Michael Zipursky on Sales For Nerds

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Michael was recently featured on Sales For Nerds. You can listen to it here: Michael Zipursky on Sales For Nerds “Marketing” and “sales” are dirty words to many consultants. ” After all, marketing and sales are for marketing and salespeople.

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5 Simple Steps to Win More Consulting Projects (Make Sales Easier)

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Here’s how to win more consulting sales. People often refer to it as “closing” more sales. Forget About Closing The Sale (For Now) The key to closing more sales is don’t focus on the close.

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The King Of Sales: Unlocking The Secrets Of Sales And Consulting Success with Jeffrey Gitomer: Podcast #53

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King of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer gives an account of his journey from selling Encyclopedia Britannica to consulting to writing and to creating a sales training empire. Consulting Success Podcast from expert to authority King of Sales sales expert sales training empire Sell or Die

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Michael Zipursky on Sales Growth Systems

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Michael was recently featured on Sales Growth Systems Podcast. But what about sales? Michael Zipursky on Sales Growth Systems is a post from: Consulting Success. Consulting Interviews Consulting Sales email communication Email MarketingYou can listen to it here: How and Why Service Professionals Should Gently Sell Within An Email Email. You use it every day. Sometimes when you’re talking with your clients. Sometimes when you’re taking with your friends.

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High Converting Webinar Sales In Consulting With Joel Erway: Podcast #46

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Lead generation webinars are a powerful tool for generating high-ticket sales appointments. In recent years, building high-converting sales webinars and sales presentations have become a top priority for coaches, consultants, and solo entrepreneurs looking to sell their courses through specialists. High Converting Webinar Sales In Consulting With Joel Erway: Podcast #46 is a post from: Consulting Success.

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Leading Sales Expert Shares How to Sell More And Feel Good About It with Anthony Iannarino: Podcast #79

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Leading Sales Expert Shares How to Sell More And Feel Good About It with Anthony Iannarino: Podcast #79 is a post from: Consulting Success. Consulting Success Podcast closing Consulting How to be successful How To Sell More sales selling

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Maximize the lifetime value of your sales force


Better and more thoughtful ways to measure the potential lifetime value of each member of the sales force can not only improve talent management but also create more value. Marketing & Sales Insights

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Don’t Let Your Sales Process Kill Sales

Joellyn Sargent

Recently I’ve been helping a client through the selection process for technology platforms, and I’ve noticed something disturbing: Many of the vendors we’ve approached have a decidedly unfriendly sales process. Try Customer Focused Sales.

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Consulting Business Sales Pipeline Template

The Clever Consultant

Most consultants could easily track their sales opportunities in a spreadsheet and avoid the cost of paying for CRM software. Downloads Selling Consulting Services crm sales pipeline

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Sales incentives that boost growth


Not all sales compensation is the same. Marketing & Sales InsightsStructuring incentives using these four building blocks, can improve the bottom line.

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SALE: New Momentum Program for Early-Stage Consultants

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SALE: New Momentum Program for Early-Stage Consultants is a post from: Consulting Success.

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Consulting Sales Systems That Work for Introverts with Bob Burg: Podcast #16

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Transform your failures into success in no time by implementing sales systems that will work for you. Description: Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences around the world. The challenge he then faced was a lack of knowledge about sales.

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How to Increase Your Consulting Sales By Embracing the Consulting & Sales Balance with Anthony Iannarino – Episode 1

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Description: Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, author, and sales leader of the top ½% of all businesses in America. Between consulting, writing, sales, and running a staffing firm, Anthony has proven that he is on a mission to serve and to help people achieve better business results than they could otherwise. Key Takeaways: [:40] Is sales a dirty word? Anthony explains the shift of power that has taken the dirt out of previously used sales tactics. [4:50]

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Top 7 Traits of Successful Sales Managers

LSA Global

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the traits of successful sales managers? Sales managers have an awesome responsibility. The Job of a Sales Manager. The Top Seven Traits of Successful Sales Managers. The top performing sales managers are: 1. The Pressure to Succeed.

