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Transforming Information Technology at a Large State Agency

Brimstone Consulting

The office of information technology that serves agencies across a state government system set a goal of becoming a high-performing and customer-centric service provider. The post Transforming Information Technology at a Large State Agency appeared first on Brimstone Consulting LLC. CASE STUDY.

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How To Win Government Consulting Jobs With Abhijit Verekar: Podcast #138

Consulting Success

In this episode, Michael Zipursky interviews Abhijit Verekar, President and CEO of Avèro Advisors—an end-to-end information technology advisory firm that works with local governments all around the US to implement new IT infrastructures and systems. While that is the case, it is nevertheless not impossible.


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Q&A with Patrick Jones

Brimstone Consulting

My experience includes investment banking, commercial banking, and information technology where I have held senior positions in each. Patrick Jones shares his favorite part of his work, his greatest accomplishments, and how to recharge. What are your areas of expertise? .

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Management Consulting

Information Technology Consulting Photo by Štefan Štefančík As technology continues to take center stage, Information Technology (IT) consultants are becoming increasingly popular. A lot of the industry secrets and techniques still apply to the industry today.

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Big Data: An Opportunity for Data Scientists & Data Analysts

Tom Spencer

Data analysts often work closely with key business functions including marketing , product development, information technology, finance, and management to identify consumer trends, anticipate issues, and present evidence-based solutions to support strategic decision-making. Required Skills.

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Management Consulting Salary Guide for 2019

Information Technology Consulting. Information Technology consultants have become important assets for consulting firms. Because they provide much-needed technology solutions to businesses, they enable such clients to realize growth, operational efficiency, and increased profits.

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Building a Resilient Global Enterprise Inspired by Biology


Many global enterprises today have succeeded by following a simple recipe: procure, manufacture, and assemble in the lowest-cost locations, link these using reliable, standardized logistics and information technology, market the resulting products globally, and book profit in low-tax havens.