Get Input into Business Process Improvement Projects

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Reaching out to employees to get input into business process improvement projects enables for a number of benefits for both the organization and the employees. Consider that business process improvement projects are not easy to implement! The post Get Input into Business Process Improvement Projects appeared first on Gina Abudi. Project Management BPI projects Business Process Management process improvement project leadership

Links for process improvement

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Consultants Consultant: These links may help you with improving processes. A way to risk-proof any improvement options: The pre-mortem Make it personal: BPR your life (I […]. The post Links for process improvement appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Seven Good Reasons to document what you do (I wrote this!) – email me for a copy of the Quick and Easy Guide to Documenting What you do, which fleshes out those 7.

SIPOC: Consulting framework to untangle problems

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Clients often present consultants with complex processes that seemingly don’t have a start or a finish. They are inter-related processes and … Continue reading → Consultant bain BCG Consulting Framework Management consulting McKinsey Process Improvement Project Management SIPOC Tools SIPOC is an ugly sounding acronym, but it is a useful way to think through problems.

DMAIC: A great consulting tool

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Ask any consultant, and I mean ANY consultant (strategy, process, IT) and they will know what DMAIC stands for. It is an abbreviation for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control. It is a tool often used in process improvement projects. … Continue reading → Consultant Learning Consulting Consulting Approach Consulting Framework Consulting Process DMAIC Management consulting Process Improvement Six Sigma Tools DMAIC.

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Use Brainstorming to Gather Ideas for BPI

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Increase the number of people who contribute to improving a process using brainstorming. Often, when we are trying to improve upon a business process, we want to gather ideas from as many users of that process as possible. Project Management BPI projects brainstorming business process improvement generating ideas process improvement

Abudi Consulting Group Press Release: New Book Out!

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Change Management change management Leadership Management management consulting process improvement Project ManagementFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Yusuf Abudi, Principal Abudi Consulting Group, LLC 21 Hickory Drive Amherst, NH 03031 Phone: + 1 603 471-3864 Email: Abudi Consulting Group, LLC Announces Publication of Gina Abudi’s Recent Book: Implementing Positive Organizational Change Amherst, NH – March 1, 2017.

Managing BPI Projects

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Managing Stakeholders Expectations around Change Managing business process improvement (BPI) projects are challenging enough. Project Management BPI projects business process improvement managing stakeholders project leadership project stakeholdersAdd to that the need to manage stakeholders’ expectations around change as it relates to the BPI project and your challenges have doubled!

Keep Your Leadership Team Moving in the Same Direction

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Leadership engaging employees leadership alignment organizational focus planning sessions process improvement strategy sessionsIn our last article we shared the value of regular planning sessions for executives. In this article, let’s look at a few ways to ensure that the leadership team, from executives down to first line management, are moving in the same direction and working toward the same goals for the organization. Every CEO should be [.].

Managing BPI Projects – Communicating with the Sponsor and Stakeholders

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The ability to communicate effectively with the sponsor and stakeholders is absolutely essential to BPI (business process improvement) projects. Project Management BPI projects business process improvement communications engaging team members leading projects project communications project leadershipCommunicating, besides reporting on status, enables for building stronger relationships with key individuals and keep others engaged in the project.

Managing BPI Projects -Have you socialized the project enough?

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Key in any business process improvement (BPI) project, even a smaller one that may impact only a department or workgroup, is spending sufficient time up front socializing the initiative to the stakeholders to get their buy-in and commitment. Project Management BPI projects business process improvement engaging stakeholders project support socializing projects

Managing BPI Projects – Communicating with the Project Team

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While team meetings are essential, they are unlikely to be sufficient for business process improvement (BPI) projects; especially more complex ones. Project Management BPI projects business process improvement communications engaging team members leading projects project communications

Using the Data from Your Analysis of the Performance Management System – Part II

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In our second article, we explored ways to evaluate a current performance management process. In this article, we will review analyzing the data captured from the assessment process and using it to make [.]. Human Resource employee performance evaluations Leadership performance improvement performance management performance management systems process improvement

Evaluating Your Current Performance Management Process – Part I

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In this article, we will discuss how to address one of the concerns around a performance process that does not make sense and specifically how to get managers and others involved in evaluating [.]. Human Resource employee performance evaluating processes evaluations Leadership managing employees performance improvement performance management process improvement

Is Two Better than One?

