Three problems of healthcare

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As we’ve developed more of an understanding of technology, we’ve also dramatically increased the number of resources we put into healthcare. The real problem of healthcare in this moment is information. Technology/science. Resources. Information.

Healthcare Industry — The Rise of Vertical Integration

Tom Spencer

In recent years, players in the healthcare industry have strived to create more effective systems in order to improve overall patient outcomes. Traditional ‘fee-for-service’ business models have seen America spend more on healthcare than any other nation and are no longer producing the results that patients need. This approach can promote collaboration, reduce costs, and increase focus on providing effective healthcare solutions that meet patient needs.


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Wearable Technology in Healthcare

Tom Spencer

2 As questions on how to rein in increasing healthcare costs continue to mount, and politicians focus on passing legislation and targeting the pharmaceutical industry, a possible solution may be wearable health devices. The study also anticipated that over 25 years, these devices could help decrease healthcare costs by $200 billon. Tech firms will need to make data security a top priority if they want to penetrate the healthcare market.

Inside COMATCH: Interview with a Healthcare Consultant


Independent consultants worldwide are making an enormous impact on the healthcare industry. They work behind the scenes to drive healthcare project initiatives and move complex concepts from initiation to completion. However, the majority of my work is in healthcare.

How to Win More Healthcare Business

Management and IT Consulting

The Healthcare marketplace is ripe with potential and profitability for savvy consultants, provided they are able to stand out in a highly competitive environment

Blockchain in Healthcare: Possibilities and Limitations

Tom Spencer

The blockchain revolution continues…next stop: healthcare! Blockchain has shown the ability to streamline and revolutionize a number of industries and sectors and its ability to have a sizeable impact on the healthcare industry will be no different. nephrologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists), other healthcare providers (e.g. 1 As you can see, the healthcare industry is wrestling with the potential that blockchain offers. Limitations of Blockchain in Healthcare.

Role of Big Data in Healthcare

Tom Spencer

The healthcare industry generates a large amount of data. healthcare system held over 150 exabytes of data back in 2012, and will soon reach a yottabyte (10 24 gigabytes). The desire to understand big data in healthcare is driven by the belief that this data can be used to improve a wide range of healthcare functions including decision support, disease monitoring, and community health management. Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT). Modern Healthcare, 15 Feb.

Why Haven Healthcare Failed

Harvard Business

Despite being backed by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase, the company is disbanding less than three years after its launch. Economics & Society Digital Article

Healthcare Paradigm Shift: Emphasis on Outpatient Care

Tom Spencer

2 Healthcare consumerism continues to increase as patients are bearing more of the burden of their healthcare costs especially with more and more individuals choosing to enroll in high deductible health plans. Because America’s healthcare system is emphasizing value-based care, hospitals need to better engage physicians in their strategic objectives and daily administrative duties. He’s most passionate about healthcare redesign, patient engagement, and the life sciences.

Healthcare Branding: The Need for a Strong & Unique Brand

Tom Spencer

In contrast, the modern day healthcare marketplace is much more competitive. So, with that being said, what are hospitals, health systems, and healthcare companies doing to build a strong brand and develop a clear and distinct position in the market? The rest of this post will explore four things that healthcare companies can do (and are doing) to maximize their respective brand positions. How to Justify Investment in Healthcare Branding for Improved ROI.”

Impact of Low Health Literacy on the Healthcare Industry

Tom Spencer

As the American health system continues to find ways to improve care and do so at a lower cost, one of the most costly aspects for the healthcare industry is high administrative costs due to low healthcare literacy. 1 According to a recent national survey around 50% of patients struggle to navigate the healthcare system: from understanding how to select a health insurance plan or physician to knowing how to take medications as prescribed.

LSA Global Delivers Action Learning Program for Healthcare Leaders

LSA Global

This fast growing healthcare client wanted to build leaders with greater self-awareness and better executive presence to increase business results, enhance team engagement, and better coach others to deliver at their full potential.

