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Are You A Guest or an Expense?

Alan Weiss

I can tell how well a hotel is managed by the staff, and whether they greet you in the halls or avert their eyes and pretend they don’t see you. It’s pretty obvious when a hotel (or restaurant) is trying to please people and generate repeat business or just trying to reduce expenses.

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How to Get People to Seize Opportunities at Work

Harvard Business

These techniques have been used to convince more citizens to apply for tax benefits and more franchised hotels to use a new algorithmic pricing system, among other examples. Organizations can find ways to improve the take-up rates of products and programs by utilizing concepts from behavioral economics.

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Hotel Fines Newlyweds $500 For Negative Reviews – What Were They Thinking?

Melissa Agnes

Union Street Guest House, a hotel in Hudson, New York, is being slammed for a policy they put in place in order to prohibit wedding parties from posting negative online reviews about them. It was meant to be taken down long ago and certainly was never enforced.” ” Are you kidding me? appeared first on Agnes + Day. Case Studies'

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Flying High: How to Build Travel Rewards as a Consultant

Tom Spencer

In this article, we will explore a variety of rewards you might be able to gain on airlines, hotels, rental cars, and credit cards. Hotels Staying in hotels goes together with flying, but in some ways there are more options here. You might have to fly to Dallas for work, but there are hundreds of hotels within the city limits.

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Google Enters the Hotel Business, Takes on Advertisers Priceline, Expedia, and Trip Advisor


Thus, I welcome the Wall Street Journal report Google Checks In to the Hotel Business. Google Inc (GOOG) is moving boldly to play a larger role in booking hotel rooms—at the risk of offending some of its most important advertisers. The idea is to encourage travelers to plan more of their trips directly on Google.

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Resorts World Hotel in Manila in Lockdown Following Gunfire and Explosions


In what may be an ISIS-related event, the Resorts World Hotel in Manila, the Philippines is in Lockdown Mode following gunfire and explosions. more…).

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Why On-Site Consulting Bites, And When to Do It Anyway

David A Fields

Are there consultants who love to sleep in impersonal hotel rooms, consume unhealthy food, miss family events and endure flight delays? After all, there are people who love to eat crickets.It doesn’t amaze me that old, storied, brand name consulting firms primarily employ an on-site consulting model. After all, those firms are old.