Alan Weiss

It has become abundantly clear that, short of a vaccine, the virus is going to charge and retreat, charge and retreat. Thus, nothing is assured, long-term, except the fact that your clients and prospects will need help in adjusting. What are you doing to address this?

Choosing Consulting Projects That Give You Energy with Cy Wakeman: Podcast #190

Consulting Success

It’s all about choosing the energy. In today’s episode, Michael Zipursky and his guest, Cy Wakeman, talk all about what it’s like to be a consultant and why positive energy is so. Look at your calendar and cross out the things that you don’t enjoy doing.

Energy 164

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Global Energy Perspective 2021

McKinsey & Company

The Global Energy Perspective describes our view on how the energy transition can unfold, through four scenarios. Oil & Gas Insights

Introduction: Navigating decarbonization and energy transition in the built world

McKinsey & Company

Welcome to the July 2021 issue of Voices on Infrastructure, a collection of insights on preparing for the energy transition. Insights on Operations Operations

How Brazil can optimize its cost of energy

McKinsey & Company

Brazil’s energy costs remain higher than that of its global peers. Investing in diversification, grid improvement, and energy efficiency could lower prices and expand supply. Insights on Electric Power & Natural Gas Energy efficiency Electric Power Brazil

Powering up sustainable energy


Can the power industry simultaneously decarbonize generation, propel the transition to electric vehicles, and keep the lights on? Insights on Sustainability

Energy 100

Global Energy Perspective 2019


The Global Energy Perspective Reference Case provides our view on how the energy transition will unfold. Oil & Gas Insights

Mental Energy Units

hours), I find it more helpful to manage mental energy. I’ve developed a phrase that I call "Mental Energy Units," or "MEU" for short. I first got introduced to the idea of managing energy, rather than time, from the book The Power of Full Engagement , by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz. (It’s Time and energy are not the same thing. For the sake of simplicity, let's also say you have 16 mental energy units per day (roughly equivalent to 16 productive waking hours).

Asia’s energy transition


The future of the energy sector in Asia will likely be driven by renewables and innovative energy technology. Asia-Pacific

The shifting energy landscape: An interview with Maria Pope

McKinsey & Company

As the energy industry transitions to cleaner fuel sources and responds to climate change, leaders must also accommodate the evolving needs of the communities they serve.

Digital transformation in energy: Achieving escape velocity


Three practical lessons can help energy companies break through. The need for digital value is greater and the barriers to change are lower—yet inertia persists. Oil & Gas Insights

Harnessing Creative Energy

Tom Spencer

Successfully harnessing humanity’s creative energy clearly requires high levels of cooperation. And so, it has never been more important for individuals, firms, government and the world at large to think about how we can harness our collective creative energy. China comes up for criticism in modern times for stealing software technology from the West.

How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume?

Harvard Business

It’s a trickier question than you might think. Technology Currency Sustainability Digital Article

Engineering bright spots for a green energy future: An interview with Robin Watson

McKinsey & Company

Robin Watson CBE, chief executive of Wood, explains how digital technologies in process engineering can help lower emissions and achieve greater sustainability. Insights on Operations Operations

A safer, smarter future: Working remotely in energy and materials


COVID-19 is drastically changing the way energy and materials operations work. Learning from industry best practices can help remote hybrid teams adapt to the next normal. Oil & Gas Insights

Tip for "Low Energy Level"

There was one piece of feedback common from both firms: "I was interviewing on a low energy level". They both said that they were happy I was calm during the interviews, but they would appreciate a "higher energy level". Most likely your voice is too monotone, which comes across as low energy, and boring. Question: First of all, I would like to thank you for all the materials you shared. It is extremely valuable, the best out there!

How Mexico can harness its superior energy abundance


Mexico has a large and diversified base of resources that could offer one of the lowest energy costs in the world. The energy transition could help the country achieve its potential.

Energy 2050: Insights from the ground up


How will the world satisfy its need for energy? McKinsey research offers a perspective. Our Insights

Germany’s energy transition at a crossroads


Germany has been a leader in the transition toward a low-carbon-energy system, but it will still miss most of its energy-transition targets for 2020. Urgent action is needed to get back on track. Insights on Electric Power & Natural Gas

Peak energy, peak oil, and the rise of renewables: An executive’s guide to the global energy system


Global energy demand is headed toward a plateau over the next ten to 20 years, as the world focuses on electrification, energy efficiency, and more service-driven economic growth. Oil & Gas Insights

Texas Energy Screw-up and Small Business Impairments

Martinka Consulting

The headlines about the Texas freeze and energy disaster caught my attention. The bottom line is Texas officials had been warned many times over the last 30 years about their energy infrastructure not being winterproof. The post Texas Energy Screw-up and Small Business Impairments appeared first on Martinka Consulting. I read two long articles, one in the Seattle Times and the other in the Wall Street Journal.

