Two Reflection Exercises to Help You Work Smarter

Successful Independent Consulting

Below are two simple exercises to help you assess your internal rate of return and point you to working smarter. You don’t need to do these reflection exercises at your desk. I felt like I was doing the exercises wrong by not taking notes, but the morning I got back to my desk I jotted everything down in about five minutes. Reflection Exercise #1: The Three Whats Everyone has heard about asking why five times to get to the root cause of something.

Two Exercises to Build Your Confidence [For Consultants]

David A Fields

Below, I outline two confidence-building exercises specifically designed for consultants. Confidence is to selling consulting as phyllo dough is to making baklava: necessary for success but difficult to maintain in the real world. As a purveyor of consulting services you regularly swallow large doses of rejection—prospective clients often claim they don’t need your offering.


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Getting more exercise

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: We all know that exercise is good for us. Here are the secrets of how to exercise when it’s the last thing you want to […]. The post Getting more exercise appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. And yet we can de-prioritise it in favour of other stuff. Until we feel like we just don’t have the energy, just don’t feel like it, just can’t face it.

An Exercise to Help Your Team Overcome the Trauma of the Pandemic

Harvard Business

Post-traumatic growth is possible. Psychology Digital Article

How Mindfulness Helped a Workplace Diversity Exercise

Harvard Business

The discomfort among my peers was palpable, and we ended up having to scrap most of the exercises because of people’s inability (or, more likely, unwillingness) to dig deeper into the topics. A couple of years ago I was invited to facilitate an offsite training for the diversity committee of a Fortune 500 company. In an era in which “diversity” has become a buzzword in the business world, the firm’s interest in the topic was both admirable and understandable.

A Brief Exercise to Spur Innovation on Your Team

Harvard Business

All it takes is a piece of paper and three questions. Innovation Leadership & Managing people Creativity Digital Article

How to Have Work Life Balance: The Big Lever is Exercise

Women in Consulting

By: Deborah Siegle Continuing from my prior posts on Bobbie LaPorte’s talk about how to balance your work and personal life, one of Bobbie’s Keys to Success is EXERCISE. First, Bobbie defined exercise in this context as planned, structured, repetitive, purposeful exercise. Research shows that execs feel better and are more productive when they purposefully and physically exercise. The two key research findings are: 1 – Regular exercise program reduces stress.

An Exercise to Help Your Team Feel More Comfortable with Conflict

Harvard Business

Great teams aren’t afraid to disagree. Conflict Collaboration Leading teams Digital Article

How Are You Perceived at Work? Here’s an Exercise to Find Out

Harvard Business

While this exercise won’t take a lot of time, it may be psychically intensive. Many times clients have come back to me after completing this exercise and said, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before? Tom Kolossa/EyeEm/Getty Images. It’s not easy to understand how other people perceive us. We are often uncertain, confused, or even completely unaware of what we project. And this lack of self-awareness can be career-limiting.

Verge of War: Ukraine's Foreign Minister says "We are Ready to Fight"; Russia holds Military Exercises on Border


Tensions in Ukraine took another step for the worse today as Russia held military exercises on the border and Ukraine''s foreign minister responded " We are Ready to Fight Russia " Andriy Deshchytisa said Russia’s decision Thursday to launch the military exercises “very much escalates the situation in the region.” Russia holds Military Exercises on Border The Financial Times reports Russia Plans Military Exercises After Mounting Ukraine Unrest.

A Simple Exercise Can Help Women Overcome Self-Doubt to Succeed

Harvard Business

Other participants were prompted to do a similar writing exercise, but about other values (including institutional ones). As part of our second study we asked a subset of participants how much self-doubt they felt approximately three weeks before their final exams (five weeks after they had completed the values writing exercise). We attribute their relatively long duration to introducing the writing exercise during orientation.

How to Build a Stronger Memory

Harvard Business

Three exercises. Productivity Managing yourself Psychology Digital Article

Memo to the CFO: A new approach to 2021 budgeting starts now


The financial-planning process for 2021 presents an opportunity to turn hard-earned lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic into an enduring exercise in linking strategy to value.