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Even though we live in an environment of constant change and improvement, most of us have learned to adapt and even expect more than is even currently available. Leadership continuous improvement customer satisfaction customer service process improvement In today’s society we want everything better, faster, and more efficient than it once was. In fact, some of us want it cheaper as well.

Consulting tip: Watch videos on LEAN

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Process improvement initiatives built on these concepts take out billions of dollars of waste every year – from every industry. Toyota Production System.

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Best Practices for Creating the BPI Project Charter

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Creating a project charter for your business process improvement (BPI) projects are a best practice for a number of reasons: Enables you to get your “head” around the scope of the BPI project Enables for clarification of BPI project needs/expectations Ensures a link between [.]. Develop a document that will help you manage your BPI project!

My Colleague is Taking All the Credit: A Mini Case Study – Part 1

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Some background: Elena and Jacklyn have been working together on a fairly complex process improvement initiative for the last two months. At the same time that they have been working on this project, Jacklyn has been planning an upcoming surprise party for her husband’s 40th birthday party. Because of this, Jacklyn has not done as [.]. The post My Colleague is Taking All the Credit: A Mini Case Study – Part 1 appeared first on Gina Abudi.

Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle

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The PDCA Cycle is often called the Deming Cycle because it is about continuous process improvement. The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle is another way of looking at problems and determining appropriate solutions. Exhibit: PDCA Cycle. Here is what happens in each phase: Plan: In this phase, the team identifies a business problem and agrees on [.]. The post Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle appeared first on Gina Abudi.

Consultant and Client Perception

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He works with organisations to help them implement software and undertake business process improvement. I work as an IT Consultant helping companies with system implementation and business process improvement.

Some People Will Get it

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Tim Jeffries , an experienced Sydney-based consultant who focuses on Process Improvement and Business Strategy, sent us the following helpful message: Tim’s comment was brief and to the point. And Some Won’t.

Improving the Patient Experience: People, Process, Place Model

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Hospitals, health systems, and some private practice groups are working actively and diligently to improve patient satisfaction scores. For hospitals that are underperforming, how can they improve? Process: Each Step Matters.

Urgent vs. Important – How to Sort Through the Noise

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Tasks include maintenance activities and process improvements. Many of the more popular time management systems use the matrix as an integral part of their process (for example, Stephen Covey’s 7 habits and supporting tools). By: Kim Wasson.

Before Automating Your Company’s Processes, Find Ways to Improve Them

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One of the most recent automation technologies to emerge is robotic process automation , or RPA. RPA is a category of software tools that enable complex digital processes to be automated by performing them in the same way a human user might perform them, using the user interface and following a set of predefined rules. Many organizations have adopted it for automating back- and middle-office processes, and many have achieved rapid returns on their investments.

4-Step Checklist to Better Change Management

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Step-by-step, it will lead you through the change process, improve your chances of beating the odds, and guide you toward success. #1. Will there be trust issues that could impede the change process? Better Change Management Is Notoriously Hard.

Is More Effective Training the Answer?

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Recent undercover tests of the system found TSA failed to detect weapons 70% of the time…and that was an improvement over a test two years before when the resulting failures occurred 95% of the time. Some lawmakers seek improvement through better technology.

Why I'm Cynical about the Consulting Profession | Consulting and.

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team building, coaching, a visioning conference, a process improvement project, etc. They have an approach or a product to sell whether it is team building, coaching, process improvement, strategic planning, or restructuring. Library. Translate This. Home. Share » Connect » Blog: Consulting and Organizational Development. Library Blogs Home. This Blogs Home. Guest Writer Submissions. Policies. To Subscribe to a Blog. About. Feedback.

Looking Beyond Short Term Financial Metrics (Nigel Lake, Part 2 of 10)

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(Source: Flickr ). This is the second instalment of my conversation with Nigel Lake , CEO of Pottinger , a global corporate advisory firm based in Sydney, Australia. Nigel is the author of The Long Term Starts Tomorrow , a must have book “for any manager, leader or Minister.”

