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The retail industry has been going through harder times over the last couple years. For numerous reasons, retail has been negatively impacted across most states and cities in the United States, but also internationally. Are you experiencing retail business trouble?

A future of retail

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What do traditional retailers own or control? When retailers move online, the things they used to own are either eliminated or transformed.


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What B2C retail can teach consultants about sales

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As shoppers have embraced the digital revolution—a revolution which has been accelerated significantly by the pandemic—brands and retailers have come under increased pressure to deliver compelling and cohesive customer experiences across both physical and digital channels.

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What Robots Can Do for Retail

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Technology Retail & Consumer Goods Digital ArticleThey’ll help you identify what consumers didn’t purchase — but wanted to.

Wholesale and retail

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Up close, face to face, in the specific, it’s difficult to dismiss the humanity of others. It’s only when we decide to industrialize the process, to do it all at once, to boil it down to numbers–that’s when we begin to disconnect. One at a time.

How AR Is Redefining Retail in the Pandemic

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” Technology Retail & Consumer Goods Digital ArticleA closer look at augmented reality and the “digital lipstick effect.”

What’s Next in the Retail Customer Experience

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Propelled by the pandemic, retailers transformed their services, products, and customer experience at breakneck speed. Retailers, however, have a thin margin of error as they recover from 2020. And so this trend of consumers pushing and retailers holding back is no longer viable.

3 ways retailers are combatting holiday season challenges this summer

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Summer may be just around the corner, but retailers are already preparing for the biggest shopping period of the year – the winter holiday season. Here’s what retailers are doing to get ahead of numerous challenges and maximize the holidays. What are retailers missing?

How E-Commerce Fits into Retail’s Post-Pandemic Future

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Technology Sales Customers Retail & Consumer Goods Digital ArticleNew data from Ernst & Young suggests it will be an important part of the consumer experience — but not everything.

Retail Payments: Mapping Your Digital Destiny


Below, we take a regional look at how incumbents in retail payments can excel in an increasingly digital world. Overall, growth in retail payments revenues will be driven by account and debit card revenues. Moreover, across regions, there are vast differences in both the retail payments revenue mix and growth projections through 2025. Article Monday, September 26, 2016.

The Pandemic Is Rewriting the Rules of Retail

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Competitive strategy Technology Retail & Consumer Goods Digital ArticleYour customers have changed. Have you?

Retail Sales Cannibalization


Retail firings continue. is attempting to right-size itself by closing 33 under-performing stores around the country and eliminating 2,000 positions, the retailer said Wednesday. In addition to the workers losing their jobs, some associates will be reassigned or transferred, the retailer said. Today, Wal-Mart announced a 2% Reduction in Sam''s Club Employees to thin middle-manager ranks. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Reinventing an Iconic Independent Bookstore

Harvard Business Review

Can Denver’s The Tattered Cover find a way to compete successfully with online and big box retailers? Strategy Marketing Leadership Innovation Retail and consumer goods Audio

Small Box Retailers


Target is the latest retailer to double down on mini versions of its stores -- and hopes to avoid others' pitfalls

Retail Banks at the Crossroad


Nearly eight years after the financial crisis, the performance of many retail banks is still disappointing investors and financial markets, particularly in Europe. It seems that retail banks’ business models are incompatible with both the overall economic climate that has prevailed since 2008 and the competitive challenges arising from new entrants. In fact, retail banks have to reinvent themselves. Article Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

NRF 2021: Trends that Retailers Bet will Outlast the Pandemic

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With 2020 in the rearview mirror, retailers are ready to embark on a new path forward. However, it’s impossible to look ahead without acknowledging the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed on retail businesses, their partners, and consumer expectations.

Retail Sales “Solidly” Flat


Economists missed the mark on retail sales this month by a mile. The Bloomberg Econoday consensus estimate was +0.4% in … Continue reading → Economics

How Diversity of Thought Can Fit into Your DEI Strategy

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Diversity and inclusion Race Neurodiversity Gender Organizational culture Entrepreneurship Leadership Food and beverage sector Retail and consumer goods North America Digital Article

4 Questions Retailers Need to Ask About Augmented Reality

Harvard Business

Sales & Marketing Technology Retail & Consumer Goods Technology Digital ArticleIt’s not for everyone.

Wholesale and Retail Inventories Rise


Census bureau reports show wholesale and retail inventories jumped in November. more…). Economics

Eurozone Retail PMI Sinks Again


Markit reports the Eurozone Retail PMI shows further drop in sales at year-end. Key Points: Retail sales fall at faster rate in December Rates of contraction accelerate in France and Italy , while growth eases in Germany Wholesale price inflation remains close to November’s recent low Summary: Latest PMI® data from Markit showed deteriorating trends with in the eurozone retail sector in December.

