Consulting Website Design 017: Market Research [VIDEO]

Tsavo Neal

In this episode, you’ll learn how to do effective market research to learn more about your prospects — and write copy and content that will drive them to take action. The post Consulting Website Design 017: Market Research [VIDEO] appeared first on Tsavo Neal.

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Cornerstone Research Interviews and Culture

Management Consulted

CORNERSTONE RESEARCH. Ranked at #8 in the Vault Consulting Top 50, Cornerstone Research may just be the most interesting consulting firm you’ve never heard of. Specializing in economic, financial and market analysis, specifically for cases in litigation, Cornerstone Research touts itself as the one player major law firms turn to when navigating the obstacle course that is the American and European legal systems. CORNERSTONE RESEARCH KEY STATS. Research.

Research: When Being a Humble Leader Backfires

Harvard Business

According to our research, the answer is: It depends. Our research suggests that not everyone wants a humble leader, so you need to adapt your style to your team’s expectations. Hayon Thapaliya for HBR. There is a paradox when it comes to what we expect in leaders.

America’s Loneliest Workers, According to Research

Harvard Business

The last half-decade of research has demonstrated that loneliness threatens not only our physical health and well-being , but also our livelihood. Research shows that loneliness has the same effect as 15 cigarettes a day in terms of health care outcomes and health care costs. Dave Wheeler for HBR. A hundred fifty years ago, poet Emily Dickinson described loneliness as “the horror not to be surveyed, but skirted in the dark.”

Researching Consulting Firms

Tom Spencer

IN this post we look at researching consulting firms. Why, how and what should you research? Below we provide some ideas to help make your research as effective and efficient as possible. Why should you research? How should you research? What should you research?

5 Research-Based Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination

Harvard Business

To answer these questions, I spoke to researchers, and spent time digging through dozens of academic journal articles. In his research , Pychyl identifies a set of seven triggers that make a task seem more averse. Here are the best ways I’ve discovered in my research to do that. Let’s say you have to wade through a dense piece of research for an upcoming project. Chances are that at this very moment you’re procrastinating on something.

Research: Learning a Little About Something Makes Us Overconfident

Harvard Business

Our research focuses on overconfidence as people tackle new challenges and learn. Specifically, our research focused on the common task of probabilistic learning in which people learn to read cues from the environment to predict some outcome. However, classic research has shown that people do not have a feel for this fact. Other research has found that doctors learning to do spinal surgery usually do not begin to make mistakes until their 15th iteration of the surgery.

Reinventing equity research as a profit-making business


The traditional business of providing equity research to asset managers has been under pressure in recent years. Nonetheless, equity research still offers an attractive business opportunity for banks and broker-dealers that can adapt to deliver the types of research the buy side values and successfully transform their operating models.

4 Research-backed Steps to Higher Employee Engagement

LSA Global

4 Research-backed Steps to Higher Employee Engagement You Can Take Immediately. Regardless, these simple and research-backed steps to higher employee engagement can set you on the right track to greater employee advocacy, higher levels of discretionary effort and better employee retention.

Trust Never Goes Out of Style, Says New Research

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Trust is the foundation for any healthy relationship. So why is it so challenging for businesses to establish this fundamental virtue with customers?

Research: CEOs with Diverse Networks Create Higher Firm Value

Harvard Business

But from our research, the takeaway is that the benefit of a diverse social network on average outweighs the cost. Bernhard Lang/Getty Images. Leaders today hear a lot about the importance of having good networks. For example, firms with better-connected CEOs can obtain cheaper financing , and firms with well-connected board directors see better performance. We wanted to explore whether the diversity of CEOs’ networks might affect their firms.

Research: How One Bad Employee Can Corrupt a Whole Team

Harvard Business

Our research on the contagiousness of employee fraud tells us that even your most honest employees become more likely to commit misconduct if they work alongside a dishonest individual. In our research, we wanted to understand just how contagious bad behavior is. In our research, we wanted to understand how peer effects contribute to the spread of misconduct. andrew nguyen/HBR Staff. One bad apple, the saying goes, can ruin the bunch. So, too, with employees.

How Much Should You Research a Consulting Prospect?

David A Fields

A consultant asked me the following question: When you’re calling a new prospect for the first time–say, someone you’ve received an introduction to– how much research do you do into their company? How much background research do you typically do on a prospect?

