Case Interview

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Case Interview Prep Guide. Lots of case interview practice.” The post Case Interview appeared first on Management Consulted. Case Interview case interviews consulting interviews management consulting McKinsey Case Interview mckinsey interview

Case Study Interview Questions and Answers

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One of the most challenging aspects of case interviews is that once you are provided with the problem, there are an infinite number of ways the case can go. The post Case Study Interview Questions and Answers appeared first on Management Consulted.

Case Interview Basics

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Case Interview basics. There are seven major areas of preparation and knowledge that you must master to crush your case interview and get an offer from a top firm like McKinsey, Bain, or BCG. The post Case Interview Basics appeared first on Management Consulted.

Great Podcast Interviews

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Gift for you – podcast playlist Someone recently asked for a few podcast recommendations (hat tip: JZ), so I put together a playlist of 60+ podcast interviews. The post Great Podcast Interviews appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

McKinsey Case Interview: 4 Things You Never Knew

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The McKinsey consulting case interview – there are so many things to become familiar with in McKinsey consulting interview prep. The post McKinsey Case Interview: 4 Things You Never Knew appeared first on Management Consulted.

Interview Season for New Grads

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It is easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself during interview season, especially when your classmates are receiving interviews for firms you’re interested in. This blog post is mostly about what to do when you receive an interview at that firm you’ve been eyeing for some time.

Case interview season begins

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It’s case interview season. Then, BBAM, time for case interviews. I interviewed at… Read More » The post Case interview season begins appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Consultant case interviewSeems like students just got to school. Moving in, meeting a few people, and getting into an academic groove. There is one huge upside. You may have a job offer before Thanksgiving. Nothing like having a job lined up 6 months in advance.

MECE Framework: Case Interview Example

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In this article, we will cover how to utilize MECE in a case interview setting. The post MECE Framework: Case Interview Example appeared first on Management Consulted. Case Interview case interviews consulting interviewsThe Mutually Exhaustive Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) framework is an important problem structuring principle that consultants use to organize data efficiently and comprehensively.

25 great podcast interviews

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Interview podcasts. Here are my… Read More » The post 25 great podcast interviews appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Fun podcast podcast interviewsPodcasts are a win-win-win. 1) Great use of your time when you are running errands or mindlessly driving to/from work. 2) Free to download. 3) Access to hugely successful people giving you practical, fun, real advice. 4) Share with clients, friends, and family. Oh, let me say it again – they’re free.

Leadership Consulting Interview with Nick Craig: Podcast #76

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The interview process then starts and you have figure out who you’re going. Leadership Consulting Interview with Nick Craig: Podcast #76 is a post from: Consulting Success.

Tips for Case Interview Mastery

By the time you master the case interview, will you have any interview opportunities left? 2) Those who are a good fit, but their learning curve timing vs. the number of interview opportunities available were in conflict, and they ran out of time before they finally reached mastery level. I continue to feel that the best practice approach to case interview preparation is to use a 50/50 combo of Look Over My Shoulder ® and live practice with a partner.

Preparation for the Case Interview:  Math, Charts and Market Sizing

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A major portion of the consulting case interview tests your quantitative skills. So your interviewers want to know that you’re comfortable with math and have strong analytic reasoning skills. Here is a play-by-play of how you should approach a case interview: . Let’s face it.

Case interview advice from Bain

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It’s consulting interview season which means well-groomed MBAs are sitting across small tables with consulting firm partners and senior managers in something called a case interview. For those readers from consulting firms – you know this fire drill – and probably remember it fondly like Marines who remember “hell week” Case interview advice. Consultant Bain case interview interview advice

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6 Fit Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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In my last blog post I wrote about how new grads can navigate interview season when they finally receive a consulting interview they’re excited about. Interview questions are commonly split up into technical, behavioural and fit questions. Where else are you interviewing?

5 Tips for McKinsey Case Interview

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McKinsey Case Interview Tips gives you wisdom that will help you get a McKinsey job offer! Case interview prep can be tough, but in this video Jenny Rae describes specifically what you need to do in your McKinsey interview. The post 5 Tips for McKinsey Case Interview appeared first on Management Consulted. Case Interview case interviews

BCG Case Interview Tips

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Welcome to Part 4 of our ongoing video series – in today’s video, Jenny Rae highlights her Top 2 BCG case interview tips. If you missed the earlier videos, check out our McKinsey, Bain, and Top 3 overall case interview … Continued. bcg interview case interviews

Career tip: What is an informational interview?

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Of the many things I learned in MBA, the “informational interview” is one of those gems that remains relevant a decade later. Information interviews. It is a win-win: The interviewee has the opportunity to be generous – with their… Read More » The post Career tip: What is an informational interview? Team informational interview networking

McKinsey Case Interview Preparation Resources

McKinsey Personal Experience Interview. McKinsey Personal Experience Interview. McKinsey Interview. McKinsey Interviewer-Led Format. McKinsey Interview Format. McKinsey Interview. McKinsey Interview Process. McKinsey Interview Questions. McKinsey Case Interview Practice Resources. McKinsey Case Interview Math Practice. Interviewer-Led Format Prep Tips. McKinsey Interview Prep Tips. Interview Advice.

Bain Case Interview: How to shine

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The Bain case interview has its’ own nuances and slight differences in focus. Not understanding these differences from McKinsey or BCG case interviews could mean the difference between landing an offer at a top firm, or not. The post Bain Case Interview: How to shine appeared first on Management Consulted. Case Interview case interviews

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Case Interview Example – Capacity Change Framework

I've had several requests to provide an example of a case involving the Capacity Change Framework as described in my case interview frameworks article. I did 60+ case interview questions and never saw this case even once.

