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Tourism is fun, but rarely transformative. "I bought the diet book, but ate my usual foods.". "I I filled the prescription, but didn't take the meds.". "I I took the course. well, I watched the videos. but I didn't do the exercises in writing.".

Coping with success: Managing overcrowding in tourism destinations


McKinsey and the World Travel & Tourism Council examine how destinations can reap the benefits of tourism while preserving their unique qualities. Our Insights

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French Tourism Down 10% on Average Following Terrorist Attacks


A few days ago a reader wanted to know how much European tourism declined in the wake of terrorist attacks. … Continue reading → Economics

Can inbound tourism fuel Japan’s economic growth?


The country struggles to attract Western visitors, tourists focus on limited destinations, and capacity is already stretched. Addressing these challenges could significantly boost the world’s third-largest economy. Our Insights

Taking the Long View on Cuba's Tourism Opportunity


Article Thursday, May 04, 2017 Improved relations with the US have brought a flood of US travelers—and a potential boon for travel companies.

Cuba: A Tourism Conundrum

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Several of my friends just returned from a trip to Cuba and I've been reliving their adventures in Havana and Santiago through photos. Leisure travel to Cuba from the U.S. is still banned, but my friends were able to enter the country through the "people-to-people" program in which visitors interact with Cuban citizens in cultural activities. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit Customer Experience Marketing homepage

Innovating the Mundane


Space tourism and self-driving cars are exciting to ponder, but what about just making our current systems work better

Why to Schedule Your Next Conference in Dubai or Kuala Lumpur


Emerging economies are poised to attract tourism''s most lucrative niche market

'Honestly, It's Not For Everyone' Nebraska Campaign Is Marketing Genius

Henry DeVries

Honestly, the new Nebraska tourism campaign is genius and a lesson to those who want to attract high-paying clients. Honesty is the best policy

How to Establish Value in Your Consulting Fees

Consulting Success

” “Well, it will help them to attract more visibility and get more tourism and direct investment.” We went on to talk about the measurable value of tourism and direct investment for the buyer.

The FOOD Episode!

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In this special Thanksgiving edition taped a few days before the holiday, Youngme, Felix, and Mihir discuss all things food, including food halls, the plastic problem, vertical farming, CBD menu sightings, culinary tourism, and fast whiskey. Financial markets Disruptive innovation Social responsibility Audio

Casual Apparel Outperforms High-End Fashion


Travel and tourism, consumer durables, consumer nondurables, and retail were the other four, and all five consumer industries finished in the top ten of the 28 industries we analyzed. Article Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

What Cuba’s Economic Evolution Means for Multinationals


Two subsequent publications will analyze the country’s consumer and tourism industries.). Article Thursday, April 21, 2016. President Obama’s trip to Havana this spring was the first visit from a US president to Cuba in nearly 90 years.

New Law in France: Limos Must Wait 15 Minutes Minimum Before Picking Up Rides


Note: "VTC" (Voiture de Tourisme avec Chauffeur) translates roughly as chauffeur driven touring car. According the Minister of Crafts, Trade and Tourism and the Interior Minister, the delay helps distinguish the activity of VTCs from taxis. Regardless, Hollande''s Minister of Crafts, Trade and Tourism and the Interior Minister ruled in favor of taxis. Want to arrange a limo in France to take you to the airport or go on a private tour?

How Iceland 'Gets' Frictionless Experiences

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Although it was a short trip, it gave me a glimpse into a well-oiled tourism engine that companies should aspire to. Hospitality and travel companies could learn a lot from Iceland in terms of creating a frictionless guest experience.

What is Consulting?

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(Source: Flickr ). Consulting” is a pretty general term, and doesn’t really give you a clear idea of what consultants actually do. The Oxford dictionary indicates that “to consult” means to “seek information or advice from someone (especially an expert)”.

The Secrets of Retail’s Repeat Top Performers


Travel and tourism, consumer durables, consumer nondurables, and fashion and luxury were the other four. Article Friday, January 20, 2017 During the past decade, the global retail industry established a solid record of very strong value creation. For the five years from 2011 through 2015, the industry’s performance declined somewhat in both absolute and relative terms. Still, it continues to deliver better value than most other industries.

The Real Challenge to Turkey’s Economy Isn’t Terrorism

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Terrorism impacts tourism, but not for as long as you might think. It generally takes a country about 13 months to recover fully from a terrorist attack, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Understanding the Evolving Cuban Consumer


A third will analyze the country’s travel and tourism industry. Focus Thursday, June 02, 2016. Over the past 18 months, communications between the US and Cuba have improved significantly.

French Unemployment Rises Most in Three Years to Record Level


They fear a decline in activity in tourism and catering that would inevitably damage employment. The recovery in France appears to have stalled already, and this is from employment data before the terrorist attacks. Via translation from Les Echos. The number of Class A unemployed rose by 42,000 last month. This is the largest increase in nearly three years. Overseas included, France now has 3,810,000 unemployed, a new record.

