Two Exercises to Build Your Confidence [For Consultants]

David A Fields

Below, I outline two confidence-building exercises specifically designed for consultants. Confidence is to selling consulting as phyllo dough is to making baklava: necessary for success but difficult to maintain in the real world.

Two Reflection Exercises to Help You Work Smarter

Successful Independent Consulting

Below are two simple exercises to help you assess your internal rate of return and point you to working smarter. You don’t need to do these reflection exercises at your desk. This exercise has you ask what three times to help you work smarter.

How Mindfulness Helped a Workplace Diversity Exercise

Harvard Business

The discomfort among my peers was palpable, and we ended up having to scrap most of the exercises because of people’s inability (or, more likely, unwillingness) to dig deeper into the topics. A couple of years ago I was invited to facilitate an offsite training for the diversity committee of a Fortune 500 company. In an era in which “diversity” has become a buzzword in the business world, the firm’s interest in the topic was both admirable and understandable.

Leaders Can't Treat Emergency Exercises Like Just Another Drill


Avoid fumbling the response to a crisis by fully participating in on-the-ground trainings

How Are You Perceived at Work? Here’s an Exercise to Find Out

Harvard Business

While this exercise won’t take a lot of time, it may be psychically intensive. Many times clients have come back to me after completing this exercise and said, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before? Tom Kolossa/EyeEm/Getty Images. It’s not easy to understand how other people perceive us. We are often uncertain, confused, or even completely unaware of what we project. And this lack of self-awareness can be career-limiting.

How popular are half marathons?

Consultants Mind

There were a lot of people there, and it made me wonder how popular are … Continue reading → Fun Exercise Half Marathon Running Tough Mudder Trends I ran the Philadelphia Rock and Roll half marathon last month. Felt great to finish, but it was pretty painful at mile 11 and 12.

A Better Way to Engage Your Board on Strategy


Shaping strategy should be an ongoing team effort of the CEO and directors, not just an annual exercise

Tips on How Consultants Can Balance Working Long Hours and Managing a Healthy Life

Steve Shu Consulting

imagine hiring an exercise coach where the coach spends all the time demonstrating exercises; yes you’ve paid them, but eventually it is you that needs to exercise). Learn how to execute on an effective, reasonably rounded, exercise program in 30–45 minutes (e.g.,

3 Steps To Building A Stand Out Portfolio With Emma Sharley: Podcast #25

Consulting Success

From fitting in exercise and feeling more energetic to maximizing her most creative hours so that she can consistently deliver her best effort work to her clients, Emma has found what works for her and is using it to her advantage.

3 Steps To Building A Stand Out Portfolio With Emma Sharley: Podcast #25

Consulting Success

I fit my exercise in every day. On this episode, I’m talking with Emma Sharley, an experienced and very successful brand and marketing consultant in Australia.

How to Grow Your Consulting Firm NOW (not later)

David A Fields

Most business vision exercises are farsighted. If you’d like to shake the rust off your consulting firm and jump-start fast moving progress, shift your gaze from the lofty peaks that will take years to ascend to a nearby hill you can crest now.

Landing Your Next Six-Figure Project with Adam Cooper: Podcast #12

Consulting Success

Second, Adam refers to an exercise that he and I worked on together, to help him identify the most valuable activities that he could be focusing on. If you are trying to convince yourself that you can do everything in your business by yourself but are constantly drowning in menial tasks, you will want to be sure to listen to Adam as he details how this exercise has worked for him in finding greater success at Ascent Consulting.

Behavioral Economics and Innovation Workshops

Steve Shu Consulting

In-class exercises and a mock innovation setting provide an experiential learning process for internalizing BE knowledge and skills. I am co-hosting Behavioral Economics and Innovation Workshops in conjunction with one of my colleagues and partners, Namika Sagara at Sagara Consulting.

