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The post Culture appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well culture Manage othersConsultants Consultant: This podcast came through my ears today. Adam Grant and John Amaechi What defines.

Culture Starts at the Top

Leadership Planning with Liz Weber CMC

This past week validated that regardless of what you say you want your company culture to be, what it actually IS is dependent upon you, the leader. The post Culture Starts at the Top appeared first on Weber Business Services, LLC.


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Culture in Companies, Families, and Romantic Relationships

At Stanford, the one class I disliked the most was called “Cultures, Ideas and Values.” I’ve been thinking a lot about culture lately and how much it pervades so many aspects of human life. This is what the culture values. This is what the culture values.

Does Your Company’s Culture Reinforce Its Strategy and Purpose?

Harvard Business Review

Corporate strategy Strategy execution Organizational culture Digital ArticleStrategies for leaders to align all three.

6 Steps to Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Speaker: Jennifer Fairweather, CHRO for Jefferson County, Educator, and Speaker & Keren Wasserman, Organizational Effectiveness Program Manager at Lyra Health

Learn proven methods to build a culture that supports employees so they can do their best work! Register today!

Accenture Interviews, Culture, and Careers

Management Consulted

The post Accenture Interviews, Culture, and Careers appeared first on Management Consulted. This Strategy Simplified conversation reveals everything you need to know about Accenture – and nothing you don’t.

Organizational Culture: Best Practices & Examples

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Today I want to talk to you about organizational culture. culture organizational development valuesWhat is it? What are some best practices for driving it forward? And what are some practical examples of what it looks like out in the wild.

Company Culture: Are You Tolerating Toxicity?

Organizational Talent Consulting

No leader strives to create a toxic culture. Leaders need to be concerned about toxic culture. Here are five signs of a toxic culture and two detoxing steps every leader can take. Why Leaders Need to be Concerned About a Toxic Culture. 5 Toxic Culture Attributes.

Starting a Strategic Initiative? Clarify Your Culture First

Leadership Planning with Liz Weber CMC

Clarify Your Culture First appeared first on Weber Business Services, LLC. Strategic Planning Culture Change Strategy Management

Practice Congruence to Create an Effective Culture

Johanna Rothman

However, blaming doesn't create an effective culture. That's why it's worth discussing the role congruence plays in your culture. What Role Does Congruence Play in Your Culture? I've said that culture is: What we can discuss. Dan, a CIO, needs the teams to work faster.

The Modern Customer Success Playbook

The evolution of every high-functioning, effective customer success strategy centers around three C’s: connected experiences, an engaging customer journey, and a culture built on customer-centricity. Find out how to transform customer success teams into revenue-drivers by downloading the playbook today!

These Corporate Culture Elements Promote Better Learning Environments

Clarity Consultants

You also need a supportive environment that welcomes reasonable risks and a culture that makes learning a priority. Additionally, you want to ensure your corporate culture includes the right key elements. Learning Thrives in Businesses That Focus on The Culture Elements.

Cultural Fit Interview Questions Ultimate Guide

Management Consulted

So, if the cultural fit interview performance is 50% of your final interview score, why… Read Article. The post Cultural Fit Interview Questions Ultimate Guide appeared first on Management Consulted.

Building The Ideal Company Culture With HR Consultants Erin Mies & Kristen Ireland: Podcast #163

Consulting Success

Company culture is at its most pronounced state in the cofounding pair. With nothing to serve as a buffer between the two different personalities, it is a culture that either works or doesn’t.

What Does Your Culture Value: People “Efficiency” or Work Throughput?

Johanna Rothman

” These managers have created a resource efficiency culture, not a flow efficiency culture, as in the image above. In contrast, a flow efficiency culture watches the flow of the work. What does your culture value? Or does the culture value throughput, so people collaborate on the flow of the work? No culture values “both.” ” Your culture values one or the other. Resource Efficiency.

Detecting a Culture of Fear

Makarios Consulting

Here’s the problem: unlike the dysfunctional leader I heard about who intentionally tried to make people afraid of him, plenty of leaders unintentionally create a culture of fear in their businesses or on their teams.

Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

And today, I want to talk to you why culture eats strategy, and why it's important for you to consider as you move your strategic plan forward. Strategic planning culture strategy team development leadership skills

Cultural distress (and consumerism)

Seth Godin Blog

For decades, marketers (and politicians) have been working to amplify cultural distress, a hack on our emotions. Not the tragic emotional distress of being unable to care for your kids, find a place to live or deal with trauma, but the invented cultural distress of modern industrialized societies. Fear of this sort of cultural distress pushes us to simply spend money to avoid it.

What is Organizational Culture? And How Can Your Values Shape it?

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

culture organizational development valuesSME Strategy is a strategy consulting company that specializes in aligning teams around their vision, mission, values, goals and action plans. Learn more about how we can help align your team with our strategic planning and implementation services.

A Contrarian’s Perspective on Agile Mindset, Behaviors, Culture

Johanna Rothman

Our culture defines our environment. Define Mindset, Behaviors, Culture. We need behaviors if we want an agile culture. The culture is a combination of: How people treat each other. When we create and refine a culture, we create an environment. That's the culture.

