, It’s Just My Policy

Alan Weiss

If you think consulting is rocket science, allow me to disabuse you of that notion. A couple of weeks ago, in talking to a client on other matters, I learned that his top sales commission for his people was 15%. That meant that if you produced a million in business, you received $150,000 over the course of its delivery. That’s not a high incentive approach in my opinion. But then I found out he capped it at a million, and if you sold, say, a second million, you received nothing further!!

How to execute ZERO PAPER policy for a GLOBAL INTEGRATION?


Companies would like to avoid the use of paper and to keep everything on-line. It has their advantages such as efficiency, you do not spend hours to look for a particular document from client, vend

Fed’s Asymmetric Policy: Stagflation Lite Coming Up? Here Already?


Today the BLS reported the CPI for All Items rose 0.4% in October. “On a seasonally adjusted basis, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased 0.4 percent in October after rising 0.3 percent in September. The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.1 in October, the same increase as in September.” ” Many have hopped on the Stagflation or Stagflation Lite bandwagon recently. Is stagflation coming up? Has it arrived already? more…). Economics

Otmar Issing on ECB Policies and the Eurozone


At the same time, many are debating the monetary policies of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the effects of low inflation and low interest rates on the economy as the region slowly recovers from the financial crisis of 2008. Video Thursday, June 09, 2016 As one of the original architects of the euro, Otmar Issing was on the frontlines as the Eurozone adopted a single currency.

A Winning Parental Leave Policy Can Be Surprisingly Simple

Harvard Business

From 2015 to 2017, more than 75 large companies issued press releases touting new or expanded parental leave policies. Forward-thinking companies recognize that generous paid parental leave and other family-friendly policies provide reputational benefits, confer a competitive edge in recruitment, and increase employee productivity and retention. Several of the policies profiled throw even the pretense of gender neutrality out the window.

The Omissions That Make So Many Sexual Harassment Policies Ineffective

Harvard Business

Our research began with a simple question: If 98% of organizations in the United States have a sexual harassment policy, why does sexual harassment continue to be such a persistent and devastating problem in the American workplace? As evidenced by recent headlines regarding ongoing sexual harassment in the National Park Service , Uber , and Fox News , it seems clear that sexual harassment policies have not stopped the problem they were designed to address.

Facebook’s Misleading Campaign Against Apple’s Privacy Policy

Harvard Business

It claims Apple’s plan to give users more control over their data will harm small businesses. But the facts don’t add up. Sales & Marketing Customers Market research Marketing Digital Article

Should You Tell a Prospective Employer About Your Caregiving Responsibilities?

Harvard Business Review

Career planning Flex time Time-off policies Personnel policies Remote work Health care and treatment Managing yourself Job search Job interviews Work-life balance Balancing work and family Digital ArticleThree strategies to help you make the judgment call.

Have Your Privacy Policies Kept Up with Your Digital Transformation?

Harvard Business

The pandemic has rapidly transformed many companies’ business models. Security & privacy Technology Risk management Digital Article

How We Rewrote Our Company’s Mental Health Policy

Harvard Business

As a leader in your organization, you have the authority and responsibility to improve your policy to better support employees. wrote an entirely new mental health policy and openly discussed it with our team — and how you can do the same: Step 1: Define Your Goals. First, I partnered with our director of human resources to discuss the most important elements for this policy to include. After her research, your HR director should draft your policy.

7 Steps for Preparing CASL Compliance Policies

Melissa Agnes

She also mentioned that a good CASL compliance policy could go a long way in protecting you. In today’s post, Maanit provides you with the seven steps you need to take to prepare an effective CASL compliance policy. Tips for preparing a CASL compliance policy. Although there is no “one policy fits all”, following are some of the steps that each organization should take when developing its CASL compliance policy. Step #6: Draft CASL Compliance Policies.

How to Be a Mental Health Ally

Harvard Business Review

Mental health Health and wellness Difficult conversations Diversity and inclusion Disabilities Health and behavioral science Management communication Managing yourself Interpersonal communication Personnel policies Time-off policies Flex time Organizational change Work environments Digital Article

How To 103

Are the Fed’s Interest Rate Policies Self-Defeating?


It’s rare that I agree with economic theories written up in mainstream media. But this is one of those times, … Continue reading → Economics

Fascinating Look at Why Brexit Happened Through Eyes of Cameron’s Deputy Director of Policy


Daniel Korski, deputy director of the policy unit in David Cameron’s government, explains Why We Lost the Brexit Vote. Korski offers a look at policy attempts, EU infighting, backroom deals that collapsed, the EU’s mistrust of conservatives, and what he believes the Remain camp should have done. more…). Economics