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Shaping the New Sales Cycle

Joellyn Sargent

The New Sales Funnel. Companies decided which products or services they wanted to promote, then their Sales and Marketing teams went to work to build awareness, create interest and drive demand. Now customers move themselves through the sales cycle, gathering information online, doing research, reading reviews, and so on. If and when a sales rep gets involved, it’s often much later in the sales process. Sales as Sherpa.

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Grow Revenue In Subscription-Based Consulting With Jeb Blount, CEO Sales Gravy: Podcast #44

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Jeb Blount, CEO of Sales Gravy, Grow Revenue In Subscription-Based Consulting With Jeb Blount, CEO Sales Gravy: Podcast #44 is a post from: Consulting Success. Consulting Success Podcast Grow Revenue In Subscription-Based Consulting Grow Revenue In Subscription-Based Consulting With Jeb Blount CEO Sales Gravy Jeb Blount CEO Michael Zipursky Subscription-Based ConsultingSending hourly invoices to your client can get awkward really fast.

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7 Consulting Proposal Tips to Close That Sale

Tom Spencer

Writing a consulting proposal that closes a sale can be challenging, and as a result it may be difficult to figure out why your proposals are getting rejected. Have a Sales Conversation First. Despite their expertise, many consultants struggle to close deals.

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4 Ways to Be More Buyer-Centric to Increase Sales

LSA Global

Top Sales Reps are Buyer-Centric. The secret to increasing your sales is not to push harder; it is to be more buyer-centric. To increase sales and create long-term client relationships, you need to get beyond the mechanics of solution selling and focus on what matters most to the buyer.

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Top 4 Sales Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

LSA Global

Top 4 Sales Leadership Mistakes to Avoid – Complex Sales Can Be Complicated. Are your sales reps fully prepped to win? Top 4 Sales Leadership Mistakes to Avoid. We work hard to address the specific needs of our sales clients. Sales leaders set the example.

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The difference between good and bad sales training: A closer look at certification


Building sales capabilities has to evolve to deliver growth and keep up with evolving needs. Marketing & Sales Insights

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4 Essentials for a High Performing Sales Team

LSA Global

High Performing Sales Team. How would you describe the performance of your sales team? What Does It Take to be a High Performing Sales Team? Of course, you first need a competitive solution to sell and a team with the baseline sales skills to connect with your target buyers.

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What Stops Sales Managers from Coaching?

LSA Global

Do You Know What Stops Sales Managers from Coaching? If you are responsible for the performance of your sales team, you must first identify what stops sales managers from coaching so you can systematically remove the big obstacles to their acting as effective coaches.

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Missed Sales Opportunities? Read This

LSA Global

Missed Sales Opportunities. Heaven knows, with the increase in competition and expectations it’s hard enough to hit sales quotas on a regular basis. But it’s near impossible if you are guilty of some of the most common missed sales opportunities even the most seasoned solution sellers make. The Top 4 Missed Sales Opportunities. We are often called in to help clients improve the revenue, margin, win-rate, portfolio mix or retention of their sales force.

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The five things sales-growth winners do to invest in their people


Marketing & Sales InsightsHighly tailored training and measuring its success feature prominently among the methods top performers use.

Reframing Sales Effectiveness


Aligning Strategy and Sales is the best sales book of the year--and one that senior executives should read

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“Blue Collar” Sales and Selling


I find the prejudice against working in sales incredibly ironic. It’s sales too. There are only two unanswered questions that remain: 1) Whether you like the idea or not, will you accept and embrace the idea that you are in everyday sales situations more than you realize? 2) Will you decide to improve your sales skills, or not? To be notified of the release, and for future articles on improving your sales skills, just complete the form below.

