Guest Post: The importance of employee engagement in process improvement

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Get Input into Business Process Improvement Projects

Gina Abudi PM

Reaching out to employees to get input into business process improvement projects enables for a number of benefits for both the organization and the employees. Consider that business process improvement projects are not easy to implement! The post Get Input into Business Process Improvement Projects appeared first on Gina Abudi. Project Management BPI projects Business Process Management process improvement project leadership


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Links for process improvement

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: These links may help you with improving processes. A way to risk-proof any improvement options: The pre-mortem Make it personal: BPR your life (I […]. The post Links for process improvement appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Seven Good Reasons to document what you do (I wrote this!) – email me for a copy of the Quick and Easy Guide to Documenting What you do, which fleshes out those 7.

How would you establish Business Process Improvement practice.


Hi, The COO of a company with 200+ employees wants to initiate the Business Process Improvement practices. They are a disruptor/challenger in the financial industry and have never had a team of pr

Identify Key Stakeholders for Business Process Improvement Projects

Gina Abudi

Given the potential risks and issues involved in managing business process improvement (BPI) projects, it is essential that project managers identify early on who are the key stakeholders who can, and must, support the BPI project. The post Identify Key Stakeholders for Business Process Improvement Projects appeared first on Gina Abudi. Business Process Management BPI projects leading project Project Management stakeholder identification

Building World Class Resource Management Capabilities: A 6-Part Process Improvement Plan

Management and IT Consulting

In part 1 of this 2-part blog series, Randy Mysliviec, Managing Director of The Resource Management Institute (RMI) uncovers the first half of a 6-part plan to pave the way for optimized resource management

Team Improvement: Management Desires vs Team Reality

Johanna Rothman

Attached to the Process or the Outcome? If so, I'm probably attached to the process, not the outcome. Alex was attached to the process of team learning, specifically for TDD. Teams Can Choose Where and When to Improve.

Feedback and Feedforward for Continuous Improvement Posted

Johanna Rothman

This month’s article is Feedback & Feedforward for Continuous Improvement : Using Double-Loop Learning Challenges Our Assumptions. The post Feedback and Feedforward for Continuous Improvement Posted appeared first on Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant. agile MPD feedback learning process improvementI’m a monthly contributor to the Gurock blog.

Managing BPI Projects

Gina Abudi PM

Managing Stakeholders Expectations around Change Managing business process improvement (BPI) projects are challenging enough. Project Management BPI projects business process improvement managing stakeholders project leadership project stakeholdersAdd to that the need to manage stakeholders’ expectations around change as it relates to the BPI project and your challenges have doubled!

Managing BPI Projects

Gina Abudi PM

The success of business process improvement (BPI) projects relies on many factors, not the least of which is a strong and diverse BPI project team. Project Management BPI project teams BPI projects business process improvement project leadership team leadershipBuilding a Strong and Diverse Project Team. Consider any BPI project you have worked on in the past. Undoubtedly it touches any number of functions within the organization and requires [.].

Managing BPI Projects – Communicating with the Sponsor and Stakeholders

Gina Abudi PM

The ability to communicate effectively with the sponsor and stakeholders is absolutely essential to BPI (business process improvement) projects. Project Management BPI projects business process improvement communications engaging team members leading projects project communications project leadershipCommunicating, besides reporting on status, enables for building stronger relationships with key individuals and keep others engaged in the project.

Managing BPI Projects -Have you socialized the project enough?

Gina Abudi PM

Key in any business process improvement (BPI) project, even a smaller one that may impact only a department or workgroup, is spending sufficient time up front socializing the initiative to the stakeholders to get their buy-in and commitment. Project Management BPI projects business process improvement engaging stakeholders project support socializing projects

Managing BPI Projects – Communicating with the Project Team

Gina Abudi PM

While team meetings are essential, they are unlikely to be sufficient for business process improvement (BPI) projects; especially more complex ones. Project Management BPI projects business process improvement communications engaging team members leading projects project communications

Updating Processes? Go Slowly!

