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Pricing Strategy Developing Your Value

Granite Leadership Strategies

The post Pricing Strategy Developing Your Value appeared first on Granite Leadership Strategies. Assess the worth the importance of your strategic price in the price proposal and display it proudly in an eye-catching visual demonstration of the magnitude of what you offer.

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Can GenAI Do Strategy?

Harvard Business

This article presents a classroom experiment that compared a strategy developed by a team of MBA students in the traditional way with one developed using a virtual AI assistant, which was an interactive tool that linked a tried-and-tested strategy toolkit as a plug-in to the generative AI underlying Chat GPT.


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Real-World Examples of AI in Management Consulting

Tom Spencer

This article will explore some of the most notable examples of AI in consulting, including its use in market research, strategy development, and operational optimisation. These insights can help consultants to develop effective marketing campaigns, and to personalize messages targeted towards specific segments of the market.

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Should You Separate Strategy Development From Strategy Implementation?

Gina Abudi

At a recent gathering of colleagues we discussed whether strategy could be separated from implementation of that strategy. There was agreement among the group that there are distinct skills between those who focus on strategy and those who implement that strategy.

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Why Your Employees Aren't Committed to Your Company Strategy

Organizational Talent Consulting

This is alarming, given evidence a direct positive correlation exists between employee commitment to strategy and employee involvement in strategy development. Here is what leaders need to know to be more inclusive in strategy development and how to overcome three common barriers.

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Want a High-Performance Team? Get Clarity and Alignment First!

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Our Aligned Strategy Development methodology will take your team through all aspects of creating a strategic plan. Having a strategic planning meeting is important because it will help you generate two things among your team members: clarity and alignment.

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In Uncertain Times, Embrace Imperfectionism

Harvard Business

The pace of change and rise of global winner-take-all competition means that conventional product-market-structure approaches to strategy, as well as core competencies thinking, are difficult to implement in practice and may yield misleading answers.