Speaking Engagements For Consultants with Tony Chatman: Podcast #68

Consulting Success

Business doesn’t always have to be all about the technical processes. It’s also about the people running it. Professional speaker and corporate relationship expert Tony Chatman works with the people side of business to determine the kind of leadership that either makes the business succeed or fail.

An Easy, 7-Step Relationship Plan for Consulting Firms

David A Fields

Relationships. The lifeblood of your consulting firm, and the foundation on which 95% of advisory engagements are won. Plus, the more, strong, healthy, vibrant relationships you have, the wealthier you are.

2019 Management Consulting Salaries for Undergraduates, MBAs/PhDs, & Interns

Management Consulted

Welcome to 2019, and our annual management consulting salaries report! The consulting industry has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. Consulting business models have adapted as firms respond to their clients’ needs for digital solutions, advanced analytics, and AI. … Continue Reading. The post 2019 Management Consulting Salaries for Undergraduates, MBAs/PhDs, & Interns appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting jobs consulting recruiting consulting salaries

The Perils of Internal Disruption (Part 1)

Markovitz Consulting

“Disruption” has become another business buzzword that obviates the need for prudent, careful thought and consideration. If something is “disruptive,” then it must by definition be good. But when it comes to internal operations at least, disruption is often both bad for business and for employees, because it causes unevenness in work.

Need Clients Now? 5 Strategies to Quickly Get More Consulting Clients

Consulting Matters

If you want to achieve sustainable success as a consultant - ideally you want to create a marketing system to ensure you have a consistently full pipeline of right-fit clients. However, there will be times when you have to feel the cash flow pressure and need to find clients.right now!

Leadership lessons from Africa’s trailblazers


How five leaders are seizing opportunities and overcoming challenges to build successful organizations in—and a brighter future for—the nations of Africa. Middle East and Africa

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Examples of Concluding Your Case Interview (Part II)

Tom Spencer

This article focuses on how to conclude well in your case interview. It is part 2 of a 3 part series. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, what I would do is pause reading and look at the following link , which covers four great tips on how to improve your conclusion.

Pearls of Wisdom from the South Bay WIC’s Holiday Party

Women in Consulting

By: Theresa Shafer. :: In December, we had a delightful holiday party where we exchanged gifts and lessons learned in 2018. We enjoyed the food, laughter and getting to know everyone a little deeper. It is a great group that offers so many valuable insights and perspectives!

Working for a Narcissist (or What Have I Done?)

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Not all bosses are great. Not all are good. Some are downright bad. This is a hard lesson I've been learning recently, having taken a job under an egomaniac narcissist that makes the guy in the White House look sane. A few months ago, I accepted a new position with a smaller firm in my industry.

Are we Sisyphus? Let’s break out of the rut.

Rod Burkert

We’ve moved on from Lajitas, TX … greetings from Palm Springs, CA where we will be waiting out the second half of winter. Last week’s conversation was about getting our message out using multiple mediums. Our message is simple: how we deliver value to the people we serve.

Selling Consulting Services Using High-End Value with Mark Pierce: Podcast #69

Consulting Success

Mark Pierce, owner, operator and founder of E5 Leadership Academy, has been teaching people how to fish rather than giving them a fish.

The Top 10 Things You Can Do in 2019 to Grow Your Consulting Firm

David A Fields

The whole year is open for your consulting firm to accelerate to new heights of success. Twelve full months of opportunity. How can you make the most of them? The Top 10 Things You Can Do in 2019 to Grow Your Consulting Firm 10.

When and Why To Turn Down A Consulting Internship

Management Consulted

There are times where accepting any internship that is offered to you, may not be in your best interest! Listen to Jenny Rae as she teaches when (and why) you should turn down a consulting internship. Youtube Audio Transcription: We … Continue Reading.

The Perils of Internal Disruption (Part 2)

Markovitz Consulting

“Disruption” has become another business buzzword that obviates the need for prudent, careful thought and consideration. If something is “disruptive,” then it must by definition be good. But when it comes to internal operations at least, disruption is often both bad for business and for employees, because it causes unevenness in work.

10 Tips to Increase Your Close Rates

Consulting Matters

It takes a lot of effort to get to the point where you as a consultant are meeting with a buyer to discuss the potential of a strategic partnership.

How can the private and public sectors work together to create smart cities?


Smart-city experts share examples of successful public–private partnerships from around the world. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Memo to the CEO: Is Your Chief Strategy Officer Set Up for Success?


The chief strategy officer role has drifted from its original purpose. But there are easy ways to reboot the role and help your CSO drive value creation

How to enable knowledge sharing

Tom Spencer

In the last instalment, I wrote about a fundamental resource within high performing companies, people, and the ways in which internal and external motivation can direct the knowledge sharing process. You can read the full article here.

Finding Your Passion: Is there a ‘Magic Formula?’

