Conference call hygiene

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On behalf of the many who have suffered through pointless and painful conference calls, some general principles: When in doubt, don''t have one. 10 minutes is the maximum length of a conference call.

Four Ways to Get Value from Conferences

Gina Abudi

Having just returned from PMI Global Congress North America in Chicago, including serving as one of the members of the Ask the Expert group, I thought I would share four tips on how to get value from conferences. Conferences provide great value for professional development, but you need to have a plan to get the [.]. The post Four Ways to Get Value from Conferences appeared first on Gina Abudi.

How to Attend Conferences as a Businessperson

Tom Spencer

Take responsibility for getting the most value out of the next conference you attend. By planning ahead and thinking strategically, a conference can generate sales, increase business, improve vendor relationships and initiate strategic partnerships. Five Reasons to Go to a Conference.

Can Conference Agendas Undermine Strategic Progress?

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Over the years, we at 1to1 Media have attended countless conferences and industry events as part of our promise to bring our readers the latest trends within the customer experience strategy space.

James Grant Conference Video: Inflation Expectations, Growth, Policy Problems; Europe Has Become Japan


Here''s an interesting video from the recent James Grant Conference. The title of this year''s conference is Investing Opportunistically, Separating the Beta from the Alpha. The first five minutes are introductions and attendee notes you may wish to skip over.

Ireland Proposes Debt Restructuring Conference for Spain, Greece, Ireland; A Turnip is a Turnip


Via translation from El Confidencial, SYRIZA Extends the Debate , " Ireland Stands Out: Seeks Conference to Restructure Debt, Including Spain." Its leader, Alexis Tsipras, has called for a “European Debt Conference”, based on the 1953 London Conference that wrote off half of post-war Germany’s debt and extended the repayment period for the rest over a number of decades. Contagion? Well don''t worry about that! German Chancellor Angela Merkel assures us that will not happen.

Conferences = Benefits for the Employee and the Company

Gina Abudi

I was talking with a friend who tells me his company has stopped reimbursing for attendance at conferences and for fees for participation in professional memberships and communities of practice. The post Conferences = Benefits for the Employee and the Company appeared first on Gina Abudi. Professional Development attending conferences Learning professional associations shared learning Training

Wine Country Conference May 1st & 2nd, 2014; Nothing Like It!


I am pleased to announce the second annual Wine County Conference , to be held May 1st & 2nd, 2014. We have an exciting lineup of speakers for this year''s conference. For speaker bios, please check out Wine Country Conference Speakers. Following a raffle in 2012, I launched Wine Country Conference to raise additional money for medical research. Last conference, we arranged wine tours. The conference hotel is a fun place in and of itself.

Promise and Responsibilities in Our Digital World: Our Take on the USI 2016 Conference


Two dimensions of digital—the benefits and the potential side effects—were on the minds of many of the speakers at this year’s USI (Unexpected Sources of Innovation) conference, which took place in Paris on June 6 and 7.1 Article Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

Wine Country Conference II Videos: Introduction and Hussman on "A Very Mean Reversion"


Wine Country Conference II Videos are now available. This Year''s Charity As with last year, Wine Country Conference II was for charity. We will release videos over the course of the next week or so. This year''s cause was Autism.

ECB Unscheduled Conference Today; Emergency Eurozone Meeting Monday; ECB Ponders Shutting of ELA as Cash Withdrawals Accelerate


Emergence Meeting Monday, Unscheduled ECB Conference Call Today There's an Emergency Meeting of Eurozone Leader on Monday to discuss Greece, but the ECB may very well act in advance. The European Central Bank’s governing council will hold an unscheduled conference call on Friday where they will decide whether to allow a rise of around €3bn in Emergency Liquidity Assistance available from the Bank of Greece, the country’s central bank.

Wine Country Conference II Videos: Stephanie Pomboy "Confessions of Ben Bernanke", Mebane Faber “Global Stock Valuations”


A second set of Wine Country Conference Speaker Presentation videos is now available. This Year''s Charity As with last year, Wine Country Conference II was for charity.

