Strategies for Reopening Safely: Effective Ways the Travel, Leisure and Transportation Industries Are Utilizing eLearning

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Both the leisure and transportation industries are fairly unique. While that isn’t the case with transportation, many employees do have a lot of contact with other people, a situation. Leisure Industry Reopening Training Transportation Industry Travel Industry

Getting Ahead of the Megatrends in Transportation and Logistics


This is an excerpt from Transportation and Logistics in a Changing World: The Journey Back to Profitable Growth (BCG report, October 2016). In the coming years, the transportation and logistics (T&L) industry will most likely be significantly altered by several megatrends that are reshaping the business environment. Article Tuesday, October 18, 2016.


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What is the difference between Logistics and transportation?


What is logistics? Logistics obtains, produces, and distributes the right quality materials and goods to the end-user. Logistics is defined as the planning done for the management and execution of

Transportation and Logistics in a Changing World: The Journey Back to Profitable Growth


Are these good times or bad times for the transportation and logistics (T&L) industry? Report Tuesday, October 18, 2016. The industry has grown significantly since the turn of the millennium, and most segments emerged from the 2008 financial crisis with strong growth prospects. Despite sound revenue growth, however, only a few T&L companies have managed to enjoy higher profits.

Cass Truck Transportation Index in Freefall


The Cass Truckload Linehaul Index is down for the third consecutive month. It’s a measure of market fluctuations in per-mile truckload … Continue reading → Economics

Technology Is Changing Transportation, and Cities Should Adapt

Harvard Business

Research has shown , for example, that the more people use shared private transportation like ride-hailing apps, the more likely they are to also use public transit. This approach has merit, given how difficult it is to predict the behaviors of traditional transport businesses, advanced mobility services, and city residents. Cities can also explore opportunities to improve transportation access and ensure that all of their inhabitants benefit from advances in mobility.

Durable Goods Orders Decline 2%, Led by Transportation; QE Bounce Effect is Over; Recession on the Way?


Transportation equipment, specifically aircraft orders, are once again skewing durable goods orders which fell 2.0 Excluding transportation, durable goods were unchanged which is slightly lower than expected. Looking at transportation equipment, both aircraft and motor vehicles were weak. Shipments and Orders Current vs. Prior The transportation decline was expected. The decline ex-transportation was not expected.

Munich Lockdown In Shooting Rampage, Public Transportation Suspended


A shooting rampage is underway in Munich. This is an update to Shooting Spree in Munich Mall and Marienplatz Metro … Continue reading → Economics

Flying Taxis Are Coming (with Volocopter’s Florian Reuter)

Harvard Business Review

Innovation Design thinking Disruptive innovation Transportation and distribution AudioAre flying taxis coming to a city near you soon?

Micromobility Will Change Our Cities (with Horace Dediu)

Harvard Business

Micromobility analyst Horace Dediu tells us how the new transport tech stack will change cities. Innovation Transportation and distribution Audio

Future Disruptions in Transportation--2014 and Beyond


How same-day delivery, 3D printing, and autonomous vehicles will affect the sector

The Impact of Reduced Oil Prices on the Transportation Sector


Lower energy costs may bring about a better customer experience for the long-suffering flying public

Drivers Not Needed: Tesla "Autopilot" Software Allows Self-Parking Without Driver; Completely Driverless Public Transport Test in Arizona


Driverless transport to and from airports and around college campuses is the logical next step. Completely Driverless Public Transport Test in Arizona Spectrum reports Uber Could Be First to Test Completely Driverless Cars in Public Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has made no secret about wanting robots to replace human drivers in his rideshare service—and now he’s found somewhere to develop them. "Autopilot" Self-Parking Hate parking cars in tight spaces in garages or streets?