Case Interview Preparation Time

One of the most common questions I am asked is how much time is needed to prepare for case interviews ? They apply to MBB , have no idea what the industry is about, much to their surprise get an interview, and then for the next 72 hours they are Googling " what is management consulting.". Perhaps this is you, and your likely interview dates are weeks or months away. Do you prepare now for the case without knowing if you will get an interview?

Navigating the Case Interview

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Along the way, every candidate will encounter the case interview. As monstrous as it may look, it is said that the case interview reflects the reality of day-to-day consulting. Case interview – what is it and why does it exist? There are various types of case interview.

Bain Case Interview Tips

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We’re back this week with our one top tip for Bain case interviews. The post Bain Case Interview Tips appeared first on Management Consulted. case interviews

Bain 130

Case Interview structure

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That’s right…interview season is here! For many of you, learning how to structure your approach to a case is the most challenging part of the entire case interview process. The post Case Interview structure appeared first on Management Consulted. case interviewsIt’s crunch time. You’ve been practicing so much that your structurer … Continued.

McKinsey interview: Sheryl Sanderberg

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Too many reasons to mention, but a good thumbnail will be this 9 minute interview with McKinsey here. The post McKinsey interview: Sheryl Sanderberg appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Sheryl Sandberg , COO of Facebook, is awesome.

What are interviewers from consulting firms really looking for?

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So maybe you’ve gotten to the second round, maybe you’re still waiting to hear back, or maybe you’re hoping to interview again in the next recruitment cycle. Regardless of whichever bucket you fall into, it always helps to see things from the interviewers’ perspective.

How consultants interview clients

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This week my team interviewed more than 20 people, everyone from VPs down to the analysts and clerks. The interviews were a gold mine of insights – especially since we were still in the early days of the project and … Continue reading → Consultant Best Practices Business Business Development Clients Communications Customer EQ Interview

Case interviews: Time to start practicing

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Case interview. If you are an undergraduate or MBA student who wants to get a consulting offer, you better do well on the case interview. If you ran a regression on consulting offers and good case interviews, the correlation would … Continue reading → Consultant case interview Consulting jobs Management consulting MBA Resources

Practicing Problem Structuring in Case Interviews

To practice problem structuring in a case interview I recommend practicing the process of setting a hypothesis and devising an issue tree that tests your hypothesis. If you found this post useful, I suggest becoming a registered member (it's free) to get access to the materials I used to pass 60 out of 61 case interviews, land 7 job offers, and end up working at McKinsey.

Stress Interviews

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In this post I look at the stress interview. If you’re interviewing for consulting positions, then you may be subjected to one. The aim of the stress interview is to put you under pressure in order to see how you will react and whether you can calmly defend yourself.

Deloitte interviews Thomas Friedman: The Future of Work

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Just read a 5,000 word interview with Thomas Friedman here. The interview was conducted by Deloitte CEO, Cathy Engelbert, and John Hagel. The post Deloitte interviews Thomas Friedman: The Future of Work appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

Networking Tips for Securing an Interview

A question I get quite often is how do you network your way into a consulting firm interview when you don’t know anyone who works in a consulting firm ? For other suggestions on networking, consider my guide on How to Network to Get a Consulting Interview , for a specific process you can start using right away towards securing an interview. Blog Networking case interview process consulting case interview management consulting case interview networking

McKinsey Case Interview Tips

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That’s why today, we’re bringing you the most high-level McKinsey Case Interview Tips we can. The post McKinsey Case Interview Tips appeared first on Management Consulted. case interviewsWhether you’ve been casing for months, or just started yesterday, it always helps to get some expert guidance along the way. What’s the one thing … Continued.

Why Case Interview Preparation is so Important

To be fair, many of these people did not know about the consulting field and did not realize that preparation was necessary until a day or two before the interview. Others knew they needed to prepare, had ample time to prepare, but thought they would wait until they got the interview before doing so. The problem with this approach is you often only get 3 - 5 days notice between when you find out you have an interview and when you are expected to show up for it.

The ‘Wow Factor’ in a Case Interview – Visualising a Problem

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The fundamentals of doing well in a case interview are pretty well known and accessible. It is essentially everything that is in the case interview bibles of Case In Point or Hacking the Case Interview. Demonstrating ‘wow factor’ can help you ace your case interview in two ways.

Fast Math: Quant Skills

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Whether you majored in Economics, English, or History, you will be expected to be comfortable with math during your consulting case interviews. Fast math.

Getting the Rest Right for Interviews

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After mastering both fit and case interviews, the remaining parts of your consulting interview are the Intro and Q&A. So, candidates generally need to achieve two goals during the Introduction: Generate buy-in from the interviewers; and. Case Interviews case interview

Podcast Interview on 401(k) Plans and Behavioral Finance Trends

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This interview is geared toward defined contribution plan sponsors and those closely related with this segment of the market (e.g., Thanks to Rick Unser for having me recently on his 401(k) Fridays podcast.

8 Example Case Interview Questions

Here's a list of Case Interview Questions that I've received as a candidate. Keep in mind the interview format (especially for McKinsey) has evolved since the time I went through it as a candidate. While many of the sample case questions are from the McKinsey interview , they are equally applicable for Boston Consulting Group, Bain or any of the other top consulting firms.

Case Interview Foundations: 6 Types of Case Interviews

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Consulting firms rely heavily on case interviews to find the right candidate and, therefore, you should practice them – practice them well, start practicing them early (2-3 months prior to the interview), and then keep practicing them often. case interviews