“Here” start the meeting

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The post “Here” start the meeting appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Hands down, the best part of any day for a manager is working with a junior consultant who “gets it” In the busy crush of client work, deliverables, over-commitment, and fuss – when you are working with a team that instinctively knows what needs to get done, it’s fun, easy, and rewarding. All (over) committed […].

10 Tips for Dynamite Meetings with Your Consulting Clients

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In return, you’re likely to conduct at least one meeting during which you present findings, results and/or recommendations. Your clients send your consulting firm checks with plenty of digits.

Peter Drucker said, “Meetings are a symptom of bad organization. The fewer the meetings the better”

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Granted some of these were client interviews, but needless to say, the real work and thinking was done between meetings, or at night at the hotel. The time before and after the meeting … Continue reading → Learning Consulting Team Meeting Professionalism Project Management This is my calendar from a recent week.

Netflix Brings Lean Thinking to Board Meetings

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I doubt Netflix was thinking how Jim Womack would apply lean to their board meetings. But in a new article , the Harvard Business Review describes how the company reinvented board meetings by creating a better way to share information with its board of directors. First, board members attend monthly and quarterly senior management meetings as observers. Senior management responds to the questions prior to the meeting. Well, not really.

How to Maximize Meetings


Readers share their pain -- and their ideas for better meetings

A Proven Method to Lock in Meetings with Consulting Prospects

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Consultants and consulting firm leaders are still trying to secure appointments with their prospects as if they’re in the stagecoach era. There’s a better way. Remember when people would travel from town to town in a stagecoach? I don’t either, but I’ve seen it in the movies.

The crisp meeting

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A $30,000 software package is actually $3,000 worth of software plus $27,000 worth of meetings. And most clients are bad at meetings. The biggest difference between great work and pretty-good work are the meetings that accompanied it. The crisp meeting is one of a series.

Plan an offsite meeting

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Consultants Consultant: Plan an offsite meeting with care. This checklist will help guide you through effective ways to plan an offsite meeting. Plan an offsite meeting: Get clear and […]. The post Plan an offsite meeting appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Off sites 101 Articles by Cindy Tonkin Presentations and meetings Training programsOffsites are excellent ways to solve operational problems, build teams and get your team on the same page.

Effective meetings

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Consultants Consultant: The higher you get in an organisation the more time you spend in meetings. While it’s clear that for some just being in the meeting is their job (!), if you’d like to get the rest of your job done more effectively, these tools on Productive Meetings are a great place to start, and may help you […]. The post Effective meetings appeared first on Consultants' Consultant.

Effective Off site meetings

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Consultants Consultant: Effective off site meetings can be very useful. The post Effective Off site meetings appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Off sites 101 Articles by Cindy Tonkin Presentations and meetingsIneffective ones are a waste of time and money. Do it right the first time. Here are some dos and don’ts. Do plan ahead Make sure you plan ahead so that your team can all be there. Plan ahead so you have time to consult your boss […].

Meet the New Challengers


Article Monday, June 27, 2016. Despite economic turmoil in emerging markets, the latest global challengers have maintained both their growth rates and profit margins. The global challengers nearly quintupled their share of overseas revenue from 2005 through 2014.

The One Meeting that Reliably Produces Huge Consulting Projects

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The meeting was long. I brought two, contract consultants in to prep and attend the meeting.) There were about fifteen of us—three from my team and a dozen client personnel—in a conference room at the headquarters of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Ready for the Results? Best Practices Survey Reviewed at June Meeting

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In the past, networking has been the #1 factor that successful consultants agree has helped them meet their business goals. So be sure to register for this popular meeting held at Michael’s at Shoreline on Thursday, June 15. By: Amy Huson.

MC meets MC – Management Consulted meets Marc Cosentino

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We had a blast getting to meet Marc, the guy who pretty much pioneered case interview prep material. The post MC meets MC – Management Consulted meets Marc Cosentino appeared first on Management Consulted. A few months ago, we had the pleasure of interviewing Marc Cosentino at his Santa Barbara home. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Marc, he’s pretty much the Godfather when it comes to case interviews. As a kid, he wanted to be the U.S.