Behavioral Science Casebook Project

Steve Shu Consulting

In addition to learning about behavioral science theories in the digital age, students will then learn how to apply those key theoretical concepts through discussing actual, corporate case studies and participating in hands-on exercises related to nudging and experimental design.

How Anxiety Traps Us, and How We Can Break Free

Harvard Business

Some exercises for reframing your fears, doubts, and uncertainties. Stress Managing yourself Health Digital Article

How to Grow Your Consulting Firm NOW (not later)

David A Fields

Most business vision exercises are farsighted. If you’d like to shake the rust off your consulting firm and jump-start fast moving progress, shift your gaze from the lofty peaks that will take years to ascend to a nearby hill you can crest now. They create plenty of clarity around a long-term vision, but the near-in [ ] Consultants Consulting

A Better Way to Engage Your Board on Strategy


Shaping strategy should be an ongoing team effort of the CEO and directors, not just an annual exercise

Tips on How Consultants Can Balance Working Long Hours and Managing a Healthy Life

Steve Shu Consulting

Presuming that the focus on health is mostly on physical exercise and diet (versus mental health or social relationships), here are some things I’ve used to try to strike a balance: On the job, really focus on what is strategically important; try to cut bait or minimize involvement with small stuff that you shouldn’t sweat. imagine hiring an exercise coach where the coach spends all the time demonstrating exercises; yes you’ve paid them, but eventually it is you that needs to exercise).

The Unexpected, Business Benefits of Gratitude

David A Fields

Some wise folks do this exercise every day. Each Friday I pause to consider everything I have to be grateful for. Family, friends, a thriving business, homemade banana-chocolate cream pie. Others limit their gratitude to a day here or there such as Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) or when they exchange gifts. Terrific. Warm and fluffy as rabbit fur. But how does gratitude help consultants’ businesses? Below are four practical benefits of gratitude: What are you thankful for?

Behavioral Economics and Innovation Workshops

Steve Shu Consulting

In-class exercises and a mock innovation setting provide an experiential learning process for internalizing BE knowledge and skills. I am co-hosting Behavioral Economics and Innovation Workshops in conjunction with one of my colleagues and partners, Namika Sagara at Sagara Consulting. The goals of these workshops are twofold. First, the workshops teach and demonstrate key behavioral economics (BE) concepts to participants.


Alan Weiss

This is not an idle exercise. Years ago an experiment showed that Dunkin’ Donuts customers and Starbucks customers, asked to use the other coffeeshop for a month with all their coffee paid for, all refused to change to the other store at the end of the month.

When Leaders Torture Their Employees

Markovitz Consulting

Don’t waste management’s or associates’ time with pointless exercises that doesn’t help anyone to improve. Pity the employees at a Starbucks in midtown NYC. In a misguided attempt to improve quality, the management posts monthly scores on a variety of metrics. without understanding anything about effective use of metrics.

The Science Behind Mental Preparation


In his engaging and original book, Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed, Daniel McGinn takes us far beyond the clichés of yoga poses, centering exercises, and nap rooms

Getting Psyched


In his engaging and original book, Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed, Daniel McGinn takes us far beyond the clichés of yoga poses, centering exercises, and nap rooms

What if your previous clients cant afford to work with you?

Kai Davis

’ The answer isn’t always yes, but it’s a valuable thought exercise. A reader question today, shared with permission: What if your previous clients cant afford to work with you? Are they just done?

Why Toyota Kata May Be the Right Approach for You

Markovitz Consulting

It becomes a trivial exercise distracting people from solving real problems. One of the great benefits of the 2 Second Lean approach to lean is the way that it gets everyone engaged in kaizen with simple improvements. The genius of Paul Akers’ approach is the low barrier to entry for workers. But as I’ve written about before , the problem with 2 Second Lean is the high barrier to entry for leadership.

Peloton and Partisan Political Prejudice

Harvard Business

Youngme, Felix, and Mihir debate Peloton, the high-flying exercise startup. They then discuss why political prejudice is worse in some parts of the country than others. Strategy Economics & Society Technology Audio

How to plan out your 2021 projects and projections

Kai Davis

It’s always a valuable exercise. Use this handy spreadsheet (via Jason Zook of Wandering Aimfully) for planning your projects and projections. link]. ( You can make your copy with this magic link ). I’ve filled this out every year for the last four years.

