2017 Consulting Fees Study

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We recently asked over 25,000 consultants about their approach to pricing and fees as part of our 2017 Consulting Fees Study. On question we’ll look at in a further study is “The intensity and number of hours worked to generate a certain level of income.”

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2018 Consulting Fees Study

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I’m excited to share the results of our 2018 Consulting Fees Study with you. I’ll quickly mention that our 2018 Marketing for Consultants Study will also be. 2018 Consulting Fees Study is a post from: Consulting Success. Consulting Articles Consulting Fees Study Consulting Projects Consulting Questions and AnswersBefore I provide you with all the details and results — I’ll also tell you about a funny story. A bit of background first.

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Marketing Strategies for Consultants Study: 2018

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I’m excited to share the results of our 2018 Marketing Strategies for Consultants Study. In this study, we polled our list of 33,000 consultants and asked them about their marketing — and you’ll learn how you compare to other consultants when it comes to your own marketing. Marketing Strategies for Consultants Study: 2018 is a post from: Consulting Success. Marketing is always a hot topic for consultants. Many struggle with it. Few excel in it.

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Consulting tip: study charts, tables, graphs

Consultants Mind

Find good presentations and study them. Read More » The post Consulting tip: study charts, tables, graphs appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Consultants see patterns. It’s a core part of our job to analyze data, separate the signal from the noise, and interpret the patterns. Some are better than others and it’s a talent that takes time to turn into a skill. Like an craftsman who can appreciates solid work, geek out on graphs and analyses.…

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Post Some Good (and Readable!) Case Studies

The Clever Consultant

When done right, case studies are valuable marketing tools. We see quite a few case studies that don’t do any of these things. Peoples’ eyes glaze over and suddenly, instead of helping you drive new leads, your case study is taking up space at best, and exhibiting to potential buyers your poor writing skills at worst. Next time you want to create a good case study – one that gets read and gets results – keep these tips in mind: Tell the Right Story.

Breaking Down Case Interview Frameworks – Market Study

Management Consulted

In this article, we’ll be looking at Market Study. 3 – Market Study. The Market Study framework basically takes the Profitability framework and flips it on its head. Whereas the Profitability framework works when you have intimate knowledge of the client’s accounts, working from the internal to the external, market study starts externally and works its way in. How to use Market Study: The first thing you do is assess what type of question you are answering.

Essential Consultant Website Pages Part 4: Case Studies That Win

Tsavo Neal

Unless your case studies show your potential clients that you’re capable of solving their problem, they are nothing but wasted space on your website. Your website’s copy certainly helps — but case studies provide an extra layer of credibility.

A case study in combating bias


Following several disappointing investments, the German electric utility RWE overhauled its decision-making processes. Learn how from the CFO who spearheaded the effort. Our Insights

5 Best Practices for Attracting Ideal Consulting Clients

Consulting Success

Better case studies. This allows you to create great case studies that resonate with the same type of ideal client and leads to attracting ideal consulting clients and winning more business. Consulting Articles Attract Ideal Consulting Clients Become an Industry Expert case studies

Using people analytics to drive business performance: A case study


A quick-service restaurant chain with thousands of outlets around the world is using data to drive a successful turnaround, increase customer satisfaction, and grow revenues. Our Insights

Using Strong Emotional Intelligence to Manage Conflicts: A Case Study

Gina Abudi

The post Using Strong Emotional Intelligence to Manage Conflicts: A Case Study appeared first on Gina Abudi. Many organizations focus on strengthening emotional intelligence (EI) of their management staff. While this is important, just as important is strengthening EI of all employees – at all levels, especially those employees who interact with customers. Strong emotional intelligence enables us to avoid or reduce conflicts and to manage through them when they do occur. [.].

A study in complex change: Transforming a global public-sector organization


Agus D. Martowardojo discusses the strategies and culture changes he implemented to set a new path for Bank Indonesia. Public Sector Insights

Fed Study Shows Phillips Curve Is Useless: Admitting the Obvious


A new Fed Study shows the Phillips Curve Doesn’t Work. The Phillips Curve , an economic model developed by A. Phillips purports that inflation and unemployment have a stable and inverse relationship. This has been a fundamental guiding economic theory used by the Fed for decades to set interest rates. more…). Economics

Study 43

Engage Employees in Change: A Mini Case Study

Gina Abudi

This mini case study shares that story. The post Engage Employees in Change: A Mini Case Study appeared first on Gina Abudi. One of Abudi Consulting Group’s client’s wanted to engage their employees in change. For this brief story, I’ll use the exhibit below. The client is a retail organization that had changed leadership at the top. The new CEO and other newly-hired top executives had experience engaging employees [.].

