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The post Culture appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well culture Manage othersConsultants Consultant: This podcast came through my ears today. Adam Grant and John Amaechi What defines.

Boards, talent, and culture

McKinsey & Company

Boards need to ensure that management walks the talk on culture and values. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights Regulatory strategy Strategy Stakeholder management Strategic planning


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Culture in the hybrid workplace

McKinsey & Company

Your culture will need to catch up—fast. Hybrid work is happening. Insights on Organization Talent

Cultural Fit Interview Questions Ultimate Guide

Management Consulted

So, if the cultural fit interview performance is 50% of your final interview score, why… Read Article. The post Cultural Fit Interview Questions Ultimate Guide appeared first on Management Consulted.

The Modern Customer Success Playbook

The evolution of every high-functioning, effective customer success strategy centers around three C’s: connected experiences, an engaging customer journey, and a culture built on customer-centricity. Satisfaction won’t cut it. Quarterbacking your customers to long-term success and growth is proven to combat churn and transform customer success teams into revenue-drivers. But where do you start? Download the playbook today!

Building The Ideal Company Culture With HR Consultants Erin Mies & Kristen Ireland: Podcast #163

Consulting Success

Company culture is at its most pronounced state in the cofounding pair. With nothing to serve as a buffer between the two different personalities, it is a culture that either works or doesn’t.

Why Culture Change Fails

LSA Global

Are you aiming for culture change and coming up short time after time? Any kind of organizational change is challenging; but culture change can be especially difficult because it requires changing employee mindsets and behaviors regarding how work gets done. Missing the Target?

How to Effectively Manage Your Company Culture

LSA Global

What Is Company Culture? So much is being written about company culture these days, but few fully understand the importance of company culture or its impact. You need to manage your company culture to achieve peak performance.

How Do You Smash The Myths Of Women In Business? Change Workplace Culture.

On the Brink

Culture Change women in business rethinking women in businessI was recently a guest speaker on the Entrepreneur MBA podcast with Stephen Halasnik, and what we talked about was really significant.

How to Assess Your Workplace Culture

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic recession have radically altered how businesses operate, creating significant changes to business strategies, workplace culture and the employee experience. culture people retention

How to Reinforce Your Preferred Workplace Culture

LSA Global

Your Preferred Workplace Culture Most leaders, especially those with new teams or at early growth stages, work hard to create a meaningful organizational culture they want for their organization that makes sense to them and their teams. When they are out of sync, your culture suffers.

Culture vs Strategy

Tom Spencer

Culture is about who you are, and why you do things. Culture is arguably more important than strategy because, if you look at it over the lifetime of a product or an organisation, the culture is the only thing that will really matter. The strategy and the products are today’s strategy and today’s products, but over time the strategies and the products will change while the culture will remain. Business Strategy culture innovation organisational devlopment strategy

Urgent cultural change

Seth Godin Blog

Culture doesn’t change (much). Elements of human culture have been around for 100,000 years, and it persists. In the last ten years, the culture has changed dramatically. And the way we respond is how we create the next cycle of culture and possibility

Strengthening institutional risk and integrity culture


Many of the costliest risk and integrity failures have cultural weaknesses at their core. Here is how leading institutions are strengthening their culture and sustaining the change. Risk Insights

Want To Know Why Women Build Better Businesses? Culture.

On the Brink

As a corporate anthropologist and culture change expert , I am fascinated by Stephanie Breedlove’s story, one of the amazing women I write about in my new book, " Rethink: Smashing The Myths of Women in Business." Corporate Culture women leaders smashing myths rethinking women in business

Breaking Free from a “9 to 5” Culture

Harvard Business

Productivity Organizational culture Digital ArticleSeven strategies to smooth the transition to asynchronous work.

Company Culture Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Harvard Business

Organizational culture Digital ArticleA top-down approach doesn’t work anymore.

What Is a Customer Focused Culture?

LSA Global

A True Customer Focused Culture There’s a lot of talk lately about focusing on the customer. And it is easy to see how a customer focused culture could benefit an organization compared to organizations who don’t pay as much attention to what matters most to their customers.

Building a learning culture that drives business forward

McKinsey & Company

Here’s how businesses can create a learning culture and invest in the capabilities that will help individuals and organizations thrive. Too often, training programs fail.

