The Benchmark That Builds Consulting Businesses

David A Fields

Consultants often look at benchmarks to gauge their recent performance. Those are internal benchmarks. [ Many readers know that I’m 6’1″ tall… if my posture is perfect, I think tall thoughts and I stand on two tins of homemade, coconut dream bars. Is that tall? Short? I only know if I have some sort of standard for comparison. [ ]

3 Benchmarks to Help with Consulting Growth

Management and IT Consulting

Service Performance Insight looks at benchmarks in these three key areas as a good place to start, in preparation for growth this year and beyond COVID appears to be slowing down, and now professional services executives must reassess their entire organizations to prepare for the future. The challenges associated with sales, talent, and delivery will be impacted by the events of the past two years.


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Walking the Walk & Talking the Talk of Equity Benchmarking

UPD Consulting

Analyzing equity benchmarks across a wide range of topics (i.e., The wealth of open data has placed public sector organizations in an excellent position to sponsor and coordinate more intensive, wide ranging equity benchmarking and indexing activities. As with any emerging field of work, though, we have to walk before we can run, so there are some foundational practices we should do before creating equity benchmarks.

The Benchmarking Journey--A Path to Guaranteed Performance Improvement

Management and IT Consulting

Read this blog post to learn tips about starting or perfecting your consulting benchmarking practice You know your business better than anybody. You know its people, its clients, its skills and achievements, and its hard-won victories and the things you’d do differently next time around.

2020 Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition Survey Report

As buyer expectations continue to heighten, marketing and sales teams are feeling pressured to deliver authentic messaging to buyers at every point of their customer journey. This report aims to highlight the current state of B2B database and contact acquisition strategies, and organizations’ goals to leverage data to fuel their go-to-market strategies in 2020 and beyond.

What Are The Benefits of Benchmarking Performance?

Clarity Consultants

Performance is an ever-moving target. To evaluate your employee training based on their most recent performance (even the impression made over a period of multiple months), simply does not provide an accurate picture of their overall value.

The Value of Benchmarking and the SPI PS Maturity Model™ for Consulting Firms

Management and IT Consulting

An interview with Natasha Engan, Senior Vice President, Deltek Global Consulting, on the SPI 2019 PS Maturity Model™ and how benchmarking can improve consulting firm’s profitability, performance and growth

A Sisyphean Struggle: Insights from BCG’s Treasury Benchmarking Survey 2016


In the two years since The Boston Consulting Group conducted its last ­Treasury Benchmarking Survey, banks have remained locked in a Sisyphean struggle. See Time for Rebalancing: Insights from BCG’s Treasury Benchmarking Survey 2014 , BCG Focus, December 2014.). Our 2016 Treasury Benchmarking Survey analyzed how treasury departments are approaching these imperatives. Focus Thursday, November 03, 2016.

SPI 2019 Benchmark Study Reveals Profitability Tips from Best-of-the-Best Firms

Management and IT Consulting

SPI 2019 Benchmark reveals what the highest-performing consulting firms do differently to improve profits

Contact Center Benchmarking Report: Customer Satisfaction, FCR Continue to Drop

1 to 1

Meanwhile, despite the level of investment that companies are making in extending self-service capabilities to customers, there continues to be a general lack of understanding as to how and whether customers are making use of these tools, according to Dimension Data''s 2013/2014 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report. benchmarking contactcenterpreparedness customerservicestrategy

How to Understand Key Metrics in a New Industry

Tom Spencer

When tracking a metric use appropriate benchmarks to assess performance, identify progress, and make necessary adjustments. Skills, Tips, and Tactics benchmarking metricsNumbers are at the foundation of understanding both science and business.

How B2B Software Vendors Can Help Their Customers Benchmark

Harvard Business

Mainstream software companies are beginning to hold “ data mirrors ” up to their customers, allowing scoring and benchmarking of their customers’ strategies. One of its business units, Fieldglass, provides insights and benchmarks to customers on external workforce management. Workday could provide even more detailed analyses and benchmarking comparisons than ADP or SAP Fieldglass on the workforce. Gillian Blease/Getty Images.

