Unlocking the banking technology workforce

McKinsey & Company

Leading banks have made deep-seated changes to their technology spending priorities, role mix, and talent mix, unlocking a step change in productivity. Insights on Financial Services Banking

Lessons from the rapidly evolving regulation of digital banking

McKinsey & Company

Regulators seeking ways to balance protection of customers’ interests, financial institutions’ risks, and their other policy objectives for digital banking can learn from early regulatory experiences. Insights on Financial Services Banking


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Banking on the ‘soft stuff’

McKinsey & Company

The lessons of transforming performance at one midsize US bank came down to shifting mindsets and behaviors. Transformation Insights Banking Corporate strategy

Disrupting the disruptors: Business building for banks

McKinsey & Company

Although banks face intense pressure from new entrants in financial services, they have an edge in resources they can use to rapidly launch their own digital businesses. Insights on Financial Services Banking

African banking in the new reality

McKinsey & Company

Swift action and a focus on three imperatives could strengthen African banks and support recovery. Middle East and Africa Banking Middle East

How banks can build their future workforce—today

McKinsey & Company

During the pandemic, some banks have learned to reskill, at scale. Insights on Financial Services Banking OrganizationHere, they share their secrets.

In banking, location is everything again—for now

McKinsey & Company

With growth diverging again in emerging versus developed economies, banks need to remap their market strategy. Our Insights Banking Strategy Emerging Markets

How transaction banks are reinventing treasury services

McKinsey & Company

As clients demand solutions to enhance their corporate treasury activities, banks are increasingly partnering with fintechs and software players. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services

Beyond digital transformations: Modernizing core technology for the AI bank of the future

McKinsey & Company

For artificial intelligence to deliver value across the organization, banks need core technology that is scalable, resilient, and adaptable. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services Risk Retail & Small Business BankingBuilding that requires changes in six key areas.

Making banks from branch networks: Why financial services are still a good idea for postal carriers and retailers

McKinsey & Company

Insights on Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure Retail banking Post & parcel services Corporate strategyPostal carriers and retailers with vast distribution networks could leverage them and their deep customer relationships.

Consulting or Banking

Tom Spencer

This post provides you with a high level comparison of management consulting and investment banking. Investment banks help companies raise money for various purposes including investment, acquisitions, and provision of working capital. Within an investment bank, the work is split into many roles including investment banking, sales and trading, equity research, risk management, operations, and technology. In comparison, investment banks are competitive and hierarchical.

Seeds of outperformance: How M&A can help banks thrive in the next normal

McKinsey & Company

The ‘next normal’ will pose challenges that banks can address through carefully planned M&A. Insights on Financial Services Banking Mergers & acquisitionsA few broad strategies offer the greatest potential.

African banking after the crisis


Here’s how African banks can manage the impact of COVID-19—and prepare for recovery. Middle East and Africa

What If Central Banks Issued Digital Currency?

Harvard Business

The Chinese Central Bank has already begun experimenting with digital cash that could eliminate the need for paper money. Economic systems Financial markets Financial service sector Digital Article

Platform operating model for the AI bank of the future

McKinsey & Company

Technology alone cannot define a successful AI bank; the AI bank of the future also needs an operating model that brings together the right talent, culture, and organizational design.

How ‘trading as a service’ unlocks opportunities for banks

McKinsey & Company

Trading as a service can make scale benefits more widely available, with opportunities for large banks and other market players. Insights on Financial Services BankingScale is crucial for capital markets sell-side firms in flow businesses.

Building and scaling one of the world’s fastest-growing mobile banks

McKinsey & Company

Setting a bold vision, adapting the business to respond to market feedback, and putting customer satisfaction first has enabled digital-banking start-up N26 to grow rapidly into a global bank valued at $3.5 Digital Insights Banking Digital Growth Innovationbillion.

From tech tool to business asset: How banks are using B2B APIs to fuel growth

McKinsey & Company

Banks can use APIs to generate income growth from corporate customer segments, improve customer experience, and fuel innovation. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services Disruptive Technology

Tools 100

From Banking to Consulting


What follows is a success story I received from a reader who transitioned from banking to consulting as an experienced hire. My background: 4 years as equity analyst, MBA, 5 years in banking in equity capital markets (IPOs and such). After getting quite disillusioned with the banking industry over the last few years, I got laid off, and had to reassess what to do next. Consulting Job Offer Reports banking experienced hire McKinsey offer success story

US midcap banking: The shakeout ahead?

