African banking after the crisis


Here’s how African banks can manage the impact of COVID-19—and prepare for recovery. Middle East and Africa

Reimagining customer engagement for the AI bank of the future


Banks can meet rising customer expectations by applying AI to offer intelligent propositions and smart servicing that can seamlessly embed in partner ecosystems.

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Transforming the US consumer bank for the next normal


A “wait and see” approach to transformation will not work for banks. Banks that reimagine how they engage their customers and empower their employees will emerge as leaders. Instead, it is a moment for radical creativity.

AI-bank of the future: Can banks meet the AI challenge?


Artificial intelligence technologies are increasingly integral to world we live in, and banks need to deploy these technologies at scale to remain relevant. Success requires a holistic transformation spanning multiple layers of the organization. Insights on Financial Services

How the State Bank of India is learning from crisis


Rajnish Kumar, chairman of India’s largest bank, discusses COVID-19, digital transformation, and the future of work in financial services. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Optimizing data controls in banking


Banks need to do more in four important areas of data culture to build the risk-related data-control capabilities they will need in the coming decade. Risk Insights

Reshaping retail banking for the next normal


Retail banks have a prominent role to play in guiding the world toward economic recovery, while preserving the health of their organizations. Insights on Financial Services

Smarter analytics for banks


Banks have a strong foundation in using data. New research reveals how they can get even more from their analytics investments. Insights on Financial Services

From Banking to Consulting

What follows is a success story I received from a reader who transitioned from banking to consulting as an experienced hire. My background: 4 years as equity analyst, MBA, 5 years in banking in equity capital markets (IPOs and such). After getting quite disillusioned with the banking industry over the last few years, I got laid off, and had to reassess what to do next. Consulting Job Offer Reports banking experienced hire McKinsey offer success story

Banking system resilience in the time of COVID-19


Capital cushions at European, UK, and US banks look adequate in most scenarios—and challenged in others. In either case, they must be rebuilt, and that will require some difficult decisions. Insights on Financial Services

System 100

Banking imperatives for managing climate risk


More than regulatory pressure is driving banks to manage climate risk. Financing a green agenda is also a commercial imperative—but specialized skills are needed to protect balance sheets. Risk Insights

‘An environment where everybody can thrive’: A conversation with U.S. Bank’s Tim Welsh


The vice chairman for consumer and business banking at the fifth-largest bank in the United States describes how setting an environment of mission, purpose, and individual generosity is central to building capabilities that achieve strategic outcomes.

Rewriting the rules in retail banking


Four important trends are changing the terms of success in retail banking. Banks need to act now to develop new skills. Insights on Financial Services

The future of banking in ASEAN


Tengku Zafrul Aziz, group chief executive officer and executive director of CIMB Group Holdings, discusses the challenges to traditional banking in Southeast Asia and how banks can adapt. Asia-Pacific

No going back: New imperatives for European banking


Now is the time for Europe’s banking leaders to reimagine how their institutions operate and their role in society. Insights on Financial Services

Blockchain and retail banking: Making the connection


Caution is understandable when it comes to blockchain, but there are a number of areas where the technology could create value for retail banks. Insights on Financial Services

Making a difference with data: What it can mean for food banks


Using data to forecast food insecurity helped one food bank prepare for the worst. Food security

How Asia is reinventing banking for the digital age


The West has led the world’s banking industry in growth and innovation, but now Asia is tilting the scales. As the pace of growth slows, Asia’s banks must reinvent themselves to survive. Asia-Pacific

Bitcoin, Digital Currency and The Future of Banking

Tom Spencer

When news broke in late October that some of London’s largest banks were investing in Bitcoin , cryptocurrencies in general got another boost. Beyond hoarding digital currency as a defensive move in the age of DDOS bank robbers, banks are beginning to think about ways that bitcoin could be used within the banking industry globally. Bitcoin itself was created by technologists and programmers with a deep-seated mistrust of central banks themselves.

The future of private banking in Europe: Preparing for accelerated change


European private banks were already feeling pressure to revitalize. Now that the pandemic has accelerated changes in the expectations of clients and employees, the industry will need to accelerate its transformation. Insights on Financial Services

First Woman CEO of an Investment Bank

She will be the first woman CEO of a major Wall Street investment bank. Here’s more on her career path via the New York Times: Citigroup’s Fraser to Be First Woman to Lead a Big Wall Street Bank. Thursday, Citigroup announced that they are appointing Jane Fraser to be CEO.

