Mon.Nov 19, 2018

4 Steps To Qualify Consulting Clients with Michael Norton: Podcast #63

Consulting Success

There are a lot of people who are working on building their consulting businesses. They may already have a process in place for their marketing or for their selling, yet they’re not getting the results that they want.

What Kind of Happiness Do People Value Most?

Harvard Business

Carol Yepes/Getty Images. Sure, everyone wants to be happy. But what kind of happiness do people want? Is it happiness experienced moment-to-moment? Or is it being able to look back and remember a time as happy?

Signal to noise ratio

Seth Godin Blog

It’s almost impossible to have a substantive conversation at a soccer match. It’s too loud. Too much noise. It’s exhausting to listen to some politicians speak, because there’s nothing being said. Not enough signal. Signal to noise ratio is the measure of how much cruft we have to work through to get to the heart of the message. The discussion to have when your message isn’t getting out is: Is the world too noisy, or is our signal too weak?

How Geisinger Health System Reduced Opioid Prescriptions

Harvard Business

The devastating opioid epidemic in the U.S. is a crisis that was created, in part, by healthcare itself as prescriptions for pain-relieving medications rapidly increased in the 2000s. Now, healthcare is at the forefront in trying to fix the problem.