The best time to study for the test

Seth Godin Blog

is before it's given. The best time to campaign is before the election. And the best time to keep a customer is before he leaves

Study 52

Study Shows Student Debt Delays Home Buying by Seven Years


The Student Loan Debt and Housing Report 2017 by the National Association of Realtors and the nonprofit group American Student Assistance shows the obvious: Student debt delays household formation, home buying, and saving. more…). Economics

How to rock a prepared case study for a consulting interview

Killer Consultant

The original question was: “How should I prepare and what should I notice when I get a case study sent to my email to be presented in and for a management consulting interview?” This post is based on an answer I gave on Quora.

Strategy, Simplified

Management Consulted

case studiesWhat sets great business leaders apart from merely good ones? What will cause us, as we navigate the daunting gap between good and great, to succeed or fail? Honestly, I don’t know. Books have been written on the topic, and … Continued. The post Strategy, Simplified appeared first on Management Consulted.

Case Study: Should an Algorithm Tell You Who to Promote?

Harvard Business

Editor's Note This fictionalized case study will appear in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Business Review, along with commentary from experts and readers. nicholas blechman for hbr. Aliyah Jones was having trouble paying attention to the farewell toasts. Although she was sad to see her longtime colleague, Anne Bank, go, she was more consumed with trying to figure out who should replace her.

Case Study: An Office Romance Gone Wrong

Harvard Business

Editor's Note This fictionalized case study will appear in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Business Review, along with commentary from experts and readers. FROM THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY. Brad: Drink after the conference? Elizabeth: The whole gang? Brad: Just me. Others flying back tonight.

A Case Study of Crowdsourcing Gone Wrong

Harvard Business

We have interviewed Quirky executives and studied each of the company’s product offerings, publicly available product reviews, and their development process. Marrion Barraud for HBR. For those who believe in the promise of open innovation, the 2009 startup Quirky was an exceptionally exciting company. Founded by entrepreneur Ben Kaufman, Quirky developed a platform that connected the company with outside inventors and project contributors.

Learning to Delegate: A Mini Case Study

Gina Abudi

The post Learning to Delegate: A Mini Case Study appeared first on Gina Abudi. Consider this situation: This is the fourth project that Anna has delegated to Amanda and she is starting to feel she would be better off doing it herself! While Amanda is willing to take on additional assignments, she just doesn’t seem to be willing to be responsible for the assignment. She won’t do anything without [.]. Leadership managing employees building relationships delegating

Australia Central Bank Worried About Deflation – Does Study, Blames Aldi


The Reserve Bank of Australia is so concerned about deflation that it did a study on why prices are so … Continue reading → Economics

Study 39

A Study of Thousands of Dropbox Projects Reveals How Successful Teams Collaborate

Harvard Business

To address this question, we studied the virtual interactions of research teams at universities around the word on Dropbox , analyzed how the collaborative dynamics related to performance and developed a list of best practices that organizations can use on any file-sharing platform to improve team performance. While we studied Dropbox specifically, what we found likely applies to other virtual collaboration platforms such as Google Docs and Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint, and others.

Study 44

Study: Replying to Customer Reviews Results in Better Ratings

Harvard Business

Approximately one-third of the hotels we studied increased their rounded ratings by half a star or more within six months of their first management response. hbr staff/john swope/life/Getty Images. Every now and then, firms make mistakes that leave their customers unsatisfied: a restaurant misplaces an order, a hotel’s air conditioning breaks down, or a dry cleaner damages a garment.

Case Study: A Founder Steps Back from Her Start-Up

Harvard Business

Peter Lourenco/Getty Images. Sitting on a bench in the dog park, Elena Pelc glanced at her phone. She’d hoped to escape from work for the morning, but as the founder and CEO of 2 Proud Pups, a maker of all-natural dog care products, she didn’t have much free time. She decided to ignore e-mail for a few more minutes. This was a rare outing with her pets, so she wanted to enjoy it. Maggie, a yellow lab, was rolling on the ground.

Consultant Ninja: How not to do a consulting case study.

Consultant Ninja

How not to do a consulting case study. Study Management. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Consultant Ninja. Management Consultant | Excel Jockey | Slide Monkey | Corporate Insurgent | One-Eyed Man in the Valley of the Blind Mckinsey | Bain | BCG | Booz | Oliver Wyman. Wednesday, January 21, 2009. Im trying not to pick on Kevin Gao of Management Consulted. He was just an analyst, and seems like a well-meaning kid.

