Aircraft Engineering: How to Manage a Typical Project with Maximum Efficiency

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Aircraft engineering is a complex and constantly developing sector of aerospace and defense, where experts from various areas of technical expertise are involved. What drives efficiency of aircraft engineering projects?

How to Reverse Engineer Your Fear with Roy Bell

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But it's also an opportunity to reverse engineer your fear and step into something great! Get a step-by-step approach we created on the fly on how to reverse engineer fear so that it's an empowering force vs. a debilitating force.


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The cloud transformation engine


Some 15 years into the cloud revolution, it’s clear that there’s tremendous value enabled by adopting cloud—more than $1 trillion just for Fortune 500 companies. Digital Insights Cloud computing

Frustrated Engineers

Harvard Business

Managing up Organizational culture Decision making Gender Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure AudioDear HBR: answers your questions with the help of CEO and author Richard Sheridan.

How hydrogen combustion engines can contribute to zero emissions


Hydrogen combustion engines can leverage existing technologies and provide a zero-emissions option for specific use cases while supporting the growth of hydrogen infrastructure.

Making cost engineering count


Cost engineering isn’t just for car companies and chipmakers. Across sectors, complexity and cost pressures are giving companies good reason to follow a more disciplined approach to finding savings. Insights on Operations

Forward Thinking on the enduring power of engineering in a digitizing world with Hayaatun Sillem


The first female CEO of the United Kingdom’s Royal Academy of Engineering reflects on the evolving role of engineering in a dematerializing world, its vital role in science and sustainability—and collaborating with a Formula One world champion.

AI Engineers Need to Think Beyond Engineering

Harvard Business

Google AI practitioners argue that partnerships with social scientists and community members can deepen understanding of complex problems and lead to fairer algorithms. Technology Digital Article

Refueling the innovation engine in vaccines


Vaccine development has slowed over the past five years, but changes to investment strategies and a shift in focus to more technical and complex vaccines could renew the innovation engine. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Engineering Biology

Harvard Business

Investors Carina Namih and Gigi Levy-Weiss come together with LabGenius founder James Field and science writer Oliver Morton to explore the opportunity of engineering biology to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. Technology Health Economics & Society Audio

Engineering the switch to digital


The CIO of ING Bank discusses the importance of top engineering talent and agile ways of working when it comes to digitizing products and processes. Our insights

Engineering bright spots for a green energy future: An interview with Robin Watson


Robin Watson CBE, chief executive of Wood, explains how digital technologies in process engineering can help lower emissions and achieve greater sustainability.

How to Keep Your Consulting Business Safe & Secure with Gary Peace: Podcast #199

Consulting Success

Consulting Success Podcast Cybersecurity IP Protection Social Engineering Stealing Information Updating Software VPNWith everything online, it’s easy to be paranoid over privacy. It’s important to secure your business. You’ll never know if someone is watching you online.

China: Still the world’s growth engine after COVID-19


Consumers, one of the key drivers powering China’s economic rebound, have regained confidence and are spending at levels seen before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. China

Engineering a Driverless Future

Harvard Business

Self-driving technology is cautiously coming of age. What benefits will it bring? Disruptive innovation Technology Research & development Audio

Scale or Fail: How Incumbents Can Industrialize New-Business Building


Repeatable, successful innovation requires a dedicated ‘growth engine’ that can build promising ventures into growing businesses. Digital Insights Digital Growth Innovation

Revolutionizing insurance: The personalized insurance engine


Uwe Stuhldreier—an executive at HUK24, Germany’s largest fully digital direct insurer—discusses a customer-centric, digitally enabled business model that could shape the future of insurance. Insights on Financial Services Insurance

From Engineer To Successful Ecommerce Consultant with Mike Gammarino: Podcast #48

Consulting Success

From Engineer To Successful Ecommerce Consultant with Mike Gammarino: Podcast #48 is a post from: Consulting Success. A lot of times, what we see for new product companies are you’ve got a couple of founders where one knows the product well because that started the idea, and then one knows how to market and sell the product. Once you have those two things together, the next piece is the ecommerce operations piece.

Decarbonizing the built environment: Takeaways from COP26


Insights on Engineering, Construction & Building Materials Engineering & Construction Energy, Resources & Materials SustainabilityHow can the cement and construction industry achieve net zero by 2050?

R&D Pricing Strategies for Consultants: How to Price The Unknowns

Consulting Success

Consulting Articles Consulting Fees consulting fees consulting retainers Engineering R&D Science Value Based PricingPricing your consulting services hourly is one of the worst ways to charge your clients. You only have so many hours in a day.

