Building smart and affordable real estate


The global real estate market is changing. Standardization, prefabrication, and smart technology are gaining traction as rising populations confront the need for affordable housing and livable, sustainable cities.

Understanding real estate as an investment class


When it comes to real estate, institutional investors are changing the terms of engagement. Our Insights

Industrialized delivery systems and the future of real estate


Real-estate developers should accept that business as they have known it is changing. By adopting new construction technologies, they can improve delivery and affordability. Our Insights

Real estate gives you bigger pockets

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Real estate. I am an real estate investor. I am a firm believe in real estate as an asset class for many reasons: … Continue reading → Learning real estate I have rental properties. Something on the side, something my wife and I do on the weekends.

Funniest and Most Absurd Real Estate Promotion in Years


Patrick Housing Crash News Top Housing and Commercial Real Estate News. Economics For Real People. Bay Area Real Estate Trends. Real Clear Markets. Funniest and Most Absurd Real Estate Promotion in Years. MISHS. Global Economic. Trend Analysis.

Trust without clear expectations = fail

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Learning real estate trust vendorTrust, but verify. This is a Russian proverb that US President Ronald Reagan learned and used frequently when speaking about the Soviet Union and nuclear arms reduction verification in the 1980s. I use it quite a bit too – and when delivered with good comedic timing – it can be quite funny. Trust people.

Retirement tip: rental properties 101

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Learning landlord property real estate rental propertiesNote this post is about rental properties – not about consulting. That said, all consultants and professionals making $000,000s, need to start putting money away to get yourself retired?

How the Insurance Industry Can Push Us to Prepare for Climate Change

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And the risks are real: Zillow’s research predicts that $400 billion dollars of real estate value in Florida could be at risk from climate change by the year 2100. Innovations in spatial sciences, combined with big data, raise the possibility of the insurance industry introducing innovative pricing strategies that induce private real estate owners and local governments to take efforts that together yield a more resilient real estate capital stock.

Accounting 101: What is depreciation?

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Learning Accounting CPA depreciation real estate TaxesIn my mind, depreciation has two meanings – the common sense definition most people know intuitively, and the financial accounting definition which dictates how costs of fixed assets are spread out over many years.

If Work Is Digital, Why Do We Still Go to the Office?

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professor Melvin Webber seemed imminent: “For the first time in history, it might be possible to locate on a mountain top and to maintain intimate, real-time, and realistic contact with business or other associates” (Webber M.M.,

What Amazon’s HQ2 Wish List Signals About the Future of Cities

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Economic development Government Real estate North America Digital ArticleJennifer Maravillas for HBR. Amazon’s big announcement that it will build a second headquarters has caught the attention of local officials, economic development professionals, and pundits across the U.S. and Canada. And for good reason: “HQ2,” as it’s being called, would create upwards of 50,000 high-paying jobs and billions of dollars of new investment in whichever city it locates in.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: One Last Hurrah for Her

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Its much easier to pick up a real estate agent at the hotel bar than try to convince the much-hounded hotties of IT they should bed down with you! skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, April 8, 2013. One Last Hurrah for Her. IT consultants are mostly men, eliminating most opportunities to hook up with co-workers. But sometimes the cards fall in your favor, with a woman consultant on the hunt for a boy toy!

Long-Term Mortgage Delinquencies Seriously Under-Reported


Keith Jurow, a real estate analyst and author of the Capital Preservation Real Estate Report , pinged me a few days ago with his analysis that suggests long-term mortgage delinquencies are seriously under-reported. more…). Economics

Seth's Blog: Writing tip: say it backwards

Seth Godin Blog

Your real estate brochure or the ad copy you've written--if it's merely posturing or bragging, better to not say it at all. Seths Blog.Seth Godins riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread. About. Archives. Subscribe. Recent Posts. "Oh, Oh, thats just a hack someone put together.". The sophisticates. Q&A: Purple Cows and commodities. Colors or numbers? Words are hooks, words are levers. Mumbo vs. Jumbo. Death and Taxes, 2014. The opposite of anxiety.