Gina Abudi

Refining or updating processes don’t go well when the project is rushed or when the people tasked with doing the work are not the ones who use the process. When the project of updating processes fails, the company may give up and leaves things as they are – the status quo prevails. Processes should be [.]. The post Updating Processes? Leadership business processes process improvement process project

Develop a Communication Plan: BPI Project Success

Gina Abudi

Developing a strategic communication plan to communicate on business process improvement (BPI) projects greatly increases the success of the project overall. Communication BPI leadership BPI projects business process improvement change management engaging stakeholders Project Management

Abudi Consulting Group Press Release: New Book Out!

Gina Abudi

Change Management change management Leadership Management management consulting process improvement Project ManagementFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Yusuf Abudi, Principal Abudi Consulting Group, LLC 21 Hickory Drive Amherst, NH 03031 Phone: + 1 603 471-3864 Email: Abudi Consulting Group, LLC Announces Publication of Gina Abudi’s Recent Book: Implementing Positive Organizational Change Amherst, NH – March 1, 2017.

Keep Your Leadership Team Moving in the Same Direction

Gina Abudi

Leadership engaging employees leadership alignment organizational focus planning sessions process improvement strategy sessionsIn our last article we shared the value of regular planning sessions for executives. In this article, let’s look at a few ways to ensure that the leadership team, from executives down to first line management, are moving in the same direction and working toward the same goals for the organization. Every CEO should be [.].

Using the Data from Your Analysis of the Performance Management System – Part II

Gina Abudi

In our second article, we explored ways to evaluate a current performance management process. In this article, we will review analyzing the data captured from the assessment process and using it to make [.]. Human Resource employee performance evaluations Leadership performance improvement performance management performance management systems process improvement

Evaluating Your Current Performance Management Process – Part I

Gina Abudi

In this article, we will discuss how to address one of the concerns around a performance process that does not make sense and specifically how to get managers and others involved in evaluating [.]. Human Resource employee performance evaluating processes evaluations Leadership managing employees performance improvement performance management process improvement

Is Two Better than One?

Gina Abudi

Even though we live in an environment of constant change and improvement, most of us have learned to adapt and even expect more than is even currently available. Leadership continuous improvement customer satisfaction customer service process improvement In today’s society we want everything better, faster, and more efficient than it once was. In fact, some of us want it cheaper as well.

Why do organizations fail to scale RPA in order to capture it.


RPA is one of the hottest topics regarding process improvement through automation and yet, organizations fail to scale it even after a successful POC. Does any of you experienced a successful RPA

Why workflow analysis is so important?


Hello All, My client is a company that has never done before process improvement transformations. How do you explain to stakeholders who have never experienced Lean 6 sigma, Operational Excellence

5 steps to boost process efficiency: A guide for businesses up to 100 employees

Asamby Consulting

Process Improvement In business, you need to use resources as efficiently as possible. So you need to make sure that your processes are set up well. This blog post outlines a simple 5-step methodology to improve any process. Find out what triggers the process.

How to Build Your Business on the Best of Your Career with Lori Smith

Consulting Matters

She had created a unique role for herself as an initiative and project integrator that combined her finance background, six-sigma process improvement and project management training, and natural relationship-building skills.

The key to becoming a learning organization

Asamby Consulting

What is a learning organization A learning organization is any organization that has a structured process in place to constantly make knowledge in people's heads available to the organization. A good examples is really every process improvement.

Why you need a company wiki (and how to build it effectively)

Asamby Consulting

Also, as you grow, the sheer volume of information (processes, best-practice, style-guides, templates.) Process improvement If you want to engage in process improvement, a wiki will be great to have. Approvals The approval process is super important.

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Best Practices for Creating the BPI Project Charter

Gina Abudi PM

Creating a project charter for your business process improvement (BPI) projects are a best practice for a number of reasons: Enables you to get your “head” around the scope of the BPI project Enables for clarification of BPI project needs/expectations Ensures a link between [.]. Develop a document that will help you manage your BPI project!

A Business Case in Project Management: Why Start a Project?

Epicflow Blog

They can be as follows: executive sponsor, technology support, process improvement, project manager, and software support. . Whatever great idea is behind a project, it won’t be implemented without stakeholders’ buy-in and investment.

Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle

Gina Abudi

The PDCA Cycle is often called the Deming Cycle because it is about continuous process improvement. The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle is another way of looking at problems and determining appropriate solutions. Exhibit: PDCA Cycle. Here is what happens in each phase: Plan: In this phase, the team identifies a business problem and agrees on [.]. The post Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle appeared first on Gina Abudi.

My Colleague is Taking All the Credit: A Mini Case Study – Part 1

Gina Abudi

Some background: Elena and Jacklyn have been working together on a fairly complex process improvement initiative for the last two months. At the same time that they have been working on this project, Jacklyn has been planning an upcoming surprise party for her husband’s 40th birthday party. Because of this, Jacklyn has not done as [.]. The post My Colleague is Taking All the Credit: A Mini Case Study – Part 1 appeared first on Gina Abudi.

The Top Eleven Things Employees Want From Their Leader

Rick Conlow

Working from home can improve results! In a manufacturing company, we helped them set up process improvement teams in all areas of the business. Improved customer service, sales, and quality. What do employees want from their boss or in a job?

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How to Discover and Own Your Consulting Superpower: Interview with Charles Browne

Consulting Matters

And through both of those processes, I served as an Operator, and then also as a Project Manager, and then a Master Black Belt Lead Sig Sigma process improvement black belt. They’re either too far removed from the process these days, it’s changed quite a bit.

10 Ways To Making Money And A Difference as a Consultant & Coach (Number 2 Is My Favorite)

Consulting Matters

If you want to start or grow a profitable consulting and coaching business you need systems and processes to consistently attract, impress and convert a steady stream of ideal clients and deliver exceptional results once you land them.

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Driving Digital Transformation in Aerospace & Defense: Recent Technology Trends

Epicflow Blog

The technology allows A&D organizations to transform their manufacturing processes, improve safety, optimize customer service, system management, and, of course, transform military operations. Secondly, this significantly reduces downtime and improves manufacturing efficiency.

Business consulting services

Asamby Consulting

A strategy consultant will take an overall view of the client's business and market while looking at its allocation of resources, and try to improve the client’s business.

"Process Mining"? Sounds Like a Waste of Time.

Markovitz Consulting

You’re not doing any process mining. You’re missing the boat on “process mining,” the latest improvement breakthrough that will catapult your firm to the top of your industry. According to a new HBR article , process mining will “revitalize process management in firms where it has lain fallow for years.” Conversely, companies that adopt an incremental improvement approach tend to spend too much time on analyzing the “as-is.” Continuous improvement?

Why you need a COO or operations manager

Asamby Consulting

Process improvement is necessary to bring the company back to what made growth possible in the first place: Good products and services. You have to transition into the new organizational structure: This is not only onboarding, but rather a change management process.

Consultant and Client Perception

Tom Spencer

He works with organisations to help them implement software and undertake business process improvement. I work as an IT Consultant helping companies with system implementation and business process improvement. Consultants best serve their clients by being consistently seen as approachable and interested in the client’s business problems. Source: Flickr ). This guest post is from Tat Biswas , an IT consultant and blogger based in Sydney.

Consultant Website Breakdown #1: The Process Consultant

Tsavo Neal

Overview – The Process Consultant. Ian is The Process Consultant. For me, I can pick up the phone and my sales process from that point onwards is about qualification and some negotiation, but you’ve got to start with lead generation.”. After browsing Ian’s site, you’re left with no doubt that he’s an expert on processes. What Could Be Improved. There is always room for improvement. Welcome to my new series: Consultant Website Breakdown.

Why I'm Cynical about the Consulting Profession | Consulting and.

Consulting and Organizational Management

team building, coaching, a visioning conference, a process improvement project, etc. They have an approach or a product to sell whether it is team building, coaching, process improvement, strategic planning, or restructuring. Library. Translate This. Home. Share » Connect » Blog: Consulting and Organizational Development. Library Blogs Home. This Blogs Home. Guest Writer Submissions. Policies. To Subscribe to a Blog. About. Feedback.