Confessions of a Consultant

Chances are that the topic of ‘discovering your passion in life’ is not new to you. It’s a common phrase that people toss about. The connotation is that this will be unveiled to us in some way.

Smart people

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Smart people are everywhere in film.

Film 52

Your message IS the mediums

Rod Burkert

There are only 3 days left to get your 2019 BVFLS Practice Development Marketing Plan … availability ends Friday at 6pm PT. I like the concept, and it reads like this is you and from the heart. Michael Gregory | Michael Gregory Consulting.

Video 52

What Do Creative Marketers Look Like?

The More Clients Blog

Above is a picture of Judy Clark and the staff of HR Answers in Portland Oregon. Judy is one of the most creative (and effective marketers) of her professional services that I have ever met. Not only that, she’s really enthusiastic about her marketing. When I asked my subscribers if they’d like to be interviewed for the More Clients Club about how they attracted clients, Judy responded with a long list of all the things that have worked for her over the years.

Why On-Site Consulting Bites, And When to Do It Anyway

David A Fields

Are there consultants who love to sleep in impersonal hotel rooms, consume unhealthy food, miss family events and endure flight delays? Maybe. After all, there are people who love to eat crickets.It

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What Do Consultant’s Actually Do?

Management Consulted

What do consultant’s actually do? It might seem odd, but that’s actually a common question. Listen to Jenny Rae as she shed’s light on what you could expect to do as a management consultant. Youtube Audio Transcription: I am Jenny … Continue Reading. The post What Do Consultant’s Actually Do? appeared first on Management Consulted. business consulting consulting news consulting questions consulting recruiting consulting resources life as a consultant

Better Relationships in 10 Seconds


To have better relationships at work and at home, stop criticizing, complaining about, or blaming the people in your life. I know. it’s hard. I’m working on this myself, and let's say I’m falling short quite often (as my kids will tell me!). So what could you do instead? Make a. REQUEST. So instead of saying, “You have the music turned up too loud” (a complaint), you could say, “Would you be willing to turn the volume lower? I’m trying to read and am finding it difficult to concentrate.”.

Being Thankful

Martinka Consulting

The week of Thanksgiving, I was working on our Rotary project in Antigua, which will be in February 2019. It’s the time of year for reflection, as in, what are we thankful for and I got to thinking about the difference between Antigua, a small, developing country and here (and even less developed, third world countries). I immediately came up with four items to compare. Family – this is an interesting topic for comparing.

Digital transformation: The CFO’s role


With their role sitting at the center of the strategic-planning process and financial disciplines, CFOs are well positioned to become critical drivers of digital transformation. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

Business Cycle


In a wide-ranging interview, Peloton CEO John Foley discusses the trajectory of the rapidly growing fitness "unicorn."

So you want to be a consultant …

Tom Spencer

It’s now January, and as the MBA internship recruitment season shifts into full gear, here are some tips from someone who went through the consulting recruitment process last year. Note: These tips are geared towards MBA1s, but are applicable to anyone interviewing with consulting firms.).

Time To Look At Gamification Like Minecraft and Angry Birds To Increase Sales

Henry DeVries

Today more businesses are turning to gamification, the use of game-like elements in a non-game setting, to drive engagement. In a business gamification makes use of point scales for sales and activities, badges for accomplishments, competitions, leaderboards and teams to influence behavior

Sales 53

The Spiderman Paradox

Seth Godin Blog

On one hand, Uncle Ben’s rule makes great sense: “With great power comes great responsibility.” ” The essence of the rule is that once you have great power, you need to take the responsibility that goes with it. And yet, it’s backfiring. It’s backfiring because so many walk away from their great power. They walk away because they don’t want the responsibility. We have the power to vote, but decide to stay home and whine.

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For 2019, set an IMPACT goal, not an INCOME goal

Rod Burkert

Ahhh … the smell of a New Year … 365 days of nothing but possibilities in front of us. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found the way I start a new year profoundly influences the way I’ll end it … so I am approaching 2019 with a mindset of abundance and gratitude.

The #1 Skill Leaders Need To Thrive in 2019

Cheryl Cran

Want to know the #1 skill leaders need to thrive in 2019? The future of work waits for no one and leaders must be constantly upgrading his or her leadership skills. A recent PWC report states that leaders must be able to lead in this mobility era. The mobility era is one of global workers, […].

Launch a Mentoring Program in 2019

Gina Abudi

Use a Mentoring Program to Engage Employees and Help them to Achieve Organizational Goals. Mentoring programs are a great tool to engage employees. Plus, they provide a number of benefits to the organization overall. From an organizational perspective, mentoring programs enable for: Attracting and retaining top talent Meeting long-term organizational goals Sharing of knowledge and [.]. The post Launch a Mentoring Program in 2019 appeared first on Gina Abudi. Human Resource