The Trend Is Your “Friend”

I’m told there’s a saying on Wall Street that goes, “The trend is your friend.” To survive, and even thrive, in today’s environment, it’s vitally important to notice and respond quickly to major changes in trends — in particular, changes in customer demand. Now, you may not like the change in the trend, but to deny it is extremely costly. They’re adapting to the trend. However , the trend has changed. However, it doesn’t matter if a trend makes sense to you.

The trends transforming mobility’s future


A handful of trends will largely determine the benefits—and costs—for business and society. Mobility as we know it is about to change. Automotive & Assembly Insights

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Chasing The Trend

Tom Spencer

MANY FIRMS and many people live their lives by chasing the trend. They then chase the trend in an attempt to ride the wave of prosperity and capture some of the growth, glory and profits for themselves. A key problem though with “chasing the trend” as a way of thinking and as an approach to business is that it is fundamentally unbalanced. After all is said and done, you may end up being part of the trend. Is Not A Strategy.

AI and Data Top CX Trends in Forrester Predictions

Think Customers

The post AI and Data Top CX Trends in Forrester Predictions appeared first on 1to1 Media. At the recent Forrester Data Strategy & Insights 2020 virtual conference, analysts described a future where people and technology work together to bring out their best capabilities.

2019 global insurance trends and forecasts


Our 2019 analysis of McKinsey’s Global Insurance Pools database offers a detailed look at global insurance trends, with analysis by region and line of business. Insights on Financial Services

US insurance market trends during the pandemic


Policygenius CEO Jennifer Fitzgerald shares insights on how the industry is managing risk and safeguarding consumers in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Insights on Financial Services

Five trends of future working


Let’s look at five modern trends that will shape the future of working and make way for satisfied, ambitious workers across the globe: Artificial Intelligence: Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence will work together almost as equals to create a blended environment – one that has never been experienced. Share This: The post Five trends of future working appeared first on SkillQuo Blog. Blogposts Featured Freelancing Gig Economy TrendsWorkplaces are sacred.

Top Ten 2020 Consultant Marketing Trend Predictions

Henry DeVries

If you are a consultant who wants to attract more-paying clients in 2020, what are the top ten trends you should have on your radar

Synergy and disruption: Ten trends shaping fintech


As the fintech landscape continues to evolve, a look at the newest developments from across the globe. Insights on Financial Services

3 Trends in Human Behaviour Impacting The Future of Work

Cheryl Cran

One of the major aspects of being future ready as a leader, team or entrepreneur is to keep an ear to the ground as to trends or signals of shifts in human behavior. Here are 3 Trends that can help you to anticipate the future and ‘create the solutions’. Trend #1 – People are getting more […]. The post 3 Trends in Human Behaviour Impacting The Future of Work appeared first on NextMapping.

Five trends shaping the future of Medicaid


Five trends are likely to affect how the program will change over the next five to ten years. The Medicaid program has experienced significant changes since 2010, when the Affordable Care Act was passed. Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services

Six emerging trends in facilities management sourcing


Outsourcing, workplace strategies, and technology innovations hold immense potential for companies seeking to reduce costs and improve productivity in facilities management. Insights on Operations

Podcast Interview on 401(k) Plans and Behavioral Finance Trends

Steve Shu Consulting

Thanks to Rick Unser for having me recently on his 401(k) Fridays podcast. This interview is geared toward defined contribution plan sponsors and those closely related with this segment of the market (e.g., advisors, consultants, recordkeepers, investment only). I do draw from some insights and activity that is occurring in other areas of the financial services market (e.g., retirement income, wealth management).

Rising costs and stagnating completion rates: Who is bucking the trend?


Which higher education institutions are bucking the trend? The global COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated concerns about the value of higher education — prices are rising and completion rates are stagnating. Public & Social Sector Insights

4 Surprising Trends Impacting The Future of Work

Cheryl Cran

There are 4 surprising trends impacting the future of work. However there are some surprising trends that are impacting the future of work that are all about very real human values shifts. The post 4 Surprising Trends Impacting The Future of Work appeared first on NextMapping. Blog cheryl cran empathy at work feminine future of work masculine NextMapping nostalgia at work people skills surprising work trends work trends

Trends in electric-vehicle design


What did we learn from a teardown and benchmarking of ten EV models? Our Insights

Surviving A Crisis: Trends Emerging Out Of COVID-19

Simon Associates

And as Blue Ocean Strategists ®, it is critical that we understand where the world is today and where it is trending for tomorrow. But for me, personally, I don’t want to talk about the big mega trends. What I see as trends from my corner. Perhaps you have adapted or adopted some of these new trends for yourself. At Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC), we help organizations innovate and change.

