Recharge Your Time Management

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I love spending time with my family and getting away from my desk. Running a successful consulting business means your time is spread thin. I like to come back from time-off refreshed and recharged, feeling like I’ve got everything underfoot.

3 Tips for First Time Managers

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Tips for First Time Managers to Start Off on the Right Foot. Does becoming a first time manager make you feel as if you are leaping off a cliff without a safety net? You are perceived to have the leadership competencies required to manage others. Managing?

Time Management and Planning: 10 Motivations | Women In.

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Time Management Strategies for Independent Contractors

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Follow these five tips for effective time management Finding a balance between creating your own schedule and completing everything on your to-do list can be challenging as an independent professional.

Consultant Ninja: Dilbert Slays, one day at a time: Management.

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Management Consultant | Excel Jockey | Slide Monkey | Corporate Insurgent | One-Eyed Man in the Valley of the Blind Mckinsey | Bain | BCG | Booz | Oliver Wyman. Dilbert Slays, one day at a time. Management Consulting. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Consultant Ninja.

Consultant Ninja: The Beach time is the Right Time.: Management.

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Management Consultant | Excel Jockey | Slide Monkey | Corporate Insurgent | One-Eyed Man in the Valley of the Blind Mckinsey | Bain | BCG | Booz | Oliver Wyman. The Beach time is the Right Time. Management Consulting. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Consultant Ninja.

Productivity Boost for Consultants

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Consulting Videos consulting checklists Consulting Productivity Time Management for ConsultantsTranscript Hey, it’s Michael Zipursky from Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

Consultant Ninja: Signs of Crunch Time: Management Consulting Blog

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Management Consultant | Excel Jockey | Slide Monkey | Corporate Insurgent | One-Eyed Man in the Valley of the Blind Mckinsey | Bain | BCG | Booz | Oliver Wyman. Signs of Crunch Time. priorities: work, call wife, sleep, eat, in decreasing order] Project Manager irritability rising. Management Consulting. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Consultant Ninja.

Important, not urgent

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Learning important not urgent prioritization stephen covey time managementGenerally speaking, I am pretty good under pressure. This can take the form of final revisions the night before the presentation, or conference calls lined up back-to-back. The endorphin gets going and you can ignore the pain. The dopamine gets going and you feel the achievement.

Chipping at Your Workload, One Message at a Time

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Expert Insights Productivity One Minute Tip productivity Time ManagementWhen you’re feeling overworked and there’s too much on your plate, it might help to separate the real work from the follow-ups.

9 Essential Steps to SIMULTANEOUSLY Develop & Deliver Consulting Business

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You can win and work business at the same time. Heck, you can win and work business and still have time to hang out with […]. Consultants Project Management productivity project management time managementLife’s great as a consultant when you’re bustling through a project. Until the project’s done. Then you pop your head up and life’s rough while you’re hustling to get another project. Until you land one.

How to Travel Less & Earn More Consulting Revenue

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Besides, when I’m on the road, there’s less time for marketing and business development, and I can’t play old-man hockey at the local rink. Consultants Project Management productivity project management time managementSome consultants love to travel for their consulting projects. Me, I’m not a big fan. I prefer to be with my family, sleep in my own bed, eat healthy, home-cooked meals, and work in my gym clothes.

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What Peter Drucker says about Effective Executives

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Peter Drucker is a legend in business and management thinking. He is … Continue reading → Learning Best Practices book Consulting Executives Leadership Management consulting peter drucker Project Management time management He passed away in 2005, after writing almost 40 books, teaching extensively and consulting people like Procter and Gamble’s A.G. Lafley, GE’s Jack Welch, and Intel’s Andy Grove.

Mental Energy Units

When you’re an individual contributor, you focus mainly on time management. Instead of managing time (e.g., hours), I find it more helpful to manage mental energy. I first got introduced to the idea of managing energy, rather than time, from the book The Power of Full Engagement , by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. (It’s Time and energy are not the same thing. The same is true when I go dancing or spend time in nature.

How to Work for a Boss Who Has a New Idea Every 5 Minutes

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As a time management coach, I’ve coached many creative idea people and coached many people managed by creative idea people. Based on that experience, here are some helpful strategies for managing up when your boss gets distracted by too many creative ideas.

4 Email Habits To Strengthen Your Brand

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Continue reading → Expert Insights Productivity productivity Time ManagementShe showed me 6,782 unread emails. Six thousand seven hundred and eighty two! I didn’t know the little red dot on my friend’s iPhone could even handle a number that big. When I asked her how her inbox got so large, she sheepishly said that most of the emails were personal and she was on.