Study Says by 2030 1/4th of Miles Driven will be Driverless


Additional effects would include a sharp drop in fuel demand—an impact looked at in depth in an upcoming comprehensive powertrain study by BCG. The study concludes “The next car you own may be your last.”

Seth's Blog: Studying entrepreneurship without doing it

Seth Godin Blog

Studying entrepreneurship without doing it.is like studying the appreciation of music without listening to it. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Studying entrepreneurship without doing it : « Most people, most of the time (the perfect crowd fallacy) | Main. Seths Blog.Seth Godins riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread. About. Archives. Subscribe. Recent Posts. "Oh, Oh, thats just a hack someone put together.". The sophisticates.

Study 31

Case Study: Is Holacracy for Us?

Harvard Business

Editor's Note This fictionalized case study will appear in a forthcoming issue of Harvard Business Review, along with commentary from experts and readers. Rogier Maes, the CEO of Contect, wrapped up his year-beginning speech to all the company’s employees. Listening, Derek Melis, his friend and CFO, was relieved.

A Mini Case Study: No One is Perfect! – Part 3

Gina Abudi

The post A Mini Case Study: No One is Perfect! One leader’s story of how accepting he is not perfect led to stronger working relationships. <This <This story is about one of ACG’s coaching clients, the name of the leader as well as other information that may identify the leader or the organization has been changed. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the story.> > Jack’s [.]. – Part 3 appeared first on Gina Abudi.

Boomer Parents and their Millennial Kids: Study Regarding Care and Finances


Fidelity has an interesting Family Finance Study about the attitudes and expectations of boomers and their millennial children regarding retirement finances and healthcare. Clearly, that’s not a representative study. To qualify, parents had to be at least 55 years of age, have an adult child older than 25 and have investable assets of at least $100,000.

Inventories and Sales: How Bad Are They? Study in Pictures


In response to GDPNow Rises to 0.3% Following Dismal Retail Sales and Inventory Reports; Fed vs. Fed Update I received … Continue reading → Economics

McKinsey Study Shows 81% of US Worse off Than in 2005, France 63%, Italy 97%


The McKinsey study Poorer than Their Parents? offers a new perspective on income inequality over the period 2005-2014. Based on … Continue reading → Economics

Understanding Why Conflict Happens – A Mini Case Study

Gina Abudi

The post Understanding Why Conflict Happens – A Mini Case Study appeared first on Gina Abudi. I have been coaching a client around conflict they are having within their project team. In talking with my client, she shared the following information: “Conflict is happening more and more on the project team. It seems that even the smallest issue becomes a big issue in just a matter of minutes! We are getting [.].

Self-Serving Obama-Sponsored Study Concludes “Student Debt Helps Economy”; Mish Rebuttal


When you want to get your message across, you sponsor a study that is 100% guaranteed to come to the … Continue reading → Economics

Study 44

A Study of 46,000 Shoppers Shows That Omnichannel Retailing Works

Harvard Business

We studied the shopping behavior of just over 46,000 customers who made a purchase during the 14-month period from June 2015 to August 2016. Of the study participants, only 7% were online-only shoppers and 20% were store-only shoppers. Our study’s results are revealing. We can say from our study that omnichannel shoppers are more valuable to the retailer with confidence. Traditional retailers are feeling the heat.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence: Helping Managers Succeed – Part 3

Gina Abudi

A Client Case Study – Part 3 of 3 – Creating the Strategic Plan for L&D. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the case study. Leadership 360 assessments client case study Coaching emotional intelligence learning plans learning strategy management trainingThe Plan for Learning and Coaching of Managers. We used the data from the 360 assessments, information gathered from interviews with the managers assessed, data provided early on by [.].

A Mini Case Study: Team Problems – Part 2

Gina Abudi

Read Part 1 of the mini case study. The post A Mini Case Study: Team Problems – Part 2 appeared first on Gina Abudi. The team does not seem to understand, nor value, teamwork or the benefit of being on a team. Likely, team building did not take place early on in the initiative. It is just as likely that the team did not spend time collaborating on how they will [.]. Team Building leading teams resolving team issues team problems teams

ZEW Study Concludes Deutsche Bank, Crédit Agricole, BNP Paribas Have Capital Shortfalls Totaling €214 Billion


A ZEW study … Continue reading → EconomicsThe EBA’s latest “Stress-Free” tests of 51 banks Eurozone have a minuscule overall capital shortfall of 5.6 billion euros.

Study 44