Bain: Private Equity Report 2018

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Bain published a 2018 Private Equity report (80pg) which you have to sign up to get here. The post Bain: Private Equity Report 2018 appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

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Bain Private Equity Report 2018

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The post Bain Private Equity Report 2018 appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Learning

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Review: BCG 2016 M&A Report

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BCG 2016 M&A report here. The second half of the report is the most interesting. At the back of the report, there are 85 tombstones showing some of the deals that BCG was a strategic adviser to either seller or buyer. BCG left out a key table in the report.

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BCG report: Loose dogs in Dallas

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BCG was giving the City of Dallas advice on how to… Read More » The post BCG report: Loose dogs in Dallas appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Great presentation. It’s always good to look at consulting decks to see how they put together data in a coherent way to tell a story. It is a craft and an art form. Was reading through reddit, and they mentioned this odd presentation from 2016.

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BCG report: The most innovative companies, 2016

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Read More » The post BCG report: The most innovative companies, 2016 appeared first on Consultant's Mind. BCG recently published its 11th annual global survey of the most innovative companies here (PDF, 1.1Mb). It’s brief (20pg) and not controversial. It highlights a few case studies – J&J, Cisco, BASF and Under Armour. See the list of top 50 companies. Consultantsmind opinions in red. No surprise you see FAANG companies (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google).…

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The 2016 M&A Report


Report Tuesday, August 30, 2016. The Boston Consulting Group's 2015 M&A report confirmed that companies that do their homework and practice disciplined postmerger integration can indeed acquire their way to growth in both earnings and shareholder returns. Our 2014 report reached a similar conclusion about divestitures. ReportFollowing a strong 2014, the year 2015 will go into the books as a record for global M&A deal making.

McKinsey Report: Thriving in the New Abnormal, NA Asset Management

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In fact, they… Read More » The post McKinsey Report: Thriving in the New Abnormal, NA Asset Management appeared first on Consultant's Mind. The global asset management business is huge.

TeBIT 2016 Executive Report: Drilling for Digital Gold


Report Monday, October 10, 2016. This report helps telcos understand why that may be the case and what they can do about it. While this executive report is publicly available, participating telcos can access the full set of benchmark results, along with further trend analysis.

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2016 ECS Value Creators Report: Building Endurance


Report Wednesday, October 26, 2016. In this report, BCG’s fourth annual study of shareholder value creation in ECS, we introduce the ECS Technology Index—a portfolio of 17 publicly listed technology and IT companies that participate in the industry. Report

Creating Value Through Active Portfolio Management: The 2016 Value Creators Report


Report Tuesday, October 25, 2016. That is why we focus on that topic in this year’s Value Creators report. ReportEvery company aspires to be a top value creator. Relatively few actually achieve this—and even fewer are able to sustain top performance over time.

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Report from Davos: Board Oversight of Cyberresilience


Article Thursday, January 19, 2017. Cyberattacks, cyberbreaches, cybercrime. These are not new problems, and they are universally acknowledged to be costly, pervasive, and increasingly sophisticated.

Reporting on Project Status

Gina Abudi

To reduce questions and challenges on the project As a project manager, you want to report effectively on the project status by providing sufficient information to stakeholders while also reducing the amount of back and forth communications necessary. The post Reporting on Project Status appeared first on Gina Abudi. Project Management engaging project stakeholders managing stakeholders project communications project leadership project status reporting

The real work begins after the report is delivered

Rod Burkert

I guess I never really thought about what happens after delivering a report. All I let myself think is: report done – answer some questions – next client, please. But of course, there is that very last (and critical) step of “selling” the report to the client.

BCG report: Ending the Era of Ponzi Finance

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Not sure how this happens, but the entire developed world is in debt. Europe, the US, and Japan have borrowed so much money that they are headed towards ruin. The Boston Consulting Group even went so far as to call … Continue reading → Learning BCG Boston Consulting Group Consulting Economics Era of Ponzi Finance Management consulting

Long-Term Mortgage Delinquencies Seriously Under-Reported


Keith Jurow, a real estate analyst and author of the Capital Preservation Real Estate Report , pinged me a few days ago with his analysis that suggests long-term mortgage delinquencies are seriously under-reported. more…). Economics

Your progress report

Seth Godin Blog

I'm not sure we need to see a checklist of what you got done last week. What we really need: a. the difficult questions that remain unanswered. the long-term goals where you don’t feel like progress is being made. risky, generous acts that worked.