Agile 75

Cultural half-life

Seth Godin Blog

But ideas and cultural impact have a half-life as well. It certainly had more of a cultural/scientific impact when it first arrived, but it lasted. When marketers or leaders or artists show up to the culture with an idea, the immediate goal is to find traction and to change things.

How to Assess Your Workplace Culture

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic recession have radically altered how businesses operate, creating significant changes to business strategies, workplace culture and the employee experience. culture people retention

Crossing the Cultural Rubicon


Courage and faith are required of the leader, because once you commit to crossing the cultural Rubicon, there is no turning back. The post Crossing the Cultural Rubicon appeared first on Culture

Urgent cultural change

Seth Godin Blog

Culture doesn’t change (much). Elements of human culture have been around for 100,000 years, and it persists. In the last ten years, the culture has changed dramatically. And the way we respond is how we create the next cycle of culture and possibility

Celebrating Actionable’s Culture


I’m so proud and grateful to be part of a team that understands their role in cultivating the culture that we want and need. The post Celebrating Actionable’s Culture appeared first on Culture

Create a Culture that Values Team Accomplishments More Than Individual Successes - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM VITUITY

Harvard Business Review

Organizational culture Sponsor ContentSponsor content from Vituity.

How SMEs can welcome the decade of Organizational Culture

Asamby Consulting

Welcoming the decade of Organizational Culture. This article will explore the rise of organizational culture as a key element for healthy organizations, and how it can become a competitive advantage for SMEs. One culture is always present.

Culture codes

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: I really loved the Culture Code, Dan Coyles’s recent book. The post Culture codes appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. In this podcast he summarises the important ideas around creating psychological safety which he outlines in the book. My quotable quotes include these: We’ve been running from lions a lot longer than we’ve been running for the bus. Consulting Well Manage others

A.T. Kearney Interview & Culture

Management Consulted

KEARNEY INTERVIEW AND CULTURE. Their focus is on: structure and governance, processes, technology enablement, resource configuration and capabilities and culture. Culture, culture, culture. Kearney culture and what makes it stand out and embrace change as you’ll be in for a steep learning curve. KEARNEY CULTURE. There are, however, 2 key traits that are consistently trumpeted: Collaborative culture.

LSA Global Announces Corporate Culture Toolkit for Culture Champions

LSA Global

The Culture Toolkit containing research-backed workplace culture tools and insights for leaders to create a healthy, high performing, and strategically aligned culture. Having a healthy (engaged) culture is good, but not sufficient.

Behaviors Create an Agile Culture with Gregory Miller

Johanna Rothman

See Behaviors Create an Agile Culture with Johanna Rothman. We had a delightful discussion on Behaviors Create an Agile Culture with Johanna Rothman. The post Behaviors Create an Agile Culture with Gregory Miller appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant.

Agile 57

Why the Popular & Easy Career Ladder Prevents an Agile Culture, Part 1

Johanna Rothman

This is a series: Why the Popular & Easy Career Ladder Prevents an Agile Culture, Part 1. The post Why the Popular & Easy Career Ladder Prevents an Agile Culture, Part 1 appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant.

Agile 95

Healthy Organizational Cultures Focus on Humanity and Connection (Not Your Whole Self)

Johanna Rothman

You might have heard about the Basecamp culture changes last week. I’m sure you heard about Google’s culture problems several years ago. These problems are issues of culture: specifically what we can and cannot discuss.

Happiness, Dogs, and Culture

Martinka Consulting

You can create an atmosphere of happiness, which is called culture. I’m not a culture expert, there are plenty of good ones around, but do know if you cover the basics, you’re 80% there. The post Happiness, Dogs, and Culture appeared first on Martinka Consulting. Let’s start 2021 on a happy note. On January 2 in the Wall Street Journal there was a column by Susan Pinker titled, “ Dogs Really Do Make Us Happier.”

Why Culture Change Fails

LSA Global

Are you aiming for culture change and coming up short time after time? Any kind of organizational change is challenging; but culture change can be especially difficult because it requires changing employee mindsets and behaviors regarding how work gets done. Missing the Target?

Is Your Nice Corporate Culture Too Nice?

LSA Global

Can a Corporate Culture Be Too Nice? At a recent HR Strategy Retreat , the Chief People Officer asked her team, “Is our corporate culture too nice to execute our growth strategy?” Here are some of the negative consequences of a nice corporate culture.

Transmitting Culture Change Through Conversations


As culture change agents, unless we can help organizational leaders think and act more laterally, we’re guaranteed to miss the mark at delivering changes. The post Transmitting Culture Change Through Conversations appeared first on Culture

Diagnosing a Low Trust Culture


The post Diagnosing a Low Trust Culture appeared first on CultureYour clients trust you to help them fix problems, engage their teams, and get better results. But do they trust their teams? Do their teams trust them?

The Culture of Elitism

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the cult/culture of elitism. Over the last 15 years, I’ve systematically moved away from this culture. I’ve found the elitism culture far too limiting. If you’re successful within the culture, you overlook the opportunities to connect with, learn from, and befriend people who don’t fit the traditional “elite” criteria. The entire premise of elitism is hierarchy.

Company Culture Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Harvard Business

Organizational culture Digital ArticleA top-down approach doesn’t work anymore.