3 Work Trends for 2018

Cheryl Cran

The trends that are impacting 2018 include how we work, the what and the why of work and the technology impact. Check out this week’s video on the 3 trends/focus for 2018. What do you see as the trends in your workplace for 2018 ? The post 3 Work Trends for 2018 appeared first on Cheryl Cran. Blog freelancers future of work future of work expert cheryl Cran future of work trends leadership recruiting retention work trends 2018

3 Digital Trends to Watch in the 2016 Presidential Election

Think Customers

Data Analytics Emerging Trends Marketing homepageIt's no secret that presidential candidates spend massive amounts of money on political advertising. But TV commercials and billboards are no longer enough. Next year's presidential hopefuls will be facing off on a highly digital stage, giving candidates new opportunities--and challenges--to engage voters. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

Ten trends redefining enterprise IT infrastructure


The IT infrastructure landscape is evolving rapidly. What will it look like in 2020? Our Insights

Which Holiday Trends Will Guide Your Sleigh This Season?

Think Customers

Customer Engagement Customer Strategy Emerging Trends customerengagement customerexperience customerstrategy holidayshopping marketingstrategyGone are the days of black cats and witch hats. Instead, consumers have redirected their attention toward twinkle lights and velvet bows. Yes, the holiday shopping season has officially begun. What's Thanksgiving, again?)

Seven Healthcare Industry Trends to Watch in 2020


What issues will matter for the healthcare industry in the United States through the year and into the 2020s? Insights on Healthcare Systems & Services

Ten trends shaping the Internet of Things business landscape


Experience working on the Internet of Things indicates where the value lies. Digital Insights

Chemicals in capital markets: Temporary setbacks or new disruptive trends?


A snapshot of recent trends may show the industry entering new territory. The global chemical industry is no stranger to setbacks in capital markets performance. Chemicals Insights

Consumer sentiment around the world: Trending upward


In many countries, consumers felt less financial pressure in 2016 than they did the year before. Our Insights

Ten trends for the fashion industry to watch in 2019


What issues matter for brands and retailers most in the coming months? Retail Insights

Surprising Trends in Consulting Compensation

Women in Consulting

This survey reveals the overall trends in consulting revenues and compensation, as well as the best practices of the top-earning (top 20%) consultants. Because WIC does this survey annually, the researchers can track trends over time. To join the discussion and learn more about these trends and the best practices of the top-earning consultants, sign up for the October 2 webinar WIC 12 th Annual Best Practices Review.

3 Work Trends for 2018

Cheryl Cran

The trends that are impacting 2018 include how we work, the what and the why of work and the technology impact. Check out this week’s video on the 3 trends/focus for 2018. What do you see as the trends in your workplace […]. The post 3 Work Trends for 2018 appeared first on NextMapping. Blog freelancers future of work future of work expert cheryl Cran future of work trends leadership recruiting retention work trends 2018

Fast-forward China: How COVID-19 is accelerating five key trends shaping the Chinese economy


Events expected to play out in the Chinese economy over the next several years have been compressed into a short few months. Asia-Pacific

Three long-term trends changing business in China


An aging population, automation, and the democratization of people’s jobs will be crucial factors for companies in China to manage. China

Future of Work Trends 2019

Cheryl Cran

Take a look at our Future of Work Trends 2019. The post Future of Work Trends 2019 appeared first on NextMapping. What’s next for the future of work ? 2018 was a year of much upheaval and change in global politics and world events. The theme for workplaces in 2018 was about ‘people’ finding good people, keeping good people and engaging people at work. In 2019 […].

Asset Management – Recent Trends (Part 4 of 4)

Tom Spencer

Here are some trends that would be good to keep on top of. However, given that stocks are starting to move in tandem due to this trend, the opportunity to outperform using active management will become easier in time. Asset management as an industry is becoming increasingly important for a variety of reasons: The world is getting wealthier, driven by growth in emerging markets.

Trends vs. Fads

Seth Godin Blog

A trend, on the other hand, satisfies a different human need. A trend gains power over time, because it's not merely part of a moment, it's a tool, a connector that will become more valuable as other people commit to engaging in it. A fad is popular because it's popular. A fad gives us momentary joy, and part of the joy comes in knowing that it's momentary. We enjoy a fad because our peers are into it as well.

Mobility trends: What’s ahead for automotive semiconductors


New mobility trends are diversifying demand for automotive semiconductors. Here’s what companies. need to know about new opportunities. Our Insights

Analyzing start-up and investment trends in the mobility ecosystem


How can companies identify—and source—the technologies that will be critical for crafting a strategy to keep up in the shifting automotive landscape? Our Insights