Experienced Hire from Harvard breaks in to Healthcare Consulting (Part 1)

Management Consulted

How did Charlie, a recent Harvard undergrad, navigate through the process of getting accepted to medical school and working for a biotech firm on the West Coast to finally finding his true passion in healthcare consulting (and landing an offer at Putnam)? Interestingly enough, I applied for their Dallas office, which was more for a general consulting route, and less so focused on healthcare and the life sciences. healthcare consulting

Job Hub: CHG Healthcare Services Jobs and Culture

Management Consulted

Today we highlight tremendous business analyst and post-consulting leadership jobs at CHG Healthcare Services. CHG Healthcare Services is a Utah-based company that has been ranked as high as 3rd in Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Companies to Work For. Ranked 18th in Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For (2016), what puts CGH Healthcare so ahead of the game? The work of CHG involves staffing healthcare service organizations in all 50 states.

Aetna's Frugal Healthcare Strategy


healthcare system by saving consumers money and testing innovative ideas The health insurer is leading the way for the reformation of the U.S.

5 Things Consultants Can Learn From Healthcare Clients

Management and IT Consulting

Read on to learn more about how the survey findings impact your consulting firm, and what you can learn from your healthcare clients To better understand what U.S.

Experienced Hire from Harvard breaks in to Healthcare Consulting (Part 2)

Management Consulted

Today, we continue Part 2 (see Part 1 here ) of our interview with Charlie, an experienced Harvard grad who took an unusual path into healthcare consulting, yet leveraged his experience and hard prep work into an offer at Putnam. Some things that I look for include how best I can understand if I like a Clarion Healthcare Consulting, versus an Artisan Healthcare Consulting – what might be the differences between firms. healthcare consulting

How a New Collaboration Is Using “Intelligent Efficiency” to Improve Healthcare - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM GE HEALTHCARE

Harvard Business

Sponsor content from GE Healthcare. Managing organizations Sponsor Content

Artificial Intelligence: It’s Current and Future Role in Healthcare (Part 1 of 2)

Tom Spencer

This two part blog series will delve into arguably the two most important vowels in healthcare: A-I. In healthcare, most of the computer generated solutions rely on expert knowledge and hard-coded algorithms rather than true computer based intelligence. People are excited about AI because of its potential to disrupt healthcare in areas ranging from data analytics and medical diagnostics to lifestyle management and wearables.

Alexa, What's Going on with Healthcare?


As large companies join forces to tackle healthcare, they will accelerate innovation and disruption in the broader industry

Artificial Intelligence: It’s Current and Future Role in Healthcare (Part 2 of 2)

Tom Spencer

This week, in the second installment of this two-part series, we will consider the potential future role of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. A number of national and international conferences have hosted speakers and workshops on AI’s future role in healthcare. The remainder of this article will focus on four areas of the healthcare industry where AI is likely to be applied. He’s most passionate about healthcare redesign, patient engagement, and the life sciences.

Improving Healthcare Affordability in a Volatile Time


healthcare system to pursue value-based care Legislation passed in 2015 is providing powerful incentives for the U.S.

Healthcare Companies We’re Watching, and Productivity Hacks

Harvard Business

Youngme, Felix, and Mihir discuss compelling healthcare companies and productivity hacks. Financial markets Business models Productivity Audio

Fei-Fei Li’s Mission to Transform Healthcare AI

Harvard Business

After ImageNet transformed AI vision, superstar Stanford computer science professor Fei-Fei Li has turned her attention to advancing healthcare. Disruptive innovation Social responsibility Technology Audio

From Wearables To Telemedicine To Direct-To-Consumer Prescriptions, Here’s How Healthcare Is Becoming Consumer-Centric


High deductible plans and new technologies are turning patients into savvy healthcare consumers, with higher expectations around service and experience. In healthcare, that change has come more slowly. The healthcare industry faces high regulatory burden and health incumbents that have not recognized their businesses face an existential threat. Trends enabling the consumerization of healthcare. It’s no secret that healthcare costs are going up.

How Teamwork Will Transform Healthcare


In the emerging health economy, all participants will have to learn how to collaborate more effectively -- to deliver better care, and better financial results. Developing capabilities to analyze data, strike partnerships, manage risk, and access new markets will be among the keys to success

Fantasy Healthcare Scenario, Reader Anecdotes, Wildcards; Capital IQ Healthcare Report Link


In End of Employer-Provided Healthcare: By 2020, S&P 500 Companies May Dump 90% of Workforce into Obamacare I noted that the New York Times, Yahoo!, McClatchy and other mainstream media outlets referred to a healthcare report without having the decency of providing a link. The major assumption in Capital IQ''s projection is the projected rate of healthcare cost increases. If the latter, healthcare costs could soar making the projected savings greater.

