Boost Your Emotional Intelligence with These 3 Questions

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This is especially true for the development of emotional intelligence because we can be blind to, not to mention biased about, how we express and read the emotional components of our interactions. Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence: Helping Managers Succeed

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One of Abudi Consulting Group’s (ACG) clients, a pharmaceutical organization, has been working with ACG for the last year on a project to focus efforts on increasing the emotional intelligence of a key group of mid-level managers in their organization. The post Exploring Emotional Intelligence: Helping Managers Succeed appeared first on Gina Abudi. A Client Case Study – Part 1 of 3 – The 360 Assessment.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence: Helping Managers Succeed – Part 3

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The post Exploring Emotional Intelligence: Helping Managers Succeed – Part 3 appeared first on Gina Abudi. Leadership 360 assessments client case study Coaching emotional intelligence learning plans learning strategy management trainingA Client Case Study – Part 3 of 3 – Creating the Strategic Plan for L&D. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the case study. The Plan for Learning and Coaching of Managers.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence: Helping Managers Succeed – Part 2

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The post Exploring Emotional Intelligence: Helping Managers Succeed – Part 2 appeared first on Gina Abudi. Leadership 360 assessments client case study emotional intelligence management training people skills successful leadersA Client Case Study – Part 2 of 3 – The 360 Assessment Results. Read Part 1 of the case study. Findings from the 360 Assessment. 498 of 500 surveys were received.

How Strengths Knowledge Builds Emotional Intelligence

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At Leadership Vision, we are well aware of the profound importance emotional intelligence plays in the lives and careers of our clients. As you work toward an Emotionally Intelligent team dynamic, how can you use Strengths as the baseline for growth?

Emotional Intelligence: Tuning into your ‘Inner Tapes’

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We know about IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and we know about EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Bottom Line : our understanding of intelligence has broadened considerably. Tuning into yourself is a key life skill.

How to build your emotional intelligence and look out for those around you

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There are few responsibilities we have at work that won’t be handed over to computers and automatons in the decades to come, but one skill that will never be fully devolved to the robots is emotional intelligence.

Without Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Doesn’t Work

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These, it turns out, are what one of us (Dan) has described as core emotional intelligence competencies. This connection with emotional intelligence was underscored in the interviews Matt conducted with the study participants themselves. Those behaviors tracked with those Dan describes in the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI), an established rubric for gauging emotional intelligence. Photo by Joshua Jackson.

Why Artificial Intelligence Needs Some Emotional Intelligence


Robots are becoming chefs, and software is our new chauffeur, but their capacity for empathy leaves something to be desired

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence – Manage Emotions

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Some Quick Tips to Manage Those Emotions! Once we recognize that we have emotions and feelings tied to just about everything that happens to us or around us each day, we need to learn how to manage those emotions. When we manage those emotions, we: Have better interactions with others Make better decisions Enable for [.]. The post Improve Your Emotional Intelligence – Manage Emotions appeared first on Gina Abudi.

The Downsides of Being Very Emotionally Intelligent

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She pays a great deal of attention to others’ emotions and is kind and considerate. The main reason for this is Gemma’s high emotional intelligence (EQ), which explains all of the qualities described above. For example, EQ is positively correlated with leadership , job performance , job satisfaction , happiness , and well-being (both physical and emotional). Emotional intelligence Digital ArticleGemma is extremely caring and sensitive.

The Rise of AI Makes Emotional Intelligence More Important

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The booming growth of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), like most transformational technologies, is both exciting and scary. AI and machine learning will quickly surpass our abilities on the first two capabilities—and this will shift the skillset required for any worker wishing to stay in these careers as they are transformed by artificial intelligence. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to emotional intelligence.

How to Boost Your (and Others’) Emotional Intelligence

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Among the various core ingredients of talent and career success, few personal qualities have received more attention in the past decade than emotional intelligence (EQ), the ability to identify and manage your own and others’ emotions. Emotional Intelligence. 3 Ways to Better Understand Your Emotions. This does not mean that the effort put toward sculpting emotionally intelligent behaviors is a waste of time.

How the Most Emotionally Intelligent CEOs Handle Their Power

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In essence, two key emotional intelligence competencies, self-awareness and empathy, had disappeared from his tool kit. While they seem to have learned emotional intelligence along the way, it’s often fairly superficial. When it comes to self-management, a lot of leaders learn to manage the outward expression of emotion but don’t have a clue about how to deal with deep-seated emotions such as insecurity or how they feel about power and authority.

