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Learning to Delegate as a First-Time Manager

Harvard Business

Learning how to delegate well is a skill every first-time manager needs to learn from the very start. Many people are promoted into management for doing their previous job well. But once you’re promoted into a leadership role, you must accept that you can’t do everything on your own — nor should you.

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12 Timeless and Stimulating Time Management Quotes

Rick Conlow

Why twelve-time management quotes? Consider, if we share fifty it would be pointless because there would be too many to take the time to review. The number twelve represents time and space. Consequently, read these quotes and note the time management technique each represents. Alan Lakein.


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It’s Not “Time Management.” It’s Lean.

Markovitz Consulting

In the space of two weeks, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal both ran articles on the productivity benefits of reduced work hours. The WSJ introduced us to the workers at Rheingans Digital Enabler in Germany, who only put in five-hour days, for a workweek of 25 hours.

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Recharge Your Time Management

The Clever Consultant

I like to come back from time-off refreshed and recharged, feeling like I’ve got everything underfoot. Every six months or so, I take the time to re-read time management books, review my workload and consider ways to more effective. Notice I didn’t say “productive”. That’s a fact. That’s enough for me.

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Better People Leader Time Management

LSA Global

Does Your Organization Need Better People Leader Time Management? Have you ever gone through the popular new manager training exercise of logging how you actually spend your time day each day as a people leader? This is often the first step in learning how to better manage your time and be a more effective leader.

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7 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals

Tom Spencer

Time is a resource that is easy to undervalue and difficult to manage. Below are 7 time management tips to help you invest your time more effectively. In deciding what to do next, you should be informed by the past, but without clinging tightly to it. Set ambitious goals. Create a list of possible goals.

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I'm Teaching an Open-Enrollment Time Management Class on Apr 17-18

Markovitz Consulting

How often have you started your workday with a clear plan and objectives.but by the time you pull your head out of your inbox it's lunchtime (or later), and you haven’t actually accomplished anything important? Do you lose precious time hunting for files or emails? Do you wake up at 2am panicking about something you forgot to do?