Learning as a strategic necessity: Entering a global property market during a domestic boom


China Vanke executive Zhang Xu describes how his real-estate company has met the challenges of overseas expansion. Our Insights

125 Housing Metro Areas Compared: How Much Does California Skew National Averages?


Keith Jurow, a real estate analyst and author of the Capital Preservation Real Estate Report , pinged me a few days ago with his belief that the widely-followed Case-Shiller national real estate index is off on the high side. Jurow supplied detailed, repeat-sale statistics of the top 125 metro regions in the US in an Excel spreadsheet from RealtyTrac. more…). Economics

13-Year-Old Kid Buys $552,000 Home


He just bought his first piece of real estate, a $552,000 four-room one bath house in Melbourne’s Frankston. Meet Akira Ellis a 13-year-old kid. more…). Economics

Google's Next Search Is for Housing


With home costs skyrocketing in large metropolitan areas, companies that want to attract talent may have to get into the real-estate business

Glut in Luxury Apartments: Boom Set to Fizzle in 2017


Real estate is has been one of the economic bright spots in the US for several years. But rising interest rates and a glut of luxury apartments portends a slowdown in 2017. more…). Economics

Money Laundering Scandal at Australia’s Largest Bank Triggers Another Call for Ban of Cash


Money laundering is big business in Australia because regulations do not cover lawyers, real estate agents, accountants, and CEOs ignoring warnings from police. Ian Narev, the CEO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), the nation’s largest bank is set to step down amid money laundering charges. Despite the obvious problem, it’s cash itself that gets the blame. more…). Economics

Why even bother to think about strategy?

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A real estate broker could decide that her goal is to get more listings. There's confusion between tactics and strategy. It's easy to get tied up in semantic knots as you work to figure out the distinction. It's worth it, though, because strategy can save you when tactics fail.

Local scarcity

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Local scarcity was sufficient for coaches, travel agents, real estate brokers, lawn care specialists and car washes. If you ran the local 5 and 10 cent store, you could count on a steady stream of customers to buy your knick knacks, notions and bobbins.

“Bargain” $2 Million Homes in Australia: “Super Saturday” Auction Results Posted


For example, you could buy any of the following beauties for $2 million or so, a ‘Bargain’ on Real Estate’s ‘Super Saturday’. Real Estate Institute of NSW president John Cunningham said buyers could compete for homes this weekend with the pressure easing.

Top Tier Chinese Cities Discounting Property; Beijing Prices and Volume Down 11 Straight weeks


The Australia Macro Business Blog notes Tier 1 Chinese Cities Discounting Property Prices and volumes are falling in Beijing and real estate agents are started to drum up sales by delisting homes listed at high prices. Such a situation from two weeks since the beginning of April, the city is currently at this largest second-hand housing sales real estate agent are starting to tell homeowners who ask for high listing prices, “no.”

Action Not Smarts

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From investments and real estate… … CONTINUE READING » Action Not Smarts is a post from: Business Consulting Buzz. The other day my friend asked me why one of his friends, we’ll call him Jay, is so successful. It seems everything Jay touches turns to gold.

What Brexit Means for Financial Institutions


According to most economists, the UK’s long-term (2020 and beyond) real GDP post-Brexit will be 3 to 8 percentage points lower than the GDP that the nation would achieve if it remained an EU member. Focus Monday, August 01, 2016.

Housing Starts in China Plunge 25%; Did China's Property Bubble Finally Burst?


You can’t predict how the bursting of a Chinese real estate bubble plays out because it plays out in very small steps,” said Joel H. Rothstein, a partner in the Beijing office of the Paul Hastings law firm who specializes in Asian real estate.

To Hug, or Not? Two Views on Whether Hugging Crosses the Professional Line

Joey Sargent

Susan’s hugs were expressing appreciation not only for me as the commercial real estate broker professional, but as Paul Mendel, the person. Create real, meaningful relationships. by Joey Sargent and Paul Mendel. Hugging Can be a Touchy Topic. Joey’s Perspective.