Cars, Trains, Planes Hacked… A Transportation Risk That Leaves Us All Vulnerable

Melissa Agnes

If you work in the transportation and/or travel industry, this should scare the crap out of you too – otherwise, we’re all screwed. If you want a better idea of what I’m talking about, watch the following short video by NBC New York : Dear transportation industry, WAKE UP!!! The post Cars, Trains, Planes Hacked… A Transportation Risk That Leaves Us All Vulnerable appeared first on Melissa Agnes - Crisis Management Keynote Speaker. Oh my goodness.

s+b Trend Watch: 3D Printing's Impact on the Transportation Industry


As 3D printing becomes more common, many products, their parts, or the raw materials needed in their manufacture can be made locally--reducing or eliminating the need to ship them to market. Certain products, those that are both highly suitable for 3D printing and have a relatively high cost of shipping, are particularly vulnerable

What Should Transportation Systems Look Like in Tomorrow’s Cities ? - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM DELOITTE

Harvard Business

Sponsor content from Deloitte. Innovation Sponsor Content

Automation Isn’t About to Make Truckers Obsolete

Harvard Business

Labor Technology Transportation Digital ArticleThree reasons not to panic.

How Tesla Sets Itself Apart

Harvard Business

Competitive strategy Technology Transportation Digital ArticleIt’s ushering in the age of the software car.

The Future of the Car (with Ford’s Hau Thai-Tang)

Harvard Business

Operations and supply chain management Innovation Corporate strategy Technology and analytics Transportation and distribution AudioFord mastered mass production of cars with internal combustion engines a century ago. Can the industrial titan reinvent itself in a climate-conscious world?

How Boeing Should Have Responded to the 737 Max Safety Crisis

Harvard Business

Crisis management Leadership Transportation Digital ArticleThe company missed a crucial leadership task.

IoT Disruptions in 3 Industries and What You Can Learn From Them

Tom Spencer

Transport and Logistics. The efficient transport of both goods and people is a key aspect of the smooth running of any economy. IoT is already changing the industry through the development of intelligent transport systems as well as in-vehicle monitoring systems that can record a wealth of telemetry data, as well as respond to changes in real-time. Internet agriculture communications IoT transport

Tesla’s Strong Brand Gives It Unusual Expansion Potential

Harvard Business

Marketing Transportation Digital ArticleIts move into car insurance could be just the beginning.

4 Things That Are Required Right Now

The Fearless Marketer

Shopping, entertainment, news, restaurants, and transportation have all been turned upside down. Uncategorized Amazon Business Finance Goin re Robert Simon Sinek Starbucks statistician transportation Uber

Platforms and Blockchain Will Transform Logistics

Harvard Business

Operations Operations management Supply chain Technology Manufacturing Transportation Digital ArticleExamples from Maersk, IBM, and TRIP.

Research: Why Struggling Airlines Spend More on Safety

Harvard Business

Risk management Decision making Transportation Digital ArticleA study explored the link between safety and profitability.

Study 28

How to Turn Intangible Concepts into Tangible Services

The Fearless Marketer

And you answer, “I’d like to buy some transportation.”. Well, yes, you want transportation, but the salesperson can’t actually sell you that, it’s only a concept. I know, this sounds stupid, nobody would try to buy ‘transportation.’. But every day, independent professionals are trying to sell concepts that are just as abstract as transportation. What are you actually selling? Some say a concept, an idea, a benefit, or value.

How to Turn Intangible Concepts into Tangible Services

The Fearless Marketer

And you answer, “I’d like to buy some transportation.”. Well, yes, you want transportation, but the salesperson can’t actually sell you that, it’s only a concept. I know, this sounds stupid, nobody would try to buy ‘transportation.’. But every day, independent professionals are trying to sell concepts that are just as abstract as transportation. What are you actually selling? Some say a concept, an idea, a benefit or value.

A Common Problem for Consulting Firm Rainmakers is Easy to Fix

David A Fields

Mentally transport yourself back in time 50 years to Princeton, New Jersey; a sleepy, college town that’s fertile ground for consulting firms. It’s easy to imagine yourself and a few colleagues walking off a satisfying, business lunch along the town’s shopping district. You’re soaking in the crisp, spring sunshine, when the bucolic sound of birds … Continued. The post A Common Problem for Consulting Firm Rainmakers is Easy to Fix appeared first on David A. Fields.

What is the biggest Lean waste?


