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Software Pricing Partners help you figure out how to price your intellectual property and your services. Consulting Success Podcast CompanionCabinet Software intellectual property service software pricing Software Pricing Partners value

Tips to Protect and Profit from Your Intellectual Property

Emerson Consulting Group

Today licensing of intellectual property is a multi-billion dollar industry. In order to capitalize on such growth, entrepreneurs are seeking ways to protect and maximize the value of their ideas, inventions, artistic creations and other forms of intellectual property. Whether you are a business owner or entrepreneur, knowledge of intellectual property rights has never been more important. By Neil Burnstein.


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How Much IP to Give Away & How Much Is Too Much

David A Fields

Consultants Intellectual Property Marketing intellectual propertyLet’s say Ann Oying, CEO of Cheapo Enterprises asks you for consulting help because she and her team are mired in misery and they don’t know the path out. But you do. You develop a comprehensive proposal for Ann, outlining the route to Nirvana. During the follow-up call, Ann informs you that, having reviewed your proposal, her team now feels they can reach Nirvana on their own.

The 4 Easy Hurdles Between You and Thought Leadership

David A Fields

Consultants Intellectual Property intellectual property thought leadershipThe benefits of thought leadership for consultants are well established. More inquiries from more clients, less competition and higher premiums on your projects. Plus, you’re invited to speak at conferences, write articles for prominent magazines and pose for your effigy to be carved into mountains. All of which lead to even more client inquiries. It’s a good thing.

When Do I Need to Give Attribution to Others?

David A Fields

Consultants Intellectual Property Speaking writing intellectual property starting projects A consultant asked me this question: When I am conducting client work or giving a client presentation, when do I need to cite the work of others when explaining my IP and when does it become my own? What advice would you give this consultant? When do you give attribution and when not? Share your thoughts on this by using the comment box below.

How to Make Consulting Prospects Attend to Your Brilliant Ideas

David A Fields

I snoozed many college hours away, slumped back in an easy chair with some heavy, open textbook balanced on [ ] Intellectual Property Marketing writingCollege made my eyebrows hurt. More on that in a moment. If you view thought leadership as an important ingredient in your consulting firm’s growth, keep this in mind: your ideas don’t matter if they’re tedious.

Elon Musk Doesn’t Care About Patents. Should You?

Harvard Business

Strategy Business law Intellectual property Digital ArticleToday’s most successful companies are rethinking traditional notions of ownership.

How Trade Secrets Hurt Innovation

Harvard Business

Intellectual property Innovation Digital ArticleThey restrict employee mobility.

3 Myths About China’s IP Regime

Harvard Business

Business law Intellectual property International business Digital ArticleFears of forced technology transfer are overblown.

When Fandom Clashes with IP Law

Harvard Business

Intellectual property Arts & Culture Law Digital ArticleShould companies control all the ways people experience art?

Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Treat Their Diversity Numbers as Trade Secrets

Harvard Business

Intellectual property Diversity Business law Digital ArticleSome tech firms are going out of their way to avoid uncomfortable disclosures.

Is China Actually Stealing American Jobs and Wealth?

Harvard Business

National competitiveness Economy Competition Intellectual property Digital ArticleIt’s a political talking point, so let’s look at the data.

Data 28

Pen vs Sword

Tom Spencer

Writers share information and create intellectual property, and writing is the work of the educator, the scientist, and the author. In contrast, fighters defend or acquire existing resources like land, property and oil reserves, and fighting is the province of the military, common thugs, and investment bankers. For many of the world’s largest corporations, such as McDonald’s, Virgin and Apple, intellectual property is their most valuable asset.

Blockchain Could Help Artists Profit More from Their Creative Works

Harvard Business

Blockchain is a new technology platform, running on millions of devices and open to anyone, where not just information but anything of value — money, titles, and deeds, but also music, art, scientific discoveries, and other intellectual property — can be moved and stored securely and privately, where trust is established not by powerful intermediaries like movie studios, streaming services, banks, or other companies, but rather through mass collaboration and clever code.

