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Journal Your Way To More High-Paying Clients

Henry DeVries

There are many benefits associated with keeping a daily journal. Here are comments from the creators of two new planning journals, along with my reviews.

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Journaling Can Boost Your Leadership Skills


See also "How Journaling Can Help Leaders Achieve Their Goals." Stepping away from the screen and putting pen to paper allows the brain to reflect, process, and find patterns.

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A catastrophe journal

Seth Godin Blog

Every time you’re sure you’ve blown it, completely blown it, that you’re certain you’re going to get disbarred, fired, demoted—becoming friendless, homeless and futureless—write it down in your Catastrophe Journal. A simple blank book, always use the same one. Just a few sentences, that’s all you need.

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Good Papers on Machine Learning and Economics

Steve Shu Consulting

Journal of Economic Perspectives , 31(2), 87-106. Admittedly, it helps to have some formal background on causal inference to read these papers. Mullainathan, S., & Spiess, J. Machine learning: an applied econometric approach. The impact of machine learning on economics. In The economics of artificial intelligence: An agenda (pp.

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How Journaling Can Help Leaders Achieve Their Goals


For more insight, read "Journaling Can Boost Your Leadership Skills." Tips for clarifying your thoughts and testing new ideas.

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The More Senior Your Job Title, the More You Need to Keep a Journal

Harvard Business

The best thinking comes from structured reflection — and the best way to do that is keeping a personal journal. I started keeping a journal when I took over a manufacturing research, software, and consulting firm. A journal is an effective, efficient, private way to take a similar break.

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Do Academic Journals Favor Researchers from Their Own Institutions?

Harvard Business

Are academic journals impartial? While many would suggest that academic journals work for the advancement of knowledge and science, we show this is not always the case. In a recent study , we find that two international relations (IR) journals favor articles written by authors who share the journal’s institutional affiliation.

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