A framework for fostering effective energy transitions


The new Energy Transition Index looks at 114 countries’ energy systems’ performance and transition readiness. Oil & Gas Insights

Three game changers for energy


New sources, mobility, and industry fragmentation are set to disrupt the system. Our Insights

A climate of change fuels growth in energy market

The Source

The event, heralded for its significance by both Greenpeace UK and the WWF, may only be one step in the very long and arduous journey to transforming the UK’s power generation portfolio, but it represents a much wider trend of change, and disruption, in the energy industry. Indeed, according to the International Energy Agency, renewable sources—including solar, wind, and hydro—accounted for a quarter of global electricity generation in 2017. Opportunities for growth Energy Growth

The Latin American energy sector: How to address cybersecurity

McKinsey & Company

Electric-power and gas companies are vulnerable to cyberattacks, but a structured approach that applies communication, organizational, and process frameworks can reduce cyber-related risks. Risk Insights

China's renewable energy revolution


China is at the center of a global energy transformation, which is being driven by technological change and the falling cost of renewables, write Jonathan Woetzel and Jiang Kejun in Project Syndicate. MGI in the News

Are You Spending Your Parenting Time and Energy Wisely?

Harvard Business

A matrix to help guide your decision-making. Work-life balance Digital Article

The decoupling of GDP and energy growth: A CEO guide


Energy intensity is decreasing, renewables are gaining, and new efficiencies are on the way. Here’s how to build the resilience you need to navigate rapid change. Insights on Electric Power & Natural Gas

What Gives You Energy? (mini-podcast)

Leadership Vision Consulting

So today, the question is this: what gives you energy? Reflect on the things that give you energy in life and then try to connect them back to one of your Themes of Strength. The post What Gives You Energy? Resources Energy Podcast StrengthsOn this mini-episode of the podcast, we've got a simple Strengths question for you to ponder. We've found that reflecting on a straightforward question can be a profound way of understanding ourselves better.

The potential of advanced process controls in energy and materials


Optimizing advanced process controls can create significant value for critical industrial processes. Maximizing that value requires a comprehensive approach across people, processes, and technologies. Metals & Mining Insights

The energy-sector threat: How to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities


Electric-power and gas companies are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks, but a structured approach that applies communication, organizational, and process frameworks can significantly reduce cyber-related risks. Risk Insights

Energy 2050: Insights from the ground up


How will the world satisfy its need for energy? McKinsey research offers a perspective. Our Insights

Exploring an alternative pathway for Vietnam’s energy future


Renewables have the potential to become the lowest-cost option for Vietnam to meet its energy needs. Asia-Pacific

Fueling the energy transition: Opportunities for financial institutions


As renewable-energy sources proliferate, power grids become smarter, and industries electrify, strong financial partners will play a critical role in providing funding for a capital-intensive sector. Insights on Electric Power & Natural Gas

An Alternative To Energy Boosters At Work

Henry DeVries

Author and leadership coach Patty Vogan offers two main strategies to unlock your energy tanks so you can refuel before you are running on fumes

The new economics of energy storage


Energy storage can make money right now. Finding the opportunities requires digging into real-world data. Our Insights

The big choices for oil and gas in navigating the energy transition

McKinsey & Company

As oil and gas companies respond to the current economic discontinuities, they must choose where and how to compete as the world transitions to a low-carbon future. Oil & Gas Insights Oil & Natural Gas

How residential energy storage could help support the power grid


Household batteries could contribute to making the grid more cost effective, reliable, resilient, and safe—if retail battery providers, utilities, and regulators can resolve delicate commercial, operational, and policy issues. Insights on Electric Power & Natural Gas

How solar energy can (finally) create value


The market for solar power is growing faster than ever, but profitability has been lagging. The keys to improvement are better capital and operational efficiency. Our Insights

The new rules of competition in energy storage


The costs of energy-storage systems are dropping too fast for inefficient players to hide. The winners in this market will be those that aggressively pursue and achieve operational improvements. Insights on Electric Power & Natural Gas