Why data culture matters


Organizational culture can accelerate the application of analytics, amplify its power, and steer companies away from risky outcomes. Here are seven principles that underpin a healthy data culture. Analytics Insights

Happiness, Dogs, and Culture

Martinka Consulting

You can create an atmosphere of happiness, which is called culture. I’m not a culture expert, there are plenty of good ones around, but do know if you cover the basics, you’re 80% there. The post Happiness, Dogs, and Culture appeared first on Martinka Consulting. Let’s start 2021 on a happy note. On January 2 in the Wall Street Journal there was a column by Susan Pinker titled, “ Dogs Really Do Make Us Happier.”

How to Build a High-Performance Culture w/Brett Putter - Ep#98

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Brett Putter is the CEO of CultureGene, a culture development platform that helps companies transition effectively to remote work. As a passionate student of culture and an expert on culture, Brett spends his days with leaders defining, embedding and managing culture.

Tips for Leading & Maintaining a Cohesive Remote Work Culture

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Leadership culture remote workDoes your remote team have communication gaps or silos? Are your people collaborating as well as they can be? Are some people feeling isolated, unsupported or disengaged? Do frequent distractions affect quality of work?

Top Barriers to a More Accountable Culture

LSA Global

Workplace Culture Defined We define company culture as HOW work gets done as opposed to WHAT gets done. Your goal should be to create a more accountable culture. The right culture , whatever that may be in your unique situation, matters. Blog High Performance Culture

A.T. Kearney Interview & Culture

Management Consulted

KEARNEY INTERVIEW AND CULTURE. Their focus is on: structure and governance, processes, technology enablement, resource configuration and capabilities and culture. Culture, culture, culture. Kearney culture and what makes it stand out and embrace change as you’ll be in for a steep learning curve. KEARNEY CULTURE. There are, however, 2 key traits that are consistently trumpeted: Collaborative culture.

How to Defeat Busy Culture

Harvard Business

Work-life balance Organizational culture Managing organizations Digital ArticleIt’s toxic and wrecks productivity.

Fostering a Culture of Belonging in the Hybrid Workplace

Harvard Business

Managing organizations Organizational culture Business management Organizational culture Digital ArticleThree challenges leaders must navigate.

How to Foster a Culture of Innovation: Interview with Timothy Clark

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

In this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast , we were joined by Timothy Clark, author of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety , and founder/CEO of Leader Factor - a boutique consulting firm focused on creating innovative cultures and organizational change.

3 Ways Workplace Culture Can Hinder Growth

LSA Global

Culture and Growth We know from our organizational alignment research that workplace culture – how work gets done – accounts for 40% of the difference between high and low performing companies. Workplace culture can hinder growth or support it.

The Culture of Elitism

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the cult/culture of elitism. Over the last 15 years, I’ve systematically moved away from this culture. I’ve found the elitism culture far too limiting. If you’re successful within the culture, you overlook the opportunities to connect with, learn from, and befriend people who don’t fit the traditional “elite” criteria. The entire premise of elitism is hierarchy.

Organizational Culture And Change Consulting Growth with Donna Brighton: Podcast #60

Consulting Success

Organizational Culture And Change Consulting Growth with Donna Brighton: Podcast #60 is a post from: Consulting Success. Consulting Success Podcast Brighton Leadership Group consulting growth Donna Brighton Leadership organizational cultureIn the consulting world, unfortunately, there are times where people are being put into projects or roles that aren’t necessarily their best fit. That bothered Donna Brighton, founder of Brighton Leadership Group.

In conversation: Culture in M&A


Why assessing the cultural fit cannot be an afterthought in deal making. M&A Insights

The half-life of culture

Seth Godin Blog

There’s been an explosion in pop culture. It doesn’t make sense to create books on trivia or music or cultural ephemera because there’s just too much to fit inside. I’m not sure the perfect preservation of culture is possible or even beneficial.

High-Performing Teams Start with a Culture of Shared Values

Harvard Business

Managing people Talent management Organizational culture Digital ArticleWhen attracting talent, a collective mission is more important than job descriptions and compensation packages.

Developing Culture in Your Organization

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Culture is the thing that drives performance. Here are three steps you can take to start fostering culture within your organization In different organizations around the world, you may have heard about the importance of developing one. It provides a lot of benefits, such as open communication, good teamwork, and dedicated employees, which affect nearly every aspect of a company.

Will Remote Work Destroy Your Culture?

LSA Global

Is Your Culture at Risk? Will Remote Work Destroy Your Culture? As a result, the work culture as we knew it has changed. The results of a recent Gallup poll point out some of the cultural consequences to employees only working remotely. Clearly, culture matters.

The Hazards of a “Nice” Company Culture

Harvard Business

Organizational culture Conflict Digital ArticleHealthy disagreement is essential for growth.