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Replacing the Sales Funnel with the Sales Flywheel

Harvard Business

I’ve been using the sales funnel for 28 years, my whole career. When I started my career, the most profitable application of force was in sales. Back in the 1990s, sales reps had a lot of information, while customers had relatively little. Sales Customers Digital Article

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Why New Sales Managers Need More Training

Harvard Business

Leading a sales team takes a different skill set than just working on one. Sales Digital Article

Managing a Sales Funnel for Your Consulting Business

The Clever Consultant

Create and managing a sales funnel. We spoke to our friend Brian Sullivan, Vice President of Global Accounts at Sandler Training , who offered us this advice: View Your Sales Funnel as a Live Tool. Your sales funnel is a living entity that needs regular attention. To make it easy, make sure you have a simple vehicle in place that enables you to collect details about prospects and where exactly they are in your sales funnel.

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6 Questions for a Winning Sales Strategy

LSA Global

Why a Winning Sales Strategy Matters|. Strategic sales clarity accounts for 31% of the difference between high and low performing sales teams. Six Questions For a Winning Sales Strategy. What Are The Few Sales Scenarios That Matter Most?

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6 Leadership Stories from Sales Leaders On A Digital Sales Transformation

MBO Partners

I’ve seen all kinds of sales leaders. Some that are as inspiring to their sales teams as Churchill and Napoleon, some as forgettable as King Edward V (he lasted less than 3 months). Digital Transformation Sales Leadership

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Science & Sales

Martinka Consulting

This is Sales 101, people buy with emotion and back it up with logic. The post Science & Sales appeared first on Martinka Consulting. Earth Day featured multiple marches across the country, protesting the anticipated cuts in federal dollars to science. An interview with one scientist hit the proverbial nail on the head. He said marches, protests, and similar won’t do anything, i.e. it’s preaching to the choir.

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Business Development Lessons From The Big Consulting Firms with Chris Spurvey: Podcast #87

Consulting Success

Founder of Chris Spurvey Sales Growth Consulting Inc., Consulting Success Podcast business development consistency consulting firms growth mindset revenue growth sales growth consulting

Supercharging retail sales through geospatial analytics


A retailer can now use geospatial analytics to understand the interactions between its online and offline channels. With these insights, it can create a higher-performing retail network. Retail Insights

The Seven Steps in the Sales Process

Women in Consulting

Are you aware of the steps that top sales people take to successfully land those new clients? Try following these seven steps to increase sales and reach those new clients. 5) Answer objections and ask for the sale ! As a sales consultant at Savvy Selling NOW! I help business owners to improve in all areas of the sales process, so they can make more money. Top Consulting Tips Sales sales process Seven steps in Sales process

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Product Training versus Sales Training – Which Matters Most?

LSA Global

Product Training Versus Sales Training – Which Matters Most? Many of our clients who are moving from selling products to selling more complex solutions struggle with the concept of product training versus sales training. Product training versus Sales Training?

2 Tips For Asking Good Sales Questions

LSA Global

Asking Good Sales Questions Matters. Afraid of Asking Basic or Challenging Sales Questions? Two Tips for Asking Good Sales Questions. Good sales questions convey your commitment to getting the information that will help you help the customer succeed. #1.

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4 Mistakes Companies Make When Hiring Sales Leaders

Harvard Business

Sales Digital ArticleAny of them can lead to the person’s failure.

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3 Factors that Can Help You to Optimize Sales Success

LSA Global

Optimize Sales Success. Just casting your line to snag any client as they happen to swim by is no way to run a sales team or to optimize sales success. It may be the way to run a kid’s lemonade stand but not a high performing sales team. llocating Sales Resources.

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Is Poor B2B Customer Experience Undermining Your Sales Success?

Joellyn Sargent

While the sales process may be vastly different for B2B, buyers are still people. I knew the acknowledgement email I received was auto-generated, but it did include the name and email of the VP of Sales, so I sent him a quick reply, “ I have not heard from a rep yet.

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