Latest NPS Benchmark Scores Reveal Customer Experience Shifts

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Last week, I had a chance to speak with Satmetrix data scientist Brendan Rocks about the results from the company''s 2014 Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks reports. Business leaders use a variety of metrics to gauge the financial health and performance of a company. One of the most popular metrics used by marketers is Net Promoter Score (NPS), a simple loyalty measurement to gauge customer satisfaction and likelihood to recommend.

The Value of Visibility

Management and IT Consulting

The SPI 2021 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Report reveals key benchmarks and business drivers for growth derived from the survey of 700+ professional services firms.

What steps need to be taken to find your perfect employee.


It all begins with job benchmarking—knowing what you actually need. So many companies rarely have job descriptions with no less identifiable traits required to accomplish the job at hand. By taking

Retail Bank Operational and Digital Leaders Reap the Rewards


BCG’s Retail-Banking Excellence benchmarking study (REBEX) profiles the operational and digital practices and performance of 20 of the world’s leading retail banks, a group of 40 institutions chosen for their size and the strength of their capabilities. REBEX refers to our report as well as its underlying benchmarks, surveys, databases, and tools.) At the heart of the benchmarking are core operational metrics. Article Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

How to Refocus the Role of the Chief Strategy Officer into a Competitive Advantage


For more insight, see the 2018 Chief Strategy Officer Benchmarking Study from Strategy&, PwC's strategy consulting business Four ways to help your CSO create value.

All the best

Seth Godin Blog

Benchmarking involves looking at every element of what you offer and comparing it to the very best element of any of your competitors. This uneven allocation of attention is the opposite of benchmarking.

4 Ways to Get More Value from Your Project Task Duration Data

PM Alliance

Internal benchmarking can help reveal inefficiencies and even identify workers who would benefit from additional vendor support or targeted training. Your project team may already utilize task duration estimates to plan timelines and coordinate resources.

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McKinsey GPA cut-off

Management Consulting Prep

No they don’t have a particular benchmark for GPA. Management Consulting Resume McKinsey GPA Cut-off Do McKinsey, Bain, and BCG have No … but yes! It is not like “Never hire below 3.6”. GPA is just one of the many important factors screeners use to evaluate. There are many passing cases with low GPA. But… … McKinsey GPA cut-off Read More » The post McKinsey GPA cut-off appeared first on Management Consulting Prep. CV & Resume Management Consulting

How to Refocus the Role of the Chief Strategy Officer into a Competitive Advantage


For more insight, see the 2018 Chief Strategy Officer Benchmarking Study from Strategy&, PwC's strategy consulting business Four ways to help your CSO create value.

309: Kim Graham Lee—How To Build A Culture Where Men And Women Truly Support Each Other

On the Brink Podcast

The primary focus of IWL's 2022 benchmark study is to take stock of where we are in building better cultures where men and women can support each other. Hear how to build a culture that values men and women. T here are times when you are fortunate to meet exceptional women.

Now is the Best Time to Raise Your Billing Rate

Successful Independent Consulting

Do some market-rate benchmarking to learn what other consultants are charging, or what clients are paying. Photo 50727473 / Piggy Bank © David Franklin | The easiest time to raise your rate is on the cusp of something new — a new year, a new project, a new client.

TeBIT 2016 Executive Report: Drilling for Digital Gold


It’s just the type of question that TeBIT, a benchmarking study jointly developed by ETIS–The Community for Telecom Professionals and The Boston Consulting Group, was created to answer. While this executive report is publicly available, participating telcos can access the full set of benchmark results, along with further trend analysis. They can also discuss their individual results with the TeBIT benchmarking team. Report Monday, October 10, 2016.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Raise Your Consulting Billing Rate

Successful Independent Consulting

Do some market-rate benchmarking to learn what other consultants are charging, or what clients are paying. The easiest time to raise your rate is on the cusp of something new — a new year, a new project, a new client.

Three Areas for Action by Wealth Managers


For 14 years, BCG has conducted a proprietary benchmarking survey of wealth management providers from all over the world, running the spectrum from small boutiques to the world’s largest wealth managers—and covering multiple business models, from onshore to offshore and from banking to brokerage. A key finding in this year’s benchmarking is that average revenue and profit margins declined for wealth managers from 2012 to 2015. Article Wednesday, June 15, 2016.