The Most Productive Meetings Have Fewer Than 8 People

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There are many problems with the way most meetings are run. In an effort to not make anyone feel left out, they unknowingly decrease the quality of the meeting. Robert Sutton, a professor of organizational behavior at Stanford University, looked at the research on group size and concluded that the most productive meetings contain only five to eight people. As a result, people often lose respect for the meeting which leads to less preparation, participation , and action.

Off site team meeting nightmares

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Consultants Consultant: Off site team meeting nightmares are easy to avoid, when you use this checklist. Off site team meeting […]. The post Off site team meeting nightmares appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Off sites 101 Articles by Cindy Tonkin Presentations and meetings Training programsHere are some of the nightmares that can occur when you don’t! Bringing your facilitator in early will help you plan properly.

Whose meeting is this? A simple checklist

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Can your next meeting (not conversation, not presentation, but meeting) pass this test? There's no better way to move this forward than to have this meeting.  The organizer has described what would have to happen for the meeting to be cancelled or to stop midway.

3 Things You Can Do to Hold More Effective Meetings

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Here’s the quote: Meetings are expensive. Based on that comment, it’s become clear to me that too much of the time, we take a passive approach to meetings that waste everyone’s time and money. Here’s a list of 3 things you can do to hold more effective meetings.

Meeting minutes: 8 good reasons to write up those notes

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Meeting minutes are not boring. Most people see this as a bureaucratic habit straight out of Mad Men, where Joan is typing notes at an old typewriter. I disagree 1. Notes show effort. At the very minimum, it shows good follow-through and … Continue reading → Consultant Best Practices Consulting Consulting Tools Interview Learning Management consulting

10 Practical Ways to Meet New Consulting Clients

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In the late 1970s, total strangers would walk up to my father and say, “Hey, aren’t you Richard Dreyfuss from Jaws?” It was probably because my Dad looked like Richard Dreyfuss. After all, no one said that to my Mom. As far as I know.

Plan your Meetings

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If you want to be sure the most important issues are discussed and resolved at your next meeting, plan the meeting ahead of time. Too often managers hold meetings that are not planned; the right topics are not on the agenda for discussion. The post Plan your Meetings appeared first on Gina Abudi. Leadership facilitating meetings meeting management problem solvingEnsure important issues are discussed!

Meeting the Fintech Challenge


In such fields as online lending, money transfer, and credit ratings, fintech companies are breaking the dominance of financial services' largest players in novel ways. To maintain their competitive edge, incumbents can reorient their firm as the dynamic center of a fintech ecosystem

We can do better than meeting spec

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Which means that anything a computer figures out or computes can be delivered to you with audio quality that meets spec. If all you can do is meet spec, better be sure you can do that faster and cheaper than an AI can. Well, that's over.

How to Get Yourself Invited to Important Meetings

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In a work culture with too many meetings, we often look for tactics to get out of meetings. But sometimes you need to get into a meeting, perhaps because the decisions made there will have implications for you or your team, or maybe because you feel you’ve been left out of important discussions. Whether you haven’t been invited because of an oversight or an intentional decision by the meeting organizer, you can take action to secure your seat at the table.

Meet your new MOM (Marketing Operating Model)


To drive revenue growth in the digital age, new data shows that marketing leaders are upgrading data-collection technology, collaborating closely with IT, and focusing on test-and-learn agility. Our Insights

What Defines a Successful Meeting with a Prospect?

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A question I was asked: Is a meeting a failure if the prospect really likes you at the end but you haven’t nailed down a way that you can help? How do you measure success when you’re meeting with a prospect.

How to Run a Meeting Without Talking Too Much

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Have you ever left a meeting feeling that you dominated the whole thing — and not in a good way? People don’t want to attend meetings that are just an opportunity for one person to deliver a monologue. And with one person taking up the airspace in a meeting, team members no longer feels that they’re working together. What can you do to help ensure that you are not the only one talking in meetings? Meetings. Stella/Getty Images.

