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Two Reflection Exercises to Help You Work Smarter

Successful Independent Consulting

Below are two simple exercises to help you assess your internal rate of return and point you to working smarter. You don’t need to do these reflection exercises at your desk. I felt like I was doing the exercises wrong by not taking notes, but the morning I got back to my desk I jotted everything down in about five minutes.

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Two Exercises to Build Your Confidence [For Consultants]

David A Fields

Below, I outline two confidence-building exercises specifically designed for consultants. Confidence is to selling consulting as phyllo dough is to making baklava: necessary for success but difficult to maintain in the real world.

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Getting more exercise

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: We all know that exercise is good for us. Here are the secrets of how to exercise when it’s the last thing you want to […]. The post Getting more exercise appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. And yet we can de-prioritise it in favour of other stuff.

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How Consultants Can Create & Implement Winning Business Strategies With Christian Stadler: Podcast #214

Consulting Success

One exercise is the nightmare. In this episode, Christian Stadler talks with host Michael Zipursky about the winning business strategies you can use to grow, adapt, and beat your competition. Christian is the Professor of Strategic Management at Warwick Business School.

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3 Mindsets + 2 Plans to Relieve Your Consulting Firm’s Growth Obstruction

David A Fields

Unfortunately, handing off parts of your consulting practice proves increasingly difficult as you graduate from administrative tasks and low-level analytical exercises to high-value work that fits your personal … Continued The post 3 Mindsets + 2 Plans to Relieve Your Consulting Firm’s Growth Obstruction appeared first on David A.

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To Improve Your Work Performance, Get Some Exercise

Harvard Business

New research shows daily physical activity can even impact your creativity the next day.

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How to Have Work Life Balance: The Big Lever is Exercise

Women in Consulting

By: Deborah Siegle Continuing from my prior posts on Bobbie LaPorte’s talk about how to balance your work and personal life, one of Bobbie’s Keys to Success is EXERCISE. First, Bobbie defined exercise in this context as planned, structured, repetitive, purposeful exercise. And, it’s never too late to start.