Researching Consulting Firms

Tom Spencer

IN this post we look at researching consulting firms. Why, how and what should you research? Below we provide some ideas to help make your research as effective and efficient as possible. Why should you research? How should you research? What should you research?

Doctor, Heal Thyself: Rare Disease Research

Harvard Business

This led him to co-founding and managing the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network (CDCN) — a research collective to disrupt the broken, disorganized approach to disease research. Health Research & development Psychology AudioDavid Fajgenbaum has almost died five times from Castleman disease, a group of rare and deadly disorders of the lymph nodes.

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How to Research a Prospective Client

David A Fields

A question I was asked: What are the best sources to research a company that I’m pitching? What would your suggestion be to this consultant? What has worked for you? Post your suggestion by using the ‘Leave a Comment’ box below.

Cornerstone Research Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

CORNERSTONE RESEARCH. Ranked at #8 in the Vault Consulting Top 50, Cornerstone Research may just be the most interesting consulting firm you’ve never heard of. Specializing in economic, financial and market analysis, specifically for cases in litigation, Cornerstone Research touts itself as the one player major law firms turn to when navigating the obstacle course that is the American and European legal systems. CORNERSTONE RESEARCH KEY STATS. Research.

Consulting Website Design 017: Market Research [VIDEO]

Tsavo Neal

In this episode, you’ll learn how to do effective market research to learn more about your prospects — and write copy and content that will drive them to take action. The post Consulting Website Design 017: Market Research [VIDEO] appeared first on Tsavo Neal.

Video 78

How Much Should You Research a Consulting Prospect?

David A Fields

A consultant asked me the following question: When you’re calling a new prospect for the first time–say, someone you’ve received an introduction to– how much research do you do into their company? How much background research do you typically do on a prospect?

Research: How Women Undersell Their Work

Harvard Business

A study of scientific papers shows that women hype their findings less than men do. Gender Assessing performance Productivity Educational Institutions Digital Article

Study 44

Researching Vendor Issues

Gina Abudi

The post Researching Vendor Issues appeared first on Gina Abudi. Part I Over coffee a few weeks ago a client asked how they might better work with their vendors. She told me that her department has been working with the same four vendors for the last two years; but lately she feels that the relationship is not as good as it should be. Specifically, she [.]. Leadership problem solving resolving conflicts vendor issues vendor management

Research: Innovation Suffers When Drug Companies Merge

Harvard Business

Regulators try to model how prices, sales, and even the combining parties’ research and development efforts will change after a merger. Unfortunately, our recent research shows that antitrust authorities have been too lenient, at least when it comes to drug company mergers.

6 Research-Backed Reasons to Challenge Corporate Learners

LSA Global

Researchers at Yale have confirmed that: If you’re not outside your comfort zone, you’re not learning. Research by the U.S. The post 6 Research-Backed Reasons to Challenge Corporate Learners appeared first on LSA Global. Why You Should Challenge Corporate Learners.

Should Your Marketing be Positive or Negative? Surprising Research Gives the Answer

David A Fields

We know we can assist our clients in two different circumstances: when they have an aspiration (e.g., they desire an endless supply of chocolate”) or when they suffer with a problem (e.g., they have run out of chocolate!”)

9 Research-Backed Manager Roles to Master

LSA Global

Our Organizational Alignment Research found that the timely and free flow of information is one of the top five most important ingredients required to create high performance. The post 9 Research-Backed Manager Roles to Master appeared first on LSA Global.

Research: Quantifying the Cost of Brexit Uncertainty

Harvard Business

UK CEOs are spending more than a week a year preparing for it. Economy Policy Globalization Digital Article

Reinventing equity research as a profit-making business


The traditional business of providing equity research to asset managers has been under pressure in recent years. Nonetheless, equity research still offers an attractive business opportunity for banks and broker-dealers that can adapt to deliver the types of research the buy side values and successfully transform their operating models.

Research: How Cloud Computing Changed Venture Capital

Harvard Business

In recent research, we examined a particular innovation that had a broad impact on some types of startups but little to no effect on others. Atomic Imagery/Getty Images. How has technology changed which deals venture capitalists (VCs) fund and how they fund them?

Research: Actually, Consumers Do Buy Sustainable Products

Harvard Business

Sustainability-marketed products are growing quickly in almost all CPG categories. Marketing Sustainability Customers Digital Article

Research: How Technology Could Promote Growth in 6 African Countries

Harvard Business

A framework for understanding economic potential in the region. Global strategy Economic development Emerging markets Africa Digital Article

How To Attract Clients With Proprietary Research

Henry DeVries

The answer should be proprietary research that you conduct Why should potential clients listen to you? What makes you the expert? Who appointed you thought leader?

