The Role of 5G in Online Sports Betting

Tom Spencer

5G networks are a promising wireless technology that online bookmakers and sports betting operators should factor into their business strategy. Once implemented, this technology offers the potential to serve more sports betting enthusiasts. Implications of 5G for Online Sports Betting.

Spectator sports

Seth Godin Blog

Every year, we spend more than a trillion dollars worth of time and attention on organized spectator sports. The half-life of a sporting event is incredibly short. It turns out that this insignificance and the ephemeral nature of sporting events is the heart of their appeal. Instead of having passionate arguments about things that matter, issues with consequences, topics where one can be wrong or right, organized sports are a tribal opportunity to vent without remorse.


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How To Build A Superstar Consulting Brand With Damon Holowchak: Podcast #239

Consulting Success

Consulting Success Podcast Brand communication Consulting hospitality industry message sportsIf everything’s been done and everybody’s doing everything right, how can you stand out and build a superstar consulting brand?

Sports 207

Remembering A Bold Trailblazer Who Fought For Equity For Women In Sports

On the Brink

Recently on January 6, 2022, the NY Times published an article honoring the recently deceased Christine Grant, the University of Iowa’s first women’s athletic director and a pioneer who helped shape the 1972 Title IX legislation, tirelessly advocating for the fair treatment of women in sports.

When Sports, Kids, and Relationships Collide

Martinka Consulting

This is not about sports, but it’s based on the April 5, 2019 Wall Street Journal’s sports page, which had an article about former UCLA and NBA player Earl Watson and his goal to coach college basketball, preferably at his alma mater. The post When Sports, Kids, and Relationships Collide appeared first on Martinka Consulting.

Professional Sports Teams Recognize Men And Women Are Worth Equal Pay

Simon Associates

Emerging Trends Igniting Change women leaders Rethinking Women Human Development

do women in sports know how to smash myths? you betcha

On the Brink

In the early 1970s, two significant events had a major effect on women’s sports. Although Title IX applies to a variety of programs, it has received the most attention for its impact on athletics, especially at the college sports level.

Predicting Business Success and Sports Drafts – A Crapshoot

Martinka Consulting

Sports are exciting because of upsets. The post Predicting Business Success and Sports Drafts – A Crapshoot appeared first on Martinka Consulting. We were trying to help a young friend of the family with his job search (before and after insisting he meet with Matt Youngquist at Career Horizons). Whether it’s just him or because he’s a millennial but he was pretty full of himself.

Stop Comparing Management to Sports

Harvard Business

Often, when I’m asked to give a speech on strategy at some company event or conference, I find that one of the other speakers is a former professional sports player. Although there is nothing wrong with commitment and perseverance, I, however, think sport (much less war) is often an unhelpful analogy. Good management is not like a competitive sport. Why sports metaphors are damaging.

ESPN’s Jay Williams: Sports, Culture, and Leadership

Harvard Business

What we can learn from the NBA about reckoning with race at work. Race Leadership Diversity Audio

Socialism May Work in Sports but Not in Business

Martinka Consulting

In the NFL, and other pro sports, the league has a salary cap that teams must adhere to. The post Socialism May Work in Sports but Not in Business appeared first on Martinka Consulting. It’s to promote parity and it’s worked. Over the last 10 years only five of the 32 teams have a cumulative winning percentage of.600 or higher.

Leading a Company That Wants to Change Lives through Sports


Think high-profile consumer goods, and sports apparel comes quickly to mind. For the last few years, the world's fastest-growing major sports apparel enterprise has been Adidas. The CEO overseeing Adidas's flourishing is Kasper Rørsted, a man who spent the first half of his career in the tech industry. In office just two years, he is positioning Adidas as a globally influential enterprise.

Lessons from Hollywood’s Digital Transformation

Harvard Business

Digital transformation Technology and analytics Media, entertainment, and professional sports Digital ArticleWhat legacy brands can learn from the survival of top Hollywood studios.

Why Sports is the Next Digital Innovation Hub

1 to 1

Yesterday at Advertising Week in New York City, MLB, NBA, and NFL executives shared their thoughts on the evolution of customer engagement in major league sports and why they’re experimenting with new technologies from live video to virtual reality. Kids learn about sports differently today,” commented Dawn Hudson, CMO of the NFL.

