Small Business Shouldn’t Mean Small Thinking

Alan Weiss

While the market reaches record heights, businesses are closing on Main Street. But for a small business, making a $40,000 error can be fatal. Yet small business owners are among those most resistant to advice, and tend to make more emotional decisions than intellectual decisions. They listen to the wrong people (family, attorneys, accountants) instead of listening to business advisors and, most of all, their best customers.

The Corona Virus for Small Businesses

Consultant Journal

How should small business owners manage the corona virus, aka COVID-19 ? At Consultant Journal, we know many entrepreneurs, small business owners and consultants wonder about the business impact. If your business meets with clients in person, you may want to look at your policies and processes to help keep clients and yourself healthy. Business Process Review. Business continuity.


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Big business vs. small business

Seth Godin Blog

Small companies create almost all the jobs. Net neutrality is an argument between freedom of innovation by small business vs. control from big business. Worth noting: A small business is not a big business that hasn’t grown up yet.

US small-business recovery after the COVID-19 crisis


Improving operations and adapting business models can help small businesses in many industries recover. Finding the cash to do so may be a stretch. Public Sector Insights

“Small Business” Positioning

Kai Davis

The more businesses you market to, the more prospects you should be able to reach. The #1 most common positioning issue I see as a business coach for freelancers and consultants ? Consultants picking too broad of a target market: I help businesses… I help small businesses. The Law of Raspberry Jam applies everywhere in your business. million small businesses in the US. What’s a ‘small business’?

Which small businesses are most vulnerable to COVID-19—and when


Understanding which small businesses are most threatened can help the rest of us respond to the crisis. Those with relatively limited financial resources are most at risk, but none are immune to the pandemic’s effects. Americas

How To Grow Your Small Business Exponentially

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Here are some of the top business development growth secrets he has learned since founding his company in 2017. Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Small Business /small-business Entrepreneurs /entrepreneurs leadership

A Small Business Guide to Facebook Insights

Tom Spencer

Facebook’s own marketing team make running a business page and using Facebook Ads sound simple and effective. The better you understand your Facebook page, its audience, its strengths, and its weaknesses, the more effectively you can deploy that page and your financial investment into generating worthwhile returns for your business. As a page admin, when you go to your business page you’ll see a series of headers across the top – and one of them reads: Insights.

How Small Businesses Can Survive The Growing Pandemic

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Small Business /small-business Entrepreneurs /entrepreneurs leadership"Keep serving your clients. Be a leader. Be the voice of reason when they need it most.

Small Business Survival Tips During COVID-19

Martinka Consulting

This virus has affected every business. Whatever your business is, be doing marketing. Be present instead acting like you’re in a business coma. If business is slow, do those administrative things you’ve put off. The post Small Business Survival Tips During COVID-19 appeared first on Martinka Consulting.

COVID-19’s effect on minority-owned small businesses in the United States


Already vulnerable, minority-owned small businesses brace for disproportionate impact. Here’s how to help. Social Sector Insights

The Top Three Sales Skills for Small Business Owners

Women in Consulting

Do those referrals provide you with enough business? If you are like most small business owners, you need to generate new business. And they don’t get the business. People are busy and calling you to get info on your service is not going to happen. I help business owners to improve in all areas of the sales process, so they can make more money. Top Consulting Tips new business referrals sales process Sales skills Savvy Selling Now!

COVID-19’s effect on jobs at small businesses in the United States


Thirty million small-business jobs are vulnerable—a higher share than at larger private-sector employers. Social Sector Insights

Cryptocurrencies for Small Businesses – Cautions and Use Cases

Tom Spencer

Even if cryptocurrencies will not displace gold and fiat currencies, there is great potential in crypto and blockchain for business applications. So what can crypto really do for business, and for small business in particular? However, for import/export businesses that regularly engage in cross-border transactions crypto offers clearer benefits by making transfers less costly and faster to execute. Finally, no business can survive rapid price fluctuations.

Three Small Business Growth Strategies


Follow these three steps to keep your independent business growing

Strategies for Small-Business Survival


Bad economic conditions don''t necessarily mean a death sentence for small companies. They can employ multiple strategies to keep growing

Small Business and Rotary Projects – Huge Dependencies

Martinka Consulting

The post Small Business and Rotary Projects – Huge Dependencies appeared first on Martinka Consulting. Exit Strategies Increasing Value Video Podcasts

Networking Tips for Small Business Owners

MBO Partners

Three networking tips to grow your independent business by building and maintaining relationships with valuable business contacts

What Small Businesses Know About Corporate Responsibility

Harvard Business

They’re good at building ties to the local community. Social responsibility Digital Article

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Facebook marketing tips for your small business social media strategy

Video: Creating Strategy in a Small Business

Ed Kless

Here is the video: And below are the slides: Creating strategy in the small business from Ed Kless. On Consulting On Organizational Development accountex entrepreneur heathrow london small business strategyEarlier this week I had the honor to deliver a session at AccountEX in the UK. Some random thoughts on the trip: I was on the ground in London for 30 hours total. As a result, the jet lag was not so bad. I think I caught up with it on the way home.