Research: Why Managers Ignore Employees’ Ideas

Harvard Business

Two studies reveal two reasons. Knowledge management Organizational culture Leading teams Talent management Digital Article

Study 44

Research: How Men and Women View Competition Differently

Harvard Business

Understanding it can help break gender stereotypes. Gender Career planning Difficult conversations Organizational culture Digital Article

Research: How Virtual Reality Can Help Train Surgeons

Harvard Business

A UCLA study yielded promising results. Talent management Technology Healthcare Digital Article

Study 44

Research: People Want Their Employers to Talk About Mental Health

Harvard Business

Nearly 60% of employees have never discussed their mental health at work. Health Organizational culture Stress Digital Article

What Cancer Researchers Can Learn from Direct-to-Consumer Companies

Harvard Business

That’s because researchers must deeply analyze a massive amount of patient data, starting with patients’ sequencing data, to pinpoint cancer-causing mutations. We suspect that many others just don’t understand the value of their data; they are unaware of the powerful role their data plays in advancing research breakthroughs, let alone that sharing it may give them their best shot of beating the disease.

A Look At Academic Research on Crisis Communication From #AEJMC14

Melissa Agnes

Apart from finally getting the opportunity to meet my fabulous friend and colleague, Karen Freberg , for the first time in person, I got to spend a day watching presentations and engaging with academics (a combination of both professors and students) on their research projects and papers.

Teaching Crisis Communication: Embracing the Research to Practice Model

Melissa Agnes

However, one of the points I made in the podcast with Melissa is the growing obstacle some professors face when teaching crisis communications – and that is how to balance both practice and research principles in the classroom. Post by Karen Freberg.

Research: Hiring Managers Are Biased Against People with Longer Commutes

Harvard Business

So my team of research assistants and I identified a collection of low-wage jobs in Washington, D.C. shanghaiface/Getty Images. Thanks to the résumé, the first things employers learn about job applicants are their names and where they live.

Research: Companies Led by Inventors Produce Better Innovations

Harvard Business

According to a study of 935 CEOs. Innovation Leadership Digital Article

Study 44

Research: How Employee Protections Affect Investment and Growth

Harvard Business

There are pros and cons to at-will employment. Regulation Business law Digital Article

Research: Investors Punish Entrepreneurs for Stereotypically Feminine Behaviors

Harvard Business

Our research found that only 15% of companies receiving venture capital investment have a woman on their executive team and less than 3% have a woman CEO. Perry’s experiences — and my own years of research on gender and funding — help explain why.

Research: Changing Your Mind Makes You Seem Intelligent

Harvard Business

And being stubborn makes you seem confident. Decision making Digital Article

Research: Being Nice in a Negotiation Can Backfire

Harvard Business

Warm and friendly isn’t always the most lucrative approach. Negotiations Decision making Digital Article

5 Research-Based Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination

Harvard Business

To answer these questions, I spoke to researchers, and spent time digging through dozens of academic journal articles. In his research , Pychyl identifies a set of seven triggers that make a task seem more averse. Here are the best ways I’ve discovered in my research to do that. Let’s say you have to wade through a dense piece of research for an upcoming project. Chances are that at this very moment you’re procrastinating on something.

Research: When Being a Humble Leader Backfires

Harvard Business

According to our research, the answer is: It depends. Our research suggests that not everyone wants a humble leader, so you need to adapt your style to your team’s expectations. Hayon Thapaliya for HBR. There is a paradox when it comes to what we expect in leaders.

Research: Legal Marijuana and Gay Marriage Have Been Good for U.S. Innovation

Harvard Business

Instead, our research shows that social policies matter just as much — if not more. Research backs up what we know intuitively — that social interactions often provide the best breeding grounds for innovation. We measured innovation output as the number of patents granted to individuals in each state, a common measure used by both researchers and policy makers. Policy Research & development Digital ArticleKenneth andersson for hbr.

Research: Cloud Computing Is Helping Smaller, Newer Firms Compete

Harvard Business

Despite those trends, our research suggests that technology can in fact provide an advantage to small and new firms. In recent research, we studied the adoption of cloud computing across U.S. Our research confirms this intuition using a massive new dataset of over 1 million U.S.

America’s Loneliest Workers, According to Research

Harvard Business

The last half-decade of research has demonstrated that loneliness threatens not only our physical health and well-being , but also our livelihood. Research shows that loneliness has the same effect as 15 cigarettes a day in terms of health care outcomes and health care costs. Dave Wheeler for HBR. A hundred fifty years ago, poet Emily Dickinson described loneliness as “the horror not to be surveyed, but skirted in the dark.”

Research: How Political Connections Help (and Hurt) Chinese Startups

Harvard Business

Connections boost credibility but scare away some customers. Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial management Emerging markets Digital Article