Mixing Sports and Money: Adidas and the Commercialization of the Olympics

Harvard Business

The untold story of how the Olympics were monetized. Business history Globalization Entrepreneurship Audio

Sports & StrengthsFinder – Using Strengths to Build Strong Teams

Leadership Vision Consulting

Having worked with numerous high level sports’ teams I know coaches would rather have this information than not have it at all. The post Sports & StrengthsFinder – Using Strengths to Build Strong Teams appeared first on Leadership Vision Consulting. It is the end of summer and beginning of fall here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This time of year means I am coaching women’s college volleyball at Bethel University. Overall this is my 11th year of coaching at different schools.

The CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods on Becoming a Gun Control Advocate

Harvard Business

Ed Stack, the chief executive of Dick’s Sporting Goods, decided after the Parkland school shooting to pull assault rifles and high-capacity magazines from all of his company’s stores. The controversial choice hurt revenues. But the retailer weathered the storm, thanks to inclusive and thoughtful decision-making, careful communication with all stakeholders, and a strategic shift to new product lines.

How Yahoo Built a Culture of Cybersecurity

Harvard Business

Persuasion Technology and analytics Cybersecurity and digital privacy Media, entertainment, and professional sports Digital ArticleThree steps to meaningfully change employees’ behavior.

Why Sports Are a Terrible Metaphor for Business

Harvard Business

The buzz around the biggest game in America’s biggest sport is, as always, about more than football. Even as high-minded a publication as The Economist gets caught up every so often in the connections between sports and business. So the question becomes: What can sports in general, and football in particular, teach us about competition and success, talent and teamwork, value and values? Here’s what’s wrong with making analogies between sports and business.

Brussels Enters Lockdown, Warns of "Paris-Style" Attack, Airport and Sporting Events Closed


Brussels faces an imminent threat of a Paris-style Islamic State terrorist attack, authorities warned, as the city shut down its metro system and shopping malls, canceled sporting and cultural events and told people to avoid gathering in large groups. “ Authorities canceled sporting events and cultural activities around the Belgian capital. Officials in Belgium have "precise information" that Brussels faces a "Paris-Style" Attack. In response Brussels Enters Lockdown.

Making Sense of the NFT Marketplace

Harvard Business

Blockchain Strategy Business models Growth strategy Technology and analytics Online communities Media industry Professional sports industry Digital Article

Sports Writer Robots; Will an AI Robot Writer Win a Pulitzer Prize?


Robots are continually in the news. Here’s an investigation of the shape of things to come for robotic journalism. In … Continue reading → Economics

What Baseball Can Teach You About Using Data to Improve Yourself

Harvard Business

Analytics Sports Digital ArticleGet better at getting better.

Rupert Murdoch, the NFL, and the Negotiation That Remade TV

Harvard Business

Negotiations Competitive strategy Sports Digital ArticleThe deal turned Fox into a powerhouse.

Sports Leagues Eye a Future with Streaming Partners

1 to 1

I remember where I was when the Jacksonville Jaguars were losing to the Buffalo Bills 3-27: in the kitchen, feeding the cats with one eye on my laptop. By the time Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles threw that crazy touchdown pass to wide receiver Allen Hurns and clinched the game at 34-31, I was watching the game from bed and heard my husband whoop as he watched the game in the laundry room. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit

Who’s the Most Important Member of an NFL Franchise?

Harvard Business

Leadership Managing people Assessing performance Hiring Leading teams Talent management Sports Digital ArticleQuarterback, coach, GM, or owner?

Rupert Murdoch, the NFL, and the Negotiation That Remade TV

Harvard Business

Negotiations Competitive strategy Sports Digital ArticleThe deal turned Fox into a powerhouse.

Putting Customers at the Heart of Your Brand to Create Passionate Fans: What Microsoft Learned About Customer Engagement in the Sports Industry - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM Microsoft

Harvard Business

At Microsoft, we continuously collaborate with businesses in an industry whose customers already self-identify as fans: sports. For billions of people around the world, sports are a matter of passion, touching lives by offering a depth of human engagement unparalleled in other activities. FOX Sports: real-time fan engagement around the world. In sports, every second matters. For more information, visit and view Sports Reimagined.

