Consuming Government

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Flywheels, Ideas, and Individual Actions to Better Manage the Government Services You Buy . By Steven Borne Consuming Government Publications. For most Americans, their largest annual purchase is government services.

The business of running state government operations


New research from the National Association of State Chief Administrators and McKinsey looks at critical issues for state chief administrative officers in real estate, risk management, and digital government.

How Singapore is harnessing design to transform government services


Singapore has put design at the heart of its public sector improvement initiatives—making it a potent source of learning for other governments. Public Sector Insights

Governing in the Exponential Age

Harvard Business

Government Technology Regulation AudioTony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK, joins Azeem Azhar in conversation about how the technology industry and policy makers can work together to amplify their potential to serve the public good. Regulating big tech, as Blair explains, is only a small part of the solution in a necessary effort to transform our society and economy for the exponential age.

How state and local governments win at attracting companies


Governments with the most effective business-attraction programs deploy comprehensive economic-development strategies. Public Sector Insights

The global case for customer experience in government


The latest research shows: when government agencies offer a better customer experience, they deliver measurable impact across multiple priorities. Public-sector leaders should pick their spots and be bold. Public Sector Insights

Enabling at-scale government transformations through partner support


Many governments are working with philanthropic organizations on transformation efforts. Both sides can take steps to assure they get the most out of the relationship. Public Sector Insights

Selling to Government: Understand the basic rules of engagement

Jacq Hackett Consulting

I’ve been successfully consulting to the government sector for eighteen years now, but there are definitely a few things I wish I’d known at the start that would have helped to kick-start my business. While running my consultancy business, I’ve learnt a lot about how to successfully sell my services to government, and in this article, I’m going to pass on some of the lessons I’ve learnt. Become familiar with government procurement processes.

Governance in the Age of AI

Harvard Business

Leading AI researchers De Kai and Joanna Bryson join Azeem Azhar to discuss the state of governance and accountability in the age of AI. Government Policy Technology Audio

The opportunity in government productivity


Governments face a pressing question: How to do more with less? Raising productivity could save $3.5 trillion a year—or boost outcomes at no extra cost. Our Insights

Politics vs. governance

Seth Godin Blog

” No one ever says, “it’s just governance.” Governance is the serious business of taking responsibility for leadership. When we have a chance to speak up for governance, we can strike a blow against politics. “It’s just politics.” ” Politics is organized sparring about power, without much regard for efficacy or right or wrong.

Governments can lead construction into the digital era


Governments are well-poised to cultivate greater adoption. New technologies can advance project outcomes in the construction industry. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Transforming government through digitization


By digitizing processes and making organizational changes, governments can enhance services, save money, and improve citizens’ quality of life. Our Insights

Accelerating gender parity: What can governments do?


Given slow progress toward gender equality in the workplace, governments, along with private-sector organizations, must focus their efforts on specific impact zones. Public Sector Insights

A Guide to the Big Ideas and Debates in Corporate Governance

Harvard Business

Corporate governance Boards Business history Digital ArticleThe questions that boards, managers, and shareholders should be asking.

How to Get Government Contracts

MBO Partners

What you need to know about landing a government contract as an independent contractor

When governments turn to AI: Algorithms, trade-offs, and trust


Artificial intelligence can help government agencies solve complex public-sector problems. For those that are new at it, here are five factors that can affect the benefits and risks. Public Sector Insights

How to lead a successful government transition


The government transition period between an outgoing and an incoming government leader is a remarkable opportunity to capitalize on the momentum of the election and lay the foundation for success. A six-step approach can set an incoming administration on the right path. Public Sector Insights

How governments can harness the power of automation at scale


Process automation and technologies based on artificial intelligence can bring benefits across numerous functions of government. Public Sector Insights

Understanding the customer experience with government


Government agencies that are unclear on what matters most to their customers risk wasting time and resources on the things that don’t. Finding out is the first step. Public Sector Insights

Making Government Reorgs Work

Harvard Business

When governments attempt to reorganize themselves, the changes they make have a huge bearing on the effectiveness of the public sector. But, just like their corporate counterparts, government reorganizations have a poor record of success. Results from a survey on on the effectiveness of reorganizations (covering over 1,000 reorgs across all sectors and geographies, of which 87 were government institutions), provide pointers for how to get them right.

Solving the customer-experience puzzle: A guidebook for government leaders


A ready reference—based on lessons from government leaders—can help. It takes focus to transform public-sector agencies to serve a diverse set of customers better. Public Sector Insights

Elements of a successful government transformation


Five essential disciplines can more than triple the success rate of public-sector change efforts. Public Sector Insights

Digital Government Services by the Numbers


Article Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Users are accessing digital government services more often and satisfaction levels are increasing, but problems persist. Governments must continue to improve their digital services.

Cracking down on government fraud with data analytics


New data tools are giving government agencies the upper hand in taming fraud, waste, and abuse. Lessons from scaled approaches show how to capture the hundreds of billions of dollars at stake. Public Sector Insights

How Governments Can Get Technology Transformations Right


When it comes to technology in the public sector, the buzz is all about the power of digital technologies to transform the ways governments operate and deliver services to citizens. Unfortunately, around the world, many core systems are aging and no longer able to meet government needs.

Building a one-stop shop for government services in Australia


Service New South Wales, a website for citizen services, was built like a start-up within the government, in a rapid, iterative process sharply focused on customer satisfaction.

More Government Shutdown Hype


The most urgent deadline is for Congress and the White House to agree to keep funding the government after the current budget year ends Monday. Otherwise, some of the government would have to shut down. The House and Senate are considering bills to fund the government past the deadline. Unless one side essentially blinks, a partial shutdown of the government will occur. It''s a legal limit on how much debt the government can pile up. government.

The Cost of Misclassification: Government

MBO Partners

The cost of employee misclassification on the government and what organizations can do to minimize misclassification risk

How governments can be more effective by reallocating their resources


Scrutinizing past expenditures and radically challenging cognitive biases can help governments cut costs and create better outcomes for citizens. Public Sector Insights

Improving outcomes with better government productivity


Sure, productivity can save money. But it could also improve education, fine-tune tax collection, and add 12 billion healthy-life years for the world’s population. Public Sector Insights

Making government for the people


Budget constraints and the rapid pace of technological change mean governments must not only deliver services more effectively and efficiently but also prioritize citizens’ needs. Our Insights

Digitizing the state: Five tasks for national governments


They need national governments to provide the right conditions for them to succeed. Public authorities cannot build great digital services on their own. Our Insights

Harnessing the power of digital in US government agencies


A focus on customer journeys, a dedicated digital team, agile methods, and strong talent can help government agencies move beyond incremental improvements and achieve transformative change. Our Insights

Agile 87

A Nobelist on government’s role, the power of ideas, and how to measure progress: An interview with Paul Romer


“Ideas mean that we can have sustained economic growth, and we will not only have more stuff but be better people.”. Public Sector Insights

How Mexico can become Latin America’s digital-government powerhouse


Mexico’s digital efforts thus far have been laudable. But higher ambitions could fuel productivity and economic growth and boost the country’s GDP by 7 to 15 percent. Digital Insights

Interest rate on 10 year government bonds

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Interest rate on 10 year government bonds. BACK IN 1995, which country had the second highest 10 year government bond yield? About. Book Shop. Archive. Definitions. Helpful Links. Quotes. Subscribe. by Tom Spencer on December 13, 2011 · 1 comment  ·  Image Source.