When Big Business Helps Small Business to Succeed

Think Customers

Surviving in today''s turbulent business world is tough. According to Wells Fargo and the National Federation of Independent Business'' Education Foundation, about half of small businesses disappear within five years. In some cases, small business failures are the result of a lack of access to capital. Other contributors to small business failures include non-payment of taxes, lack of strategic planning, and a lack of management experience.

Five Small Business Certifications to Consider


Certifications can help differentiate your small business and provide access to federal contracts, specialized funding, and new networking opportunities. Here are five certifications to consider pursuing

How AI Could Help Small Businesses

Harvard Business

Access to capital and a better understanding of critical metrics. Entrepreneurship Technology Digital Article

Digital Disruption in the US Small-Business Insurance Market


Insurers know that many small businesses in the US—those with up to 30 workers—will eventually buy insurance directly online. According to estimates by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), about 17% of premiums in the US small-business market will be digitally underwritten by 2018. See the exhibit, “Digital Underwriting Is Taking Off in the US Small-Business Insurance Market.”) Article Thursday, April 07, 2016.

Five Legal Requirements for Starting a Small Business

MBO Partners

Make sure your small business operates legally with all of the required licenses and permits

Top 10 Consulting and Small Business Blogs to Follow|Women In.

Women in Consulting

Non Profit Business Software. Non profit Business Solutions Non Profit Fundraising Non Profit CRM Higher Education Software K 12 School Software Church Management Software Church Accounting Church Fundraising Software. Charity CRM System : Constituent relationship management system for nonprofits: Blackbaud offers several nonprofit CRM software solutions for small to large nonprofit organizations.

Five Blogging Tips for Your Small Business


Market your consulting services with these five tips for blogging your way to expert status

Small Businesses Deserve More Than One Saturday Each Year

Think Customers

Size shouldn't matter, but for small businesses, size often indicates an unavoidable disadvantage. By nature, big box stores have the ability to slash prices and advertise deals in ways that small businesses simply can't afford. Thus, in 2010, American Express launched its Small Business Saturday event to garner consumer awareness and support for these local establishments.

A Way Forward for Small Businesses

Harvard Business

In the face of existential uncertainty, you must balance urgency with prudence. Economy Crisis management Digital Article

How to Create a Business Plan for Your Small Business

MBO Partners

Create a business plan for your small business by following these 8 essential steps

Surprise Leadership Tip To Soar Through COVID-19 Crisis

Henry DeVries

Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Small Business /small-business Entrepreneurs /entrepreneurs leadershipYour leadership matters, especially during a crisis. How do you soar as a leader?

Offline Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

MBO Partners

Four offline solutions to effectively market your independent consultancy for free

6 Tips for Keeping Your Small Business Running Smoothly


Keep your small business running smoothly with these 6 tips for managing administrative work

Four Steps to Small Business Success

MBO Partners

Follow these four steps to meet your business goals as an independent professional

A small business isn’t simply a little version of a big business

Seth Godin Blog

The biggest advantage that a small business has is that the owner can look customers in the eye. Instead of policies, groupthink and leverage, the way forward for a small business might be the very thing that fueled you in the start: find out what people need and help them get it. It’s never been easy to be a small business and it’s even more difficult right now. Fewer meetings, fewer resources, fewer constraints.

Managing the very small business

Seth Godin Blog

How do you find, lead and manage employees in a tiny business (two to nine people)? Businesses often fail to spend the time and money to recruit, hire and train fellow travelers, instead, hiring what they can and then being disappointed when they try to lead. The pitfall: Sometimes the boss is also busy getting new business, inventing new products and generally engaged outside the organization.

How to Reevaluate Your Small Business Goals

MBO Partners

Three helpful tips to reevaluate your business goals and stay on track for the future

How to Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

Road to VR

Follow these four steps to take your consulting business beyond the start-up phase and to the next level

Small Businesses Leverage Loyalty Programs

1 to 1

The birth of loyalty programs have given brands the ability to reward their customers for choosing to do business with that company, and in turn hope that they will keep coming back. Customer loyalty is a hard-earned and highly valuable characteristic that organizations have long been trying to gain and retain.