Gorillas in our Midst

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We are bombarded with information at all times and it simply isn’t possible for the human brain to process it all. This saves us from mental processing overload but can also remove useful information.

Gaining Clarity in What You Care About Most Deeply in Your OD Work

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The profession has become filled with niche players……executive coaching, team building, process improvement, change management, etc. They put me through a long, exhaustive interviewing process before they finally offered me the job. On one hand, I like projects that enable me to work with employees to figure out how to improve their business. Library. Translate This. Home. Share » Connect » Blog: Consulting and Organizational Development.

How People Analytics Can Help You Change Process, Culture, and Strategy

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In core functional or process transformation initiatives — which are often driven by digitization — we’ve seen examples of people analytics being used to measure activities and find embedded expertise. In one example, a people analytics team at a global CPG company was enlisted to help optimize a financial process that took place monthly in every country subsidiary around the world. Kenneth Andersson for HBR.

Be Careful About Proclaiming "Failed Management Movements.

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There have been many major movements and models in management, e.g., scientific management, management by objectives, quality circles, Total Quality Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, One-Minute Managing, Self-Managed Teams … the list goes on. I sometimes wonder if the hyperbole from consultants and writers is as dangerous as the situations those people are trying to improve. The field of organizational development / process improvement can’t be static.

Don’t Neglect Your Customers During a Merger

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While keeping CX top of mind throughout the whole M&A process is challenging, the benefits are undeniable: It keeps your most coveted customers and your team intact. Maintaining quality customer experience, we found, requires a mix of expert individuals and operational processes. Here are some of the best practices we learned: Separate the M&A process from normal business operations. They will also likely be hypersensitive to every process change.

CC’ing the Boss on Email Makes Employees Feel Less Trusted

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He found that increased transparency led workers to conceal information, even when that information was beneficial, such as process improvements they’d discovered. Ali is sitting at his desk, clearing out his email inbox. Tamika, a colleague, has sent him a question about a client they share, and Ali isn’t entirely sure of the answer. So when he replies, he figures he’ll cc their team leader, so that she can chime in if he’s gotten anything wrong.

How Chinese Companies Disrupt Through Business Model Innovation

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China has not been a huge technology innovator, despite being the world’s second-largest investor in R&D , but Chinese businesses have found ways to use innovations in processes, business models, and customer experience to their disruptive advantage.

3D Printer Builds 10 Small Houses a Day for $5,000 Each


Chinese construction firms can 3-D print 10 low-cost houses a day with machines that add layer after layer of quick-drying cement in a process called "contour crafting". Falling prices and improved productivity should always be welcome.

How to Beat Mid-Career Malaise

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What actions can you take to improve your professional satisfaction? This made me more people-focused than process-focused, but it allowed for process improvements in the best way possible, by enabling people to excel.” Lynn Koenig/Getty Images. We all have times when we wonder, “Am I at the right company? Am I in the right job? And is this all there is?”

Pushing Employees to Go the Extra Mile Can Be Counterproductive

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These self-starters need no external cues to help a co-worker learn a new skill; offer suggestions for process improvement; recruit a new employee; or volunteer for an assignment. Convincing employees to go above and beyond the call of duty may be the epitome of personnel management. We all want our employees to be engaged and motivated. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

If Your Data Is Bad, Your Machine Learning Tools Are Useless

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Reasons range from data creators not understanding what is expected, to poorly calibrated measurement gear, to overly complex processes, to human error. The risk is that a minor error at one step will cascade, causing more errors and growing ever larger across an entire process. Consider a mortgage-origination company that wishes to apply machine learning to its loan process. Removing bias from the existing decision process. Alan Schein Photography/Getty Images.

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Can Employees Really Speak Up Without Retribution?

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Thus not surprisingly, lots of leaders say they want to encourage their employees to speak freely, whether it’s by offering creative new ideas, identifying process improvements, or even calling out unethical behavior. When employees speak up, companies benefit.

How Digital Technology Is Changing Farming in Africa

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For decades, African governments have used many policy instruments to improve farm productivity. But most farmers are still only marginally improving yields. Some continue to use traditional processes that depend heavily on historical norms, or use tools like hoes and cutlasses that have not evolved for centuries. African entrepreneurs are now interested in how farmers work and how they can help improve yields.

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