Visualizing the Future of Video Content Consumption

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For many organizations, video has even begun to replace the written word, shifting from supplemental afterthought to primary real estate, as visualization actively boosts engagement. Consumer behaviors often dictate marketing trends.

Video 63

Exit, voice and loyalty

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They can wire funds (when wealth was held only in real estate, that wasn't an option, you can't take land with you) and they can live an almost post-national existence. We often have a choice: speak up or leave. In commerce, if we don't like a brand, we leave.

Decision making, after the fact

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They carry the wrong credit cards, buy the wrong stocks, invest in the wrong piece of real estate. Critics are eager to pick apart complex decisions made by others. Prime Ministers, CEOs, even football coaches are apparently serially incompetent.

The waitlist for the altMBA

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More than 1,200 strong, it includes freelancers, a law professor, a scientist at the CDC, nonprofit executives, real estate agents, and startup founders. Our twelfth session of the altMBA workshop is upcoming.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in the Middle East

Management Consulted

BCG in the Middle East has focused on the following industries and sectors: government, financial services, energy, industrial goods, telecommunications, real estate, healthcare and private equity. Dubai is one of the firm’s newest offices, and for good reason – the city is a hot spot for tourism, real estate investment, trade, transportation, and financial services.

Just Like You Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover, Don't Judge Customers

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I was told that some time ago, British soccer player Wayne Rooney walked into a real estate agent''s office dressed down in jeans and a hoodie. Last week I heard a story that struck a chord.

Tires, coffee and people

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Not the systems or the policies or even the real estate. The most important part of a race car is the tires. Good tires will always beat bad ones. The most important part of a cup of coffee is the beans.

940 Chinese Firms Halt Trading; China Allows Houses as Margin, Bans Use of Term "Equity Disaster"; Two Rules, Two Questions


We can see this mindset at work in China’s management of two recent bubbles: the real estate market and local government debt. In addressing the real estate market bubble, Beijing has opted to keep insolvent developers alive by forcing their lenders to roll over the loans.

"Bubblicious" High End Flipping Up 350%, Overall Flipping Down 13%


But real estate data shows the practice is on the upswing — among million-dollar homes. Flipping happens when prices are rising rapidly even if price levels are low,” says Jed Kolko, chief economist for real-estate firm Trulia. And just as in 2000 with the dotcom bust, and 2007 with the real estate bust, the Fed is 100% oblivious of massive bubbles now. Flipping houses went out of fashion around 2008, along with flip phones and sub-prime mortgages.

Reader Asks About "Limited Supply of Homes"; Home Hunting in California


Ramsey Su on Real Estate I know Ramsey Su as a common-sense real estate expert from 2001-2003 when he posted on a Silicon Investor message board I hosted. Those wishing to buy a house as well as those interested in real estate in general would be advised to peruse the Ramsey Su Archives on Acting Man. Specifically, I recommend his most recent post, Fed Action and the Real Estate Market.

$22 Billion in California Homes Sold to Chinese All-Cash Buyers; "Beginning of Tidal Wave" says NAR Chief Economist


Real estate is well back in bubble territory in some places, notably California. Henry Nunez, a real estate agent in Arcadia, California, met with so many homebuyers from China that he bought a Mandarin-English translation app for his phone.

Late Payments by Ibex Companies Hits €47 Billion, 169 Days (3 Times Legal Time Limit); Ibex vs. DOW


Construction and real estate had a 10% improvement. Despite this improvement, the data shows that the construction sector and real estate remains the one with the greatest delay in settlement of bills. Lack of significant improvement in payments by IBEX companies to suppliers is yet another another sign there isn''t much of a recovery in Spain. La Vanguardia reports Late Payments by Ibex Companies Hits €47 Billion , 169 days (nearly 3 times the legal time limit).