How to Clarify Your Ideal Consulting Client

Consulting Matters

And in today's quick win, I want to really just give you an exercise that you can use to start imagining who that person is and how you create value for that individual. The Storyboard Exercise [04:02]. And here's my storyboard exercise. So here's my easy exercise that I would love for you to try out and get creative around this one. So hopefully this exercise is going to help you out and let me know how it works. Do you know who your ideal consulting client is?

An Introduction to the Complete Strategic Planning Process (Step-by-Step)

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

The strategic planning process contains various steps, exercises and opportunities to develop a culture of alignment and follow-through within your organization. This resource will serve as a step-by-step overview for the strategic planning process. Whether you're gearing up to lead your own strategy session, or plan on attending and participating in one, this guide will help you through each stage of the planning process. Getting Alignment.

Learning more vs leveraging what you know

Tom Spencer

The goal of this exercise is to: Build your technical vocabulary and identify best practices. As a bonus, this exercise will also help you craft stories for your interviews and could help you sharpen your resume by using more technical terms.

Your Consulting Niche vs Jack-of-All-Trades Myth

Successful Independent Consulting

Exercise #1: Look at Your History. Exercise #2: Get Input from Colleagues. Best regards, These two exercises will help you identify your particular sweet spot. Many people who embark on the independent professional path think they should define their services broadly so they will look like a good fit for many projects. The exact opposite is true.

Accepting compliments

Consultants' Consultant

We touch on compliments, and ask people to do a short exercise where they compliment each other (sincerely). Consultants Consultant: I’ve been delivering a one day Leadership Essentials program for the human enterprise for about a year now. One of the features of the program is pointing out what people are doing right. They find it difficult […]. The post Accepting compliments appeared first on Consultants' Consultant.

Assess, Decide, and Act Cycle

I’ve participated in several mass casualty training exercises (e.g., In several of those exercises, I had the opportunity to train in the role of incident commander (IC) and other leadership roles. At the very start of one of my exercises, all of our “patients” began screaming in agony and pain. In my training exercise, I found it incredibly annoying that there wasn't enough information to develop a full-fledged plan.

Are We Sending the Right Message?

Markovitz Consulting

One implication is that workers are looking to major investments in machinery, software, or other technology for their improvements, rather than exercising their creativity. The latest issue of the Spring 2018 AME Target magazine excerpts some mind-boggling—and depressing—data from LNS Research about continuous improvement.

ROI 142

How "scripting the plays" can help launch your lean initiative.

Markovitz Consulting

But classroom lectures, readings, and exercises are, at best, difficult to transplant to actual shop floor interactions, and at worst, a waste of time. My friend Bob is struggling to get a lean transformation started at his new company. He’s knowledgeable and experienced, but he’s been unable to get traction at the main plant.

(Value Stream) Map Your Way to a Better Post-Covid Future

Markovitz Consulting

Mapping is a participatory exercise requiring involvement with both front line workers and executives. At some point, the COVID pandemic will pass, whether that’s due to a vaccine, a 2-minute test, or herd immunity.

Sales 141

[Podcast Episode] How To Make (Better) Decisions

Kai Davis

The integrated workbook/exercises make a huge difference. Find yourself struggling with how to make better decisions? You’ll want to listen to this week’s episode of The Business of Freelancing.

#9: 5 Reasons To Love Corporate Politics

Consulting Matters

In this resource you'll find a series of exercises to help you quickly master politics. Download Episode Transcript. I'll never forget the moment when I first fell in love with corporate politics. I was asked to lead a massive initiative at Disney to help the operations executives redefine the guest/cast and cast/leader experience.

20 Questions to Help You Uncover Your Client's TRUE Culture and Politics

Consulting Matters

Who has the formal authority but is not fully exercising it? To win business and deliver results - all consultants MUST cultivate their political savvy. While we may think that executives hire consultants for economic reasons - the reality is that more often that not, we're brought in for political reasons. Politics is not necessarily a bad thing. Politics gets its bad rap when leaders operate out of self-interest versus the best interest of others.