Protected: How to Construct a Perfect Proposal

David A Fields

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Agreements Closing Consultants Fees Proposals Templates agreements closing Consultative selling Context Discussion Context Document fees proposals writing

3 Ways to Handle Poor Employee Performance Constructively

Rick Conlow

The best managers develop their leadership coaching skills and learn how to deal with performance issues constructively and effectively. The post 3 Ways to Handle Poor Employee Performance Constructively appeared first on Rick Conlow.


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How Blockchain Will Change Construction

Harvard Business

Technology Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure Digital ArticleIt will ensure complex projects have transparency and good record keeping.

Constructive dissatisfaction

Seth Godin Blog

It's never been easier to find ways to be disappointed in our performance. You can compare your output, your income, your success rate to a billion people around the globe. many of whom are happy to exaggerate to make you even more disappointed. It's hardly worth your trouble. The exception is the dissatisfaction that is based on a legitimate comparison, one that gives you insight on how to improve and motivates you to get better.

Useful constructs

Seth Godin Blog

The periodic table is a useful construct. Useful constructs are replicable and they’re predictive. On the other hand, race is not a useful construct. Engineers build their work around useful constructs. And often, people who are in politics waste their time arguing about constructs that aren’t useful at all. We find knowledge (and express it) by dividing the world into grids and segments, and explaining how this organization works.

Construction Spending Unexpectedly Declines


Economists missed the construction spending mark by a mile this month. Instead, construction spending fell by 0.6%. The Econoday consensus was for spending to rise by 0.6%. Econoday finds strength in the numbers, I don’t. more…). Economics

How to Create a Culture of Constructive Debate

LSA Global

Leaders Need to Create a Culture of Constructive Debate to Get Aligned We steadfastly believe in the power of organizational alignment. Incorporate constructive debate into your corporate values. The post How to Create a Culture of Constructive Debate appeared first on LSA Global.

Shaping the Future of Construction


Article Wednesday, May 04, 2016 The engineering and construction (E&C) industry has been a relatively conservative one, slow to adopt innovative materials, technologies, and processes—so much so that labor productivity in the US has actually fallen during the last 40 years.

Construction Spending Revision Fiasco


Construction spending rose 0.3%, less than the Bloomberg Econoday consensus estimate of 0.5%. However, Last month was revised up from … Continue reading → Economics

Construction Spending Falls Sharply, March Revised Higher: Construction Spending Mysteries


The construction spending reports by the Census Department remain a complete joke. Once again, heavy revisions are in play. more…). Economics

Construction Spending Jumps (From Huge Revisions)


The construction spending report from the Census Bureau is the biggest crapshoot in the entire lost of government reports. Today Econoday notes construction spending is up 0.5%, the first increase in three months, but that follows huge revisions. Historically, the Census Department makes huge revisions date back as far as 10 years. more…). Economics

Construction Spending Unexpectedly Declines One Percent


Construction spending took an unexpected dive of 1% today vs. an Econoday expectation of +0.5%. more…). Economics

Total Construction Spending Weaker Than Expected; Residential Construction Spending in Contraction


Construction spending for December was weaker than expected. Highlights Construction outlays rebounded 0.4 Private nonresidential construction spending eased 0.2 Recent History Of This Indicator Construction spending slipped 0.3 Private nonresidential construction spending dipped 0.3 Total Construction Spending Percent Change From Year Ago click on any chart for sharper image This is another trend that looks ominous.

Investigating Weather-Related Effects on Construction Spending


Reported construction spending for March (yes we are still looking at first quarter data), was -0.2%. However, the Census Department revised February construction spending from 0.8% These construction reports are so volatile and so frequently revised they are nearly worthless except for entertainment purposes. to 1.8%. Nonetheless, let’s have a closer look, including a detailed look weather-related effects. more…). Economics

Orange Cones and Hard Hats Are for Construction Sites Not Websites

Chad Barr

One of my pet peeves is web pages or sites that say they are “Under Construction.” I first wrote about this 13 years ago in my article Under Construction / Coming Soon – Who Are You Kidding?

