Decoding digital transformation in construction


Few engineering and construction companies have captured the full benefit of digital. Five practices can help E&C companies move beyond isolated pilots and unlock digital’s value across their enterprises. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Modular construction: From projects to products


Shifting construction away from traditional sites and into factories could dramatically change the way we build. Will modular construction make a sustainable impact this time around?

Constructive dissatisfaction

Seth Godin Blog

It's never been easier to find ways to be disappointed in our performance. You can compare your output, your income, your success rate to a billion people around the globe. many of whom are happy to exaggerate to make you even more disappointed. It's hardly worth your trouble.

Governments can lead construction into the digital era


New technologies can advance project outcomes in the construction industry. Governments are well-poised to cultivate greater adoption. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

How Blockchain Will Change Construction

Harvard Business

Technology Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure Digital ArticleIt will ensure complex projects have transparency and good record keeping.

Improving construction productivity


McKinsey research finds seven levers can fix construction’s productivity problem, but they require a new approach from all players. We heard from industry leaders about which barriers to change are most likely to fall first. Our Insights

How Technology Is Revolutionizing Construction


Unlike other industries, engineering and construction (E&C) has been slow to adopt new technologies and has never undergone a major transformation. Profound changes are already taking place—though not yet on a sufficiently wide scale—in many aspects of the construction industry.

Accelerating late-stage construction: Mastering the sprint finish


Major projects in late stages of construction face unique challenges that can drive substantial delays and cost blowouts. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Construction: The next great tech transformation


Mired by underdigitization and fragmentation, construction must find a new way to build. Our Insights

Fine-tuning the growth engine: M&A in engineering and construction


The engineering-and-construction sector is seeing a merger wave. To avoid a wipeout, focus on culture, capabilities, and value capture. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Artificial intelligence: Construction technology’s next frontier


Engineering and construction is behind the curve in implementing artificial intelligence solutions. Based on extensive research, we survey applications and algorithms to help bridge the technology gap. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Shaping the Future of Construction


Article Wednesday, May 04, 2016 The engineering and construction (E&C) industry has been a relatively conservative one, slow to adopt innovative materials, technologies, and processes—so much so that labor productivity in the US has actually fallen during the last 40 years.

Construction Spending Unexpectedly Declines


Economists missed the construction spending mark by a mile this month. Instead, construction spending fell by 0.6%. The Econoday consensus was for spending to rise by 0.6%. Econoday finds strength in the numbers, I don’t. more…). Economics

How analytics can drive smarter engineering and construction decisions


Three applications illustrate how companies are beginning to embrace data-driven solutions while establishing a foundation for future initiatives. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Protected: How to Construct a Perfect Proposal

David A Fields

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Agreements Closing Consultants Fees Proposals Templates agreements closing Consultative selling Context Discussion Context Document fees proposals writing

Seizing opportunity in today’s construction technology ecosystem


A new analysis of the construction technology ecosystem finds emerging trends, constellations of solutions, and an ever-increasing universe of technology use cases that are disrupting the way we plan, design, and execute projects. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Construction Spending Revision Fiasco


Construction spending rose 0.3%, less than the Bloomberg Econoday consensus estimate of 0.5%. However, Last month was revised up from … Continue reading → Economics

The new age of engineering and construction technology


New technologies are transforming all stages of the engineering and construction process. Here’s what companies need to know about the evolving landscape. Our Insights

Construction Spending Falls Sharply, March Revised Higher: Construction Spending Mysteries


The construction spending reports by the Census Department remain a complete joke. Once again, heavy revisions are in play. more…). Economics

Total Construction Spending Weaker Than Expected; Residential Construction Spending in Contraction


Construction spending for December was weaker than expected. Highlights Construction outlays rebounded 0.4 Private nonresidential construction spending eased 0.2 Recent History Of This Indicator Construction spending slipped 0.3

Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution


To transform the sector, action is needed in seven areas or through broader adoption of mass-production approaches. Our Insights

Building across borders: The state of internationalization in European public construction tenders


Based on an analysis of more than 150,000 public construction contracts across 15 countries, we explore strategies for moving toward a more international construction-tender market. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Construction Spending Jumps (From Huge Revisions)


The construction spending report from the Census Bureau is the biggest crapshoot in the entire lost of government reports. Today Econoday notes construction spending is up 0.5%, the first increase in three months, but that follows huge revisions. Historically, the Census Department makes huge revisions date back as far as 10 years. more…). Economics

Shaping the Future of Construction: Inspiring Innovators Redefine the Industry


Ten case studies show how digital technologies can transform the construction industry, leading to higher productivity as well as social and environmental benefits. Article Wednesday, March 01, 2017.

Imagining construction’s digital future


The industry needs to change; here’s how to manage it. Our Insights

Construction Spending Unexpectedly Declines One Percent


Construction spending took an unexpected dive of 1% today vs. an Econoday expectation of +0.5%. more…). Economics

Investigating Weather-Related Effects on Construction Spending


Reported construction spending for March (yes we are still looking at first quarter data), was -0.2%. However, the Census Department revised February construction spending from 0.8% These construction reports are so volatile and so frequently revised they are nearly worthless except for entertainment purposes. to 1.8%. Nonetheless, let’s have a closer look, including a detailed look weather-related effects. more…). Economics

The annual plan construction set

Seth Godin Blog

It''s that time of year, when big companies race to put together their annual plan for the coming year. These documents, even though they''re now digital, involve thousands of hours of analog meetings and discussion and compromise. To save you time, here''s a simple list you can use.

Dodge Construction Index Shows Weakening Trend in Mature Market


Construction starts rose four percent in June according to the Dodge Index of New Construction. For the second quarter, construction starts are down substantially. The overall trend is also down, indicative of a mature market. more…). Economics

What President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Means for Construction Machinery Makers


The surge in infrastructure spending that President Donald Trump has proposed promises to be a boon for companies that manufacture equipment used in large-scale construction projects. Article Monday, February 13, 2017.

Construction Spending Unexpectedly Dives 0.7%, Last Month Revised Lower


Construction spending in August took a dump of 0.7% Moreover the Census bureau revised July construction spending from +0.0% against an Econoday Consensus estimate of +0.3%. to -0.3%. more…). Economics

Out with the old: Why embracing new ideas can transform construction’s poor delivery habits


Construction lags behind other industries in its ability to manage complex projects, but two new approaches will help close the gap. Our Insights

Beating the low-productivity trap: How to transform construction operations


Engineering and construction companies suffer from low margins and relatively low productivity. They can do better. Our Insights

Six Reasons Construction Boom Won’t Last


The Census Bureau reports November Construction Spending rose 0.9% from October. That’s a 10-year high , but it’s highly unlikely to last. more…). Economics

Why the Construction Industry May Be Robot-Proof


There is something unique about building houses that inherently eschews efficiency and automation

Construction in the cloud: An interview with Thomas Wolf, CEO of RIB Software


As construction moves into the cloud, here’s what industry leaders must do to lay the groundwork for change. Insights on Capital Projects & Infrastructure

Caution Ahead: Construction Related Business are Swamping the Market

Martinka Consulting

Fact 1: In my 20+ years as an intermediary I have never seen so many construction related businesses on the market. Fact 2: In 2006 every bit of research done by anybody showed at least five years of solid commercial construction in the Puget Sound area. I don’t mean avoid the construction industry but don’t let anybody convince you the valuation should be anywhere near what it would be for manufacturing, distribution, or service.