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Choosing Consulting Projects That Give You Energy with Cy Wakeman: Podcast #190

Consulting Success

It’s all about choosing the energy. In today’s episode, Michael Zipursky and his guest, Cy Wakeman, talk all about what it’s like to be a consultant and why positive energy is so. Choosing Consulting Projects That Give You Energy with Cy Wakeman: Podcast #190 is a post from: Consulting Success.

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Renewable Energy and its Impact on Consulting

Tom Spencer

Government incentives for investment into renewable energy sources, such as subsidies and tax credits , are becoming an increasingly popular way for governments to meet national pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Secondly, renewable energy is naturally occurring and based on resources that are continually replenished.

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Need an energy boost? Check your batteries

The Management Centre

Then take these two steps to boost your energy…. To boost your energy you need to focus on the right things for you. If you want to boost your energy you need to identify whether any of your batteries are getting low. And each success will build up your resilience, motivation – and energy. The post Need an energy boost?

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Energy Prices: Is Volatility Here to Stay?

Tom Spencer

Skyrocketing energy prices in the wake of the post-pandemic economic recovery has been all over the news, and for good reason. The rising cost of energy feeds into the pricing of all goods, causing inflation globally. McKinsey, BCG, Bain and the Big Four all have specific divisions to cater for clients from the energy industry.

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Managing your Energy, Time, and Tasks to have a Complete Day

Tom Spencer

As most of us spend the majority of our time working, it’s important to consider where that time is spent, how to manage your tasks and energy, and how to ultimately find fulfilment. Manage your energy. Image: Pexels The post Managing your Energy, Time, and Tasks to have a Complete Day first appeared on Tom Spencer.

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Mental Energy Units

hours), I find it more helpful to manage mental energy. I’ve developed a phrase that I call "Mental Energy Units," or "MEU" for short. I first got introduced to the idea of managing energy, rather than time, from the book The Power of Full Engagement , by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. Time and energy are not the same thing.

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Bestseller energy

Seth Godin Blog

When the right circle of people are involved, a new energy arrives. In the community you seek to serve, creating bestseller energy leads to more possibility, more connection and more magic. At least some of the people. A restaurant is more fun. A course seems more important. A project at work gets more attention. But that’s okay.

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