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The Importance of Project Risk Management for A&E Firms


Give Accurate Project Estimates Deriving high-quality cost estimates depends heavily on the quality of data, for example, historical databases, comprehensive project plans, and standard work break down structures make it easier to make comparisons to similar projects. No historical data for similar projects for comparison.

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The Benchmark That Builds Consulting Businesses

David A Fields

I only know if I have some sort of standard for comparison. Many readers know that I’m 6’1″ tall… if my posture is perfect, I think tall thoughts and I stand on two tins of homemade, coconut dream bars. Is that tall? Consultants often look at benchmarks to gauge their recent performance. [ ]


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Comparison, escalation and the golf clap

Seth Godin Blog

Comparison and escalation are at the heart of what makes our culture work. This is risk-free, enthusiasm-free and easier to do than not. Okay, what does level two sound like? Can you take it up a notch?". And within a minute, she's created a level-ten tsunami of sound.

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Five (and a half) Pricing Strategies that Will Win You More Projects at Higher Fees

David A Fields

Look no further than the gas pumps to see the extraordinary, often nonsensical, choices made by shoppers reacting to comparisons. Prominent signs proclaim each brand’s current price per gallon, making it easy to compare among alternatives.

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LSA Global Adds New Director and Senior Director Assessment Center

LSA Global

Individual and group comparisons are available. Receive Assessment Results Certified professional assessors and smart technology score participants’ behaviors against research-backed and client aligned leadership competencies required for success in your unique workplace culture.

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Look, Doc, Before You Cut, How About A Ten Percent Discount?

Alan Weiss

What’s really going on, of course, is that the consultants allow themselves to become commodities by insufficiently differentiating their value, consequently price comparisons are inevitable.

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48.6% of Spaniards Aged 18-24 Would Take Any Job, Anywhere, for Low Wages; Ikea Spain Gets 100,000 Applicants for 400 Jobs; Walmart, McDonalds Comparison


Walmart, McDonalds Comparison To be fair, there is a major difference between McDonalds'' employees and Spaniards seeking jobs. The store, which will open in summer, will have a staff of 400 employees and also generate about 80 indirect jobs to cover services such as security, transport and cleaning, among others.