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Consulting Cover Letter: Ultimate Guide

Management Consulted

The cover letter is often undervalued because it is misunderstood. A good management consulting cover letter can give you a small edge over other candidates, particularly because firms use it as a writing sample. And don’t forget: a bad cover … Continue Reading.

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Consulting Cover Letter

11 Tipsfor thePerfect ConsultingCover Letter with an Example (2019 Update). Between a resume and cover letter , most job applicants will tell you that the resume is more important. Your cover letter can make a big difference when applying for a management consulting position. They are: An Introduction.


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The Importance of a Consulting Cover Letter

As a former consulting resume and cover letter reader for McKinsey, and someone who has reviewed thousands of applications, I have noticed an interesting trend. Most cover letters stink, and many resumes emphasize the wrong things. Your Cover Letter Tips Got Me an LEK Offer . Here's why it works.

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LEK Interview Cover Letter

That was when I came across your site and sent you an email on how I should write my cover letter, which you kindly replied to as well. For you, I wanted to point out that recently, I revised and added new online tutorials and articles on how to write a consulting cover letter and what employers look for in a consulting resume.

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Cover Letter for Management Consulting: The Complete Writing Guide and Examples

Management Consulting Prep

Management Consulting Resume Cover Letter for Management Consulting: The Complete Writing Guide and Examples Every year, big 3 consulting firms McKinsey, BCG, and Bain (MBB) receive a million applications and reject more than 80% of them even before interviews. CV and cover letters are your only chance to impress recruiters.

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CV and Cover Letter Basics

Tom Spencer

Top consulting firms receive thousands of applications per year, and so your cover letter and CV form a crucial first step in your application that will determine whether you secure a first round interview. How to Create a Killer Cover Letter. Management Consulting consulting consulting applications cover letter CV'

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Tips and Tricks: CVs, LinkedIn and cover letters


What does a good cover letter look like? What makes a good cover letter? Cover letters can be a difficult task. What should it cover? Be relevant - What follows your cover letter? So there is no need to cover all of your experience, that’s what your CV is for!