Why Reducing Stress Stabilises Your Profits

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Many times it is a good thing as it forces the business owner to adapt and excel so that his business thrives. Excelling, however, is contingent on the business owner knowing how to harness small doses of stress and manage its effects.


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He regularly shares the view that “wealth is discretionary time”. Free time. Economics alan weiss consulting discretionary time Management Consulting money wealth wealth is discretionary time Where do you place value? Source: Flickr ).

I Ran 4 Experiments to Break My Social Media Addiction. Here’s What Worked.

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Yet it can also be a highly addictive time-sink if we’re not careful about our goals , purpose , and usage. My goal was to see if by interrupting my daily behavior I could change my “default settings” and have more time for deep, focused work. Barcroft/Getty Images.

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Assessment: How Productive Are You?

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As a coach and mentor focusing on productivity, I’ve heard this complaint hundreds of times, from managers and officials across the world. Productivity Time management Digital ArticleAre you feeling overwhelmed by your obligations at work and home?

Four Steps to Better Plan Your Day

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When we take the time to plan the day ahead, we realize a number of benefits: Reduced stress and frustration Increased likelihood of achieving our goals A feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day. Professional Development scheduling work Time ManagementHere are four steps to better plan each and every day to get on a better path of achieving [.]. The post Four Steps to Better Plan Your Day appeared first on Gina Abudi.

4 Strategies for Overcoming Distraction

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Our work tends to expand to fill the time we have available for its completion, and any excess time remaining is usually filled with distractions. That’s when I realized that my work was simply expanding to fit how much time I had available for it.

What to Do When You’re Covering for Colleagues — and Can’t Keep Up

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As a time management coach, I believe the best option is the final one — finding an in-between solution where you keep up on the essentials but avoid putting the full weight of multiple jobs on your shoulders. Time Off. How to Negotiate for Vacation Time.

Why We Procrastinate When We Have Long Deadlines

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This is true even when the deadline length is incidental, such as when a venue or guest isn’t available for an extended period of time. Results showed that participants who faced the longer deadline wrote longer responses to the survey and spent more time on it.

Study 51

How to Get Your Side Hustle Off the Ground

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Indeed, a Deloitte survey of millennial and Gen Z workers showed that nearly two-thirds of respondents would consider a side gig to supplement their full-time work. Time management issues. Instead, it’s more commonly a problem of managing the time we do have.

How to Take the Stress Out of Taking Time Off

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Have you ever questioned whether taking time off is worth it because the stress of preparing for a vacation is so high? Over half of Americans leave some vacation time on the table. During that planning time, get clear on must-do activities prior to splitting from the office.

You Know You Need More Sleep. Here’s How to Get It.

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Leaders must manage the present while preparing for the future. In a recent example, Elon Musk (currently serving as the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink, all at the same time) spent the full 24 hours of his 47 th birthday at work. maria freyenbacher/Getty Images.

Are You Productive Enough?

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” As a time management coach, I’m keenly aware that you could answer the question “Am I productive enough?” Did you reply to customers within the specified times? If you have a less clear job scope, this question may be a little harder to answer, but the answer should be evident by whether your manager has noted you have areas that need improvement. Question 3: Am I owning my time management and using productivity resources?

Track Your Time for 30 Days. What You Learn Might Surprise You.

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It’s hard to know if we’re really making efficient use of our time. But are we spending our time on the right things? Inspired by a colleague, the time management expert Laura Vanderkam , I decided to spend the month of February tracking exactly how I spent my time, down to half-hour increments. In particular, there were four that made me rethink a lot of the conventional wisdom on productivity and time management. MirageC/Getty Images.

Research Shows a Simple Way to Increase Your Engagement at Work

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In a research article in The Journal of Applied Psychology , we and our colleagues (Andrew Brodsky at The University of Texas at Austin, Subrahmaniam Tangirala at the University of Maryland, and Sanford DeVoe at the University of California Los Angeles) investigated how employees can take back more control over their work engagement through better self-management. Daily time management was significantly less beneficial when employees had days filled with many interruptions.

News or Noise

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The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Sydney Morning Herald. The reality though is that most of the time the news is not news, it’s noise. Why do so many of us choose to spend our time in this way? It’s possible that the alternative is just too uncomfortable – silence and time to think. Time to read a book that changes our world view. Time to write an article that challenges someone’s thinking.