Film 33

The Uber-Waymo Lawsuit: It Should Be Easy to Poach Talent, But Not IP

Harvard Business

Levandowski also hasn’t allowed Uber to search any of his personally owned devices and refused to answer any questions that may implicate his utilization of Waymo’s intellectual property while in Uber’s employ. Judge Alsup is sympathetic to the harm that can come from overly expansive claims of innovation as property. Intellectual property Hiring Personnel policies Automotive Technology Digital Article

What the Rise of Russian Hackers Means for Your Business

Harvard Business

In recent years, the Chinese frequently stole sensitive commercial data , such as intellectual property, to gain competitive advantages for their state-owned enterprises. Intellectual property Security & privacy Digital ArticleFor years major businesses have contended with hackers attempting to break into their networks and steal their data. In the recent past, that threat mostly emanated from China.

Patent Trolling Isn’t Dead — It’s Just Moving to Delaware

Harvard Business

Intellectual property North America Digital ArticleFor years, the small East Texas town of Marshall has held a special status in patent litigation: poster city for opportunistic “patent trolling” lawsuits brought by nonpracticing entities, firms that amass patents for the sake of pursuing license fees and litigation. Thanks to last month’s Supreme Court ruling in TC Heartland v.

Leading in a World Without Secrets

Harvard Business

Leadership Risk management Intellectual property Digital ArticleBuried amid the furor of speculation about what results of the U.S. election mean for businesses is a fact that’s getting too little attention, but that CEOs and business leaders will definitely need to adjust to: it’s gotten much harder to keep your company’s secrets. Leaked communications that were presumed private at the time have apparently had a major impact on world events.

Management Philosophies That Drive Culture & Growth - Interview with Alex Rooney

Strategic Planning and Management Insights

Alex and his company specialize in IT and professional services with several business lines including SAP, business application software, change management and developing intellectual property. In this episode of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast , we're joined by Alex Rooney, Vice President and co-founder of Vision33 Inc.

Repositioning Is Not a New Business Model

Harvard Business

Intellectual property Digital ArticleIn English, we struggle with the distinction between “different” and “new.” ” It’s relevant when we come to describing business models and their likely impact. Let’s take cars as a starting point. There are many different makes and models on the market. They vary in shape, size, color, and features, but they’re also all the same — they’re all cars.

Should You Pursue Venture Capital Groups?

David A Fields

A question I was asked: Many people I network with suggest I talk with venture capitalists and perhaps intellectual property lawyers. I have found venture capitalists to be fairly closed to outside help. Have you found this to be a fertile hunting ground for projects? What is your answer to this consultant? Have you had much success working through venture capital groups to find projects? Post your thoughts on this by using the ‘Leave a Comment’ box below.

Groups 150

How to Prepare for the Cyberattack That Is Coming to Your Company


The list of companies that have already been hacked, attacked, and breached—suffering business interruptions and intellectual-property losses and exposing their customers to identity theft—reads like a who’s who of the retail, tech, telecom, manufacturing, and financial services industries, among others. Article Wednesday, December 07, 2016. Cybersecurity is a $445 billion problem , and some predict that figure could rise to $6 trillion by 2021.

Consulting Scale Up

Consultant Journal

You want to take your business beyond its initial offer and start leveraging your intellectual property so that you can achieve scale by selling products, building a team to take on more work, or hiring in coaches and consultants to take on part of your offer.

Survival or “Thrival”?

Alan Weiss

” Your intellectual property, body of work, brand, and demeanor must be relevant to buyers and focused on them. If you allow yourself to deal with low-level people in organizations, you will be considered their peer and executives will not deal with you any more than they want to deal with them. If you seek to work with Human Resources because those people will talk to you, you won’t be talking to true buyers. HR people can say “no” but not “yes.”

How to Become a Go-To Person Within a Consulting Firm

Steve Shu Consulting

Play a key role in developing new intellectual property or approaches for the firm. I was asked to answer a question about how to become a go-to person when employed within a consulting firm. Here are some thoughts based on my past experience: Be known as a consultant that gets things done on projects in general. This goes a long way in consulting circles.

How an Airplane Laptop Ban Would Expose Company Data to Espionage

Harvard Business

Congress’s own investigation into intellectual property theft, that foreign intelligence services from countries such as China, Russian, Iran, North Korea, France, and Israel are a genuine threat to business travelers. Furthermore, it may not be a foreign intelligence service that compromises your intellectual property and business intelligence. Intellectual property International business Risk management Security & privacy Government Travel Digital Article

Joint ownership

Seth Godin Blog

Before you create intellectual property (a book, a song, a patent, the words on a website, a design) with someone else, agree in writing about who owns what, who can exploit it, what happens to the earnings, who can control its destiny. This is sometimes an uncomfortable conversation to have, but it's far worse to have it later, after the thing you've created has been shown to have value. It's almost impossible to efficiently split a soup dumpling after it's been cooked

5 Smart Strategies to De-Stress & Accelerate Any Career or Business Transition

Consulting Matters

Archive intellectual property. "If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all." Anna Quindlen. Have you fallen out of love with your career (or has it fallen out of love with you?)

The Marketer's Dilemma


And marketing service players must shift to focus more on content and intellectual property development, evolve from a services supplier to a strategic business advisor, and accelerate marketers' ability to move from experimentation to scale Today's marketer has more options to reach her target audience than ever before. And yet, it has never been more difficult to earn the attention and engagement of that user. This is the essence of the "marketer's dilemma."

The daily

Seth Godin Blog

Something that creates another bit of intellectual property that belongs to you? Is there something you do every day that builds an asset for you? Every single day? Something that makes an asset you own more valuable? Something that you learn? Every single day is a lot of days. It’s easy to look at the long run and lull yourself into skipping a day now and then. But the long run is made up of short runs. And a first reminder that the February (!)

The daily

Seth Godin Blog

Something that creates another bit of intellectual property that belongs to you? Is there something you do every day that builds an asset for you? Every single day? Something that makes an asset you own more valuable? Something that you learn? Every single day is a lot of days. It’s easy to look at the long run and lull yourself into skipping a day now and then. But the long run is made up of short runs. And a first reminder that the February (!)

Use Work Samples to Seal the Deal

Successful Independent Consulting

Avoid leaving them with the client because it’s your intellectual property. Let’s face it, consulting often gets a bad rap. It’s perceived as nebulous, too theoretical, too touchy-feely. Plus, it's expensive. To combat this bias, use work samples and deliverables to show prospective clients how you do what you do. Demystify your process. This goes a long way toward removing uncertainty and skepticism.

How to Increase Your Consulting Sales By Embracing the Consulting & Sales Balance with Anthony Iannarino – Episode 1

Consulting Success

24:50] Despite peer criticism, Anthony isn’t afraid to share his intellectual property with anyone. [26:30] As creators of value, consultants have the opportunity to make businesses more beneficial, to make a real contribution, and to help people grow. Description: Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, author, and sales leader of the top ½% of all businesses in America.

Sales 104

Stolen ideas

Seth Godin Blog

That code of ethics created a feeling of intellectual safety. Ripping ideas off wholesale and violating intellectual property rights is nothing to be proud of–each of us can do better than that.

Eroding Customer Trust, One Data Auction at a Time

1 to 1

Sports Authority, which recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, has sold its intellectual property including about 114 million customers' files and 25 million email addresses to Dick's Sporting Goods in an auction, Los Angeles Times reports. Sports Authority customers can expect to hear from Dick's Sporting Goods in the near future.

5 Effective Content Marketing Tips for Consultants

Consulting Matters

it's one thing to have a repository of intellectual property (IP). Content marketing is not some marketing fad. It’s simply the smartest way of finding and connecting with your ideal client, establishing your credibility, increasing your number of discovery meetings and close rates as well as giving you the platform to increasing your fees. Content marketing is essential for consultants because we are in the knowledge business. We don't sell a tangible product or service.

Consulting Roles

Tom Spencer

Partners are responsible for building the business, forming new client relationships, and developing the firm’s brand and intellectual property. (Source: Flickr ). A consultant who enjoys a successful career progression within the consulting industry will be promoted up through the ranks and hold various different roles along the way. Job titles will vary by firm. An entry level consultant may be called a business analyst or junior associate.

Friday Fusion: September 4th, 2020

Tsavo Neal

With intellectual property. How should I monetize my blog? There are hundreds of different ways you can monetize your blog — but I’ll give you two: Products and/or Services. First things first: if you’re looking to monetize your blog, I’m assuming you’re generating traffic to it.

Why Consulting Businesses Don’t Scale Easily (& How To Scale Yours)

Tsavo Neal

Not only will this help you divorce your income from time-spent, but productized consulting will serve your most powerful intellectual property for introducing people to your higher-touch, custom consulting services. “Why don’t consulting businesses scale easily?”.

5 Rookie Consulting Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Consulting Matters

I have given away my time and intellectual property for free to people who asked me for coffee but really wanted to pick my brain for free solutions. After 10+ years of running my own consulting practice, you can bet that I made my fair share of mistakes. I want to share with you my top 5 mistakes so you can sidestep the agony of wasted time and resources.