Egypt Police Storm Pro-Mursi Camps; Deadly Clashes; Stocks Lower, Market Closed Until August 18


One of the major pillars of the Egyptian economy is tourism. The longer that the violence goes on, the longer it will take for Egypt to recover the type of tourism revenues it was generating before the revolution in 2011.

The Growing Business of Helping Customers Slow Down

Harvard Business

Witness the rising popularity of yoga and wellness retreats (one of fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry), the slow food movement, and the spreading popularity of digital detoxes: time away from tech devices. Westend61/Getty Images. We are living in an age of acceleration.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in the Middle East

Management Consulted

Dubai is one of the firm’s newest offices, and for good reason – the city is a hot spot for tourism, real estate investment, trade, transportation, and financial services. Deloitte plays a pivotal role in serving Middle East’s high-growth industry sectors such as tourism, hospitality and leisure, construction, telecoms and financial services, as well as major sectors such as oil and gas, the public sector and the Gulf region’s sovereign wealth funds.

5 activities or interests to add to your CV


Not only does learning another language make yourself available for roles in teaching, translating, tourism, and more; it can also strengthen your CV in a range of other ways. A common mistake some candidates seem to make is adding the wrong extracurricular activities to their CV or none at all.

Simon-Kucher & Partners Interviews & Culture

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Transportation, Travel & Tourism. SIMON-KUCHER & PARTNERS INTERVIEWS & CULTURE. Simon-Kucher & Partners is relatively small firm based in Bonn, Germany.

Swiss Peg Removal: Did Anyone Win?


One widely recognized "big loser" is the tourism industry. Net-net this is likely to be a loser for the tourism industry, but it may not be the total carnage most expect.

Russia Ponders Russian Airspace No-Fly Zone for EU Commercial and Passenger Jets


Estimated Losses Greek tourism expects the move to cost $400 million. The sanctions retaliation game took another big leap forward today with the EU in the spotlight: Moscow May Force European Airlines to Fly Around Russia. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev threatened on Tuesday to retaliate for the grounding of a subsidiary of national airline Aeroflot because of EU sanctions, with one newspaper reporting that European flights to Asia over Siberia could be banned.

LA Commission Studies Pension Crisis, Recommends New Commission; Bankruptcy Inevitable


The Los Angeles 2020 Commission presented a catalog of failings that it said were a unique burden to the city: widespread poverty and job stagnation, huge municipal pension obligations, a struggling port and tourism industry and paralyzing traffic that would not be eased even with a continuing multibillion-dollar mass transit initiative. The Los Angeles 2020 Commission studied amongst other things the sorry state of LA''s pension mess.

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How Customers Come to Think of a Product as an Extension of Themselves

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Or consider Great Britain’s tourism campaign. KAZUHIRO NOGI/Getty Images. Businesses are constantly vying to capture the attention of potential customers. It’s not easy to do.

Post-Mortems: Are you working in a ‘Learning Organisation’?

Confessions of a Consultant

During the Celtic Tiger era, many people overstretched, gambling money they couldn’t afford to lose, sometimes buying ‘off-plan’ properties in countries that they’d never even visited (I wasn’t personally aware that Bulgaria was a hotbed of Irish tourism).

Start of a Global Currency Crisis?


In Emerging Market Contagion Spreads , I presented a viewpoint that emerging market currencies have been under pressure because of falling commodity prices. Commodity exporter currencies such as the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, and Brazilian Real have been under pressure for the same reason.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: Sorry Bill.I'd rather kiss my new boss.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

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Trump, Globalization, and Trade’s Uncertain Future

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So will people inflows for other purposes, like university studies and tourism. Donald Trump’s election to the presidency of the United States makes Brexit look like a hiccup. As Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, put it, the election of Trump is “Brexit times three.” ” This new reality will require businesses to rethink globalization , starting with the aspects Trump is most critical of.

Why Public Health Organizations Should Partner with Academic Institutes - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM QATAR FOUNDATION

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Sidra also ushered in an era of medical tourism in Qatar when a prematurely-born baby was flown to Qatar from Kuwait for an emergency operation to correct a heart defect, at just 29 days old.

Japan "Wins" 2020 Olympics: Final Nail in Yen Coffin?


To prepare for these events, Brazil and Russia are spending billions to modernize infrastructure, build stadiums, increase commerce, and promote tourism. Japan is all aglow that it "won" the 2020 summer Olympics.

How I Fell In Love With Business: Confessions of a Bain Consultant

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In Guatemala, I researched cultural tourism and Spanish immersion training. If you haven’t read Part 1 or Part 2 of our Transparency Series (on Jenny Rae’s journey before, during and after Bain), make sure you start there – it will illuminate the back story to what we share here. Enjoy! **. I sat in the gate area at Washington-Dulles airport, awaiting my first flight overseas.

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What to Know About Doing Business in Iran

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Compared to most oil-rich countries in the Middle East, Iran has a diversified economy, its tourism sector is on the verge of a major windfall, and threats to its political stability are in decline.