B2C 28

Video Gaming Levels Up into a Sport


E-sports has emerged as a force on the entertainment and media landscape slowly -- and all at once. As a media business, e-sports has a compelling set of attributes. In an era of distraction and short attention spans, e-sports commands the focus of young people who are otherwise shifting away from established modes of media consumption. The demand for live events is spurring construction of dedicated e-sports venues.

Marketing or Football… Which is Harder?

The Fearless Marketer

Uncategorized Action Plan Marketing Football football player Human Interest Linda Howard Cheers marketing Patrick Summar professional football player professional services SportsBeing a professional football player is a hard job. But you’re more likely to succeed as a professional football player than you are at marketing your professional services. Let’s look at what it takes to become a successful football player. You’d engage in the following four core practices: 1.

Andrés Iniesta’s Farewell, and How to Make Endings Count at Work

Harvard Business

Quality Sport Images/Getty Images. Professional transitions Sports Digital ArticleThe game had ended. The applause had died down, and people had gone home. His work was done, now he could rest. So he took off his cleats and he sat down. Someone took a picture , and it went viral.

Seth's Blog: Just the good parts

Seth Godin Blog

" "I want to play varsity sports, but I need to be sure I'm going to make the team." Seths Blog.Seth Godins riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread. About. Archives. Subscribe. Recent Posts. "Oh, Oh, thats just a hack someone put together.". The sophisticates. Q&A: Purple Cows and commodities. Colors or numbers? Words are hooks, words are levers. Mumbo vs. Jumbo. Death and Taxes, 2014. The opposite of anxiety. Stoogecraft.

Seth's Blog: Reality is not a show

Seth Godin Blog

The media-pundit-advertiser industrial cycle has discovered that turning life into a sporting event (with winners and losers, villians and heroes and most of all, black and white issues) is profitable. Seths Blog.Seth Godins riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread. About. Archives. Subscribe. Recent Posts. "Oh, Oh, thats just a hack someone put together.". The sophisticates. Q&A: Purple Cows and commodities. Colors or numbers? Words are hooks, words are levers.

The Secret to Building Resilience

Harvard Business

It’s a team sport. Stress Emotional intelligence Digital Article

What are effective measures to gather data during COVID times ?


Hi, I am currently working on pre-startup stage focusing on mental health in sports players, during times of Covid, I am experiencing difficulty in gathering data via primary research which is an i

Amazon By the Numbers: Cyber Weekend Spending, Prime Accounts, Online Share, P/E


Amazon sports some pretty startling numbers. Let’s dive into various reports for a close look. more…). Economics

The Olympics Needs a New Business Model

Harvard Business

Business models Sports Central & South America Digital ArticleThe 2016 Summer Olympic Games are opening in Rio de Janeiro amid environmental and health concerns ranging from the Zika virus to polluted competition waters. Brazil, which hosted the World Cup in 2014, is suffering from a deep recession and a political crisis.

Bain 35

Stop Having One-Night Stands With Your Marketing

Henry DeVries

Marketing is a team sport. If you want your small business to really grow, it’s time to move on from that frenzied blur of fads and find a real marketing partner, and a plan, that you can commit to

Nordstrom's Critical Condition - Henman Performance

Henman Performance Executive

I don’t see shopping as a sport, pastime, or pleasure. About Linda. Client List. Newsletter. Executive blog Contact Us. Nordstrom’s Critical Condition. by Linda Henman on June 4, 2013. I’m not a shopaholic. In fact, I represent the antithesis of one—whatever that is. I go to stores because I can’t get everything online. When I do go to a department store, I am mission driven. You’d have to be asleep to miss my focus and determination.

Majora Carter and Josh Hanagarne: leading underserved tribes

Seth Godin Blog

Big tribes, rich tribes, tribes that change elections or root for sports teams get a ton of press. Seths Blog.Seth Godins riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread. About. Archives. Subscribe. Recent Posts. "Oh, Oh, thats just a hack someone put together.". The sophisticates. Q&A: Purple Cows and commodities. Colors or numbers? Words are hooks, words are levers. Mumbo vs. Jumbo. Death and Taxes, 2014. The opposite of anxiety. Stoogecraft.