Why Young Bankers, Lawyers, and Consultants Need Emotional Intelligence

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Over my 40-year banking career, I’ve learned that the critical distinguishing factor for advancing in the professional services is emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor your own and other people’s emotions, to distinguish between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use this information to guide your thinking and behavior. ” Emotional intelligence matters even more today.

Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Which Do You Need to Work On?

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Her manager feels lucky to have such an easy direct report to work with and often compliments Esther on her high levels of emotional intelligence, or EI. So much for emotional intelligence , she’s starting to think. The trap that has ensnared Esther and her manager is a common one: They are defining emotional intelligence much too narrowly. Emotional intelligence Psychology Difficult conversations Influence Digital Article

An Introduction to the Value of High Levels of Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to monitor one’s own emotions and the emotions of others, to discriminate between different emotions and use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.” Individuals with high levels of emotional intelligence (EI) are better able to [.]. The post An Introduction to the Value of High Levels of Emotional Intelligence appeared first on Gina Abudi.

Build Self-Awareness with Help from Your Team

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Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Emotional intelligence Leading teams Digital ArticleDoug Perrine/Nature Picture Library/Getty Images. There are lots of compelling reasons to build a better team.

Why STEM Needs the Liberal Arts


Artificial intelligence could benefit from a lot more emotional intelligence

How to Become More Self-Aware

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Managing yourself Psychology Emotional intelligence AudioTasha Eurich, an organizational psychologist and executive coach, talks about why we all should be working on self-awareness. Few people are truly self-aware, she says, and those who are don’t get there through introspection. She explains how to develop self-awareness through the feedback of loving critics and how to mentor someone who isn’t self-aware. Eurich is the author of the book Insight.

Why Great Success Can Bring Out the Worst Parts of Our Personalities

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But it does require a minimum of self-awareness, emotional reckoning, and work that likely goes against the grain. But in reality, their resistance to such feedback is subtle but noticeable, fueled as much by personal emotions as by the very real need to project confidence as a leader. ” Leadership Emotional intelligence Influence Digital Articleses/Getty Images. By any measure, Elon Musk is exceptionally successful.

How to Earn a Reputation as a Fair Manager

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Leadership transitions Managing people Decision making Emotional intelligence Digital ArticleSuperStock/Getty Images. At some point in your career, you likely encountered a manager you believed was unfair. You probably thought to yourself, “ When I’m a manager, I’m never going to be like that!

You’re Never Going to Be “Caught Up” at Work. Stop Feeling Guilty About It.

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Feeling shame about work you have not completed is likely to make the problem worse, not better, making it an emotion that is almost never helpful. One of the factors that can make these emotions more painful is rumination — the process of having repeated thoughts about something that is anxiety-provoking. Emotional intelligence Stress Productivity Digital ArticleValerio Gualandi/EyeEm/Getty Images.

7 Skills That Aren’t About to Be Automated

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” In effective communication, story and fact, rhetoric and science intertwine to enlist the emotions of others to take action on a topic or an initiative. Emotional competence. Even with the advanced capabilities of AI products such as Amazon’s Alexa, machines are rudimentary in their ability to understand the emotional tenor of a person, meeting, or organization. Managing yourself Communication Emotional intelligence Technology Digital Article

How to Manage an Employee Who’s Having a Personal Crisis

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How can you support the person to take care of themselves emotionally while also making sure they are doing their work (or as much of it as they are able to)? Alicia Shankland, a senior HR executive with more than 20 years of experience, managed two different women through the intensely stressful, emotional months of fertility treatment. They also experienced severe ups and downs from the hormone drugs and the emotional devastation of miscarriages. mattjeacock/Getty Images.

Assessment: Are You a Compassionate Leader?

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Leadership Managing yourself Influence Emotional intelligence Digital Articleanbileru adaleru/noun project. Compassion has become increasingly recognized as a foundational aspect of leadership. One study from 2012 found that compassionate leaders appear stronger and have more-engaged followers.

Study 42

Self-management: How well do you do it?

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Self-management is a component of emotional intelligence. Self-management is focused on your ability to use your awareness of your emotions to stay flexible and ensure your behavior [.]. Professional Development emotional intelligence leadership skills managing emotions self-managementIt is easy to believe that all leaders practice self-management, but that is not always the case! It is about the actions you take, or do not take.

