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The Role of 5G in Online Sports Betting

Tom Spencer

5G networks are a promising wireless technology that online bookmakers and sports betting operators should factor into their business strategy. Once implemented, this technology offers the potential to serve more sports betting enthusiasts. Implications of 5G for Online Sports Betting. Growth of the Live Sports Betting Market.

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What A Year For Women Smashing Glass Ceilings In Sports!

Simon Associates

Recently I learned about the Women’s Sports Foundation Annual Salute to Women in Sports , an event held in New York City in October which celebrated the extraordinary achievements of women athletes this year.

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A Riff on the Padres/MLB/RSN and the Business of Sports…

Wakeman Consulting Group: Dave's Blog

Is it possible for the Padres and MLB to maintain the same business model and revenue now that Diamond Sports Group has walked away from its media rights deal? In too many cases, sports teams think they are top of mind, but they aren’t. all cover sports as a foundational aspect of their community.

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Rethinking the Sports-Industrial Complex

Seth Godin Blog

School sports can have some valuable outputs: Learning teamwork A lifetime habit of fitness Giving non-academically-focused kids a chance to shine Offering leadership opportunities Valuing persistence, innovation and responsibility And yet, many schools act as if all they have is a trophy shortage. Are they there to entertain the fans?

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Remembering A Bold Trailblazer Who Fought For Equity For Women In Sports

On the Brink

Recently on January 6, 2022, the NY Times published an article honoring the recently deceased Christine Grant, the University of Iowa’s first women’s athletic director and a pioneer who helped shape the 1972 Title IX legislation, tirelessly advocating for the fair treatment of women in sports.

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Pricey! That’s What Watching Sports on TV is Going to Become! Also, UX v. Ticketmaster!

Wakeman Consulting Group: Dave's Blog

It is going to be expensive to watch sports : Paying the full price is likely to change people’s habits. That’s What Watching Sports on TV is Going to Become! (What Brand Codes do we use?) This is kind of the crux of the webinar from yesterday, but I’ve learned you can’t share an important message enough. What does this mean?

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Will AI Replace the Front Office in Pro Sports?

Harvard Business

With accurate player-availability predictions for all active players, AI-powered decision-making is dramatically improved around three dimensions: 1) Risk management: If a productive wide-receiver is likely to get hurt, for example, a team might invest more in talented backups, to minimize drop-off in team performance during injury.

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