Managing Overwhelm

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Here are my five tips for managing these and similar problems in your business so you can avoid getting overwhelmed: Tip one: Don’t be afraid to go back and renegotiate terms when timeframes shift because of an issue that’s beyond your control. So don’t be overwhelmed by managing the business finances; instead get a bookkeeper and avoid that end of quarter panic. There are days as a consultant when things are going wonderfully. You’ve got a lot of work in the pipeline.

What is management consulting?

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Management Consulting. It is a set… Read More » The post What is management consulting? Consultant Consulting Management consultingIt’s a lot of things. It is an industry; we all know McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Deloitte, PWC, and others. It is a profession built on asking good questions. It is a team sport. It is a bit of an attitude. It is a tribe that is difficult to get into. appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

Strategic Management in 20 Icons

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The post Strategic Management in 20 Icons appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Learning Education Strategy

Change Management: Head + Heart + Hand

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It’s a simple way to think about change management, but it also makes a lot of sense. Head: The logic of the analysis… Read More » The post Change Management: Head + Heart + Hand appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Consultant Analysis Change Management Head Heart Hand implementation LeadershipAfter reading Switch (affiliate link) by the Heath brothers, I am convinced that successful consulting projects must appeal to the head, the heart and the hand.

Better Managers Isn't Enough for Higher Engagement

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A recent article by Sam Walker in the Wall Street Journal argues that better managers are the key to delivering better results. Walker cites research by Gallup showing that the quality of middle managers determines 70% of the variance between high-performing and low-performing companies. We’ve all heard the maxim that workers don’t leave companies; they leave their managers. He places the burden for increasing engagement on the individual manager.

Managing Self Doubt

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Here are my top tips for managing your self-doubt. You have to put away your self-doubt and manage your self-talk. I get it – making the move from employment to consulting is a big step. I know so many people who have agonised about the decision for a long time and still not made up their mind. And for those who have taken the leap, it’s exciting, but equally, it can be terrifying. And the common denominator for most people is self-doubt.

Some rough manager days

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I have not blogged in a month because of international travel, 3 concurrent projects, and honestly, some of the toughest manager days I have ever had. … Continue reading → Consultant Consulting Consulting Career Consulting Team Management consulting Professionalism Got some new folks, a fairly ambiguous project, and a lack of thinking. Sad, but true.

Syllabus: What is management consulting?

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Teaching management consulting this semester to a select group of 40 students. That said, I wanted to describe management consulting succinctly in the syllabus. Two weeks ago I described it by sharing 30+ links to… Read More » The post Syllabus: What is management consulting? I imagine 1/2 of them will have consulting internship or full-time offers already. This is an elective, and they are elite.

Consulting manager: dictator mode vs. democracy mode

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Increasingly, I have been using this simple, but stark, analogy to talk about team management. Dictator mode (do what I say) As a manager, I want to … Continue reading → Consultant Consulting Consulting Career Consulting Team Management consulting Project ManagementIncreasingly, seems like there are two ways to get outcomes. Democracy mode (what do you think?)

Lifehacks for New Management Consultants

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It’s been nearly twenty years since I started management consulting. While the book provides insights regarding management consulting, I feel its strength is really in highlighting some of the previously unwritten, nuances of the trade which can help new consultants navigate their way.

Managing People on Projects and Programs

The Clever Consultant

A few months back, somebody asked me what my favorite People Management Theory was. Delivery Stuff Expert Insights managing by results managing consulting projects people management project managementUpdate 7/15: This is one of my favorite posts.

McKinsey Report: Thriving in the New Abnormal, NA Asset Management

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The global asset management business is huge. With the incredibly loose monetary policy (read: printing money), it is no surprise that global assets under management (AUM) have done well. Learning asset management McKinsey

Performance management in agile organizations


Performance management is tough enough in traditional organizations; in agile organizations, three changes are essential to success. Insights on Organization

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Change management: Start with Why

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If you have an interest in consulting, management and persuading people into action, you need to watch it … Continue reading → Learning Consulting Leadership Management consulting Professionalism There is a famous TED talk by Simon Sinek called How Great Leaders Inspire Action. 17 million have watched it so far.

What Are The Best Management Consulting Books?

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The Pyramid Principle:Logic In Writing and Thinking (for managers & consultants especially) by Barbara Minto. developing knowledge and skills specific to managing both consulting practices and different organizational structures.

Why Do Management Consulting Firms Hire MBAs?

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Prior to my current role, I spent many years in the traditional management consulting space. Management consulting projects can span diverse areas from operational to finance to marketing to strategy to IT management, etc. Management Consulting

Management consulting stocks, quick comparison

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Most management consulting firms are privately held. They start off as partnerships and remain that way: McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, E&Y, KPMG, PWC, AT Kearney, PA Consulting, LEK, Oliver Wyman. PRTM, Monitor and others were bought out. It takes a lot of … Continue reading → Consultant Accenture Booz Allen consulting firm Consulting Tools

Management Consulting in Canada

Tom Spencer

Management consulting is a professional service offered to organisations which aims to help internal management improve operating performance. Rationale for Hiring a Management Consultant. There are at least four reasons for hiring a management consultant.