BCG report: Improving the Odds – Strategies for Superior Value Creation

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Boston Consulting Group released their 14th annual report on total shareholder value (TSR). It was worthwhile read, even if you are not in corporate finance. They talk about global trends in economics, capital flows, investor expectations and business generally. Simply … Continue reading → Consultant Management consulting Consulting Boston Consulting Group Business Model BCG Strategy

Another Smelly Durable Goods Report


The Census Bureau reports durable goods orders in January rose 1.8% but the good news stops there. December was revised from -0.4% to-0.8%, core capital orders fell 0.4%. more…). Economics

No Credit Where Credit Reports Are Due


A study shows that employees with poor credit are no more or less productive than their colleagues with better standing

This is how I advertise in my reports & engagement letters. You can do it, too.

Rod Burkert

For years now, I’ve been including a gentle plug for my practice in my valuation reports and engagement letters. And I’ve attached my page as the last page in every non-litigation valuation report and engagement letter I’ve prepared since then.

“Terrifying, Reckless, and Deeply Disturbing” Reports: High on Stupidity


Durbin all in on the hype following reports that Trump shared classified information with Russia. Hysteria over Trump shifted into an even higher gear today, with Senators John McCain, Bob Corker, Lindsey Graham, Richard Blumenthal, and Richard J. more…). Economics

Rush to Judgment and Extremely Inaccurate Reporting


Extremely Inaccurate Reporting With rush to judgment out of the way, let''s turn our focus on some extremely inaccurate headlines. Finance reported on February 28, Nemtsov Admitted Fears for Life Weeks Before Murder. Reporter : Finally, I will ask you, are you afraid of Putin? See my note below for a more accurate translation] Reporter : But a little fear, yes? The context and the reporter''s followup question both indicate "not really" is a better translation.

Shocking Fact in Today’s Job Report: Employment Stalls


Today’s employment report shows a robust increase of 227,000 jobs. The rest of the report was horrific. Initial Reaction. The good news stops there. The big news is in employment where the three-month trend worsened. In the last three months, employment has only risen by a grand total of 33,000. Employment in January declined by 30,000. For the entire year, employment rose by only 1,548,000. The average increase from a year ago is only 129,000 per month.

Cracks Appear in Philadelphia Fed Regional Manufacturing Report


Actual industrial output has been far weaker than the regional Fed manufacturing reports and the ISM report for at least a year. Yesterday we heard from the Empire State region. Today the spotlight is on the Philadelphia Fed Business Outlook Survey where new orders plunged. Econoday notes “cracks” in the survey. more…). Economics

Shocking Weakness in Empire State Manufacturing Report


Last month we reported "Out of the Blue" Plunge in New York Region Manufacturing; Optimism Persists As expected in this corner, there was absolutely no reason to be optimistic about manufacturing. Searching for positives in this report is difficult. As in August, declines were reported for both orders and shipments, with the new orders index coming in at -12.9

April Durable Goods: Yet Another Weak Second-Quarter Report


The string of bad economic reports at the start of the second quarter continues with today’s durable goods report. more…). Economics

Beneath the Headline Numbers, Not a Good Jobs Report


Initial Reaction Some of the skew in last month''s job report related to the government shutdown was taken back today, as expected. In essence, this was a bad report, with people dropping out of the labor force like mad. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

A Blueprint for Digital Companies’ Financial Reporting

Harvard Business

Based on these insights, we now propose a new blueprint for financial reporting of digital companies. Investors, therefore, look not just for reported revenues but for drivers behind the revenues, especially because digital companies’ operating activities often differ from their revenue-generating activities. Our proposal differs from the current reporting practice in one subtle respect. Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images.

Four Trade War Questions; PMI Reports; Currency Manipulation Charges


Trade war questions relate the to just-released PMI reports and also 4th quarter US GDP. With the declining yen, Japan''s manufacturing PMI has risen eight months. In contrast, China has been wavering near the stagnation line since early 2011.

