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Government transformation in times of great change


Public & Social Sector Insights Public & Social Sector Government Performance transformationFederal agencies are setting ambitious goals. What do agency leaders need to know about planning and directing successful transformations?


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How To Win Government Consulting Jobs With Abhijit Verekar: Podcast #138

Consulting Success

The idea of working with the government can sometimes be daunting. How To Win Government Consulting Jobs With Abhijit Verekar: Podcast #138 is a post from: Consulting Success. While that is the case, it is nevertheless not impossible.

Net-zero emissions in US government fleets


Through its use of electric vehicles, the US government stands to serve as a role model for accelerating progress in the electrification journey and reaching net-zero commitments. Public & Social Sector Insights Government Infrastructure

How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

When used effectively, a CRM can be the life blood of your sales team – keeping everyone organized, efficient, and at peak productivity. Leveraging leading industry research from industry analysts, this eBook explores how your sales team can gain back valuable time.

Prioritizing customer experience in government


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the necessity to center customer experience in dealings with government agencies. This benefits customers, government employees, and agencies’ reputations alike.

How to Adapt Governance for Agile Projects

Virtual Project Consulting

How to adapt governance for Agile projects. Agile Project Management adaptive governance governance governance on agile projects project management

The What, Why and How of Agile Governance

Virtual Project Consulting

Find a break-down of the what, the why and the how of governance on Agile projects, especially in an enterprise organization. The post The What, Why and How of Agile Governance first appeared on Virtual Project Management Consulting.

Government transformations in times of extraordinary change: Key considerations for public-sector leaders


An equal focus on performance and organizational health can help large-scale government overhauls succeed. Public & Social Sector Insights Government Public Sector United States Organization

Rethinking resilience: Ten priorities for governments


Due to the pandemic, governments are under increased pressure to act quickly and at scale. By reimagining how they work, they can create resilient societies and public services for the next normal. Public & Social Sector Insights

Designing data governance that delivers value


Follow these principles to shift from a data-governance model of loosely followed guidelines to one that makes the most of digital and analytics. Digital Insights

LIVE - Elevate Your Board Governance for 2021 with Terry Clark

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Leadership Board governanceOn December 10th at 9am Pacific, join us LIVE with a very special guest, Terry Clark.

The Chimera of Consulting: Government and Public Sector Advising

Tom Spencer

Nevertheless, government and public sector advising is a beast of its own kind, a chimera which incorporates many of the business solutions of conventional management consultancy, but borrows its outlook and conceptual framework from think-tanks and policy-hubs.

How to Win Profitable Government Contracts w/Kizzy Parks, PhD (Ep#125)

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Parks Consulting, where she's won well over $60 million in government contracts. Recently, she started GovConWinners to help service-based small business owners learn how to win their own profitable government contracts. Sales podcast government

Investors remind business leaders: Governance matters


Activists continue to poke holes in corporate performance and returns, but they are having their greatest success with governance structures. Here’s how to think about their moves. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Elevate Your Board Governance for 2021 - with Terry Clark

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

On this special long episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast, Terry joins us to talk all things related to board governance, Executive Directors and more, including: SME Strategy ·. Elevate Your Board Governance for 2021 - with Terry Clark Ep#87.

You Can do Better than the Government (any Government)

Martinka Consulting

But enough railing on government inefficiencies, which we know are plentiful. The post You Can do Better than the Government (any Government) appeared first on Martinka Consulting. This weekend I received a postcard from the WA State Department of Health encouraging me to get a Covid vaccine. Funny because I got vaccinated four months ago.

Can Entrepreneurs and Governments Team Up to Solve Big Problems?

Harvard Business

How startup Shield AI works with the US government to develop autonomous combat robots to protect civilians and service members. Entrepreneurship AI and machine learning Government Technology and analytics Audio

What Role Do Individual Leaders Play in Corporate Governance?

Harvard Business

Leadership Decision making and problem solving Personal ethics Entrepreneurship Corporate governance Financial service sector AudioEntrepreneur Scott Tucker pioneered online payday lending in the US, before he was convicted of fraud and racketeering.

Tips for new government leaders: Unlocking diversity and inclusion


New government leaders can use proven approaches to address these issues and build the workplace of tomorrow. The COVID-19 crisis has created barriers to workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion.