How to Focus on What’s Important, Not Just What’s Urgent

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Your important priorities might relate to: enacting your values (for example, volunteering or spending more time with your children). averting disasters (scheduling an annual checkup at the doctor or creating a crisis management protocol for your business). Schedule Important Tasks, and Give Yourself Way More Time Than You’ll Need. I recently used this strategy to get myself to set up a password manager, something I’d been putting off for literally years.

How to Get the Most Out of a Day Off

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While it’s true that big trips can be fun and even refreshing, they can also take a lot of time, energy, and money. Because of this, some might put off their time away, figuring they’ll get to it when their schedule isn’t so demanding, only to discover at the end of the year that they haven’t used up their paid time off. These small bits of time off can increase my sense of happiness and the feeling of having “room to breathe.”

The Lie That Perfectionists Tell Themselves

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For example, one of the most common ones is the belief that increasing productivity, or getting the most out of your time, will decrease the quality of your work, or your ability to do tasks perfectly. In the online program we run to help working professionals develop more productive work behaviors, about half of our participants have agreed with the statement: “I’m sure I could get more done in less time, but the quality of my work would go down.”

5 Things to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Your Workload

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You might feel anxious that you’re not working during times that are incompatible with working, like when you’re buckling your child into their car seat or you’re stuck in traffic. ” Track your time to give yourself an accurate baseline. There’s some evidence from research comparing time tracking data to self-reports that people who say they work very long hours are generally overestimating. Try tracking your time for a single week.

How Effectively Are You Managing Your Time as a New Manager?

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Too often new managers are not provided the skills they need to effectively learn how to manage their time and the time of their staff. This is common especially when a new manager is moving from an individual contributor role to a supervisory role with no past experience managing others. The post How Effectively Are You Managing Your Time as a New Manager? Try these best practices!

4 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Work (Without Adding More to Your Plate)

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They worry that they aren’t spending enough time with their children, and they’d like to help their children learn from their experience and avoid mistakes they’ve made. What if you could maximize your time by making progress on work challenges while spending time with your children and helping them learn important skills in the process? And the tips don’t take any additional time. Practice time management together.

Research: When Managers Are Overworked, They Treat Employees Less Fairly

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Fair managers can reap big dividends. In a recent paper , published at the Academy of Management Journal, we propose that one explanation is that many managers are, simply put, too busy to be fair. They are often expected to juggle multiple responsibilities under intense time and work pressures , and so treating employees fairly may take a backseat to other pressing priorities. These are complex, effortful, and time-consuming activities.

4 Conversations Every Overwhelmed Working Parent Should Have

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How Busy Working Parents Can Make Time for Mindfulness. For example, you might say, “I want to manage large projects. I’m willing to sprint for short periods of time to ensure that everything works. When Brittney returned to work, she was initially nervous to ask her manager for more flexibility and a slightly reduced schedule, which she felt she needed to have more time at home. Work-life balance Time management Digital Article

Best Practices to Improve Concentration to Get Work Done

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In fact, we better manage our time and reduce stress and frustration in reaching goals. Here are a few ideas to improve concentration and better focus on getting work done: Focus on one major task at a time. Professional Development accomplishing goals best practices getting work done Time Management When we work to improve our concentration, we do a better job of getting projects completed.

Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week

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And there’s no time for it! And if you’re not taking time to put something new and beautiful out into the world, then your value is diminishing fast. Now when I get home after work, I soak in time with my wife and two little boys. I realized that what I needed was a practical way to get more work done without taking more time. ” I finally found a solution that I feel has saved my career, my time, and my sanity.

To Control Your Life, Control What You Pay Attention To

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Attention Management. To be consistently productive and manage stress better, we must strengthen our skill in attention management. Attention management is the practice of controlling distractions, being present in the moment, finding flow , and maximizing focus, so that you can unleash your genius. Better attention management leads to improved productivity, but it’s about much more than checking things off a to-do list. CSA Images/Getty Images.

Before You Set New Goals, Think About What You’re Going to Stop Doing

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Pausing to consider what needs to be removed from your schedule takes time. In many work environments, tasks and projects get piled on without any clear sense of priorities or time capacity. The beginning of a new year marks the perfect time to clean house and reevaluate what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. For instance, in my book The 3 Secrets to Effective Time Investment , I recommend a chart that includes columns for activity name, type (i.e.