Engineering Biology: The Next Frontier

Harvard Business

Vijay Pande, Andreessen Horowitz general partner, explores new technologies at the intersection of biology, engineering, and innovation. Disruptive innovation Research & development Technology Audio

Call for action: Seizing the decarbonization opportunity in construction


Insights on Engineering, Construction & Building Materials Engineering & Construction

Engineering Your Way Out of the Global Chip Shortage

Harvard Business

If you design for resilience, you’ll be better able to navigate disruptions. Supply chain management Product development Agile project management Digital Article

Central and Eastern Europe needs a new engine for growth


Creating a digital, tech-driven economy could be the growth engine that ten economies in the region need. Europe

Our engineering ratchet

Seth Godin Blog

Quietly, over the last thirty years, engineering has become dramatically more efficient and effective. Insulated glass, cars that don't break down, keyboards with just the right feel to them… Mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering are all moving faster than ever. Several factors are at work: Computer aided design and engineering means that smaller teams can do more, faster.

Rev up your growth engine: Lessons from through-cycle outperformers


Your decisions now will determine how strongly you come out of the COVID-19 crisis—and how well you perform in the next normal. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights

The new age of engineering and construction technology


New technologies are transforming all stages of the engineering and construction process. Here’s what companies need to know about the evolving landscape. Our Insights

The engine of our discontent

Seth Godin Blog

When TV first was adopted, it was a magical gift. The shows united our culture and the ads fueled a seemingly endless consumer boom. Today, though, marketers have turned television into an instrument of dissatisfaction. The shows alienate many, because they bring an idealized, expensive world into the homes of people who increasingly can't afford it. And the ads remind just about everyone that their lives are incomplete and unhappy--unless they buy what's on offer.

Manage time using Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Consultants' Consultant

Consultants Consultant: Manage time using Business Process Re-engineering (BPR). BPR your life takes the principles of business process re-engineering and applies them to the way you manage your time (and therefore your life). Five principles of re-engineering your […]. The post Manage time using Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) appeared first on Consultants' Consultant.

Creating value in the specialty-pumps market


Insights on Engineering, Construction & Building Materials Engineering servicesOEMs and distributors face a rapidly changing competitive landscape, but aspiring leaders can take the initiative to seize the opportunity in this growing industrial market.

How To Sell Consulting Services With Craig Wortmann: Podcast #50

Consulting Success

Craig Wortmann of Sales Engine consulting reveals the key to sell more: networking. Consulting Success Podcast Craig Wortmann go-to-market growing portfolio How To Sell More How To Sell More With Craig Wortmann of Sales Engine Consulting messaging sales Sales Engine ConsultingGrowing portfolio companies must focus on their sales, messaging, and go-to-market. People may roll their eyes, but it’s true!

How To 126

Review for Engineering Projects: PrimaveraReader – Viewer for XER schedules

Virtual Project Consulting

For construction and engineering project managers who use Oracle® Primavera P6, look at this review of a simple to use viewer for XER schedules. Project Management Reviews project management schedule reader Seavus

How analytics can drive smarter engineering and construction decisions


Three applications illustrate how companies are beginning to embrace data-driven solutions while establishing a foundation for future initiatives. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

An engineering approach to derisking R&D for novel drug modalities


Borrowing from the field of engineering, applying a “failure modes analysis” can quickly take some unnecessary risk out of a development program for innovative modalities. Insights on Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Bridging the labor mismatch in US construction


Insights on Operations Engineering & Construction Operations Labor marketsUS construction projects are short-staffed today, and the problem is set to get worse. Here’s what the sector can do to close the gap.

Engineering the future of maritime trade


Lessons from the expansion of the Panama Canal. Our Insights

The Subtle Stressors Making Women Want to Leave Engineering

Harvard Business

Female retention in engineering remains a persistent problem. To build a deeper understanding of these experiences and how women deal with them, we interviewed and surveyed more than 330 engineers in the U.S. (43% 43% female, 57% male) from 2013-2017, and spoke with more than 20 female engineers at professional conferences in the U.S. These engineers varied in age from 22 to 50 and came from multiple engineering subfields. Luis Alvarez/Getty Images.

Add engines until airborne

Seth Godin Blog

The most direct way to get a jet to fly is to add bigger engines. That's certainly one way to get through a thorny problem. And the easiest way to gain attention is to run more ads, or yell more loudly. Horsepower is an expensive but often effective solution. The challenge is that power is expensive. And that power is inelegant. And that power often leaves behind a trail of destruction. When in doubt, try wings. Wings use finesse more than sheer force.

Building value-chain resilience with AI


Metals & Mining Insights Engineering & Construction MiningValue chains are facing increased uncertainty. A threefold approach underpinned by artificial intelligence can help companies adapt to rapidly changing markets and operational challenges.

Artificial intelligence as auto companies’ new engine of value


What opportunities does AI open up for mobility, and how can OEMs capture them in the short and long run? Our Insights