How an Old U.S. Antitrust Law Could Foster a Fairer Retail Sector

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Targeting abuses of purchasing power helped usher in a golden age of retail in the United States — and it could again. Antitrust laws Business and society Government policy and regulation Digital Article

Why You Should Warn Customers When You’re Running Low on Stock

Harvard Business Review

Customer experience Analytics and data science Algorithms Customer strategy Behavioral economics Retail and consumer goods Digital ArticleResearch suggests that transparency up front will improve customer satisfaction in the long run.

What are the main challenges for a traditional retail bank?


Hi, The Head of Retail in a traditional bank in Eastern Europe is facing the consequences of the ever-changing environment. He understands the service of the disruptor banks and would like to initi

Retailers Face a Data Deficit in the Wake of the Pandemic

Harvard Business

Data Marketing Technology Retail & Consumer Goods Digital ArticleHow do you stay relevant to consumers when you don’t know what they want?

Navigating Retail's Last Mile


Today, retailers approach the last mile making more nuanced trade-offs among speed, variety, and convenience. The right combination entails a complex set of compromises that depend on the product type, consumer segment, shopping occasion, and retailer positioning Nearly two decades ago, the first home delivery startups focused on speed at the expense of variety -- they could get you a small selection of goods relatively quickly.

For Retailers, a Direct Link from ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ to the Bottom Line - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM PAYPAL

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Sponsor content from PAYPAL. Customer experience Pricing strategy Strategy Customer-centricity Sponsor Content

The Secrets of Retail’s Repeat Top Performers


Article Friday, January 20, 2017 During the past decade, the global retail industry established a solid record of very strong value creation. Ninety-four of the companies were in the retail industry. Overall, from 2011 through 2015, the retail companies in our sample returned an annualized TSR of 16% (down from 21% for the five-year period ending in 2014).

What Did 2020 Do to Retail?

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Covid will have a long-lasting impact on the industry. Strategy Digital Article

Retail Survival 101: Treating Employees Better

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For retailers, 2017 will be remembered as the year of store closings. The store closings are symptomatic of a larger trend: consumers are increasingly eschewing stores for online retailers that offer virtually endless aisles and fast deliveries.Still, some retailers have managed to not only survive but thrive in the face of t This article appeared originally in Customer Strategist.

Retail Sales Exceed Expectations, Huge Upward Revisions


Retail sales, led once again by autos, beat the Bloomberg Economic Consensus. Big upward revisions underscore a very solid and very important retail sales report. Retail sales rose 0.6 But even outside vehicles, retail sales were strong with the ex-auto reading rising a solid 0.4 Excluding both vehicles and gasoline, retail sales rose 0.4 In addition, prior revisions were all higher.

The Shopping Episode: Retail Trends We’re Watching

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Youngme, Mihir, and Felix share their shopping habits and the retail trends they’re keeping an eye on. Sales Marketing Product development Audio

The simple dynamics of failing retail

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The local retailer says, “I’m sitting here all day, with a limited selection and a paid staff, waiting for you to come and buy something I have in inventory. ” The online retailer says, “I can use the same size staff to serve a town of a million, not a few thousand. ” The local retailer depended on two groups of people: Folks who needed or wanted the hands-on service, the ability to try things on and the chance to chat.

Retail's Risky New Strategy


How to convert extraordinary behaviors into ordinary parts of your culture

Investigating Amazon’s Impact on Retail Sales Growth


The latest retail sales report from the Census Department offers a fascinating look at Amazon’s impact on retailers if you dive into the details. more…). Economics

3 ways retailers are adapting to higher customer expectations

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From a massive ecommerce shift to curbside pickup and store floors converted into fulfillment centers, the retail experience has rapidly changed. Fill labor gaps in non-traditional ways An army of employees is needed to carry out the tasks that keep the retail experience humming.

Retail Bank Operational and Digital Leaders Reap the Rewards


BCG’s Retail-Banking Excellence benchmarking study (REBEX) profiles the operational and digital practices and performance of 20 of the world’s leading retail banks, a group of 40 institutions chosen for their size and the strength of their capabilities. Article Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

Customers Steer Digital Trends Driving Retail Bank Transformation


The return of economic growth to many of the world's markets, albeit at different rates, should help to boost the overall outlook for retail banking. Article Tuesday, May 10, 2016. At the same time, however, banks face a number of diverse challenges and uncertainties, including macroeconomic fluctuations, tighter regulations, customers’ heightened digital expectations, a need for better brand advocacy, and new sources of competition.

Toys ‘R’ Us Is Dead, but Physical Retail Isn’t

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The news is part of a larger trend of closings that some are calling the retail apocalypse. The rise of e-commerce, combined with a shift in consumer preference toward dining out over shopping and with years of overbuilding , has made for distinctly unattractive economics in traditional retail. Amazon has made a big push into physical retail, capped off by its $13.7 None of these ideas are necessarily bad, but they fail to address the shifting economics of retail.

How Retailers Can Reach Consumers Who Aren’t Spending

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retail sales dropped a historic 8.7% in March 2020. Marketing Digital Article

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