Using The “Seeding” And “Facilitating” Approach In Management Meetings And Consulting Engagements

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One technique that I tend to use a lot in management meetings and consulting engagements involves the use of two slide types.   What challenges do have in facilitating management meetings and decision-making?

5 Common Complaints About Meetings and What to Do About Them

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We all complain about meetings. My boss doesn’t lead meetings effectively. Most of our meetings are just passing along information that could easily be sent in an email. We keep having the same conversations because nothing gets done between meetings. Based on my 25 years of experience consulting with organizations and teams about how to lead effective meetings, here is what I’d suggest. ” My boss doesn’t lead meetings effectively.

Meet the "Chat Avengers"

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Meet TTEC’s “Chat Avengers” – a super force of experts whose mission is to create amazing chat sales and service interactions for consumers and brands. Who are you going to call when you want to deliver a great customer experience with chat?

When It’s Worth Having a Meeting Before Your Meeting

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You schedule a meeting with your team to announce the news and discuss the details. But as soon as the meeting starts, you realize this is going to be harder than you thought. The meeting ends and you feel stressed and discouraged because it seems as if you’ve lost some key members of the team before the change initiative has even started. Pre-meetings are essential for anyone looking to have a successful meeting about a contentious issue.

How to Fix the Most Soul-Crushing Meetings

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Meetings are notoriously one of organizational life’s most insufferable realities. In one global consumer products company that I work with, my firm’s organizational assessment revealed an unusually intense degree of aggravation over how much time was consumed by meetings, leaving “only evenings to do our day jobs,” according to one interviewee. They collectively spent more than 57,000 hours per year in recurring meetings. Meetings.

When Agile Meets Regulatory Compliance


Article Thursday, July 06, 2017 Agile may seem risky and impractical for regulatory projects, but it offers extraordinary benefits and can give banks an edge over competitors. Article

Agile 43

How to Craft Meetings People Love (Really)


These gatherings can feel like a prison sentence, unproductively ticking away time. But when infused with some essentials, they can be fruitful -- and even enjoyable

Polite Ways to Decline a Meeting Invitation

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There it is in your inbox: a meeting invite to a meeting you really don’t want to attend. Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to decline a meeting invite. Meetings. How Top Salespeople Land Hard-to-Get Meetings. Start by assessing the value of the meeting.

Can Aerospace and Defense Companies Meet Their Great Expectations?


To meet investors' expectations for profitable growth, Aerospace & Defense companies will have to change strategy. Instead of returning capital to shareholders through stock buybacks and dividends, they will have to invest aggressively in profitable growth initiatives.

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Plan a Better Meeting with Design Thinking

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“Sometimes, when I sit in meetings, especially ones in which people don’t seem engaged, I calculate the cost in staff time. I’ve estimated that one standard weekly meeting in my bureau—50 people sitting in a cookie-cutter conference room, looking both bored and anxious—costs around $177,000 annually, and surely this scenario occurs throughout the [organization] hundreds of times a day. So many meetings are lost opportunities.”

How to Have a Good Debate in a Meeting

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The modern workplace is awash in meetings, many of which are terrible. As a result, people mostly hate going to meetings. The problem is this: The whole point of meetings is to have discussions that you can’t have any other way. And yet most meetings are devoid of real debate. To improve the meetings you run, and save the meetings you’re invited to, focus on making the discussion more robust. So how do you lead a good fight in meetings?

Hedge Fund, Meet Highway


Since the financial crisis, asset management companies -- including some private equity firms and hedge funds -- have become the backers of choice for huge, multiyear infrastructure projects.

8 Ground Rules for Great Meetings

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If you want your team to be effective, you need meeting ground rules — and you need agreement about how to use them. Meetings. How Top Salespeople Land Hard-to-Get Meetings. 5 Ways Meetings Get Off Track, and How to Prevent Each One. Meetings Digital Article