They are: - Defects- Overproduction- Waiting- Non-Value-Added Processing- Transportation- Inventory- Motion- Unused Employee Creativity S The biggest Lean waste is NONE of these: The 8 Lean wastes.

What is warehouse management and how does it help you?


Warehouse Management Helps You: Organize warehouse space Manage inventory Make transportation management easier Improve warehouse performance Apply better warehousing logistics Organize warehouse

How Arizona Is Leading the Autonomous Vehicle Revolution - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM ARIZONA COMMERCE AUTHORITY

Harvard Business

Self-driving vehicles, once a science fiction technology, are rapidly becoming a reality that promises to transform our lives – making it safer and more efficient to move people and goods, while reinventing our thinking about transportation. In addition, UA researchers and the Maricopa County Department of Transportation have received funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation to test new technology in Anthem, Arizona, that connects traffics signals and cars.

What are the best practices in a Lean warehouse?


Let’s face it, most lean purists believe that all transportation and warehousing functions are pure waste. Many people may think the term “lean warehousing” is an oxymoron. Many organizations see l

Is Tesla Really a Disruptor? (And Why the Answer Matters)

Harvard Business

But is its automotive business a disruptor, poised to transform the entire transportation sector? For the cash-strapped Tesla, waning sales may cut short any hopes of securing a sustainable leadership position in a reinvented transportation industry. Disruptive innovation Transportation Digital ArticleTesla, Elon Musk’s automotive start-up, is having a very good year.

The Right and Wrong Ways to Regulate Self-Driving Cars

Harvard Business

“Self-driving” or “smart” cars will simply become whatever we call the next generation of transportation technology. legal system is already having trouble keeping up with the pace of developments in transportation. For centuries, the principal assumption behind our transportation supply chain, one baked deeply into the legal system, is that cars are dangerous — or, to be more specific, that drivers are.

Hard Questions on Our Transition to Driverless Cars

Harvard Business

Given how central automotive transportation is to our cities, commerce, and daily lives, saying that AI will change life as we know it is no understatement. This distinction is important because the driver is typically the most expensive part of a transport business, be it taxi services, last-mile logistics, or long-haul trucking. Transportation. Economics & Society Supply chain Transportation Digital ArticleArtificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the automobile.

Firm Credit Card Use Changes In 2019

Management Consulted

It used to be that a consultant could wrack up thousands of reward points a year on airline tickets alone, not to mention hotels, ground transportation, and food. Consulting firm credit card use is changing. Credit card reward points are … Continue Reading. The post Firm Credit Card Use Changes In 2019 appeared first on Management Consulted. consulting news consulting travel management consulting

How Ford Is Thinking About the Future

Harvard Business

Indeed, the Dearborn, Michigan company is assembling a broad portfolio of ventures led by teams organized into four groups: Ford X is charged with discovering and developing new business ideas and managing the Transportation Mobility Cloud, which is aimed at enabling vehicles, objects, and city infrastructure to communicate. Innovation Strategy Business models Technology Transportation Digital ArticleBloomberg/Contributor/Getty Images.

ROI 30

What Should an Apple Car Be?

Harvard Business

One way to appeal to this demographic (and to the parents who often finance young drivers’ transportation) is to focus on safety. Innovation Strategy Transportation Digital ArticleTim Cook recently confirmed that Apple is working on ‘autonomous systems.’ ’ As usual with Apple, details are sparse, but it’s likely that autonomous cars are part of this.

Travelers Are Suffering from the "Last Mile" Problem


Although the transportation of people and goods has gotten cheaper, faster, and safer, low infrastructure investment has created frustrating bottlenecks

Airlines Like United Can Underpay Bumped Passengers Because of a Government Rule

Harvard Business

Department of Transportation (DOT) rule — is already to blame for some of the problems with overbooking. Pricing Transportation Digital ArticleBy now, many of us have viewed the disturbing video of a bloodied man being dragged off of United Airlines flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday. To accommodate four crew members who had to get to Louisville, United claims it offered $1,000 per passenger to relinquish their seats (other reports claim United offered $800).