How governments can deliver on the promise of digital ID


Governments globally are working to roll out digital identity schemes, but few have achieved broad adoption and utilization. To succeed, governments can create a virtuous circle of supply and demand.

Consuming Government

Emerson Consulting Group

Flywheels, Ideas, and Individual Actions to Better Manage the Government Services You Buy . By Steven Borne Consuming Government Publications. For most Americans, their largest annual purchase is government services. Furthermore, the United States could enjoy a global economic competitive advantage once our actions led to the most cost-effective and efficient government among developed nations.

Transforming government through digitization


By digitizing processes and making organizational changes, governments can enhance services, save money, and improve citizens’ quality of life. Our Insights

Automation in government: Harnessing technology to transform customer experience


Automation can enable governments to provide outstanding levels of customer experience, driven by innovations that are as sensitive to people as they are to technology.

Selling to Government: Understand the basic rules of engagement

Jacq Hackett Consulting

For new consultants, getting your foot in the door with government organisations can seem challenging. But understanding some of the rules of engagement will help you to win business.

Government transitions during crisis: How new leaders can take charge


Here are seven lessons for leaders at all levels of government transitioning into new roles. Transfers of power are complex—in times of crises, especially so. Public & Social Sector Insights

Increasing decision-making velocity: Five steps for government leaders


Government leaders can challenge the norms of how their organizations work and dramatically increase their decision-making speed and agility. Public & Social Sector Insights

Agile 89

The $10 trillion rescue: How governments can deliver impact


Governments have announced the provision of trillions of dollars in crisis relief, but translating that into sustained recovery will not be easy. Public Sector Insights

Layers of Leadership: Designing Governance without Hierarchy

Kates Kesler

Governance” is the set of formal conversations that set direction, prioritize investments, review performance, and resolve trade-offs. Because governance conversations … Blog

How Government and Business Can Tackle Big Global Crises Together

Harvard Business

A leading political scientist outlines the challenges we face and explains what we can do about them. Power and influence Politics Crisis management Globalization Audio

The opportunity in government productivity


Governments face a pressing question: How to do more with less? Raising productivity could save $3.5 trillion a year—or boost outcomes at no extra cost. Our Insights

Accelerating gender parity: What can governments do?


Given slow progress toward gender equality in the workplace, governments, along with private-sector organizations, must focus their efforts on specific impact zones. Public Sector Insights

How to lead a successful government transition


The government transition period between an outgoing and an incoming government leader is a remarkable opportunity to capitalize on the momentum of the election and lay the foundation for success. A six-step approach can set an incoming administration on the right path. Public Sector Insights

When governments turn to AI: Algorithms, trade-offs, and trust


Artificial intelligence can help government agencies solve complex public-sector problems. For those that are new at it, here are five factors that can affect the benefits and risks. Public & Social Sector Insights

Selling to Government: Understand the basic rules of engagement

Jacq Hackett Consulting

I’ve been successfully consulting to the government sector for eighteen years now, but there are definitely a few things I wish I’d known at the start that would have helped to kick-start my business. While running my consultancy business, I’ve learnt a lot about how to successfully sell my services to government, and in this article, I’m going to pass on some of the lessons I’ve learnt. Become familiar with government procurement processes.

The business of running state government operations


New research from the National Association of State Chief Administrators and McKinsey looks at critical issues for state chief administrative officers in real estate, risk management, and digital government. Public Sector Insights

Research: How Corporate Boards in Asia Can Improve Governance

Harvard Business

Managing organizations Corporate governance Boards Digital ArticleFive actions to take today.

Politics vs. governance

Seth Godin Blog

” No one ever says, “it’s just governance.” Governance is the serious business of taking responsibility for leadership. When we have a chance to speak up for governance, we can strike a blow against politics. “It’s just politics.” ” Politics is organized sparring about power, without much regard for efficacy or right or wrong.

More Government Shutdown Hype


The most urgent deadline is for Congress and the White House to agree to keep funding the government after the current budget year ends Monday. Otherwise, some of the government would have to shut down. The House and Senate are considering bills to fund the government past the deadline. Unless one side essentially blinks, a partial shutdown of the government will occur. It''s a legal limit on how much debt the government can pile up. government.

How state and local governments win at attracting companies


Governments with the most effective business-attraction programs deploy comprehensive economic-development strategies. Public Sector Insights