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How To Build A World-Class Network As A Consultant With Kaihan Krippendorff: Podcast #148

Consulting Success

It is one thing to build a network; it is another to make it world-class.

10 Impressive, Consulting Firm Achievements that Require Only One, Small Act

David A Fields

You deserve congratulations for your accomplishments so far. Your consulting firm, whether big or small, thriving or struggling, is a manifestation of your intention and commitment to create value for others. Could you achieve more? Much, much more? Definitely.

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The most fundamental skill: Intentional learning and the career advantage


Learning itself is a skill. Unlocking the mindsets and skills to develop it can boost personal and professional lives and deliver a competitive edge. Future of Work

Want to land a six-figure consulting project? Swipe my consulting proposal template

Consulting Matters

Want to know what a perfect consulting proposal template looks like? Wish someone can take you behind the scenes so you can see for yourself how to structure a consulting proposal that commands six-figures?

Bitcoin vs Gold

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 8 minutes. With the US Federal Reserve printing up several trillion dollars of new money in 2020, market commentators have been banging the war drum. Inflation is coming! Some suggest gold as an inflation hedge, and others suggest bitcoin.

No Case Interview Experience? Start Here

Management Consulted

A question we frequently get from readers is, “Where should I start if I have no experience with case studies or case interviews?” It’s a great question, and we’re all too happy to provide a list of recommendations. If you’ve… Read Article. The post No Case Interview Experience?

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Friday Fusion: August 7, 2020

Tsavo Neal

What are your favorite marketing tools and subscriptions for your freelance business (especially CRM, CMS, social media management, project management, etc) and why?

Tools 78

227: Pat Shea—Use Your Passions To Become Who You Want To Be

On the Brink Podcast

Hear about the joy of volunteering and giving to others. I met Pat Shea through the Women’s Business Collaborative and couldn’t be happier to get to know her. Here is a woman who has a purpose and a passion to help others and wants to share her story.

How to get a return offer from your internship

Tom Spencer

Reading Time: 9 minutes. There’s a lot more to being a great intern than being intelligent and producing high-quality work. It can be summed up in one word — professionalism. Professionalism is an ambiguous concept. It was only a few years ago that I began to realize its importance.

The great consumer shift: Ten charts that show how US shopping behavior is changing


Our research indicates what consumers will continue to value as the coronavirus crisis evolves. Marketing & Sales Insights

Seven Secrets to My Marketing Genius

The More Clients Blog

I recently sent an email to those in my current Marketing Action Group Program sharing about my, ahem, “Marketing Genius.”. I seem to have a knack for attracting new clients, filling my programs, and keeping my head above water in good times or bad.

To energize and transform your organization, ask questions and seek input

Brimstone Consulting

Leaders should be asking themselves and their organization, “what new normal should we create?”. Morela Hernandez, Associate Professor at the Darden School of Business, asks – “ What new normal should we create ?”

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Now LIVE: Secret Kai Davis Podcast Project #1

Kai Davis

Over the past months, a Super Friends -esq team-up of indie consultants/agency owners came together to launch a new podcast. Get your earholes ready, it’s live now! Welcome To ‘The Business of Freelancing’ You can check out the first 6 episodes here: [link].

Meet Generation Z: Shaping the future of shopping


The newest consumer generations—Gen Z and millennials—are upturning retailers’ expectations. Here’s how—and what to do about it. Insights on Consumer Packaged Goods

Digital transformation in a crisis: It’s not just about the technology

The Source

Businesses think that technology will save them. Yes, but….

Tennis or Chess?

Alan Weiss

People will agree to purchase your services, to engage with you, as a result of an intellectual, rational conversation. But they won’t necessarily agree to do it quickly.

Practice Writing Great Copy

Kai Davis

In my 10+ years of doing this (waves hands and gestures wildly at indie consulting, the internet, and digital marketing) , the best way I’ve ever found to learn how to write better is an old tip from expert copywriter Gary Halbert: In his book, The Boron Letters, Gary Halbert taught his son, Bond, how to become a skilled copywriter fast.

Study 52

Reimagining European restaurants for the next normal


To win in the next normal, European restaurants will need to embrace innovation in their channel strategy, menu offerings, and business model. Retail Insights

Is poor account management a drag on your productivity?

The Source

The UK has long suffered from weak productivity. We produce less per working hour than many of our friends in the G7, a fact that’s remained stubbornly true with little sign of improvement since the 2008 global financial crisis.

How Courage is Solving Business Problems for the Biggest Brands - Interview with Ryan Berman

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Ryan Berman an author and the founder of Courageous, a consultancy that uses a 'special forces' approach to problem solving, storytelling and leadership. Today, Courageous works with well known brands like the National Football League, Caesars Entertainment and Johnson & Johnson.

Survey: 67% of CEOs Expect to Hit Original 2020 Growth Targets

Think Customers

At the start of 2020, many CEOs had modest to high growth goals for their organizations. And then the COVID-19 pandemic struck. How have CEOs’ goals and priorities shifted in today’s new reality? And what lessons have they learned as they move forward?

Rewriting the rules: Digital and AI-powered underwriting in life insurance


COVID-19 reinforces the urgency to make life insurance purchasing simpler and more digitally enabled. Insights on Financial Services

Chop Wood, Carry Water, Write Copy

Kai Davis

As an indie consultant (or freelancer), how do you get better at writing copy? proposals, marketing emails, marketing pages, sales pages, web copy). You get better at writing copy by falling in love with the process of writing copy.

Sales 52

Ask the Right Questions; Get the Right Answers

Martinka Consulting

For some interesting early summer reading here are a few things from my buy-sell world. Issues that, for the most part, can be avoided by asking the right questions. However, I can tell you from experience even if you ask the right questions you don’t always get the right answer (meaning what the client really thinks).

8 Ways Managers Can Support Employees’ Mental Health

Harvard Business

Nearly 42% of employees report a decline in mental health since the pandemic began. Managing people Crisis management Stress Digital Article

COVID-19 and advancing Asian American recovery


Asian American communities have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Stakeholders in the public, private, and social sectors can help spur their recovery and promote greater equity. Public & Social Sector Insights


What Employees Really Want at Work

Rick Conlow

With low employee engagement a global phenomena companies don’t to seem to care about what their teams want. Yet, businesses are challenged in today’s marketplace to get and keep good people. Organizations produce employee engagement problems because of poor bosses and toxic workplaces.

Video 52

Frustration Abounds

Martinka Consulting

People are stressed. Covid has us wondering, frustrated, concerned, and for some, scared. And it boils over into passive-aggressive, snotty, and even mean behavior. And I’m not referring to those making it political. How else to explain an email I received last week that said, “…if you were a real business you would have answered your phone.”. Okay, I get it. But just think, what if I was someone who could help this person? Or, someone who could buy something from their company?

Reward Your Employees — Without Breaking the Bank

Harvard Business

Spot bonuses can boost morale during trying times. Managing people Compensation Digital Article

Could climate become the weak link in your supply chain?


Greater frequency and severity of climate hazards can create more disruptions in global supply chains—interrupting production, raising costs and prices, and hurting corporate revenues. Insights on Sustainability