Wine Country Conference II Videos: Steen Jakobsen , Chris Martensen, Mish


The final second set of Wine Country Conference Speaker Presentation videos is now available. This Year''s Charity As with last year, Wine Country Conference II was for charity.

Do Decision Makers Attend Conferences?

David A Fields

A question I was asked: You recommend speaking, but it doesn’t seem like high-level executives attend conferences. Does is really make sense to speak at breakout sessions? What would your answer be to this consultant? What has your experience been?

Turning a Conference Contact into a Client

David A Fields

A question I was asked: I was just at a conference and met a lot of people. We met at the XYZ conference last week. What is a a great way to start my follow-up call to these new connections? What would your suggestion be to this consultant? What has worked for you?

Turning a Conference Contact into a Client

David A Fields

A question I was asked: I was just at a conference and met a lot of people. The post Turning a Conference Contact into a Client appeared first on David A. What is a a great way to start my follow-up call to these new connections? What would your suggestion be to this consultant?

How to Write a Truly Great Business Book (Tip #5)

David A Fields

Writing (and publishing) a book can confer myriad benefits on your consulting firm. More publicity, more inquiries from clients, more projects, higher fees. A great book multiplies those benefits and can lift you and your consulting firm to the next level of success.

Organization Design Fundamentals (Nov 2015)

Kates Kesler

Workshops and ConferencesTickets available here.

Bitcoin vs Gold: Peter Schiff vs Max Keiser – Who is Right? Bitcoins the New Beaver Pelts?


A major debate topic came up between Max Keiser and Peter Schiff at the Freedom Fest conference on July 19-22 in Las Vegas.: Bitcoin vs Gold. Max Keiser is a huge proponent of Bitcoin. Peter Schiff says “These digital currencies might make fiat currencies look good. That’s how bad they are.” ” (more…). Economics

Fed Hikes, “Dot Plot” Shows 3 More Hikes in 2017: Live Press Conference at 2:30 EST


Yellen also discussed the “Dot Plot” in her news conference following the announcement. The Fed hiked rates today to a range of 1/2 to 3/4 percent, as widely expected. The Wall Street Journal reports Fed Raises Rates for First Time in 2016, Anticipates 3 Increases in 2017. There is nothing to that effect in the FOMC Press Release. However, the Fed’s internal “ Dot Plot ” survey shows Fed members believe three more hikes are coming in 2017.

5 Things That Hold Our Clients (And Us) Back

Consulting Business

I spent the three days as a guest at a coaching conference in Los Angeles. The weather, palm trees and people were wonderful. Once you’ve identified the true block, you can figure out how to deal with it and find your way through it. Speaking of blocks, there are two kinds.

30+ McKinsey presentations

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Many of these are from conferences, or governmental / non-profit organizations clients who have chosen to make them available online. Curious what a McKinsey presentation looks like? Please find links to 30+ McKinsey presentations which are publicly available online. Yes, Google is useful. I selected the ones which as less than 10 years old have more than… Read More » The post 30+ McKinsey presentations appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

Consulting: flexibility to take vacations

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During that time I wrote a handful of emails, and took a few conference calls, but largely, I was on a break. I have been on vacation for 2 weeks. Family visiting from overseas. See some photos from the cruise. … Continue reading → Fun Consulting Project Travel vacation

DMA '15: Marketers Must Change

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That was the question I repeatedly asked myself while attending &Then, the Direct Marketing Association's 2015 conference last week. How should marketers change their thinking? There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Marketing then directmarketingassociation dma15 marketersmustchange

Key Takeaways from IBM Amplify 2016

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Conference season in the marketing technology world is in full swing and this week was IBM's turn to dazzle marketers. IBM Amplify--the company's key conference for marketing, sales, e-commerce, and merchandising--had many positive points but was ultimately underwhelming. As the company bets on cloud computing, cognitive systems, language processing, and other areas for future growth, it remains unclear if the company can pull its many investments into a coherent offering.

AI Comes Alive at Leadscon NYC

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And the recent Leadscon 2017 “Connect to Convert” conference in New York bustled with innovative ideas about how to use AI and bots in B2C and B2B marketing. AI and chatbots are driving forces in how businesses understand and assist their customers.