Feeling Ambivalent About Your Boss Hurts Your Performance Even More Than Disliking Them

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whether it was good or bad) as well as their emotional experiences at work (i.e., In our research we found that followers who reported having an ambivalent relationship with their leader were also more likely to report feeling more negative emotions, such as anxiety, at work, which may partly explain their lower job performance. People who felt supported by their teammates were able to better deal with the emotional stress of an ambivalent relationship with their boss.

How to Work for a Boss Who Lacks Self-Awareness

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Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Managing up Emotional intelligence Digital ArticleBruno Vincent/Staff/Getty Images. Just as people differ in height, musical talent, or sense of humor, there are also pretty consistent differences in people’s ability to understand how others see them.

What It Takes to Think Deeply About Complex Problems

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Embracing complexity is not just a cognitive challenge, but also an emotional one. In part, it’s about learning to manage negative emotions ­— anger and fear above all. When we’re triggered, as little as 60 seconds of breathing deeply can be a powerful way to maintain physiological and emotional equilibrium. Reacting from emotion tends to make us one-dimensional. ” Decision making Emotional intelligence Psychology Digital Article

The Most Common Type of Incompetent Leader

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Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Managing people Leadership development Emotional intelligence Digital ArticleJakub Domerecki/EyeEm/Getty Images. A young friend recently remarked that the worst boss he ever had would provide him with feedback that always consisted of “You’re doing a great job.”

How Living Abroad Helps You Develop a Clearer Sense of Self

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” International business Emotional intelligence Psychology Developing employees Digital ArticleFabien Butazzi/Unsplash. In today’s increasingly globalized world, more and more people are choosing to live, work and study abroad —and this trend appears to be a good thing: social science studies have shown that international experiences can enhance creativity , reduce intergroup bias , and promote career success.

No One is Perfect! – Part I

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Leadership 360 assessments Coaching diversity emotional intelligence working relationshipsA Mini Case Study: One leader’s story of how accepting he is not perfect led to stronger working relationships. <This <This story is about one of ACG’s coaching clients, the name of the leader as well as other that may identify the leader or the organization has been changed.> > Jack, a senior vice president of a [.]. The post No One is Perfect!

Future of Work Skills – A List of The Top Ten

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Emotional intelligence is on the list of skills needed for 2020 and was not on the list for 2015. Everyone has to learn to be a ‘leader’ and to develop strong emotional intelligence.

Find Your Happy Place at Work

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Managing yourself Emotional intelligence Psychology AudioAnnie McKee, a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of the book How to Be Happy at Work, tells the story of her journey to happiness—starting with her early job as a caregiver for an elderly couple. Even in later, higher-paying work, McKee saw that pursuing prestige and success for the wrong reasons ruined people’s personal and professional lives.

What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It)

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In fact, this pattern existed for 19 out of the 20 competencies the researchers measured, including emotional self-awareness, accurate self-assessment, empathy, trustworthiness, and leadership performance. ” We ask this when trying to understand our emotions ( Why do I like employee A so much more than employee B? ), or our behavior ( Why did I fly off the handle with that employee? ), or our attitudes ( Why am I so against this deal? ). Archi Trujillo/Getty Images.

The Power of Listening in Helping People Change

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In a recent paper , we consistently demonstrated that experiencing high quality (attentive, empathic, and non-judgmental) listening can positively shape speakers’ emotions and attitudes. Giving feedback Emotional intelligence Influence Psychology Digital ArticleHarry Haysom/Getty Images. Giving performance feedback is one of the most common ways managers help their subordinates learn and improve.

A Mini Case Study: No One is Perfect! – Part 3

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Leadership 360 assessments action planning Coaching diversity emotional intelligence working relationshipsOne leader’s story of how accepting he is not perfect led to stronger working relationships. <This <This story is about one of ACG’s coaching clients, the name of the leader as well as other information that may identify the leader or the organization has been changed. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of the story.> > Jack’s [.].

Controlling Your Emotions During a Negotiation

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Moshe Cohen, a senior lecturer at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, says you can’t take the emotion out of a negotiation. After all, negotiations revolve around conflict, risk, and reward—which are inherently emotional. Cohen explains how to understand your triggers and use your emotions and those of your counterparts to your advantage. Negotiations Emotional intelligence Psychology Audio

Research: When Being a Humble Leader Backfires

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Leading teams Emotional intelligence Creativity Digital ArticleHayon Thapaliya for HBR. There is a paradox when it comes to what we expect in leaders. On the one hand, we believe that effective leaders display humility — they bring out the best in others, are open to admitting their shortcomings and mistakes, and give appreciation and credit to their followers. Recent public scandals demonstrate what lack of humility can do in a public setting.