Construction Spending Unexpectedly Dives 0.7%, Last Month Revised Lower


Construction spending in August took a dump of 0.7% Moreover the Census bureau revised July construction spending from +0.0% against an Econoday Consensus estimate of +0.3%. to -0.3%. more…). Economics

Dodge Construction Index Shows Weakening Trend in Mature Market


Construction starts rose four percent in June according to the Dodge Index of New Construction. For the second quarter, construction starts are down substantially. The overall trend is also down, indicative of a mature market. more…). Economics

Six Reasons Construction Boom Won’t Last


The Census Bureau reports November Construction Spending rose 0.9% from October. That’s a 10-year high , but it’s highly unlikely to last. more…). Economics

Caution Ahead: Construction Related Business are Swamping the Market

Martinka Consulting

Fact 1: In my 20+ years as an intermediary I have never seen so many construction related businesses on the market. Fact 2: In 2006 every bit of research done by anybody showed at least five years of solid commercial construction in the Puget Sound area. I don’t mean avoid the construction industry but don’t let anybody convince you the valuation should be anywhere near what it would be for manufacturing, distribution, or service.

Shaping the Future of Construction: Inspiring Innovators Redefine the Industry


Ten case studies show how digital technologies can transform the construction industry, leading to higher productivity as well as social and environmental benefits. Article Wednesday, March 01, 2017. Article

Construction Spending Flop: Only Public Spending Prevents Outright Disaster


The Econoday consensus expected a bounce in May construction spending but the only bounce was an April revision from -1.4% to -0.7%. May was flat vs an expected bounce of 0.5%. more…). Economics

158: Peggy Smedley—What Lies Ahead For The Construction Industry?

On the Brink Podcast

This spring, I was a guest on Peggy Smedley’s ConstructechTV , a highly influential TV show about technology, blockchain and the construction industry. It was such an enjoyable interview that I asked Peggy to share her ideas about technology and construction with our On The Brink listeners. Hear how blockchain, IoT and big data are transforming our world !

The annual plan construction set

Seth Godin Blog

It''s that time of year, when big companies race to put together their annual plan for the coming year. These documents, even though they''re now digital, involve thousands of hours of analog meetings and discussion and compromise. To save you time, here''s a simple list you can use. Just pick one or more phrases, string them together using words like, "using," and a bit of reconjugation and you''re on your way. Act in collaboration. Break existing paradigms. Commit to quality.

Robots Will Soon Take Over Building London Skyscrapers Says CEO of Large UK Construction Firm


Alison Carnwath, chairman of one of the UK’s largest construction firms says the Era of Robots is at hand. Thousands of builders will lose jobs as machines take over building London skyscrapers. more…). Economics

Construction Spending Rises 0.8% vs. 1.0% Expectation: Nonresidential Rolling Over?


Construction spending, up 0.8% Construction strength is not uniform. in February, was a bit weaker than the Bloomberg Econoday Consensus estimate of 1.0%. However, the Census Department revised January from -1.0% to -0.4% so the report was a bit stronger than it appears on the surface. more…). Economics

Greece Negotiations Resume Again; "Constructive Ambiguity"; Schäuble Outmaneuvered!


Constructive Ambiguity As a result of the timing, I expect still more bickering accompanied by still more warnings. And I use a term, constructive ambiguity. On Friday, the German Bundestag Backed the Greek Bailout Extension. Ahead of the vote, many commented that Greece collapsed. It''s not all that simple as I have explained. The likely explanation for the alleged collapse of Syriza is Greece did not have a primary account surplus.

Construction Spending Unexpectedly Declines; Good News For Economists!


Inquiring minds are investigating construction spending , yet another economic report blamed on bad weather. Construction spending for February came in today at -0.1% while the Bloomberg Construction Spending Consensus Estimate for February was a gain of 0.2%. Construction spending unexpectedly dipped 0.1 Private nonresidential construction spending rebounded 0.5 Adverse weather may be still affecting construction data.