How and When to Raise Your Consulting Rate

Successful Independent Consulting

Third, do some market-rate benchmarking to learn what other consultants are charging, or what clients are paying. The easiest time to raise your rate is on the cusp of something new — a new year, a new project, a new client. With the new year just a few weeks away, now might be the time. This article offers ideas of how to do this, as well as some sample language to use when notifying your clients. How to determine your new rate Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula.

Learning From Each Other

Women in Consulting

As solo practitioners and entrepreneurs, often we have limited access to relevant benchmarking resources. Without violating any price-fixing laws, the Best Practices Survey lets us benchmark our success against our peers. That’s why I’m asking you to help us create a better benchmarking tool by taking and sharing the 17 th Annual WIC Best Practices Survey. By: WIC Blog Admin. :: Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

Moving Beyond the “Milkman” Model in Medtech


Three years ago, BCG published the results of its landmark global benchmarking study that concluded that medical technology companies had been relying on an outdated commercial model, which we dubbed the “milkman” model.1 In fact, the latest benchmarking results show a bifurcation of companies. Focus Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

Project Management Maturity Models: A Basis for Reaching Your Organization’s Business Success

Epicflow Blog

The Portfolio, Program and Project Management Maturity Model provides organizations with a framework to assess and benchmark the state of their performance as well as helps them develop improvement plans. Do you know your organization’s project management maturity level?

What Makes Family Businesses in Emerging Markets So Different?


Yet, for decades, most of the research on family businesses has focused on benchmarks from developed markets. We found that family businesses in emerging markets perform and evolve very differently than the benchmarks from developed markets predict. Article Thursday, September 08, 2016. In some emerging markets, more than half of the largest companies are family businesses.

The Five Practices That Set Operational Risk Leaders Apart


To understand how banks are dealing with the increased strategic importance of operational risk, BCG benchmarked the performance of ten major banks globally. Article Tuesday, October 11, 2016. Bank operating models continue to evolve in response to new regulations, digitization, a volatile economic and risk environment, external threats, and advances by nontraditional competitors.

31 Positive Life Changing Quotes YOU Will Remember

Rick Conlow

In addition, do you want to benchmark your career with the habits of extraordinarily successful people? Capture these positive life quotes and their wisdom. The past year produced unprecedented challenges with the pandemic, political instability, and climate changes.

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Global Corporate Banking 2016: The Next-Generation Corporate Bank


In fact, BCG’s most recent Corporate Banking Performance Benchmarking survey—of 300 corporate banking divisions around the world serving the small, midmarket, and large business segments—found a dramatic split between the best and the rest. Our benchmark data confirms the hazards of clinging to traditional credit-centric revenue models and static, inflexible operating practices. Report Monday, December 12, 2016. Corporate banking is a tough business.

Fathom integration for better Business Guidance


Fathom draws financial data from a business or organization’s financial accounting software, or reporting spreadsheets for measurement, benchmarking, reporting, and analysis. The financial tool that ALL Consultants, Coaches & Advisors need to use.

How to De-Risk Working with a Freelance Management Consultant


Benchmarking: When projects require extensive back-office or benchmarking figures, it may make sense to rely on a more traditional consulting firm. Independent consultants aren’t likely to have benchmark data on hand.

Banking on Digital Simplicity


For this year's report— Banking on Digital Simplicity —we have widened and deepened the perspective of our past research to provide a comprehensive and data-informed assessment of retail-banking excellence, or REBEX—the abbreviation referring to our report and its underlying benchmarks, surveys, databases, and tools. Report Tuesday, May 10, 2016. Despite a tentative financial recovery, the retail-banking industry faces unrelenting, disruptive challenges.

The Slide Writing Bible

Tom Spencer

Identify and “bucket” the key benchmarked items and players. Benchmarking. Aggregate and “elevate” the learning from benchmarking.

Asset Managers Get Real with Risk


At industry forums, they have given voice to, and found agreement on, a number of risk management principles and priorities—consensus that was also evident in the results of this year’s Global Asset Management Benchmarking Survey conducted by The Boston Consulting Group. Article Monday, July 11, 2016.

Keep Your Employees Happy and They Will Make You Profitable

Management and IT Consulting

SPI Research 2018 Benchmark Report and Infographic Here’s what the best consulting firms focus on to build and retain a technically skilled, global workforce.