Only 38% of US publicly-traded companies are profitable

Consultants Mind

Here is an exercise (as of 03/04/2018): 1) How many stocks are traded in the US (NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ)? Finviz is a great way to filter stocks. It’s free. It’s like Bloomberg-lite for the non-investment bankers.

Getting Psyched


In his engaging and original book, Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed, Daniel McGinn takes us far beyond the clichés of yoga poses, centering exercises, and nap rooms

The Science Behind Mental Preparation


In his engaging and original book, Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed, Daniel McGinn takes us far beyond the clichés of yoga poses, centering exercises, and nap rooms

Reflecting on Innovative Methods That Management Consultants Can Use to Pitch Clients

Steve Shu Consulting

I wrote the following post in response to someone on Quora who asked me about innovative methods that management consultants use to pitch clients instead of using PowerPoint presentations. Surprisingly, one can go a long way with Powerpoint presentations.

Surprise! All of Your Strengths Need to be Adaptable

Leadership Vision Consulting

Rather, they are an exercise in helping you use your Strengths in ways that will allow you to make the most of a bad situation. Planning ahead, controlling what you can control, and getting out of your comfort zone will not guarantee that you will instantly become more adaptable.

The Challenge of Changing Employee Behavior

LSA Global

eating healthier, keeping a journal, maintaining an exercise regime, achieving a better work/life balance) will be in our best interest, we too quickly fall back into old patterns and less wholesome habits. Changing Employee Behaviors and Breaking Old Habits Are Hard.

The Unexpected, Business Benefits of Gratitude

David A Fields

Some wise folks do this exercise every day. Each Friday I pause to consider everything I have to be grateful for. Family, friends, a thriving business, homemade banana-chocolate cream pie. Others limit their gratitude to a day here or there such as Thanksgiving (in the U.S.)

The Crazy Lives of Consultants: Jet Lag? What Jet Lag?

The Crazy Lives of Consultants

Sounds like you need to learn a bit of customer relationship skill as the way you write isn't exactly an exercise in marketing skill! skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, March 4, 2013. Jet Lag? What Jet Lag? Post courtesy of alert guest blogger/consultant Gideon.

Can Blind Hiring Improve Your Customer Experience?

Joey Sargent

Ask candidates to role play key scenarios or pivotal conversations and complete written exercises that reveal their customer-orientation.

Think Twice Before You Hit Send

Peter Stark

Sometimes exercising your right to remain silent may be the best strategy in successfully achieving your goals. Are you sure you want to send that email? Take a second and think twice before you hit the send button on that email or text that should have stayed in your drafts folder.

A New Approach to Organization Design


In a survey conducted by The Boston Consulting Group, almost 80% of respondent companies reported under-going a recent reorganization exercise—in about half of those cases, a large-scale, enterprise-wide reorganization initiative. Focus Tuesday, April 05, 2016.

Best 16 podcasts from PLANET MONEY over last 2 years

Consultants Mind

The benefits are enormous: Free entertainment Easier than reading Great learning of a variety of topics Exercises … Continue reading → Fun Learning podcastFor anyone who knows me, I am an avid podcast listener. It is something I will promote to literally everyone I know.

The Five Practices That Set Operational Risk Leaders Apart


One bank executive noted, “We can invest an additional $10 to 20 million, but not really know if what we’re doing is more effective,” and then added, “We seem to default to rote, tick-the-box exercises that satisfy our regulators but aren’t risk based or aligned with business value.

McKinsey: Testing your strategy

Consultants Mind

makes the very valid point that executives and leaders too often treat strategy as a ” procedural exercise or set of frameworks”, rather than a way of thinking through problems. McKinsey, in a 2011 article entitled Have Your Tested Your Strategy Lately?, McKinsey’s advice is to not look for the newest strategy fad or business guru, but instead… Read More » The post McKinsey: Testing your strategy appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

Top Ten Strategies of Highly Innovative Leaders

Cheryl Cran

Every leader I have worked with who is highly innovative has built in exercise as a regular and consistent activity throughout their week. Do you exercise? What sets apart a leader and a highly innovative leader?

