Change Management: Head + Heart + Hand

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It’s a simple way to think about change management, but it also makes a lot of sense. We all want to create sustainable change. Head: The logic of the analysis… Read More » The post Change Management: Head + Heart + Hand appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Consultant Analysis Change Management Head Heart Hand implementation Leadership

Change management: Start with Why

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If you have an interest in consulting, management and persuading people into action, you need to watch it … Continue reading → Learning Consulting Leadership Management consulting Professionalism There is a famous TED talk by Simon Sinek called How Great Leaders Inspire Action. 17 million have watched it so far.

Getting Smart About Change Management


The priority imperative for many businesses is to adapt to the changing conditions in order to boost performance, or even to survive.2 One industry that has been a huge beneficiary of all this turbulence is the change management industry. Focus Thursday, January 05, 2017.

The 6 Most Common Change Management Mistakes

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The Most Common Change Management Mistakes Can Be Avoided. Our organizational alignment research found that the highest performing businesses have leaders and employees who are highly responsive to making the changes required to stay competitive in their marketplace.

2 Indispensable Change Management Tips

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Change management tips exist on everything from change management strategies to change management tactics to help make both personal and organization changes a success. Some change management tips are practical and helpful.

Change Management: You have to appeal to all 3 (Head, Heart, Hand)

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It is a simple way to think about change, but it also makes a lot of … Continue reading → Consultant Change Management Consulting Framework Head Heart Hand Key Questions McKinsey Paradigm Process After reading Switch, by the Heath brothers, I am convinced that successful consulting projects must appeal to the head, the heart and the hand.

4-Step Checklist to Better Change Management

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Better Change Management Is Notoriously Hard. Because change is so constant in today’s marketplace, you’d think we’d all be better at it by now. But by its very nature, behavioral change is hard to achieve. 4 Steps to Better Change Management.

4 Autopsies of Big Change Management Failures

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To perform and thrive, you have to be able to adapt to an ever changing environment. If you resist and defy change, your company is not long for this world. foresee the necessity for change soon enough or. But tastes change and, as they did, Hummer didn’t pay attention.

4 Ways Change Management Consulting Leaders Leverage Organizational Structure

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Organizational change management consulting experts know organizational structure is important during change. During organizational change, smart change management consulting leaders examine the organizational structure – what we call the Structure Lens.

How to Lead Change Management


For more insight, read " 10 Principles of Leading Change Management DeAnne Aguirre, senior partner with Strategy&, discusses techniques that can help companies transform quickly and effectively.

10 Principles of Leading Change Management


This guide to organizational change management best practices has been updated for the current business environment The tools and techniques for helping companies transform quickly can make all the difference.

All Management Is Change Management

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Change management is having its moment. But many of these indicate that change management is some occult subspecialty of management, something that’s distinct from “managing” itself. This is curious given that, when you think about it, all management is the management of change. If sales need to be increased, that’s change management. Change management. Maria Galybina/iStock.

A Guide to Leading Change Management


Ten time-honored tools and techniques in a graphic

Change Management VS. Change Leadership – What’s the Difference?

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When I mention ‘change’ to a client or to an audience I will often get that glazed over look that says, “here we go again talking about something that we have been DOING for decades!” Do I resist change even when I know that is a good change?

When Change Management Fails

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Change management isn’t new – it has been around for a long time and there are fantastic experts that have guided many leaders and organizations to implement phenomenal changes. Experts including John Kotter the guru on change have provided ideas and strategies for companies to manage change in a successful way. But what about when change management fails – have you ever wondered why?

The Value of Change Management Centers of Excellence

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Organizations that have significant change ahead may find value in setting up a Change Management Center of Excellence (CoE). We have set these up for a number of our clients who have strategic change initiatives planned. The post The Value of Change Management Centers of Excellence appeared first on Gina Abudi. Leadership Centers of Excellence change management Change Management Center of Excellence leading change managing change strategic change

How Cloud Computing Is Changing Management

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Theories and practices of management often spring from the opportunities created by new technologies. Client-server technology begat enterprise resource planning systems, and the consequent system-wide visibility that was required for what we call business process management (BPM). That makes it imperative to start thinking about how management will be changed by the most impactful information technology of our time: cloud computing. How organizations are changing.

Culture's Critical Role in Change Management


A new survey shows that when executives fail to focus on culture, their change initiatives founder

Change Management Is Becoming Increasingly Data-Driven. Companies Aren’t Ready

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Data science is becoming a reality for change management, and although it may not have arrived yet, it is time for organizations to get ready. The companies best positioned to change in the next decade will be the ones that set themselves up well now, by collecting the right kind of data and investing in their analytics capacity. Are some managers better than others at delivering messages to employees? Capture Reference Data About Current Change Projects.

Data Can Do for Change Management What It Did for Marketing

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Housing market price changes can be more accurately predicted from analysis of Google searches than by a team of expert real estate forecasters. One area so far relatively untouched is change management. The failure of major transformation projects to deliver the expected benefits is a well-documented phenomenon : many change programs simply do not achieve their business goals. It’s time for that to change. Change management Analytics Digital Article

Selling $7 Million In Consulting Services Within 12 Months with Shannon Adkins: Podcast #61

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a management consulting firm that brings change management and operational transformation expertise to global enterprises in the life sciences, healthcare and technology industries.

Dealing with the Ghosts of Change Management - Strategy+Business


3 Change Management Tips – How to Swap the Old for the New

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Learning new ways to do things involves absorbing new knowledge and applying new skills but it also then necessarily involves subverting the old way to the new—a kind of change management that requires some UN-learning. Change management consulting experts say that even though we may be convinced that the new way is better than the new—more effective, more efficient, and/or less costly, it is not easy to shed old habits that have become ingrained over time.