B2C 23

“Swell”: Bernanke to Give Keynote Speech at October Cryptocurrency Event


Ben Bernanke will join Sir Tim Berners-Lee as keynote speakers at the “ Swell ” cryptocurrency conference October 16-18 in Toronto. more…). Economics

When Manual Decisions Become a Novelty

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This may sound like science fiction, but at the DMA’s &Then annual conference, marketing experts outlined efforts to turn ideas like this into reality.Marketers have long strived to deliver the right product and service to the right person at the right time.

How will you measure success in 2015?


As you huddle around conference tables setting goals, establishing plans and directing your future for 2015, have you outlined how you will monitor your progress? ‘Tis the season for budgeting, planning and forecasting.

3 Tips for Cloud Migration

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Last week, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd announce the company's plans to make almost all of its services--95 percent of its products--available via the cloud by its OpenWorld conference in mid-October. Data Analytics Employee Engagement Customer Engagement cloud data migration cloud privacy cloud security Oracle and the cloud

Important, not urgent

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This can take the form of final revisions the night before the presentation, or conference calls lined up back-to-back. Generally speaking, I am pretty good under pressure. The endorphin gets going and you can ignore the pain. The dopamine gets going and you feel the achievement. If it’s team-based work, the serotonin gets going and it feels like… Read More » The post Important, not urgent appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: Conference Call Haiku

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Conference Call Haiku. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Wednesday, February 6, 2008. Man I wish this call/Would end before the sun sets/Id fit in a run. Courtesty of Posted by. Consulting SME. 2:20 PM. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post. Older Post. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). Crazy Consultants. were type A (who, us?);

The ROI of YOU

Joey Sargent

Attend conferences at least once or twice a year. If there’s an industry group in your space that holds an annual conference, go meet with your colleagues. Conference sessions and informal conversations can help you stay on top of trends. Never Stop Investing in Yourself.

ROI 71

Do Women’s Networking Events Move the Needle on Equality?

Harvard Business

Recently, I was flying home from the Conference for Women, where I had been invited to speak. I was carefully holding a copy of the conference program on my lap — my mom likes to save them, and I wanted to be a good son and bring her back an unwrinkled copy. The guy sitting next to me on the airplane noticed it and asked me about the conference. He then surprised me by saying, “I’m all for equality, but I’m not sure what good a conference will do.”

"Because it has always been this way"

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Why do we always structure our annual conference like this? That's a pretty bad answer to a series of common questions. Why is the format of the board meeting like this? Why is this our policy? Why do we let him decide these issues? Why is this the price?

Consultant Ninja: Classic Consulting Quotes: Management.

Consultant Ninja

Scene: Conference Room A, Industrial Client Actors: Myself, Matthew (client), Ralph (client), Bob (client), Steve (client) Context: We are discussing a set of data files that Matthew and Ralph have given me. Conference Room A has large windows overlooking the parking lot. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Consultant Ninja. Management Consultant | Excel Jockey | Slide Monkey | Corporate Insurgent | One-Eyed Man in the Valley of the Blind Mckinsey | Bain | BCG | Booz | Oliver Wyman.

Are you telling stories with a point or creating a verbal jigsaw puzzle with your talk?

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In the past two days, sitting at very large conference, I got to listen to two different keynotes. Each had stories to highlight their experiences, but even though the stories may have been slightly related to the conference, they had no unifying string or theme.

6 Terrific Reasons To Launch a Consulting Business

The Clever Consultant

Or, you just want to be a VIP at a TED conference. Maybe you dream of working from your iPad while vacationing in Hawaii. Perhaps you have a taste for the finer things like champagne, caviar and bespoke business suits. Go ahead and dream big.

The alliance shuffle and consolidation: Implications for shippers


McKinsey was invited to give a keynote speech at the October 2016 TPM Asia conference, in Shenzhen. Steve Saxon spoke to an audience of shippers and shipping lines on their sector’s recent changes. Our Insights

Killer Apps and the Game-Changing Potential of AI


Can these technologies be applied to business and confer a competitive advantage? Video Tuesday, June 07, 2016 Artificial intelligence has achieved some stunning victories in recent years. First, IBM's Deep Blue trounced chess champion Garry Kasparov.