Managers are the glue, be greedy for work

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I gave this advice to a newbie manager this week. The manager kept acting like an individual contributor, as if that was enough to succeed. No sense … Continue reading → Consultant Consulting Consulting Career Management Management consulting Professionalism Project Management He kept saying, “well, I do this” and “I do that” Wrong point of view.

Asset Management – Industry Overview (Part 1 of 4)

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Asset managers are institutions that ‘manage money’ on behalf of certain beneficiaries. Well, asset managers aim to understand client investment objectives and invest client funds in a variety of financial products and asset classes. Affiliated Managers.

Management consultants are a diaspora

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I was reading an article in the Economist about immigrant diasporas. Overseas Chinese, Indians, and Jews are a few examples of tight-knit, highly-educated, geographically-dispersed groups, who are extremely successful and make things happen. The article argues that these small groups … Continue reading → Fun Consulting Graphs Learning

2019 Management Consulting Salaries for Undergraduates, MBAs/PhDs, & Interns

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Welcome to 2019, and our annual management consulting salaries report! The post 2019 Management Consulting Salaries for Undergraduates, MBAs/PhDs, & Interns appeared first on Management Consulted. The consulting industry has been evolving rapidly over the last few years. Consulting business models have adapted as firms respond to their clients’ needs for digital solutions, advanced analytics, and AI. … Continue Reading.

The role of thought leadership in key account management

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Key account management is more important than ever. As a result, the quality of a firm’s account management, together with its breadth of capabilities and ability to innovate, are now three of the most important factors clients consider when deciding which firm to hire.

Management Secrets

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Consultants Consultant: Managing people is not easy. Management Secrets: Core Beliefs of Great Bosses outlines some important concepts (including “my employees are my peers, not my children”). The post Management Secrets appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Consulting Well Manage others Manage yourself Please your boss and your clientsSo I’ve been gathering some great ideas for you.

Management Consulting Manifesto

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As many regular readers may know, I am pretty passionate about the practice of business and management consulting. Without further ado, here is a working draft of my management consulting manifesto: Do what’s best for the client before the consulting firm. Related links: An Illustration of the Consulting Spectrum: Giving Simple Opinions Versus Practicing Consulting “Science” General Management Management Consulting Business Consulting Consulting

Recharge Your Time Management

The Clever Consultant

Every six months or so, I take the time to re-read time management books, review my workload and consider ways to more effective. Improving your time management is the result of successfully adopting new habits and, old habits are hard to break.

BCG: Six simple rules to manage complexity

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For those of us who have worked with Fortune 500 clients, … Continue reading → Learning BCG Consulting Leadership Management Management consulting The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has a refreshing new book which makes the argument that companies have a bad habit of responding to complex business environments by simply getting more complicated. This is so true.

Manage Your Momentum for Growth

Joellyn Sargent

The ability to manage momentum is a critical determining factor in which businesses succeed and which fail. And if you’ve managed it well, you’ve got the reserve benefit to move you over the next big hurdle. Three Keys to Managing Momentum.

Why Management Consultants Love Data

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Management consultants are always on the prowl for good data. The title of this post would be a kin to: “Why … Continue reading → Consultant Analysis Business Intelligence Clients Consulting Data Database Gartner Habits Management consulting Stanford TED (conference After all, it is the stuff that client recommendations are made of. To a cynic, it might seem obvious.

Data 186

Asset Management – Valuation (Part 2 of 4)

Tom Spencer

Characteristics of Asset Management Firms. Most major asset managers are conservative with their use of leverage. There are a couple of reasons for this: Asset managers can see cash flow and earnings fluctuate wildly with markets. Valuation of Asset Management Firms.

Micro Consulting: Evolution of Management Consulting


Specifically, this trend is reshaping, more specifically adding agility, to the landscape of management consulting. Enter Micro-Consulting, which is the agile, customized version of a traditional management consulting model.

The agile manager


Who manages in an agile organization? And what exactly do they do? Insights on Organization

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Managing Burnout

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We talk with an expert on workplace well-being about how women experience burnout and how to manage its causes, symptoms, and repercussions. Stress can enhance our performance at work, but not if it leads to burnout. Guest: Mandy O’Neill. Gender Audio

How Do Management Consultants Quickly Come Up To Speed On Projects?

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Engagement manager – The engagement manager has responsibility for the client problem statement and the problem-solving structure (i.e., Management reports – Consultants often get reports normally directly accessible by the management teams.

McKinsey’s managing partner interview – failing to make partner twice

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For those interested in management consulting – Dominic Barton is a name you will recognize – the managing partner at McKinsey & Company. This interview with him is a 1,500 word read, but … Continue reading → Consultant Consulting Consulting Career Management consulting McKinseyBasically the chief of the chief consulting firm.

Management Consulting Salary Guide for 2019

Management consultant salaries in the United States will vary by position and experience. Here’s a breakdown of salaries for management consultants according to the top three consulting firms. Why Management Consultant Pay is Competitive. Project Manager.

MicroConsulting: Evolution of Management Consulting


Share This: The post MicroConsulting: Evolution of Management Consulting appeared first on SkillQuo Blog. Infographics consulting trends evolution of management consulting future of consulting micro consulting