Plan Ahead to Introduce Change

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When leadership plans ahead before introducing change within the organization, they are more likely to engage a broader group of stakeholders in that change. When a broader group of stakeholders is engaged, there is an increased likelihood of the change being successfully adopted within the [.]. The post Plan Ahead to Introduce Change appeared first on Gina Abudi. Increase your chances of engaging a broader group of stakeholders.

Have Conversations to Engage Employees in a Change Initiative

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When an organization is about to launch a change initiative, it is wise to engage employees in conversations about that change. Sharing information – such as why the change has to happen and the future vision of the organization after the change is implemented – enables employees to begin to adapt to the change that [.]. The post Have Conversations to Engage Employees in a Change Initiative appeared first on Gina Abudi.

Corporate marriage counseling

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For those not working with … Continue reading → Uncategorized Change Management Consulting Consulting Tips Counseling Leadership Management consultingOrganizations have trouble talking to themselves. Ask any consultant and she will tell you that a good portion of her job is helping one part of their client organization talk to the other part. Odd, I know.

How to Orchestrate Change from the Bottom Up

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Change management Healthcare Digital ArticleA study of two U.S. hospitals.

Study 42

The Need to Prep for Change Due to an M&A

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When organizations are involved in a M&A (merger and acquisition), preparation to enable employees to adopt the upcoming change is essential. The post The Need to Prep for Change Due to an M&A appeared first on Gina Abudi. Change ManagementNow, we know that much remains confidential when there are M&A discussions or even in the early stages of a M&A. Other than a handful of leaders, most of the employees in the organizations [.].

Nudge: Beware of Default Choices

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We are educated to believe that individuals are rationale all the … Continue reading → Learning Change Management Consulting Decision Making marketing psychology I recently read the 2008 best-seller Nudge and was surprised to discover how many of our so called “decisions” are actually default choices, illusions, and mental rules of thumb.

Leading Change to Create The Future of Work

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Change management is one of those things that everyone is living and doing and its a word that has almost become redundant. Who isn’t dealing with change on a personal and professional level? The post Leading Change to Create The Future of Work appeared first on NextMapping.

How To Help Ensure Strategy Scorecards Don’t Fail You

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Business Development General Management Management Consulting Change Management Management Scorecard Strategy For many strategy engagements, a lot of attention is paid to the detailed analysis framework. For example, should a benchmarking framework be used?

Project Managers and Change

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Every project launched is a change project. It may be a simple project or a complex, cross-functional project – regardless, it is change. If project managers take a change view of every project they lead, they will do a better job engaging the stakeholders in the project and reaching a successful conclusion. The post Project Managers and Change appeared first on Gina Abudi.

Inarticulate Ramblings is merging with an Agile Gorilla!

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Change management TransformationGood morning / afternoon friends, ex-colleagues, family members (!) and random folk who have an interest in the world of consulting and mergers & acquisitions in particular. I’ve been remarkably quiet for quite some time…this is not due to a lack of thought / interesting experiences etc but the development of the next stage in my M&A journey. My new venture, The Agile Gorilla is the result of the above merger.

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Have Obstacles to Change? Of course you do!

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Obstacles to implementing change initiatives are common and can certainly cause change project failure if they are not addressed. Business-focused obstacles to change Personal-focused obstacles to change Lack of tools or technology to enable for success Insufficient information about [.]. The post Have Obstacles to Change? Change Management change management change strategy Communication leading change

Helping an Employee Manage Through Change - II

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The post Helping an Employee Manage Through Change - II appeared first on Gina Abudi. Leadership challenges with change change initiatives change management leading change managing change resolving employee issues supporting change

Is Your Organization Change-Savvy?

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Change savvy organizations recognize that change is a natural part of the organization and that it must be managed. They understand that change management is a competency and ensure that individual contributors up to the leadership team have that competency in order for change to be successful. They also understand that change is difficult – [.]. The post Is Your Organization Change-Savvy?

How will you enable your employees to adopt change?

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In the ideal world, 100% of our employees will adopt a change immediately. To get as close as possible to 100% adoption of change, you must have a plan! The post How will you enable your employees to adopt change? Change Management adopting change change management implementing change leading changeYou need a plan! That rarely happens, of course. And, of course, we rarely get 100% of employees even after a while.

Abudi Consulting Group Press Release: New Book Out!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Yusuf Abudi, Principal Abudi Consulting Group, LLC 21 Hickory Drive Amherst, NH 03031 Phone: + 1 603 471-3864 Email: Abudi Consulting Group, LLC Announces Publication of Gina Abudi’s Recent Book: Implementing Positive Organizational Change Amherst, NH – March 1, 2017. Change Management change management Leadership Management management consulting process improvement Project Management

The Four Stages of Team Development – Part 2

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Change Management change champions change initiatives change management Collaboration Leadership leading change Project Management supporting change teamworkAn example of a team moving through the four stages – Part 2: Storming Read Part 1 of the case study. Stage 2: Storming. Prior to the second meeting of the Committee, I reviewed the postings on the SharePoint® site.

The Four Stages of Team Development – Part 1

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Change Management change champions change initiatives change management Leadership leading change Project Management supporting changeAn example of a team moving through the four stages – Part 1: Forming In a previous article we discussed the four stages of team development as well as provided an example of a team moving through the stages. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of that article here and dive more in [.].