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What are good ideas for a Lean roll-out Handbook?


Does anyone have experience in writing an implementation Lean roll-out handbook in a multi-cultural environement? Hi everybody! The aim of the initiative is to have a central documentation of our b.

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Storytelling in OD Communications

Harmonious Workplaces

Integrate the REAL Model The NTL Handbook of Organizational Development and Change (Jones & Brazzel, 2014) from the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science recommends incorporating the REAL model (Reflection, Engagement, Action, Learning) into storytelling efforts. : How Smart Business Leaders Gain a Marketing Competitive Edge.


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229: Rita Denny—Maybe You Need Anthropology To See Yourself In New Ways

On the Brink Podcast

In my work with clients, I often refer to her book, “ Handbook of Anthropology in Business , ” co-edited with Patricia Sunderland, in which they discuss dozens of ways that the theory, method and tools of anthropology can be innovatively applied in business settings across the globe.

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Fight Ageism, Fuel Growth with Inclusive Hiring & Retention

Harmonious Workplaces

Establish Clear Policies Against Age Discrimination Many employee handbooks establish clear, actionable policies against age discrimination. These policies should permeate the company culture beyond just onboarding and glossing over the handbook with regular training to educate employees on ageism and its impacts.

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The Law Firm Billing Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Automated Billing

Traditional billing practices can leave paralegals and many staff at law firms spending countless hours manually creating and sending invoices, tracking billable hours, and processing paper checks.

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Matrix Structures and Virtual Collaboration (Kates and Erickson, Handbook of High Performance Virtual Teams, 2008)

Kates Kesler

Chapter in The Handbook of High Performance Virtual Teams, 2008. Virtual Collaboration in a Matrix Organization. Amy Kates and Paul J. The matrix structure is an increasingly common feature on the business landscape.

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The So What Strategy – A Highly Recommended Book for Business Communications

Steve Shu Consulting

Third, the book provides concrete tools (such as checklists) and is well-structured for being a quick handbook. Second, the book has concrete examples of emails, storyboards, and presentations; this helps readers actually see where communications can be improved and how following the authors’ frameworks can help.

Strategy 150