Is AI the Solution for the Banking Sector? (Part I: Problems)

Tom Spencer

The financial services industry has seen drastic technology-driven change over the past few years, and digital has fundamentally reshaped consumer behaviour in banking. According to Oliver Wyman, a global management consulting firm, 90% of Canadian banking customers use digital channels and more than 30% are now banking exclusively virtually. However, customer expectations are high and it is difficult for banks to decide which technologies to focus on.

Management Consulting versus Investment Banking

Management Consulted

The cons of investment banking – the long hours, the repetitive and unengaging nature of the work, the lack of non-finance exit opportunities – mattered far more to me than a 6-figure salary. Banking salaries average 50-100% higher than consulting salaries , with the difference increasingly significant as your seniority increases. Cashflow or not, the extra money is substantial and a defining driver of why many people do investment banking. INVESTMENT BANKING.

Data sharing and open banking


The potential benefits of open banking include improved customer experience, new revenue streams, and a sustainable service model for underserved markets. Our Insights

Is AI the Solution for the Banking Sector? (Part 2: Solution)

Tom Spencer

Before we dive into why AI is the solution for the banking sector, let’s first explore what big tech companies have in common, how many of them have grown successfully, and what banks can learn. Furthermore, customers are increasingly expecting from banks much more value per dollar, better service, and seamless experiences regardless of channel. Usage of AI in the Banking Sector. As shown in the table above, the main usage of AI by banks across Canada and U.S.

Productivity transformation for US regional banks


Scale advantages are emerging for the largest US banks; their regional peers need to build highly efficient delivery models in order to compete. Insights on Financial Services

Lessons from leaders in Latin America’s retail banking market


A look at how leading banks outperform in the world’s fastest-growing banking market. Insights on Financial Services

Transforming food banks’ warehouse operations to improve critical performance


As the COVID-19 pandemic jeopardizes livelihoods as well as human health, there has never been a greater need for efficiency within food banks, on which more and more people depend. Warehousing activities offer room for real improvement. Food security

Shaping and safeguarding the banking workforce after COVID-19


Banks can respond to this moment and reshape their workforce norms and culture to come out stronger than before. Insights on Financial Services

Leading a consumer bank through the coronavirus pandemic


The implications of the COVID-19 crisis are profound for consumer and small-business banks, and the steps they take now will shape operations long into the future. Here is where to start. Insights on Financial Services

Six digital growth strategies for banks


Banks that know where to look can find new sources of untapped value. Digital Insights

Digital banking in Indonesia: Building loyalty and generating growth


Indonesian consumers are embracing digital banking. To attract them, banks need to take an active approach. Insights on Financial Services

Managing a customer-experience transformation in banking


As banks rush to transform their customer experience, it’s easy to trip up. Here’s how to execute a step change that moves ahead of competitors. Insights on Financial Services

Reaching Asia’s digital banking customers


Asia’s banking customers are migrating to digital channels in force. The challenge for the region’s banks is to deliver superior digital experiences before competitors do. Insights on Financial Services

Remaking banking customer experience in response to coronavirus


In the context of COVID-19, banks can better serve customers in distress by enhancing support in the use of digital tools and new products and services. Insights on Financial Services

Tools 77

Inflection point: Seven transformative shifts in US retail banking


Only ten years ago, the US retail banking industry was in the depths of the global financial crisis, as many once leading institutions struggled to survive. Since then, after bringing in billions in fresh capital, US banks have made a return to stable ground and greater liquidity. Now, however, several transformative forces are accelerating the evolution of US banking and promising to make the business more challenging in the next ten years.

Asia’s opportunity for growth in banking


Asia is the world center for banking growth, with consumer finance at the forefront. Asia-Pacific

The transformative power of automation in banking


A second wave of automation in banking will increase capacity and free employees to focus on higher-value projects. To capture the opportunity, banks must take a strategic, rather than tactical, approach. Our Insights

Global Corporate Banking 2016: The Next-Generation Corporate Bank


Corporate banking is a tough business. In fact, BCG’s most recent Corporate Banking Performance Benchmarking survey—of 300 corporate banking divisions around the world serving the small, midmarket, and large business segments—found a dramatic split between the best and the rest. The corporate banking sector encompasses diverse segments within and across regions, each with varying business and economic dynamics. Report Monday, December 12, 2016.

Firing on all cylinders in North American commercial banking


Faced with a recent slowdown in growth, North American commercial banks can focus on six “engines” to fuel longer-term profitability through the cycle. Insights on Financial Services