Want to be Happy? Then decide your ‘Purpose’

Tandem Consulting

Sometimes, people seek to embrace a higher order calling and embark on a journey (reading, travelling, working with a not-for-profit organisation, reflection exercises and so on) to discover or reconnect with their passion in life.

What Separates Goals We Achieve from Goals We Don’t

Harvard Business

In one study, we measured the number of minutes gym-goers spent exercising on a cardio machine. We also asked them how much they cared that their exercise improved their health (delayed benefit) and was fun (immediate benefit). Gym-goers who cared more about having a fun workout exercised longer than those who cared less about having fun. Those who rated exercising as more fun exercised more each week over that period.

The Relationship of Pay Grades to Organization Design

Kates Kesler

But, global grading is not in itself an organization design exercise. As global companies seek the benefits of scale, HR plays an important role in the design of organizations and the grading of jobs. But are the two activities connected? And if so, how? Organization Design and Global Grading are interconnected elements within an end-to-end HR value delivery chain.

Understanding High Performing A&E Firms


Financial analysis is an exercise all A&E CEOs & Principals must obviously conduct for Strategic Planning, not just for of monitoring operations. Basic analysis includes ‘benchmarking’ against other firms. Why not benchmark against “High Performing Firms” instead of just the A&E industry’s averages

The Entrepreneurial Expert: Lessons from The Business of Expertise

Tsavo Neal

As Blair Enns says, positioning is an exercise in irrelevance. Good positioning is an exercise in “pigeonholing” yourself. This is a fantastic exercise not only for positioning yourself as a thought-leader — but clarifying your own thinking as well.

Timing is Everything – Proven

Martinka Consulting

What I found interesting was the study’s research on exercise. Exercising in the morning allows for: Building a routine (we do it before we get tired and/or distracted). Losing weight, because people generally don’t eat before early exercise and therefore burn fat not food. Exercising in the afternoon or evening gives: Fewer injuries because as our body temperature rises during the day our muscles are warmer.

Mastering the Art of Resilience: Courage

Joey Sargent

I created a simple courage-building exercise to help you name your fears, put them in perspective, and get over them. This is the 2nd in a three-part series on Resilience. If you missed part 1, you can read it here: Starting at Rock Bottom. Gathering the Courage to Rebound.

Transformation tourism

Seth Godin Blog

but I didn't do the exercises in writing.". "I bought the diet book, but ate my usual foods.". "I I filled the prescription, but didn't take the meds.". "I I took the course. well, I watched the videos. Merely looking at something almost never causes change.

Another Reason Men Don’t Work: Imaginary World More Enjoyable than the Real World


What they don’t point out are masses of people on welfare via fraudulent disabilities, people in school wasting money in dead-end retraining exercises, people who have simply given up looking for a job, and people in forced retirement needing Social Security payments to survive. President Trump, like President Obama before him, point out the low unemployment rate as a measure of success.

One Million Meters

Joey Sargent

My idea of exercise is usually running downstairs to pull something out of the freezer for dinner. (I’m Even so, I do enjoy exercising on my rowing machine. That’s My Goal, What’s Yours? I’m not an athlete by any means.

Will Your Keep Your Brand Promise this Year?

Joey Sargent

A brand promise is more than an exercise in marketing strategy. We’re a week into the new year. Most executives are back at work new, eager to seize the opportunities presented by a fresh start.

War Games: Russia Threatens Denmark, NATO Intercepts Russian Jets, NATO Launches Drills on Russian Border


Destabilizing war drill exercises from both NATO and Russia are the order of the day. Russia Targets NATO With Military Exercises In a totally one sided article, Stratfor moans Russia Targets NATO With Military Exercises. Russian military exercises, the latest in a series across the country, have taken on a threatening posture. NATO Holds Military Drills in Estonia The Russia snap exercise began on March 16. NATO held exercises first.