How to Write a White Paper That Wins Consulting Projects, with Gordon Graham: Podcast #4

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He considers himself a B-to-B copywriter. His career path took him from software company technical writing and journalism to a marketing executive in a software company before becoming an independent copywriter who specializes in white papers and case studies.

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How to download Linkedin data

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So, when I was trying to filter some of my connections – frustrated, and not working well – I decided to simply download a CSV list […]. The post How to download Linkedin data appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Huge fan of Linkedin.

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Learn how to learn, think about thinking

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Learn how to learn. Learn how to learn Determine how you learn best. […]. The post Learn how to learn, think about thinking appeared first on Consultant's Mind. These two phrases have become my pedagogical mottos. Think about your thinking. If we value a liberal arts education (I do), and believe that the nature of work will be forever changing (I do), then the smartest thing we can do: 1.

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How to Work Remote

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Let’s use this statement (Great Power, Great Responsibility) to talk about working remote. more time to work). Your office is wherever you want it to be (i.e. In other words, it would be silly to instant message someone who is sitting right next to you.

How to Figure Out Your Consulting Bill Rate

Successful Independent Consulting

I know a consultant who is going to do some work designing a company’s program for high-potential employees. You need to consider the real and perceived value of your services, expertise, and experience, as well as geography and market conditions. Dear Liz, I have a quick question.

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How to Get Beyond Paralysis by Analysis

The More Clients Blog

My internal dialog started in 2008 when I decided to write another book to help me market my services. Here’s what my mind used to say: “Yeah, that’s a great idea for my second book! Heck, it took me all that time to get past my resistance to writing that damn book!

How to Manage Resistance in Consulting ? Part 1 of 3: What is.

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To Subscribe to a Blog. How to Manage Resistance in Consulting — Part 1 of 3: What is Resistance? Welcome to this 3-part article on managing resistance in consulting projects. This Part 1 describes resistance and how to recognize it. Library.

How to strengthen a non-business background

Tom Spencer

You can strengthen your consulting application by showing how your experience demonstrates team work, leadership, and an ability to achieve positive outcomes. That is, use action verbs to describe what you did and strong adjectives to describe the outcome.

How to create your consulting brand

Jacq Hackett Consulting

As a business owner, you’re going to have a better chance of winning business if you have a memorable, recognisable and professional brand. But while you might think of yourself as a ‘consultant’ rather than a ‘business owner’, you do need to embrace this and invest your time in developing a brand. But developing a brand for your business doesn’t have to be extensive or expensive, so you can avoid sinking into overwhelm.

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How to start a new job

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For good or bad, I have also worked at 5 Fortunate 500 companies over the last 25 years, so I know what it is like to have a new job. Some transitions were smoother than others, but here are some of the… Read More » The post How to start a new job appeared first on Consultant's Mind. A lot of people I know are changing jobs in the new year.

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How to turn down work without compromising your position

Tom Spencer

And, unfortunately, the willingness to take on every task you’re assigned can sometimes be caught up in other, less positive attributes: fear of losing out, pride in handling everything that’s thrown at you, or simply the inability to assess and manage your own schedule.

How to Design the Ideal (and Most Profitable) Consulting Business

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There is no shortage of advice and mentors that can help you learn how to market and sell yourself. To achieve sustainable success, you have to think broader than just finding clients. The critical success factor of this phase: COMMITMENT to your own success.

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How to Close Consulting Projects Even After You Lose Them

David A Fields

Like, “No, I don’t want to marry you,” or, “Sorry, your voice isn’t good enough to play the silent tree in this year’s Nutcracker.” Here’s another punch in the gut: “We decided not to award the consulting project to your consulting firm.” Some rejections are devastating.

How to compensate for poor grades

Tom Spencer

There are two steps you can take to combat this hurdle. Additionally, or alternatively, you can selectively highlight a specific subject or year of studies in which you happened to excel. Management Consulting consulting consulting applications how to compensate for poor grades

How to Put Your Value Proposition to Work

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So, let me share with you how I view imperfect action when it comes to the magnetic […]. How to Put Your Value Proposition to Work is a post from: Consulting Success. ? Transcript: It’s Michael Zipursky from

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How to Use Freelancers

David A Fields

How can I find a freelancer? The post How to Use Freelancers appeared first on David A. A question I was asked… I have a couple projects that I would like some help with. … See my response in the Solo Consultant’s Network.

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How to Stay Focused

David A Fields

A question I was asked… How can I stay focused? The post How to Stay Focused appeared first on David A. Often I am in the middle of something and a new idea pops into my head and completely gets me off track. Any advice?…See

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How to Lead Cynics


Be honest, play fair, and do what you say you are going to do

How to Establish Value in Your Consulting Fees

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If you’d like to learn how to increase your fees so you can make more with every project that you take on and spend potentially less time on each project this will be relevant for you. Most buyers of consulting services are more than happy to invest at a 5-10X ROI.

Consulting tip: How to make decks for other people

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Read More » The post Consulting tip: How to make decks for other people appeared first on Consultant's Mind. Over my career, I estimate that I made 700+ presentations. Some were executive summary or update presentations of 5-10 pages. Some were financial and operational reviews. Some were full-scale consulting engagement read-outs (e.g., 40+ pages). They were all top-shelf and required enormous time / effort / love. Many of them were also for other people.…

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How to Get a Meeting with a Prospective Consulting Client

David A Fields

Wouldn’t you like to plant yourself across the desk from a prospect who’s dripping with extra cash and happens to be afflicted with exactly the problem you solve? Unfortunately, most executives don’t seem to leave puddles of money in their footsteps.

How to Go ALL IN on Your Marketing

The More Clients Blog

But then the workshop leader suggested a new scenario to help take the song to a whole new level: “Imagine you were greeting your uncle after he just got out of jail.”. In your marketing, you need to start going ALL IN if you really want to attract more of your ideal clients.

How to Correctly Start a Discovery Conversation

David A Fields

If you’re in the hunt for a consulting project, you want to become the obvious choice. The key to achieving that goal can be summarized in a single word: dessert discovery. But how do you start discovery?

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How to Dramatically Expand the Audience that Sees Your Consulting Firm’s Content

David A Fields

Being smart and producing high-value content aren’t sufficient to win new consulting clients. Unless you expose a broader universe of prospects to your content, your opportunities to win business will stay narrow. On the up side, you have a right to be proud of your work.

Consulting tool: #1: How to screen stocks

Consultants Mind is a great way to filter stocks and generally get smart on specific industries. As you can see here and below, there are 60+ filters (industry, country, P/E, operating margin, dividend %, beta, EPS growth rate) you can apply… Read More » The post Consulting tool: #1: How to screen stocks appeared first on Consultant's Mind. While there are multiple tools on the website, will focus on something call the screener.

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Proven 4 Stage Consulting Project Process: Video

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Transcript: We’re going to talk about how to develop a consulting engagement process. There’s many different ways to go about this, but I want to introduce you to one that is very straightforward yet very powerful. They get to choose.

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Consulting tip: How to roll off a project

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There are multiple ways to orchestrate this, but also many ways to… Read More » The post Consulting tip: How to roll off a project appeared first on Consultant's Mind. When I worked for Big 4 consulting, one of the hardest things was rolling off a project you did not like. Too often, what you become good at – is exactly – what bores you. It’s a bit tricky because no one likes a short-timer.

Excel tip: How to clean duplicate rows

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Went to the American Express … Continue reading → Learning Analysis ExcelData is often imperfect. As consultants we know that perfect data is a myth. No matter the organization or website, data is gunky, irregular, and often broken. Was at Starbucks this morning doing my travel and expenses.

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Consulting tip: How to make a good survey

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They are cost-effective, seemingly impartial, easy to use, and provide data in the “touchy and feel-y” areas where data might be hard to find, collect, or quantify. A well-crafted survey can be a cost effective and ingenious way to gather customer insights.

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How to Work When You Don’t Feel Like Working

David A Fields

What a perfect time to shoot a round of golf. And the bachelorette party for Aunt Matilda needs to be planned. Let’s talk about how to fire up the work engine when you’re ensconced in enuii. It’s gorgeous outside.

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How to Write a Truly Great Business Book (Tip #5)

David A Fields

A great book multiplies those benefits and can lift you and your consulting firm to the next level of success. But how do you write a great business book? Writing (and publishing) a book can confer myriad benefits on your consulting firm.

How to Make Money in Management Consulting

The Thirsty Dog

Read on to find out why. The post How to Make Money in Management Consulting appeared first on The Thirsty Dog Blog. Management Consulting New Content careers consulting delivery how to make money jason price seattle management consulting salesThis post by Jason Price can be seen at The Thirsty Dog Blog - Seattle's Finest Blog on Business and Consulting by Jason Price. The 'Holy Trinity of Consulting' is made up of sales, management and delivery skills.

How to Make Your Own Luck

Tom Spencer

TODAY, over coffee with a friend at an alfresco cafe in Sydney, our conversation turned, as if by chance, to consider the nature of luck. Some people seem to get all the lucky breaks and to be always in the right place at the right time.

How to Get Speaking Engagements

David A Fields

A question I was asked… I have a subscription to an association database service that provides information on events by location and by industry. The post How to Get Speaking Engagements appeared first on David A.

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How To Win Business Awards

Henry DeVries

Becoming award-winning can certainly help in your pursuit to attract high-paying clients. However, before adding award-winning to your bio, there is some work to do Awards bring credibility. An award is a third-party endorsement.

How to Avoid the Marketing and Consulting Roller Coaster: Video

Consulting Success

If you find yourself in a place where you love the ups but you’re also having too many downs, things are start-stop, start-stop, there’s no predictability, there’s not enough sustainability in your business, how do you solve that problem? How do you do these?

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How to pack a portable office – consultant style.

Killer Consultant

In a post about buying travel gear I promised to give you all an inside scoop to my portable office – today is the day! This is gonna be a long post, because I got something to say on almost every item. This small gem is powerful enough to power the iPad 3.

How to Make Consulting Prospects Attend to Your Brilliant Ideas

David A Fields

College made my eyebrows hurt. More on that in a moment. If you view thought leadership as an important ingredient in your consulting firm’s growth, keep this in mind: your ideas don’t matter if they’re tedious.

Why Our Brains Fall for False Expertise, and How to Stop It


Left to their own devices, our brains are often drawn to decision-making shortcuts, such as turning to the loudest or tallest person in the room. Here's how to fix that

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How to create win-win public outsourcing contracts


To structure and manage complex contracts with the private sector, governments must have a range of skills and expertise. Six success factors are critical to these efforts.