How consultants do industry research

Consultants Mind

The great ones get up-to-speed quickly on the industry … Continue reading → Learning Analyzing Data Business Business Intelligence Consulting Finviz Investor Relations Management consulting Measurement Research Trade Association Management consultants need to be quick learners. Junior analysts are routinely asked to support proposals and projects across different industries. The good ones are fast, and proficient with Excel and PowerPoint.

Research: Could Machine Learning Help Companies Select Better Board Directors?

Harvard Business

In his book Thinking, Fast and Slow , Daniel Kahneman describes a long history of psychological research documenting that, in many circumstances, simple rules can lead to better outcomes than allowing individuals to have discretion over decisions. Jens Magnusson/Getty Images. Ever since Adam Smith published The Wealth of Nations in 1776, observers have bemoaned boards of directors as being ineffective as both monitors and advisors of management.

Research: Shifting the Power Balance with an Abusive Boss

Harvard Business

But our research , forthcoming in the Academy of Management Journal , suggests a third option: Targets of abuse can flip the script, shifting the balance of power in their favor when bosses make life miserable. Our research reveals two effective strategies. When confronting an abusive supervisor, employees often assume they have two choices: confrontation or avoidance.

Millennials Are Actually Workaholics, According to Research

Harvard Business

The researchers surveyed roughly 5,000 full-time employees who receive paid time off as a benefit, and found that Millennials were much more likely to agree with four statements they used to assess work martyrdom: “No one else at my company can do the work while I’m away.”

Bogus Fed Research Claim: “Gold Standard Didn’t Really Tame Inflation”


The Wall Street Journal reports Gold Standard Didn’t Really Tame Inflation, New Research Says. The research was by St. Louis Fed economist Fernando Martin. Curiously, his study precisely shows that the gold standard did indeed tame inflation. Let’s investigate Martin’s bogus claim and his peculiar logic in making it. more…). Economics

Research Shows How to Close $3 Million in Consulting Business

David A Fields

Being a quant-geek (like yours truly), he’s conducted some internal research on why he’s able to win projects and why some projects don’t sell. Rick, a friend and colleague of mine routinely sells $3 million per year in consulting projects for his small, independent consulting firm.

Research: A Strong Privacy Policy Can Save Your Company Millions

Harvard Business

Studying hundreds of data breaches, our research has found that they create significant ripples that affect other companies in the industry. Our research shows that data breaches sometimes harm a firm’s close rivals (due to spillover effects), but sometimes help them (due to competitive effects). Our research shows that sometimes a breach creates spillover, where investors perceive a guilt-by-association effect that harms the breached firm’s close rivals.

Research: Narcissists Don’t Like Flat Organizations

Harvard Business

Research has shown that reducing hierarchy can lead to more satisfied employees and speedier decision making , and some companies have concluded that flatter structures would work better. Our research demonstrates that narcissists prefer hierarchical organizations.

Research: Millennials Think About Work Too Much

Harvard Business

These findings go along with research on the quarter-life crisis , the tricky transition from adolescence to adulthood. Marion Barraud for HBR.

Innovative Companies Get Their Best Ideas from Academic Research — Here’s How They Do It

Harvard Business

While private companies employ some excellent scientists, most of America’s scientific research is publicly funded. So for companies looking to create revolutionary products, identifying and accessing cutting edge, exploratory research is a key competitive advantage.

Research: Sleep-Deprived Leaders Are Less Inspiring

Harvard Business

Some of my recent research indicates that this idea of compromising quality applies to the concept of leadership as well, with important implications for the performance of your team. In my newest research (conducted with Cristiano L. HBR STAFF.

Research: Vague Feedback Is Holding Women Back

Harvard Business

Our research shows that women are systematically less likely to receive specific feedback tied to outcomes, both when they receive praise and when the feedback is developmental. Our research suggests these trends may result from unconscious bias. laura schneider FOR HBR.

Research: Delegating More Can Increase Your Earnings

Harvard Business

In our research we saw how much new technologies increased the returns to delegation; keep an eye out for resources that could have this effect on you and your team. Marion Barraud for HBR. How can a busy professional become more productive when there is only so much time in the day?

Research: How Customers Decide Whether to Buy from Your Website

Harvard Business

Consumer behavior research suggests that trust is essential to forming an intention to purchase. Researchers have tried to provide an exact answer to this question, one rooted in deliberative cognitive processes. While the notion of deliberative models is appealing, it does not explain research showing that many visitors ignore “hard” factors such as privacy and security policies, while being influenced by seemingly insignificant factors such as font styles and colors.