Construction Spending Down 2nd Month, Last Month Revised Lower


Construction spending dipped 0.8% in May vs. a Bloomberg Econoday consensus estimate of +0.6. The result was well below the … Continue reading → Economics

Construction Spending: Eight Miles High and Falling Fast


Construction spending month-over-month declined 0.6% vs an expected gain of 0.6% in a Bloomberg Consensus Range of 0.2% to 2.2%. … Continue reading → Economics

Conquer Your Self-Doubt in Meetings

Harvard Business

Communication Meetings Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure Digital ArticleFour strategies to find your voice.

Spotlight on China: Margin Debt, Trading Accounts, Construction Equipment


A good indicator of growth is found in sales of construction equipment. Construction equipment manufacturer Komatsu lists its equipment orders by location. Those expecting a rebound in Chinese housing or construction are likely mistaken. In response to my April 1, post China Margin Debt Soars to Record 1 Trillion Yuan; Another Central Bank Sponsored Bubble I received an email from reader Nicolas. He writes. Hello Mish Happy Monday.

Construction Spending Anemic Despite Warm Weather; Where to From Here?


Economists expecting a huge surge in construction spending thanks to unusually warm December weather were no doubt shocked by today's anemic report. Held down by weakness in the nonresidential component, construction spending didn't get a lift at all from the mild weather late last year, rising only 0.1 percent rise in residential construction where the year-on-year rate came in at plus 8.1 Still year-on-year, non-residential construction rose 11.8

Retail Hiring Slowdown Coming Up: Construction Spending Plunges 1.8%


March construction spending was revised from from a prior reported 0.3% to 1.5%, but the good news stops there. April … Continue reading → Economics

Construction Employment Declines Back-to-Back First Time Since May 2012; Questions of the Day


Construction spending and construction employment look quite weak. Commercial construction spending was down 3.6% in April. Today’s horrendous job report … Continue reading → Economics

The “Wages Are Skyrocketing” Narrative Is False

Harvard Business

Labor Executive compensation Personnel policies Employee retention Energy and natural resources sector Construction and engineering Fabrication and manufacturing Digital ArticleAnecdotal evidence is at odds with the data.

Data 60

Job Site of the Future: Unmanned Bulldozers and Drones for Routine Construction


Construction workers move over. The Wall Street Journal reports Drones’ Next Job: Construction Work. Construction-equipment maker Komatsu Ltd. has plans to solve a potential shortage of construction workers in Japan: Let drones and driverless bulldozers do part of the work. Tokyo-based Komatsu said Tuesday it plans to use unmanned aircraft, bulldozers and excavators to automate much of the early foundation work on construction sites.

Construction Spending "Once Again Defies Expectations" Much Weaker Than Expected; Four Reasons Economists Perplexed


Today the Bloomberg Consensus estimate for construction spending was for a 0.4% Construction spending once again defied expectations. March construction spending dropped 0.6 On the year, construction spending was up 2.0 In addition, residential construction excluding new homes, which captures home remodeling, also declined after gains in the previous two months. Nonresidential private construction provided a ray of sunshine -- it advanced 1.0

Building a Data-Driven Culture from the Ground Up

Harvard Business

Five lessons from an engineering and construction company. Data Organizational culture Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure Digital Article

Why the Construction Industry May Be Robot-Proof


There is something unique about building houses that inherently eschews efficiency and automation

Greece Will Not Accept Bailout Extension or Deal With "Rottenly Constructed" Troika; Mish's Game Theory Math


He also blasted the deeply unpopular bailout monitors from the European Commission, IMF and ECB, also known as “ the troika”, saying: “We are not going to co-operate with a rottenly constructed committee.” Calling the Troika " Rottenly Constructed " surely sets the tone for Greece. " Greece Will No Longer Deal with ‘Troika’ It now strongly appears as if Greece, Germany, and the nannycrats in Brussels are all on one hell of a collision course.