Building a Resilience Advantage in Healthcare


Consolidation in the healthcare industry highlights the ways companies continue to place large bets even amid the continual disruption and uncertainty surrounding the insurance market. Insurers who wish to thrive in the emerging era must understanding future money flows and sources of value, which include creating medical value, winning consumer trust, and enabling new business models. Next, they must identify viable business models, which may involve different levels of integration--i.e.

The Future of Healthcare: Personalization and AI (with ZOE’s Jonathan Wolf)

Harvard Business

The CEO of health technology startup ZOE discusses how combining microbiome science with AI could improve the way we eat and live. Health and behavioral science Health and wellness Covid Health care and treatment Global health Audio

Navigating the Choppy Waters of Healthcare Reform


As they negotiate the uncertainty inherent in the environment in the coming years, healthcare organizations that understand the long-term trends affecting their markets, grasp their relevance to stakeholders, forge meaningful partnerships, and engage with reform efforts at every level of government will be well positioned to succeed

How Precision Medicine Will Transform the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries


And although the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries know this is the way forward, they face some significant hurdles Precision medicine combines business opportunities with clinical health benefits.

Designing Hospitals that Promote Staff Wellbeing

Harvard Business Review

Work environments Healthcare sector Digital ArticleThree lessons on creating spaces that reduce stress, burnout, and turnover.

Bringing the Best Business Ideas to Healthcare

Harvard Business

Thomas Lee, MD explains how ideas from Michael Porter and other business thinkers could fix healthcare. Strategy Video

Technology, Healthcare, and.Seinfeld?

1 to 1

Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service Customer Strategy healthcare healthcareinnovation patientexperience personalizedpatienthealthcare seinfeldhealthcare telemedicine Over the years, the experiences that patients have when visiting their doctors have become well, routine--difficulty getting an appointment, the requisition for your personal data over and over, and then there''s the long wait.

The M&A Activity Transforming Healthcare


A rapid and far-reaching transformation of the US$450 billion pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) market, which touches virtually every healthcare consumer, is unfolding in front of our eyes. Two major factors are spurring this change: a spate of far-reaching deals between insurers, retail drugstore chains, and PBMs; and regulatory uncertainty.

Creating a Patient-Centered Clinical Experience

Harvard Business Review

Customer service Operations strategy Healthcare sector Digital ArticleHospitals should start by taking a page out of the hospitality playbook.

Majority in U.S. Say Healthcare Not Government's Responsibility


Say Healthcare Not Government Responsibility. Question: Do you think it is the responsibility of the federal government to make sure all Americans have healthcare coverage, or is that not the responsibility of the federal government? No Responsibility by Political Party Percentage Point Change Since 2000 Since 2000, the share of republicans who say healthcare is not the responsibility has increased from 53% to 86%, a rise of 33 percentage points.

Service as a Differentiator in Healthcare

1 to 1

Navigating the healthcare system can be challenging and intimidating for individuals and changes that are currently taking place can make it even more confounding. customerexperience customerfocus customerloyalty customerservice customerstrategy healthcare There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

Social Media for Healthcare: What’s The Potential?

Melissa Agnes

The other day I had a conversation with someone who made a statement about the healthcare industry not needing to be on social media because no one cares about the nurses’ birthdays and little useless memes (I’m SOOO paraphrasing here!). Though it’s true that no one cares about memes and birthdays of people they don’t know, if your healthcare institute is using social media for these types of purposes, you are not harnessing its true power or potential.

US and Canadian Expatriates Comment on US Healthcare


Hello Mish I have a few observations about single-payer healthcare. Making healthcare both better and more affordable is easy. I will propose eight healthcare reform ideas in a third post shortly. I have a couple more emails from readers in response to Single-Payer "Medicare for All" Proposal; Live and Let Die; Why Does Single-Payer "Work" in Europe? Comments From a US Expatriate Reader David a US citizen living in Europe writes.