Research: Want More Entrepreneurs? Make College Cheaper

Harvard Business

The theme of Olds’s research is twofold: Financial security makes it easier for people to start businesses , and government programs can help provide that security. Further research should explore the relationship between tuition and growth startups.

Researching Vendor Issues

Gina Abudi

The post Researching Vendor Issues appeared first on Gina Abudi. Part I Over coffee a few weeks ago a client asked how they might better work with their vendors. She told me that her department has been working with the same four vendors for the last two years; but lately she feels that the relationship is not as good as it should be. Specifically, she [.]. Leadership problem solving resolving conflicts vendor issues vendor management

What Cancer Researchers Can Learn from Direct-to-Consumer Companies

Harvard Business

That’s because researchers must deeply analyze a massive amount of patient data, starting with patients’ sequencing data, to pinpoint cancer-causing mutations. We suspect that many others just don’t understand the value of their data; they are unaware of the powerful role their data plays in advancing research breakthroughs, let alone that sharing it may give them their best shot of beating the disease.

Still looking for room at the top: Ten years of research on women in the workplace


What we know—and what everyone needs to know—about the quest for equality. Gender Equality

Research: When You Don’t Have an Alternative in a Negotiation, Try Imagining One

Harvard Business

In earlier research we found that alternatives not only make negotiators feel more powerful, they can also serve as high or low reference points, helping to frame the negotiation. Yenpitsu Nemoto/Getty Images. Conventional wisdom suggests that negotiators need alternatives to succeed. Alternatives give negotiators the confidence to negotiate offers more ambitiously , to push for more optimal outcomes, and to walk away from the table when needed.

What 40 Years of Research Reveals About the Difference Between Disruptive and Radical Innovation

Harvard Business

In a recent publication in the Journal of Product Innovation, we undertook a systematic review of 40 years (1975 to 2016) of innovation research. Disruptive innovation research describes a process in which new entrants challenge incumbent firms, often despite inferior resources. Importantly, the research landscape we mapped out suggests that disruption is not about technology alone, but rather the combination of technologies and business model innovation.

Thinking inside the subscription box: New research on e-commerce consumers


We surveyed thousands of US shoppers to understand subscription e-commerce trends. The findings have implications for start-ups, as well as retailers and consumer brand manufacturers entering the market. Our Insights

Research Shows That Organizations Benefit When Employees Take Sabbaticals

Harvard Business

But rather than bemoan how hard it is to get stuff done during vacation season, recent research and corporate experiments suggest that there might not be enough employees taking time off — and even if they are taking time off, they should be taking more of it. While the type (paid versus unpaid), length (weeks versus months), and other sabbatical details vary, research suggests that the upward trend in sabbaticals is due to two primary factors.

Research: Yes, Being Helpful Is Tiring

Harvard Business

Most of the published research on helping suggests that you would feel happy and energized. Indeed, my recent research suggests that responding to help requests at work is a double-edged sword. For example, research suggests that taking breaks , napping, andand consuming caffeine may be short-term solutions for depleted helpers. Imagine a busy day at work.

Research: Opposition to Federal Spending Is Driven by Racial Resentment

Harvard Business

In a paper recently published in American Politics Research, we document and analyze this phenomenon, which we call the federal spending paradox. Conflicts over federal government spending have been a defining feature of 21st-century American politics. It is not surprising that a general uptick in opposition to spending should follow a global economic crisis like the Great Recession.

Research: How Leadership Experience Affects Students

Harvard Business

Early leadership experience can be very valuable. Selective colleges screen for demonstrated leadership experience , and studies have found that people with high school leadership experience are paid up to 33% more than those without it. This wage premium is similar to the one associated with a college degree. However, we know little about what types of skills early leadership service may help to develop.

Do Academic Journals Favor Researchers from Their Own Institutions?

Harvard Business

If papers written by researchers from Blue University and published in the Blue Journal get fewer citations than papers written by researchers from Red University and published by the Blue Journal, this could signal that the Blue Journal was willing to lower its standards for its own researchers; this could then indicate in-group bias. It is also important to bear in mind that most academic journals are not affiliated with universities or research institutions.

Research: Index Funds Are Improving Corporate Governance

Harvard Business

It’s something my coauthors and I explore in a forthcoming research paper, and our conclusion goes against the prevailing wisdom. At the same time, clients withdrew $207 billion overall from actively managed funds, according to the research firm Morningstar.