McKinsey & Company

Midsize US banks have held their own in recent years, but competitive pressures may bring a new wave of consolidation. Those using M&A best practices will have an edge. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services

Reshaping retail banking for the next normal


Retail banks have a prominent role to play in guiding the world toward economic recovery, while preserving the health of their organizations. Insights on Financial Services

Retail 110

McKinsey’s Global Banking Annual Review


Updated annually, our Global Banking Annual Review offers the best of our research and insights into the global banking industry. Explore the findings from our most recent report and scroll for past years’ reports. Insights on Financial Services

Emerging markets leap forward in digital banking innovation and adoption

McKinsey & Company

As consumer use of digital banking accelerates in Asia–Pacific, the region’s emerging markets have become the hub of banking innovation for digital business models. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services

Transforming the US consumer bank for the next normal


A “wait and see” approach to transformation will not work for banks. Banks that reimagine how they engage their customers and empower their employees will emerge as leaders. Instead, it is a moment for radical creativity.

German banking returns to the playing field

McKinsey & Company

The challenges facing Germany’s banking sector are steep, but a new game plan presents the opportunity for a sustainable future for the industry. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services

Optimizing data controls in banking


Banks need to do more in four important areas of data culture to build the risk-related data-control capabilities they will need in the coming decade.

A new frontier for transforming nonpersonnel cost management in banking

McKinsey & Company

COVID-19’s economic impact makes cost management critical for banks. Three actions pave the way to lower expenses while maintaining customer satisfaction. Insights on Financial Services Financial Services

Bitcoin, Digital Currency and The Future of Banking

Tom Spencer

When news broke in late October that some of London’s largest banks were investing in Bitcoin , cryptocurrencies in general got another boost. Beyond hoarding digital currency as a defensive move in the age of DDOS bank robbers, banks are beginning to think about ways that bitcoin could be used within the banking industry globally. Bitcoin itself was created by technologists and programmers with a deep-seated mistrust of central banks themselves.

Charting retail banking revenues by generation

McKinsey & Company

The global banking industry is facing a long winter, and in the coming months and perhaps years, the COVID-19 pandemic's impact will present banks with many challenges. Insights on Financial Services

Management Consulting versus Investment Banking

Management Consulted

The cons of investment banking – the long hours, the repetitive and unengaging nature of the work, the lack of non-finance exit opportunities – mattered far more to me than a 6-figure salary. Banking salaries average 50-100% higher than consulting salaries , with the difference increasingly significant as your seniority increases. Cashflow or not, the extra money is substantial and a defining driver of why many people do investment banking. INVESTMENT BANKING.

Smarter analytics for banks


Banks have a strong foundation in using data. New research reveals how they can get even more from their analytics investments. Insights on Financial Services

Reimagining customer engagement for the AI bank of the future


Banks can meet rising customer expectations by applying AI to offer intelligent propositions and smart servicing that can seamlessly embed in partner ecosystems.

Is AI the Solution for the Banking Sector? (Part I: Problems)

Tom Spencer

The financial services industry has seen drastic technology-driven change over the past few years, and digital has fundamentally reshaped consumer behaviour in banking. According to Oliver Wyman, a global management consulting firm, 90% of Canadian banking customers use digital channels and more than 30% are now banking exclusively virtually. However, customer expectations are high and it is difficult for banks to decide which technologies to focus on.

How the State Bank of India is learning from crisis


Rajnish Kumar, chairman of India’s largest bank, discusses COVID-19, digital transformation, and the future of work in financial services. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Introduction: Building the AI bank of the future

McKinsey & Company

To thrive in the AI-powered digital age, banks will need an AI-and-analytics capability stack that delivers intelligent, personalized solutions and distinctive experiences at scale in real time.

Is AI the Solution for the Banking Sector? (Part 2: Solution)

Tom Spencer

Before we dive into why AI is the solution for the banking sector, let’s first explore what big tech companies have in common, how many of them have grown successfully, and what banks can learn. Furthermore, customers are increasingly expecting from banks much more value per dollar, better service, and seamless experiences regardless of channel. Usage of AI in the Banking Sector. As shown in the table above, the main usage of AI by banks across Canada and U.S.

At the intersection of banking and technology: A conversation with Cross River Bank

McKinsey & Company

In a wide-ranging interview with McKinsey’s Vijay D’Silva, Cross River’s Gilles Gade (CEO) and Adam Goller (head of fintech banking) talk tech, talent, cryptocurrency, and their role as one of the biggest US originators of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans.