Leadership quotations: Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Lincoln

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This week I thought a lot about leadership and ran across these leadership quotations. What is leadership? “Leadership is influence” – John Maxwell “Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” Eisenhower Is leadership inherited or learned?… Read More » The post Leadership quotations: Eisenhower, Roosevelt, Lincoln appeared first on Consultant's Mind.

What is Authentic Leadership?

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Today’s model introduces how I am starting to think about what is authentic leadership. I think authentic leadership is where power and love intersect. How these relate to one another result in one of four leadership styles: External source of power and internal focus of love: Alliance Leadership. This style of leadership is about who you know and where you work. External source of power and external focus of love: Authoritarian Leadership.

Direction, leadership, and trust

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Direction, leadership, and trust. They rest on … Continue reading → Consultant Consulting Leadership Management consulting Tonight I told a client that I believe there are really only 3 things that distinguish high-performing organizations from losers. Direction: Too many companies do not know what they are trying to achieve.

The leadership journey of Abraham Lincoln


LeadershipHear the call to action contained in Abraham Lincoln’s story, and get to work. The world has never needed you and other real leaders more than it does now.

Leadership in innovation needs innovation in leadership


As businesses face evolving challenges, four aspects of leadership will become dramatically more important: insight, integrity, courage, and agility. Our Insights

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The 4 Easy Hurdles Between You and Thought Leadership

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The benefits of thought leadership for consultants are well established. There are plenty of articles that speak to thought leadership tactics (e.g., Consultants Intellectual Property intellectual property thought leadership

The Neuroscience of Strategic Leadership


Most leadership is transactional, formed through the habits of conventional success. High road-style leadership cultivates different types of mental patterns, developing your ability to see yourself as others see you.

Management vs Leadership

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Management requires smooth process, leadership requires clear vision. Leadership is about taking action, and inspiring others to do so. Leadership consulting leadership management Management Consulting Management is about running systems, processes, and people.

Journaling Can Boost Your Leadership Skills


Stepping away from the screen and putting pen to paper allows the brain to reflect, process, and find patterns. See also "How Journaling Can Help Leaders Achieve Their Goals

Journaling Can Boost Your Leadership Skills


Stepping away from the screen and putting pen to paper allows the brain to reflect, process, and find patterns

What’s missing in leadership development?


LeadershipOnly a few actions matter, and they require the CEO’s attention.

How Humble Leadership Really Works

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This type of top-down leadership is outdated, and, more importantly, counterproductive. Humility and servant leadership do not imply that leaders have low self-esteem, or take on an attitude of servility. Instead, servant leadership emphasizes that the responsibility of a leader is to increase the ownership, autonomy, and responsibility of followers — to encourage them to think for themselves and try out their own ideas. Philip gould/Getty Images.

Leadership ‘Experts’ are Full of $#*!

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I just read an article by a leadership guru on how to tell if you’re a leader and don’t know it. The post Leadership ‘Experts’ are Full of $#*! Business Consulting Culture Entrepreneurship Inspiration Leadership WorkplaceApparently if you have a pulse you’re a leader. My dog met two of the 10 conditions described in this stunning example of ludicrous clickbait. This self-proclaimed expert has[.] Read On.

Best Business Books 2017: Leadership


Sally Helgesen writes that this year's best business books on leadership hammer home the importance of such human values as flexibility, humility, and courage.

Leadership development as a competitive advantage


Talent should be part of every conversation in an organization, says the CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Group. Insights on Organization

Four Tracks to Market Leadership


Market leadership is the ability of a company to dominate and shape its business ecosystem. Different industries have different patterns (and definitions) of market leadership; only if you understand the particular pattern in your industry can you position your company effectively

From Door to Door Salesman to International Leadership Consulting with John Murphy: Podcast #15

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From Door to Door Salesman to International Leadership Consulting with John Murphy: Podcast #15 is a post from: Consulting Success. Consulting Success Podcast business development Leadership Consulting Sales in Consulting

Leadership Lessons from Loss

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Here are three things Linda has learned this year about leadership, as she reflects on the loss of a dear friend. The post Leadership Lessons from Loss appeared first on Leadership Vision.

Five Traits of Effective Leadership (podcast)

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Today on the podcast, we’re talking about five leadership qualities that all leaders need to master if they want to be most effective. Listen now then reflect on your leadership skills as they relate to these five items. Philosophy Effective Leadership For Individuals Leadership

Arianna Huffington on the link between leadership and well-being


LeadershipBetter sleep and less stress can improve your performance. The Thrive Global founder shares some tools that could help.

Getting the Leadership Basics Right


Whether they're selling concrete or chocolate, CEOs can still look to five steadfast rules

Making Your Promises Explicit: Taking a Leadership Oath:

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In the consulting world, I come across many different managers and styles of leadership. Teaching Leadership: It follows that teaching people to lead poses a real dilemma. Conceptual Models: One way to teach is to provide ‘models’, which help people to conceptualise the leadership role.

Advancing lean leadership


Transforming an organization’s performance usually means changing its culture—and that means its leaders must change how they lead. Our Insights

Leadership, Levels and History

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Consultants Consultant: Leadership is not just one thing but many. First, an interesting summary of Drotter’s Leadership Pipeline. 6 passages between 5 levels of leadership. The post Leadership, Levels and History appeared first on Consultants' Consultant. Here are some different approaches. Nicely summarises the issues of moving from one level to the next. If you’re ambitious, you need to know where you sit and start addressing your next challenge!

Is Your Leadership Fostering Loyalty?

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No one would argue that loyalty, like trust, are essential elements to leadership. While these are critical elements of good leadership and a result of a solid working relationships, how do you earn loyalty , and trust , as a leader? The post Is Your Leadership Fostering Loyalty?

Leadership quotations from Maxwell, Drucker, Roosevelt, and Wooden

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This week I thought a lot about leadership and ran across these quotations. What is leadership? “Leadership is influence” – John Maxwell “Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because … Continue reading → Fun Communication Consulting Leadership Management consulting Public Speaking

Advancing manufacturing leadership


Transforming a manufacturer’s performance usually means changing its culture—and that means its leaders must change how they lead. Our Insights

The Problem of Virtuous Leadership


Marquette University political science professor Ryan Patrick Hanley talks with s+b about the present-day relevance of Adam Smith's writings for leaders facing increasing ethical and reputational pressure. Smith's concept of virtue offers critical lessons on the need for perspective and prudence

Leadership Infographic on Leadership 2014 and Leadership 2015

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The biggest shift for businesses from 2014 to 2015 is a shift to doing business in a new way, an evolutionary way that includes upgrading the leadership OS.

Leadership In Action: Telling Great Change Stories

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Leadership & Storytelling are linked. Becoming great at storytelling, is leadership in action. Effective LeadershipDo you remember any nursery rhymes from when you were a child? Here’s one that sticks in my mind.

Ethical Leadership: A new kind of poverty?

Peter Stark

We are facing a new kind of poverty – ethical leadership. What are the leadership values that guide your organizational decisions? You have a choice, and what you choose to value will ultimately determine your leadership legacy.

Leadership and strategic innovation in pharma


The CEO of Shire explains how he’s repositioning the company and gearing up for more change. Our Insights

What the Body Tells Us about Leadership


Otto Scharmer and Arawana Hayashi describe the insights that emerge and the changes that take place when leadership is embodied in physical movement Leaders must sometimes transcend the way their personality is perceived.

Giveaway: Lifetime Leadership… Leaving Your Legacy

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We’re giving away copies of our book “ Lifetime Leadership… Leaving Your Legacy ” to the first 100 people* to submit our entry form. Many people have titles that indicate leadership—like vice president, manager, supervisor, etc. This inspiring book will allow you to sharpen your leadership skills and renew your enthusiasm for becoming the type of leader that others will long to follow.

How to Cultivate Leadership That Is Honed to Solve Problems


When you have a wicked problem, where there is no obvious solution, challenge-driven leadership may work.

10 Foolproof Ways to Guard against Leadership Ignorance

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Listed below are just some of the actions that our best clients are taking to polish their skills and guard against leadership ignorance: Reading physical books or E books. Participating in a 360 Leadership Development Assessment.

Best Business Books 2015: Leadership


This year's best leadership books were penned by the head of a sports network, a famous bearded serial entrepreneur, and the founder of an earthy-crunchy snack bar company

Best Business Books 2016: Talent & Leadership


The rising quantity of data and scientific studies on leadership doesn't seem to have improved the quality of leadership in the real world. So it's no surprise that this year's best business books on talent and leadership merge art with science to offer distinctive insights that are useful in everyday life and that resonate with human experience.

Does Leadership EQ Beat AI? Emotional versus Artificial Intelligence

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So, is leadership still important? Does leadership EQ beat AI? Does leadership EQ beat AI? Invest in the influence, change , conflict management, problem solving , project management , leadership, decision making and teambuilding skills required to produce performance results which cannot be achievable by any single individual alone. Does leadership EQ beat AI? If you liked Does Leadership EQ beat AI, download 8 Reasons Leaders Need 360 Feedback.

Mining for leadership with lean management


Three executives at one of the world’s most unusual mining operations describe how even in a highly unpredictable context, lean management improves not just productivity, but also how people lead. Our Insights