Yellen Yap: Silliness, Outright Lies, and Some Refreshingly Accurate Reporting


For example, Bloomberg reports Dollar Rises to Highest in 3 Weeks on Yellen Comments. Yellen Yap Silliness The spotlight on Fed Chair Janet Yellen is rather amusing given she is more disingenuous than former Chair Ben Bernanke. Some of the headlines are downright silly.

Tale of Diverging China PMI Reports


For most of last year, China’s official PMI was above the Markit Chinese PMI report. Now the situation is reversed … Continue reading → Economics

Consumers Report Stable Inflation Expectations, Lower Spending Growth Expectations


In regards to spending, if consumers really do slow spending, it will be yet another knock on the 1st quarter 2015 GDP report. Diving Into the GDP Report - Some Ominous Trends - Yellen Yap - Decoupling or Not?

GDPNow Forecast Sinks to 1.8% Following Advance Economic Indicators Reports


Today the Census Department released its first “Advance Economic Indicators Report” The new report adds wholesale and retail inventories to … Continue reading → Economics

Unexpectedly Weak Industrial Production Report Released Unexpectedly Early


The Fed accidentally released its Industrial Production report a half hour early today. IP was 0.2% with an Econoday consensus o 0.3. Manufacturing was a disaster, down 0.1% vs an Econoday consensus of +0.2%. more…). Economics

Regional Fed Reports Five for Five in Contraction; Texas Region Worsening, Richmond Negative Again


in the October report from September's minus 9.5. This report joins those from Empire State, Philly Fed, and Kansas City which are all pointing to another month of contraction underway for the nation's factory sector. Bloomberg Econoday reports.

GDPNow Forecast Plunges to 0.9% Following Advance Report on US Balance of Goods


On September 28 following the Personal Income and Outlays Report, the forecast rose 0.4 On September 29, following the Census Bureau Advance Trade Report the forecast fell 0.7 On October 1, following the Manufacturing ISM report, the forecast fell another 0.2

The 2016 Australian Value Creators Report: Shareholder Value Creation Through Persistent Uncertainty


Article Thursday, March 16, 2017 Each year in its Australian Value Creators Report , The Boston Consulting Group identifies the industries and companies that have created the most shareholder value.

Jobs +287,000 Employment +67,000 (Third Anemic Household Report)


Initial Reaction Today’s employment report shows an amazing increase of 287,000 jobs. The BLS revised last month from 38,000 down … Continue reading → Economics

How Can New Managers Help their Direct Reports – Just Ask!

LSA Global

A smart question for new supervisors to ask – how can new managers help their direct reports to succeed? Combine this with the fact that a stunning 81% of front-line managers report not being satisfied with their own performance, and it becomes pretty clear that the old-fashioned hierarchical style of management no longer works to get consistently high performance. So, back to our original question -how can new managers help their direct reports to succeed?

GDPNow Estimate Unchanged Following Trade and Factory Orders Reports


The Atlanta Fed GDPNow model remains unchanged, at 1.2%, following today’s international trade and factory orders reports. more…). Economics

Advance Notice: Subtract 0.2 Percentage Points From GDP Report


Whatever the GDP report shows Friday morning, it’s likely to be on the high side by 0.2 percentage points. Of course, GDP is already one of the most revised stats, but this quarter estimate may be particularly bad due to methodology changes not implemented in time. more…). Economics

Why We Fail to Report Sexual Harassment

Harvard Business

Indeed, a 2015 survey showed that 71% of women do not report sexual harassment, and far fewer bystanders report harassment that they have witnessed. Why do so few victims and observers report sexual harassment? Just as in the Carlson case, many of the women we interviewed said they did not report harassment against themselves or others because of fear of retaliation by the harasser or organization. So what can we do to reduce fear around reporting sexual harassment?

Flash Manufacturing Report Shows Strongest Upturn Year, Input Cost Acceleration


The report also shows input cost inflation is the strongest in nearly two years, hiring is subdued, and export growth is weak. The Markit US Flash Manufacturing Repor t shows U.S. manufacturers record strongest upturn in business conditions for 12 months. more…). Economics