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How To Get Referrals For Your Consulting Business With Katie McConnell Olson: Podcast #114

Consulting Success

Getting human leverage can be a time-consuming process. In this podcast episode, host Michael Zipursky talks with the Founder and CEO of Hire Education Consulting Group, Katie McConnell Olson, about how to get referrals for your business and the true meaning of talent optimization.

Banks – Industry Overview

Tom Spencer

The Business of Banking. Banks are intermediaries for capital and hold the risk when supply and demand is not perfectly balanced.

How to Connect on LinkedIn

The More Clients Blog

As wonderful as LinkedIn can be to find and connect with your ideal prospects, most of us have no idea how to actually turn them into paying clients. This is the first of a few articles on how to do that. This is based on the ideas of a few LinkedIn gurus and my own trial and error on LinkedIn.

Peripheral Skills

Alan Weiss

People seem to wonder what I mean by “peripheral skills,” which are skills not immediately critical to your profession but do tend to set you apart. A brief example, which I’m sure you’ve all experienced.

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a High-Growth Company

Why do some companies grow at a double-digit pace every year, while others experience nominal (or even flat) growth year over year? Discover the common attributes that your High-Growth Clients have in common as they outperform their competition in top-line growth!

The origin of assets

The Source

It’s tempting, oh so tempting, to ascribe some type of Darwinian process to the way in which consulting firms productise their services.

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“Are you having a Black Friday event this year, Kai?”

Kai Davis

In my inbox? A reader question. In your inbox? An answer. Are you planning to do a BlackFriday Promo? There will be a Black Friday/Cyber Monday event this year. Lemme answer the next question of “What’s gonna be part of this year’s promo?”. A selection of products (digital and physical) from The Kai Davis Store ( [link] ). A pre-order for a new video course on (shhh). This one has been on the ‘to release’ list for a good while.

Video 40

Getting the right care to the right people at the right cost: An interview with Ron Walls


At face value, the problem is simple: Getting the right care to the right people at the right cost—but anyone who has touched or worked in the industry knows that it’s a lot more complicated.

Believe in Yourself: You Can Do it Today!

Rick Conlow

To believe in yourself or not, that is the question. Do you want or need a life breakthrough? Are you disappointed in your career progress this last year? Maybe, depressed because things didn’t work out like you planned? Do you have bigger goals but you seem stuck?

eBook 52

Active Listening Key To Landing High-Paying Clients

Henry DeVries

Your prospects are talking, but are you really listening? During conversations with a prospect, the goal should be to monopolize the listening. My rule of thumb is to listen 80 percent of the time and talk 20 percent


Assessing the Five Styles of Enterprise Business Intelligence

The world of BI and analytics has evolved. Discover the five styles of reporting and analysis, and learn the pros and cons of each in an enterprise scenario.

A Crisis Ready World Is All Of Our Responsibility — Let’s Discuss The Individual Steps Towards Achieving This.

Melissa Agnes

Accelerating the impact from a tech-enabled transformation


Industrial companies that follow a comprehensive playbook can capture more than twice as much value as organizations focused on technology alone. Advanced Electronics Insights

How we help teams collaborate more effectively

Leadership Vision Consulting

Today on the podcast, we’re talking about how we help teams collaborate more effectively. From defining collaboration to understanding your personal and collective experiences with collaboration, we hope to help any team better understand how to work together.

Busy is a choice, productive is a skill

Seth Godin Blog

Anyone can be busy. All you need to do to feel busy is to try to get two things done at once–or seek to beat a deadline that is stressing you out. Productivity, on the other hand, has little to do with busy. Productivity requires bringing soft skills (real skills) to the table in service of the generous work you seek to do. Productivity is learned. And productivity takes guts.

Why Hiring Is a Lot Like Picking Stocks

Harvard Business

Think about how to build a portfolio of high-value employees. Hiring Leading teams Digital Article

Reboost: The changing powertrain component market and how suppliers can stay competitive


New research on the potential developments of 28 powertrain component markets suggests the shifts that are coming—and suppliers should start preparing for them now. Automotive & Assembly Insights

Chemicals and capital markets: Searching for a way back to the winner’s podium


Chemicals have lagged in global capital markets since early 2018. The industry needs a new set of value drivers to win back investors’ interest. Chemicals Insights

The Transformer’s Dilemma

Harvard Business

Interviews with top executives reveal how to manage a new digital business alongside your core offering. Strategy execution Business models Growth strategy Technology Digital Article

Why Employees Need Both Recognition and Appreciation

Harvard Business

One is about what people do; the other is about who they are. Leading teams Motivating people Digital Article


When Algorithms Decide Whose Voice Will Be Heard

Harvard Business

As AI’s reach grows, the stakes will only get higher. Technology Data Ethics Digital Article

Why “Connector” Managers Build Better Talent

Harvard Business

Sari Wilde, a managing vice president at Gartner, studied 5,000 managers and identified four different types of leaders. The surprising result is that the “always on” manager is less effective at developing employees, even though many companies encourage supervisors to give constant feedback. Instead, the “connector” manager is the most effective, because they facilitate productive interactions across the organization.

Off stage

Seth Godin Blog

I wonder what Carole King is up to? Did that kid who was in your third-grade class ten years ago get into his first choice of college? How did that couple that had a squabble in your store last week settle their argument? We don’t notice people when they’re not in front of us. Of the tens of thousands of people, familiar and famous, that we know, we spend precious little time concerned about the ins and outs of their day.


How We Take Care of Ourselves

Harvard Business

At work, self-care might mean asking for a deadline extension, going to the gym in the middle of the day, or blocking off a few hours to prioritize tasks for the week. But that’s all easier said than done. We speak with a happiness researcher about how to find the time we need to take care of ourselves (and then actually do it). Guest: Ashley Whillans. Our theme music is Matt Hill’s “City In Motion,” provided by Audio Network. Gender Audio

Managing Career Transitions Part 2: Taking A Break

Harvard Business

Many people in the business world find their success by always being “on.” ” They wake up at 4 a.m., answer emails 24 hours a day, and don’t take vacations. Sometimes they’re so high functioning that they don’t even realize they have symptoms of anxiety until they take time away from the office. This week, host Morra Aarons-Mele speaks with Alyssa Mastromonaco, former White House deputy chief of staff and former chief operating officer of Vice Media.

Media 28

How to Engage Physicians in Innovative Health Care Efforts

Harvard Business

The American Medical Association has identified some best practices. Research & development Healthcare Digital Article

What Kind of Chief Innovation Officer Does Your Company Need?

Harvard Business

Understanding one of the latest additions to the C-suite. Innovation Hiring Digital Article


Seth Godin Blog

School trains people to work as maintainers. “The sculptures are all here in the gallery, make sure they are still here at the end of the shift… The floor is clean when you start, make sure it’s clean when you finish… The policy manual has seven rules in it, please don’t break them… The next ten patients are going to need allergy tests…” There are customers to be served, standards to be maintained, work to be done.

The difference between memorization and learning

Seth Godin Blog

In order to learn something, you must understand it. You might become so insightful and facile with the ideas that it appears you’ve memorized them, but that’s just a side effect. Rote memorization can be done in some fields, and you can even recite what you’ve memorized to someone else who can memorize it. For example: You can’t learn alphabetical order, you can only memorize it.